Klein CL700 Review

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Klein CL700 Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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Klein CL700 Review Summary

With a pleasing price point, yet boasting the versatility and accuracy of premium-grade units — the Klein CL700 is a reliable clamp multimeter for the keen amateur and light electrical contractor.

Suitable for use in electromagnetic environments and certified with a CAT IV safety rating, this machine is as suited to home use as it is to industrial situations. TRMS technology ensures precise readings, while auto-ranging promotes ease of use — especially for multimeter novices.

With a facility to test temperatures from -14 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit through its included thermocouple attachment — the machine is ideal for HVAC pros and automotive enthusiasts.

Boasting a robust build, the CL700 can withstand accidental drops from a height of 6.6 feet — while the double insulated casing and overload protector add reassuring shielding against electrical hazards.

The unit comes complete with 2 x AAA batteries, permitting you to utilize the machine immediately after unboxing. And, an included soft carry pouch adds welcome portability and storage protection,

This clamp meter hails from the Klein Tools stable — a US brand with a 160-year history of tool manufacture and retail. The CL 700 is a step above the basic CL600 that has no heat testing feature.


  • Weight – 11.8 ounces
  • Voltage – 1000 volts
  • Current – 600 amps
  • Safety Rating – Cat IV


  • Incorporated temperature tester.
  • Ideal for HVAC engineers.
  • Arrives with a carrying pouch.


Suitable for HVAC use.
Affordable price point.
Arrive with carrying pouch, probe leads, and 2 x AAA batteries.
Generously-sized LCD screen.
Auto-ranging feature.


High-battery drainage.
Probes become easily disconnected.

Features and Benefits of the Klein CL700 Clamp Meter

It possesses a bold black and orange design and is available at an affordable price point — but does the Klein clamp meter CL700 possess sufficient versatility for the dedicated home user and trade electrician?

Time to dive into the features and discover whether this machine is a worthy multimeter or nothing but a short circuit.

Temperature Probe

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the CL700 Klein is that it boasts a temperature testing facility — rare in a budget-priced unit. This makes the machine ideal for HVAC engineers and automotive enthusiasts who need accurate heat readings in the course of their trade or hobby.

Checking temperature is effortless. Simply insert the compact heat-sensing attachment into the base of the unit, switch on the machine, and touch the thermocouple tip onto your target — the result will be displayed on the generously-sized backlit LCD screen.

Automatically, the CL700 defaults to Fahrenheit. But, for users of a more continental persuasion — just press the SELECT button and the reading will change to Celsius.

Able to check temperatures from -14 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit — it’s suitable for inspecting condensers, heating elements, engine blocks, and apple pies.

Drop Proof

If you’ve used a multimeter before — you know you never have enough hands. Typically you require one for the positive probe, one for the negative, and one to hold the machine.

Admittedly, clamp meters make the process easier, permitting one-handed use. While this is fine for checking current — you still need wired probes for voltage, resistance, and continuity tests.

This means the machine is either grasped between your neck and shoulder or balanced precariously on a car engine or air con-unit — raising the risk of slippage and damage. Therefore, it’s pleasing to see that the robust build of the Klein Tools CL700 shields the unit from drops from a maximum of 6.6-feet — should accidents occur.

CAT IV Rated

Unlike DIY and home-use focused multimeters that are rated to either CAT II or III, the Klein CL 700 carries a CAT IV 600-volt safety certificate. This permits the machine to be utilized on hardcore electrical systems, such as three-phase industrial circuitry.

Hence, this elevates the Klein Tools C L700 into the trade-ready sphere — making it appealing to both pro users and experienced amateurs. If you’re a glutton for information and want to know more — check out my What Are Multimeter CAT Ratings 101.

Testing Versatility

Demanding DIYers and picky professionals will be pleased to know this clamp meter boasts the versatility to test anything electrical. In addition to the multimeter standard features of investigating current, voltage, resistance, continuity, capacitance, and frequency — it has a secret weapon, a low-impedance mode.

This raises the bar for budget-priced clampers, allowing the CL 700 Klein Tools to check for those annoying stray and ghost voltages.


While an affordable unit, the designers at Klein haven’t compromised price for precision.

Utilizing TRMS (True Root Mean Square) technology, the CL700 delivers greater accuracy than standard RMS machines. If you want to know more about how this works and what it means for your projects, take a look at my What Does RMS and TRMS Denote In Multimeters article.

Furthermore, this clamp meter possesses a welcome auto-ranging feature. This ensures that whatever you’re testing (voltage, current, resistance, etc.), you don’t need to know whether you’re in the tens, thousandths, or ten-thousandths of a unit — the machine will select the correct range.

This is a serious advantage for newbie users or inexperienced electricians who have no idea about resistance banding or internal capacitance — and functions as a pleasing downtime saver if you’re a pro, negating the need to be constantly resetting dials.

Included Accessories

Arriving with the Klein Clamp Meter CL700 are:

  • Thermocouple adapter.
  • Testing probe leads.
  • Carrying pouch.
  • 2 x AAA cells — batteries are included.

