Bandsaw vs. Scroll Saw Infographic

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It is important to choose the right saw for your needs. While all perform the same task of cutting, the different styles of saws are designed to perform different styles of cutting. For example, band saws are used to cut a gentle curve into a flat stock, while scroll saws are more equipped to handle tighter, more dramatic curves and angles.

Both saws are specialty saws and the difference between them is very small. So, how do you know which one to buy? The best answer to this question is the one that will suit your needs the most. If you want to make the right decision, you’ll have to give a few thoughts to what is the purpose you need a saw for. Once you understand this, move on to the other important thing which is the difference between the band saw and a scroll saw. Then you compare the facts and make an educated decision.

Quality and Price

Your budget will determine which one you can buy. The quality of your saw is crucial to get the job done. When it comes to price and quality, the band saw is a bit more expensive but it has a higher quality and gives you more features. Both saws will get the job done but the band saw has a wider area of application and you can use it to complete many different jobs.

The Difference

Both saws are extremely versatile and have a wide range of how you can use them. Scroll saw is better if you need really clean cuts. If you need to get a job done with precision, a scroll saw would be the right choice for you. However, if you are a woodworker and you are looking for the exceptional specialty saw, a band saw would be your best selection. 

Band saws are ideal for creating gentle curves in furniture bottoms, wheels or prepping your wood for forming dishes. It creates enough of a curve to form a circle, but not too much as to form an angle that would cause you to have to spend a lot of time sanding it down. But if you don’t want such a gentle curve and you want to deal with more drastic angles, you will need to go with a scroll saw.

It provides precision and extreme accuracy and it makes clean cuts so you do not have to clean afterward. Still, the best thing about a scroll saw is the ability to use it with a foot pedal. You get more control with your hands. The band saw is mostly used for specialty cuts and you can vertically adjust it in order to get the ability to cut very large materials. The biggest difference is that the band saw blade comes in different tooth styles and widths which allow you to choose between the variations.

The Speed and Accuracy

Both saws are almost equally fast and accurate. The level of precision and accuracy goes in the favor of a scroll saw simply because you can use it with both hands while operating the motor with your foot. On the other hand, the band saw is accurate as well only it allows you to cut larger pieces faster than a scroll saw.


In a bandsaw vs scroll saw showdown, the features will determine your mind. The key features of a scroll saw are reduced noise and vibration, shorter blade change time, availability of the switches, smoother arm movement and arm lifts. These features will give you reliability and accuracy while maintaining stability, giving you maximum control.

The band saw features are cutting capacity, larger blade size, iron table, frame and blades, giving you power and ensuring durability. In addition, a dust collection system will add a clean touch.

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