Fluke 325 Review

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Fluke 325 Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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Fluke 325 Review Summary

Targeting commercial and residential electricians — the premium Fluke 325 clamp meter offers impressive circuit testing versatility combined with durability.

Boasting CAT III and IV safety ratings, the unit is suitable for high-energy load systems — including three-phase wiring and mains utility looms. And, with an included temperature testing feature from 14 degrees to 752 degrees Fahrenheit — it’s suited for some light-HVAC applications.

Incorporating memory hold together with min/max settings — the unit provides effortless recall of your most recent readings, permitting you to scrutinize and troubleshoot the diagnosis after testing.

A large, backlit LCD screen enables operation in dimly lit locations — crucial if your jobs demand you operate in basements, inside heating housings, or underground. What’s more, a compact, lightweight design and included padded carry case deliver fuss-free transportation and portability.

This clamp meter comes from Fluke — the leaders in pro-level circuit testing with a history dating back over 70 years. The 325 model is two steps above its most basic machine, the stripped-back 323.


  • Weight – 9.98 ounces
  • Voltage – 600 volts
  • Current – 400 amps
  • Safety Rating – CAT IV


  • Temperature measuring.
  • True RMS.
  • Large display.


Purchase includes batteries.
Temperature testing feature.
Memory hold.
CAT III and IV certification.
Substantial jaw opening.


Hard on the pocket.
Relatively low upper-temperature limit.

Features and Benefits of the Fluke 325 Clamp Meter

Designed for trade use, the manufacturer claims that the Fluke Clamp Meter 325 satisfies the requirements of both domestic and commercial electricians.

Let’s dive in and see if this circuitry tester has sufficient capacity and features for the pro operative.

Temperature Testing

Capable of investigating heat levels from 14 degrees through to 752 degrees Fahrenheit via an included Type K thermocouple — the 325 Fluke is ideal for addressing HVACR (heating, ventilation, air-con, and refrigeration) systems.

This separates the unit from its close cousin, the 323, which doesn’t possess temperature testing. Furthermore, European users may appreciate that with a quick press of a button, the display will switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

CAT IV Safety Rating

Harcore contractors need an extreme testing machine when dealing with high energy loads. Therefore, it’s pleasing to see that the 325 from Fluke boasts CAT III (600 volts) and CAT IV (300 volts) safety ratings.

This permits the unit to be safely operated in conjunction with three-phase systems and mains utility cables, transformers, and distributors — crucial for the commercial user.

Should you want to discover more about CAT ratings — and how relevant they are to you and your project requirements — check out my Complete CAT Certification Guide.

Memory Functions

If you’re a busy trade pro — you have a lot on your mind. The last thing you want is to try and memorize your meter readings for later investigation and scrutiny. Hence, it’s rewarding to discover that the Fluke Clamp 325 features Hold, Min, and Max functions.

The memory hold stores your most recent reading on the generous LCD display, while the Min and Max systems detail the peaks and troughs encountered during your analysis.


The Fluke Multi Clamp Meter 325 promises impressive versatility in circuit testing. In addition to the temperature checking facility mentioned earlier, this unit can also deliver results on:

  • AC and DC current.
  • AC and DC voltage.
  • Resistance.
  • Continuity.
  • Capacitance.
  • Frequency.

Furthermore, with in-built TRMS (True Root Mean Square) technology, the meter boasts greater accuracy than its standard RMS competitors.

Generous Backlit LCD Screen

The design boffins at Fluke understand that electrical testing jobs can take the electrician into some poorly illuminated environments — such as basements, attics, and beneath floorboards.

Hence, with this in mind, they not only included a large-digit substantially-sized display for effortless reading — but also a backlit screen to permit use in dim locations. This also negates the need for a secondary work light — which can be awkward to utilize in areas where space is at a minimum.

Compact Design

Weighing just 9.89 ounces and measuring 8.14 x 2.95 x 1.33 inches — this is a pleasingly slimline and compact clamp meter. Not just promoting effortless portability and transportation, it also permits the unit to access tight spaces, such as inside air-conditioning housing.

Large Jaw Opening

Squeezing the large, tactile, side-mounted trigger of the Fluke Meter 325 opens the clamp jaws — up to a maximum of 1.18 inches. This allows you to investigate the voltage and current of significantly proportioned wires, such as underground and reinforced cables.

Ample Selector Dial

A considerably proportioned selector dial, together with its easy-rotate operation, permits you to effortlessly switch between analysis metrics — whether wearing gloves or using one hand.

Additional Accessories

When you purchase the Clamp Meter 325 from Fluke, you don’t just receive the base testing unit.

Arriving with the circuitry tool are:

  • Type K temperature testing thermocouple.
  • Probe leads.
  • Probe tip protectors.
  • Instruction manual.
  • Padded carrying case.
  • 2 x AAA batteries.

Fluke 325 Specifications

Fluke 325
Weight9.98 ounces
Continuity≤ 30 Ω
True RMSYes
Voltage300/600 Volts AC/DC
Current400 Amps
Highest Safety RatingCAT IV
Size8.14 x 2.95 x 1.33 inches
Batteries2 x AAA
Data HoldYes
Min/Max FunctionYes
Frequency5.0 Hz to 500.0 Hz
Max Clamp Wire Diameter1.18 inches
Temperature Testing14 degrees - 752 degrees Fahrenheit
WarrantyTwo years
Resistance400.0 Ω

What Do Users Say About the Fluke Clamp Multimeter 325?

