Fluke 323 Review

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Fluke 323 Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: May 26, 2023 @ 8:28 am

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Fluke 323 Review Summary

No-nonsense, and reduced to the clamp meter bare essentials — the Fluke 323 electrical tester targets the premium-demanding DIYer or light commercial operative.

While its high-end price point may deter casual or intermittent circuitry investigators, the CAT IV rating will appeal to guys dealing with high energy loads. And, boasting TRMS technology, the unit guarantees more precision over its standard RMS counterparts.

A welcome memory hold function allows you to store your most recent result for later scrutiny. And, incorporating a substantial front-mounted detector dial, the 323 permits use with gloved hands or with single-handed operation.

The inbuilt, generously-sized LCD screen allows effortless reading — although the lack of a backlight may deter those looking to operate in dimly lit conditions. Lightweight and with a compact build, it promises easy portability and transportation.

This Fluke machine can investigate voltage, resistance, current, and continuity — but users looking for frequency, capacitance, or temp testing will be disappointed.

Arriving with 2 x AAA batteries, you can operate the tool straight-outta-the-box. And, complete with a padded carry case, you can safely store the valuable base unit when not in use.

This clamp meter comes from Fluke — one of the most respected US brands of electrical testing equipment. The 323 is its entry-level machine, a step below the temperature-testing 324 model.


  • Weight – 9.34 ounces
  • Voltage – 600 volts
  • Current – 400 amps
  • Safety Rating – CAT IV


  • Rugged build.
  • Measures nonlinear signals.
  • True RMS.


Renowned clamp meter manufacturer.
Robust build.
Two-year warranty.
CAT IV rated.


Tough on your bottom line.
No temperature feature.
Cannot investigate capacitance or frequency.

Features and Benefits of the Fluke 323 True-RMS

It’s marketed as a back-to-basics clamping meter, but does the 323 Fluke still have sufficient capabilities to suit the ardent DIYer and light contractor?

Let’s get down to the detail and discover what this electrical tool has to offer.

TRMS Technology

Unlike many of its stripped-back competitors, the 323 model incorporates TRMS (True Root Mean Square) technology.

By investigating wave fluctuations — instead of simply peak voltage or current — the tool delivers more accurate analysis than standard RMS models. This is necessary if you’re tackling electrical systems and components that require absolute precision, such as PCBs and microchips.

If you’re interested — or are a sucker for anything multimeter and clamp meter focused — check out my complete guide to understanding TRMS and RMS.

CAT IV Safety Rating

If you want to play with big-boy electrical systems, you need a machine that can cope with this serious brawn. Thankfully, being rated for CAT IV (300-volts) operation, the Fluke Clamper 323 is suited to use with high-energy loads — such as pole-to-pole wiring and utility transformers.

Additionally, certified for CAT III (600 volts), this unit can also tackle three-phase industrial-grade looms, for example, warehouse lighting or factory circuitry.

Want to learn more about what CAT ratings mean for you, your projects, and importantly your clamp meter? Check out my article here.

Hold Function

‘Hold on’ — sang the vocal harmony group, Wilson Phillips, back in 1990. Undoubtedly, these four pop-meisters were indicating to the general public the simple way to store information on their clamp meter.

I know, therefore, that these famous daughters of the Beach Boys and the Mamas and the Papas would welcome the Fluke Clamp Meter 323.

The hold function of this circuitry tester permits you to retain your most recent reading on screen — for later scrutinization and examination or allow you to note down the readout onto a spreadsheet. Simply test for current or voltage, press the ‘Hold On’ button — and it will remain displayed until you deactivate the feature.

While the single Hold On reached No.1 in the US Billboard charts, their follow-up attempt — TRMS Sinusoidal Wave Fluctuations (1991) — was less successful.

Substantial Selector Dial

Generously sized, and with an easy-turn feature, the selector dial of the 323 Clamp Meter permits you to effortlessly switch between current, resistance, and continuity analysis — even when used one-handed.

Notice that I didn’t mention capacitance or frequency? That’s because this model is so stripped back, these capabilities don’t feature on this basic tool.

Slim Compact Build

Lightweight at just 9.34 ounces, and measuring 8.14 x 2.95 x 1.33 inches — the 323 from Fluke is a compact unit for a clamp meter. Offering effortless portability, and being able to slip into workwear pockets, it’s an ideal transportable machine.

Furthermore, the slimline body and clamp head permits the unit to penetrate tight locations — which can be crucial if operating inside circuitry casings.

Large LCD Screen

Despite the modest size of the 323, this unit still boasts a generous LCD screen — enabling you to effortlessly read results from a variety of viewing angles. However, bear in mind that lacking a backlit display — it will be troublesome to operate in poorly lit conditions without a work light.

Straightforward Operation

When I describe the 323 Multi Clamp Meter as stripped back — I mean it. The controls of this Fluke model extend to one selector dial and a single button. That’s it.

This means that getting to grips with this clamp meter isn’t going to be taxing — making it suitable for novice users, technophobes, and younger children. Maybe not the children — unless you don’t particularly like your kids and would rather enjoy watching them play with high-energy pole-to-pole wiring.

Included Accessories

When you purchase the Fluke Model 323 — you don’t only receive the testing unit itself. Included in the box are:

  • Padded carry case.
  • 2 x AAA batteries.
  • Testing leads.
  • Probe tip protectors.
  • Manufacturer’s two-year warranty.

