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Fluke 365 Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: May 26, 2023 @ 10:20 am

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Fluke 365 Review Summary

Including a detachable jaw, the back-to-basics Fluke 365 delivers a novel take on clamp meter functionality.

Allowing you to remove the clamp head and position around target cables and wiring — this machine permits you to reach areas otherwise inaccessible by standard machines. Furthermore, incorporating both an LCD backlight and rear-mounted flashlights — the tool is ideal for poorly illuminated environments.

CAT III certification allows operation with industrial-level three-phase systems. And, boasting TRMS tech and auto-ranging, the tool delivers accuracy without having to fiddle with the selector dial to choose the correct metric.

As a stripped-back unit, this clamp meter enables scrutinization of AC and DC voltage, plus, current, resistance, and continuity. However, lacking capacitance, frequency, and temperature options — it may prove restrictive for some operators.

Memory hold permits you to store the latest reading for post-check investigation, while its compact build promotes portability. And, including both batteries and testing probes, you can use this tool immediately after unboxing.

This machine comes from Fluke — the industry leaders in circuit testing equipment. The 365 model is a mid-range unit in its expansive clamp meter line-up.


  • Weight – 9.7 ounces
  • Voltage – 600 volts
  • Current – 200 amps
  • Safety Rating – CAT III


  • Detachable clamp head.
  • Built-in flashlight.
  • Auto-ranging.


Novel removable clamp jaw.
CAT III certified to 600 volts.
In-built flashlight.
Audible continuity alert.
Arrives with a carry case.


No frequency or capacitance modes.
Lacks Min/Max feature.

Features and Benefits of the Fluke 365 Detachable Jaw Clamp Meter

Offering a unique jaw head, the Fluke 365 is undoubtedly a unit that stands out in the crowded clamp meter marketplace. But, is the novelty feature of this tool at the expense of functionality? Time to look behind the Wizard’s curtain, and discover how useful this machine is for the serious DIYer and trade pro.

Detachable Clamp Head

Offered by only a handful of machines in the clamp meter arena, the 365 from Fluke incorporates a removable jaw.

Connected to the main unit body by a flexible wire (35.4 inches), this function permits you to secure the jaws around your target cables — while keeping the base machine in an easily readable position. Furthermore, it allows you to access areas otherwise too confined to position a standard clamp meter.

Equally, if you’re more of a conservative type who isn’t impressed by change or novelties, you can keep the jaws attached to the clamp meter, and operate as a traditional unit.

CAT III Certification

If you’re a trade as opposed to a domestic user, the chances are your work projects take you to industrial environments such as warehouses and factories. This being the case, you need a machine that can tackle the big-boy loads concomitant to these locations.

The Fluke Clamp 365 arrives with CAT III (600 volts) certification, permitting you to utilize the tester with three-phase systems — typically of commercial premises. Bear in mind that if your work is seriously hardcore, and you’re dealing with mains utility wiring — such as distributor boxes and pole-to-pole — you’ll need a more hardcore CAT IV model.

To discover more about CAT certification and how it applies to your clamp meter and work jobs — check out my CAT Rating 101.

Backlight and Flashlight

Whether you’re a serious amateur or trade pro — clamp meter projects can lead you into some dark and poorly lit locations. Engine bays, attics, basements, inside air-con housings — these areas typically lack sufficient light to easily read your circuit tester.

The 365 Fluke boasts a backlit LCD screen, illuminating the generously-sized display promoting effortless data reading. Furthermore, the unit incorporates a rear-mounted flashlight — flooding your target circuitry or wires with welcome light, negating the need for a secondary work lamp or torch.

TRMS and Auto-Ranging

Utilizing TRMS — True Root Mean Square — technology, the Fluke Clamper 365 offers more precise results than its standard RMS model cousins. Checking wave fluctuations instead of simply peak readings, it offers reassuring precision — crucial for work where exactitude is paramount, such as when dealing with microprocessors or circuit boards.

Furthermore, utilizing an intelligent auto-ranging system, the meter automatically selects the correct metric (tens, hundredths, or thousandths) to display on the LCD screen. Meaning not only can novices wield this machine with no knowledge of current or resistance sizes, but also allows pros to switch effortlessly between testing targets without having to adjust the selector dial.

Compact Build

Measuring 8.85 x 2.55 x 1.8 inches and weighing just 9.7 ounces — the 365 from Fluke is a compact unit promoting effortless transportation and portability. Furthermore, its modest size enables you to hold the main unit while wearing restrictive protective equipment.


The Fluke Multi-Clamp Meter 365 promises a number of circuitry testing capabilities. A simple turn of the substantially-sized selector dial allows you to choose between current, voltage, resistance, and continuity.

But that’s it.

Lacking temperature testing, capacitance, and frequency options, some users may find this machine under-specced — especially operators dealing with HVAC systems, AC motors, and PCBs.

Memory Hold

Depressing the Hold button on the front of the 365 main body stores your most recent reading for later scrutinization. This negates the need for you to memorize data, or waste valuable time searching for a pen and paper to note down the result.

Straightforward Operation

Back-to-basics, you don’t need a degree in electrical engineering to operate the Fluke Clamp 365. The front face of the machine is stripped to the essentials, simply including a six-position selector dial, and three buttons. That’s it.

Additional Accessories

When you purchase the Fluke Detachable Clamp 365, you don’t only receive the base testing unit. Included with the purchase are:

  • Testing leads (with in-built storage).
  • Carry strap.
  • Soft carry pouch.
  • Three-year warranty.
  • Multi-language instruction manual.
  • 2 x AA batteries.