Klein Multimeter CL 700 Specifications

Klein CL700
Weight11.8 ounces
Jaw Size1.38 inches
Drop Protection6.6 feet
Voltage1000 Volts AC/DC
Current600 Amps
Highest Safety RatingCAT IV
Size9.09 x 1.55 x 3.81 inches
Test Lead Length41 inches
Batteries2 x AAA
Ingress ProtectionIP40
Maximum Operating Altitude6562-feet
Frequency1Hz - 500 KHz
Diode TestingYes
Temperature Range-14 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit

What Do Users Say About the Klein CL 700 Multi Clamp Meter?

In my opinion, the CL700 from Klein is a pleasingly-priced clamp meter that possesses sufficient versatility and accuracy for DIYers, pro-users, and HVAC engineers.

Yet, I’m not utilizing the machine on a day-to-day basis, meaning my experience of this unit is somewhat limited. Therefore, to ensure a full comprehensive Klein CL700 review, I sought the opinion of CL700 owners — to discover how this clamp meter really performs.

Reassuringly, guys using this unit shared a similar outlook to me and bestowed generally nothing but praise on this clamp meter. Appreciation was shown for its industrial-grade CAT IV rating, its useful temperature-testing facility, and its robust 6.6-drop-proof build.

Admittedly, a couple of guys delivered some negative feedback. One DIYer criticized the LCD screen, finding it difficult to read unless you face the machine directly head-on. Additionally, a trade user felt that it was heavy on battery drainage, especially when using the backlight.

However, all owners concurred that the CL 700 boasted an exceptional price-to-quality ratio with pleasing precision.

Alternatives to the Klein Multimeter CL700

It’s possible that despite the CL700’s noteworthy features, you feel that it isn’t quite right for your preferences or electrical projects. That being the case, below are three worthwhile alternatives that may be more appealing.

Klein CL600

If you appreciate the price and quality offered by the Klein brand but are seeking something a little more basic and lighter on the pocket — consider this machine.

The CL600 still hails from the respected Klein stable, but is available at a more budget price. It boasts similar functions to the CL700, including capacitance, voltage, and diode testing — but lacks a temperature function that may not be necessary for casual DIYers.

  • Lacks frequency testing, unlike the CL700.
  • Like the CL 700, it arrives with probes, a carrying pouch, and batteries.
  • Unsuitable for HVAC engineers, unlike the CL700.

Fluke 381

If you’re concerned that the Klein isn’t designed for use in confined spaces, such as inside car engine bays or between cooling pipes — check out this clamp meter instead.

The Fluke 381 boasts a removable and magnetic display. This permits you to position the LCD screen in the most suitable place for viewing, while you access the narrow and confined areas with the clamp or probes. Transmitting the info wirelessly up to a distance of 30 feet — you can even give the display to a friend or colleague to check the results.

  • Like the CL700, the 381 is rated for CAT IV 600 volts.
  • In contrast to the Klein, the Fluke has no temperature testing feature.
  • Significantly harder on your bank balance than the budget CL 700.

Fieldpiece SC680

If you’re something of a tech lover and fancy a clamp meter that can interact with your portable electronics — which the CL700 cannot — I may have the answer.

The Fieldpiece SC680 works in conjunction with the Job Link App (available on the Google Play and Apple App stores) — sending your testing results to your cell, tablet, or laptop. This enables you to effortlessly store the info for future scrutiny or forward it to work colleagues or clients.

  • Rated for 1000 volts — as is the CL700.
  • Boasts a CAT IV safety rating, like the Klein.
  • Premium price — unlike the budget CL700.


Easy on the wallet, demonstrating impressive accuracy, and incorporating a temperature testing facility — the CL700 is a solid clamp meter that should appeal to the serious DIYer, light contractor, and HVAC professional.

With auto-ranging and TRMS technology, it delivers reassuring precision without having to reset dials and metrics. Its CAT IV rating permits use in industrial three-phase scenarios, while a robust reinforced build delivers shielding against drops and knocks.

Sure, it’s not going to appeal to everyone. The battery drain can be disappointingly high when used for extended periods, and the probe leads can accidentally detach themselves from the main unit with a gentle tug.

But, if you’re seeking a heat testing clamp meter without a shocking price — I recommend considering the Klein CL700.

Klein Clamp CL700 Meter FAQs

Q: What Is the Klein CL700 Price?

Boasting temperature testing, auto-ranging, and TRMS technology — the CL700 from Klein is a versatile machine that’s available at a surprising budget price. To check out the current cost of the Klein CL700.

Q: Where Can I Find the Klein CL 700 Manual?

The official Klein website stores a multitude of user guides for its electrical and power tools. For rapid access to the Klein CL700 manual.

Q: What Batteries Does the Klein Clamp Meter CL700 Use?

This clamp multimeter runs off 2 x AAA power cells. Pleasingly, the CL700 includes these batteries with the purchase — permitting you to immediately crack on with your electrical testing straight from the box.

Q: Does the Klein Clamp CL700 Multi Meter Come With A Case?

Yes. The Clamp Meter CL700 Klein arrives with a soft carry pouch for easy storage and elevated portability.

Q: What Is the MFD Range of the CL700 for Checking Capacitors?

According to the manufacturer, the clamp meter Klein CL 700 can test up to 6000 µF (microfarads).

Q: Is Klein Tools A Good Multimeter Make?

Yes. Based in the USA, Klein Tools have been established for over 160 years. The brand is respected in DIY communities for its robust yet reasonably priced equipment.

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