Fluke 323 Specifications

Fieldpiece SC680
Weight9.34 ounces
Continuity≤ 70 Ω
True RMSYes
Voltage300/600 Volts AC/DC
Current600 Amps
Highest Safety RatingCAT IV
Size8.14 x 2.95 x 1.33 inches
Batteries2 x AAA
Data HoldYes
Max Clamp Wire Diameter1.18 inches
WarrantyTwo years
Resistance400.0 Ω

What Do Users Say About the Fluke Clamp TRMS 323?

For me, the Fluke Clamp TRMS 323 is a straightforward clamp meter for the keen home user or light contractor who demands the accuracy and durability promised by this premium brand.

But, could I be wrong? As my hands-on experience with this tool is limited, it’s possible that I may have missed some flaws or advantages of this unit. Hence, to ensure you receive a thorough examination of this meter — I sourced the opinions of owners of the 323.

Happily, I wasn’t far from the mark. The views expressed by these guys were generally positive — with praise being bestowed on the machine for its high CAT IV safety rating, the reliable and precise TRMS technology, and the welcome slim build.

That said, not everyone was overjoyed with the meter. One disappointed DIYer indicated that for the price point, you receive very few operational functions. What’s more, a downhearted trade user was annoyed that the clamp doesn’t measure DC current — only AC.

However, overall, all parties concurred that the Fluke CAT IV 323 meter was a robust unit that was backed by Fluke’s extensive two-year warranty.

Alternatives to the Fluke Clamp 323

Somewhat nonplussed by the uncomplicated and seemingly ordinary 323 clamp multimeter? If so, don’t give up just yet.

I understand that despite its manufacturing pedigree, this machine will not suit all user preferences, project demands, and budgets. Hence, with this in mind, I’ve curated some excellent alternatives that may better tickle your circuit-testing fancy.

Fluke 324

Should you be a fan of the US-based Fieldpiece brand, but are looking for something a little easier on the wallet — consider this comparative machine instead.

Hailing from the same stable as the SC640, the SC440 still delivers impressive HVACR capabilities including inrush current tech, microamps capabilities, and temperature testing. However, coming in at a sub $200 price point, it’s easier on your bottom line than the premium SC640.

  • Slightly harder on the pocket than the 323.
  • Identical CAT III and IV ratings as the 323 model.
  • Measures continuity to ≤ 30 Ω, in contrast to the ≤ 70 Ω of the 323 unit.

Klein Tools CL380

Want more for your hard-earned dollars than the Fluke 323 can deliver? At a more budget price point, the CL380 offers greater functions than the premium meter.

Coming from the respected Klein Tools brand, the CL380 promises auto-ranging, non-contact voltage testing, and capacitance investigation — capabilities that the 323 lacks.

  • CAT III rating, as opposed to the CAT III and IV of the Fluke.
  • Checks resistance to 40 MΩ, in contrast to the 70 MΩ of the 323.
  • At 8.3 ounces, it’s an ounce lighter than the Fluke model.

Klein Tools CL800

Desperate for a CAT IV industrial-grade clamp meter, yet need a unit that can handle more than the 600 volts of the 323 machine? Check out this model as an alternative.

While sharing CAT IV certification with the Fluke, the CL800 from Klein Tools can handle 1000 volts — in contrast with the 600 volts of the 323. What’s more, both machines come in at virtually the same price point.

  • Measures temperature, not possible with the Fluke.
  • Like the 323, boasts TRMS technology.
  • Low impedance to eliminate ghost voltages — not possible with the 323 model.


Straightforward, no-nonsense, and backed by the industry experience of Fluke — the 323 is a robust clamp meter suited to the serious DIYer or light electrical contractor.

Its CAT IV safety rating permits the use with high-energy loads, while TRMS tech guarantees result accuracy. A generous LCD screen promotes effortless reading, and a hold function allows you to store your most recent result.

For casual home users, the premium price may be a downer. And, for serious electricians or HVAC engineers who require additional functions such as temperature testing or noise reduction — the lack of features could make the unit unusable.

But, for guys who demand a stripped-back tool that carries unquestionable reliability and durability — the Fluke 323 is worthy of consideration.

Fluke Multi Clamp Meter 323 FAQs

Q: What Is the Fluke 323 Price?

The 323 is Fluke’s entry-level clamp meter, featuring CAT IV certification, TRMS technology, and a memory hold function. To check out the current cost of the Fluke 323.

Q: Where Can I Find the Fluke 323 Manual?

The official Fluke website hosts a whole library of user guides and instructions for its vast array of multimeters and clamp meters. For rapid access to the Fluke 323 Manual.

Q: What’s the Difference Between the Fluke 323 vs 324?

The 324 is a step above the 323 Fluke model. The difference between these two units is that the 324 incorporates features not included in the 323, including capacitance and temperature testing.

Q: Where Can I Buy the Fluke Clamp Meter 323?

The 323 Fluke Clamp Meter is ideal for the light contractor targeting straightforward electrical testing with TRMS technology, a compact build, and a generous selector dial. You can get your hands on this machine here.

Q: What Batteries Does the Fluke MultiMeter 323 Use?

The Fluke Clamp Meter 323 model requires 2 x AAA batteries to function. Pleasingly, these power cells are included in the machine purchase — together with a padded carry case, testing leads, and probe tip shields.

Q: Can the 323 Fluke TRMS Clamp Meter Test Temperature?

No. As a back-to-basics machine, the 323 from Fluke doesn’t have a temperature testing function. The model above, the 324, however, does boast this capability.

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