Fluke 365 Specifications

Fluke 365
Weight9.7 ounces
True RMSYes
Voltage600 Volts AC/DC
Current200 Amps
Highest Safety RatingCAT III
Size8.85 x 2.55 x 1.8 inches
Batteries2 x AA
Data HoldYes
Min/Max FunctionNo
Detachable Clamp HeadYes
Temperature TestingNo
WarrantyThree years

What Do Users Say About the Fluke Clamp Multi Meter 365?

In my opinion, the 365 from Fluke is a basic clamp meter with a novel detachable jaw feature — suitable for serious DIYers and general trade electricians.

I have to admit that, despite its removable clamp head, it’s somewhat uninspiring. However, am I being unduly harsh on this machine? To ensure a completely unbiased review, I sourced the opinions of owners of the 365, to explore how this tool functions in real-world situations.

Testimonials from these guys were generally positive. Users praised its compact yet robust build, welcomed the tight-space accessing detachable jaw, and lauded the illumination-boosting backlight and flashlight.

That said, some owners were less than enthusiastic. A few guys commented that the lack of frequency and capacitance severely restricted its project versatility. Furthermore, a couple of DIYers remarked that they would expect a Min/Max function on a basic clamp meter — not featured on the 365 Fluke.

Overall, users of this circuit tester agreed that it was a durable and accurate machine with a welcome removable head.

Alternatives to the Fluke Clamp Electrical Tester 365

If you’re feeling a little uninspired by the Fluke 365 and feel that it’s not ideal for your personal preferences or the requirements of your electrical projects — don’t give up just yet.

Knowing that this machine will not suit all DIYers and trade contractors, I’ve found three alternatives that may be more suitable for your needs.

Fluke 325

If you’re a fan of the Fluke brand, yet feel that the lack of temperature and frequency testing in the 365 model is a downer — I may have the answer.

The Fluke 325 remains a straightforward operational machine like the 365, but has the capabilities of testing heat levels to 752 degrees Fahrenheit, and capacitance from 5.0 Hz to 500.0 Hz. Thus making the unit more versatile and with greater suitability for HVAC situations.

  • Doesn’t feature a detachable head, unlike the 365.
  • Includes MIN/MAX readings, not possible with the Fluke 365.
  • Lacks a backlight and flashlight, features of the 365 model.

Klein CL800

Should your trade work involve dealing with high-energy loads — such as pole-to-pole wiring or underground mains utility cables — the CAT III rating of the 365 will be insufficient. That being the case, consider this machine.

The CL800 from the respected Klein Tools stable boasts CAT IV (600-volt) certification, making it suitable for extreme electrical voltage and current. Furthermore, lighter on the wallet than the Fluke model, it may appeal more to users watching their budgets than the 365.

  • Temperature testing — not possible with the Fluke.
  • Non-contact voltage, not a feature of the 365 model.
  • Measure frequency and capacitance — impossible with the 365.

Fluke 323

If you welcome the basic functions of the 365, but anticipate no requirement for the price-increasing removable clamp head — take a look at this machine also from the Fluke line-up.

The 323, is a comparable machine to the 365. Like its sibling, it lacks frequency and capacitance features, and similarly includes TRMS, CAT III certification to 600 volts, and a memory hold function. But, without the novelty detachable jaw, it’s significantly lighter on the pocket.

  • No backlight or flashlight, features of the 365 model.
  • Like the 365, it checks for continuity.
  • Includes case, testing probes, and batteries — as does the Fluke 365.


Delivering the novelty of a removable jaw head, the Fluke 365 clamp meter will undoubtedly find a welcome customer base — especially among users who demand a confined-space accessing electrical tester.

Its TRMS tech promises pleasing accuracy, while the auto-ranging features save valuable time and eliminate the hassle of fiddling with dials and buttons mid-project. The backlit LCD screen and rear-mounted flashlight will prove welcome in dimly-lit environments, and the CAT III certification delivers pleasing safety for three-phase system testing.

That said, apart from its detachable jaw, it’s a basic clamp meter — lacking temperature, capacitance, and frequency options. And, coming in at a premium price point, it may be out of reach for many amateurs and light contractors.

However, if you demand a machine that’s perfectly suited to dark and restricted-space environments — the Fluke 365 is worthy of consideration.

Fluke Clamp Meter Multi Meter 365 FAQs

Q: What Is the Fluke 365 Price?

The Fluke Clamp Meter 365 is a straightforward clamp meter that features a novel removable jaw feature. To check out the current cost of the Fluke 365.

Q: Where Can I Find the Fluke 365 Manual User Guide?

For rapid access to the Fluke 365 manual.

Q: What Batteries Does the Clamp 365 Fluke Meter Use?

The Fluke Multi Clamp Meter utilizes two AA batteries. Pleasingly, these two power cells are included with the unit purchase — permitting you to use the machine immediately after unboxing.

Q: Is the 365 Fluke Clamp Meter Made In the USA?

No. While the Fluke Corporation is a US brand based in Everett, Washington — the 365 model is manufactured on its behalf in China.

Q: Can the Fluke Clamp Multi Meter 365 Machine Measure Temperature?

No. The 365 from Fluke has no heat testing capabilities. If you’re looking for an affordable temperature investigating clamp meter from the Fluke brand, check out the 325 model.

Q: Where Can I Buy the Fluke Clamp 365 Multimeter?

The Fluke Clamping Multimeter 365 offers TRMS technology, auto-ranging, a detachable clamp head, and a memory hold function. You can get your hands on this machine by clicking here.

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