For me, the 325 clamp meter is a pro-grade unit that will meet the requirements of light-to-medium contractors and serious amateurs. Premium-priced, yet offering the precision and durability concomitant to the brand — the machine promises reassuring reliability even with intense use.

However, I’m not utilizing this circuitry tester on a day-to-day basis — unlike hardcore electricians. Therefore, to guarantee the most accurate review possible, I sought the opinions of 325 owners — to reveal exactly how this tool stands up to extreme operation.

The views expressed were positive, and in most circumstances echoed my own feelings. Operators of the Fluke 325 appreciated the CAT IV certification, welcomed the memory function, and applauded the backlit LCD screen.

Naturally, there were a few disgruntled operatives.

One trade electrician indicated that the temperature testing function limit of 752 degrees Fahrenheit was too low for their HVAC requirements. Furthermore, a downbeat DIYer considered the machine to be seriously hard on the pocket — with comparable units available at half the price.

That said, all owners concurred that the Fluke Clamper 325 was a solidly built and trustworthy meter for the genuine pro.

Alternatives to the Fluke Clamp 323

If you’ve made it this far in this 325 Fluke Clamp Meter review, and you’re still not convinced that this electrical tester ticks all your circuitry boxes — stick with me.

Knowing that it will not be ideal for all users and project types, I’ve sourced some alternative machines that may be more applicable to your demands.

Fluke 323

If your heart is set on owning a premium-brand Fluke clamp meter, but you don’t require the plethora of features included in the 325 model — consider this unit instead.

The 323 hails from the same brand, and, like the 325, boasts TRMS tech, CAT III and IV safety ratings, and a memory hold feature. However, it omits some of the lesser utilized features of capacitance and frequency — abilities of the 325.

  • Unlike the 325, it cannot measure temperature.
  • Lacks the backlit screen of the 325.
  • Significantly lighter on the pocket than the 325 machine.

Klein CL800

Should temperature testing be crucial in your clamp meter, yet you consider the maximum 752 degrees Fahrenheit capability of the Fluke 325 too restrictive — I may have the solution.

The CL800 has an impressive heat investigation range of -14 degrees to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit — giving you more scope than the 325. That said, the Klein Tools machine offers a comparative CAT IV rating and TRMS technology.

  • Easier on the wallet than the Fluke.
  • Boasts non-contact voltage detection, not featured on the 325.
  • Low-impedance to eliminate ghost voltages — not possible with the Fluke.

Extech MA445

If you’re a serious DIYer looking for a feature-packed clamp meter, but the premium price point of the Fluke is a dealbreaker — consider this more affordable unit from Extech instead.

Like the 325, the MA445 includes temperature testing, a backlit LCD screen, TRMS tech, and memory functions. However, in the sub-$100 bracket, I suggest it will be more appealing to non-pros than the Fluke model.

  • Measures temperature, not possible with the Fluke.
  • Like the 323, boasts TRMS technology.
  • Low impedance to eliminate ghost voltages — not possible with the 323 model.


Incorporating all the investigatory features expected of a trade-grade clamp meter, together with reassuring reliability and extensive warranty — the 325 is a creditable circuitry tester for the pro contractor.

Temperature testing permits the machine to be utilized in HVAC application, while its substantial jaw opening allows the scrutiny of wide diameter wiring. A generously-sized backlit LCD screen offers effortless reading in dimly lit conditions, and its CAT III and IV ratings mean the meter is suited to industry-grade systems.

For home users, the price may be a barrier. And, the lack of low-impedance and inrush filters may deter some hardcore tradespeople. But, for commercial operatives who demand function combined with durability — I suggest taking a look at the Fluke 325.

Fluke Clamp Meter Multimeter 325 FAQs

Q: What Is the Fluke 325 Price?

The Fluke 325 is a commercial-grade clamp meter that can test capacitance, frequency, continuity, current, voltage, and resistance. To check out the current cost of the Fluke 325.

Q: Where Can I Find the Fluke 325 Manual?

You could spend your valuable time wading through the vast library of user guides and instructions on the official Fluke website. For rapid access to the Fluke 325 Manual.

Q: Is the Fluke 325 Meter Any Good?

Yes! Offering all the circuit testing functions you’d expect in a quality clamp meter, and with the reliability and accuracy guaranteed by the Fluke brand — the 325 is a professional-grade machine for the serious amateur and light-to-medium industry contractor.

Q: Where Can I Buy the Fluke Clamp 325 Multimeter?

The 325 Clamp Multimeter from Fluke incorporates temperature testing, a CAT IV safety rating, and a backlit large LCD screen. To get your hands on this professional-grade unit, click here.

Q: What Batteries Do I Need for the Fluke Multimeter 325 Clamp Meter?

The 325 Model Clamp Meter Fluke is driven by two AAA power cells. Pleasingly, when you purchase this machine, the required batteries are included.

Q: Can the Fluke Clamp 325 Meter Measure Temperature?

Yes! The Fluke Meter 325 can investigate temperatures from 14 degrees to 752 degrees Fahrenheit via an included detachable Type K thermoprobe. Furthermore, a quick press of the front-mounted function button switches the display from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Q: How Big Is the Fluke Multifunction Clamp Meter 325?

The Fluke Clamper Meter 325 measures 8.14 x 2.95 x 1.33 inches and weighs just 9.89 ounces — making it a reassuringly portable machine. And, when you purchase this meter, you also receive a padded carry case — both promoting transportation from site to site and delivering a reassuring level of protection.

Q: Is the Fluke Multi Clamp Meter 325 Made In the USA?

Fluke is a US brand with its headquarters in Everett, Washington. That said, this model is manufactured in China.

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