UEi DL369 Review

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UEi DL369 Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: May 27, 2023 @ 1:18 pm

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UEi DL369 Review Summary

Stripped back to the essential functions of continuity, diode, current, voltage, and frequency testing — the UEi DL369 is a trade-targeting clamp meter that aims to deliver effortless operation.

Auto-ranging prevents needless and time-wasting dial-turning and resetting, while also being a benefit to novice multimeter users. And, with a memory function incorporating a hold and minimum/maximum facility — recording and recalling data is straightforward.

As a CAT III safety-rated unit, this contractor-level clamp meter is certified to use with industrial-grade three-phase systems. Additionally, an audible non-contact voltage warning system delivers reassuring safety both for amateur enthusiasts and pros.

Arriving complete with two AAA batteries, you can operate this circuitry tester immediately after unboxing. What’s more, included with the multimeter is a carry case, instruction manual, and testing leads — and the tool is backed by a three-year warranty.

This machine is manufactured by UEi Test Instruments — a US-based company specializing in industrial testing equipment and backed by 50 years of history. The DL369 is the entry-level unit in its clamp meter catalog, a step below the TRMS-rated DL429B.


  • Weight – 10.4 ounces
  • Voltage – 1000 volts
  • Current – 400 amps
  • Safety Rating –Cat III


  • Designed for contractors.
  • Includes carry pouch.
  • Three-year warranty.


Budget price.
Targets contractors.
CAT III rated.
Hold memory function.


No temperature testing facility.
Lacks TRMS.
Slow to deliver results.

Features and Benefits of the UEi Test Instruments DL369

It targets light contractors that don’t require the bells and whistles of higher specced machines — but does the UEi DL369 still have sufficient spark to work in trade environments?

Let’s pull back the curtain and reveal exactly what this budget-priced unit has to offer the ambitious amateur and particular pro.


Instinctively selecting the ideal range for current, voltage, resistance, and capacitance with its intelligent tech — i.e., in tens, thousandths, or ten-thousandths — the auto-ranging feature saves the pressured pro valuable downtime by eliminating the need to adjust dials and settings.

Furthermore, it works as an idiot function, permitting you to use the machine if you have no idea whatsoever of whether your electrics should be knocking out two or two thousand volts — making it usable by amateur enthusiasts who lack specific knowledge of circuitry systems.

Theoretically, it may also appeal to contractors who are ignorant of volt and current ranges — but I’d suggest if this is you, you’re probably in the wrong job.

Memory Function

Despite the UEi Clamp Meter DL369 being a rudimentary machine, it still boasts welcome memory features. A Min/Max option allows you to record both the peaks and lows of frequency or current waves, while a HOLD setting permits you to lock your testing results into the machine for later review.

These can be welcome advantages for the busy trade user who lacks the time, hands, or nearby pencil and paper to record the voltage or current while on the job.

CAT III Rating

While the UEi Multimeter DL369’s stripped-back nature makes it a suitable DIY home or garage use unit — at its heart, it remains a contractor-grade machine. With a CAT III safety rating, it’s suitable for three-phase distribution systems — typical of factories and industrial environments.

That said, for the seriously hardcore electrician, it will be inadequate — as utility supplies, high-energy connectors, and first-point electrical meters will demand a CAT IV certification.


Designed with the back-to-basics contractor in mind, the UEi Test Instruments DL369 possesses a plethora of features to promote convenience on site.

The rear of the machine includes two recessed storage compartments to safely stow the test probes when not in use. Furthermore, it boasts a low-battery indicator to warn of draining cells — shielding the unit against failure while mid-project. Additionally, the clamp meter arrives with a padded pouch case — permitting fuss-free transportation and delivering welcome protection against knocks and bumps.

Audible Warning System

If you’re a trade electrician — it’s likely that you’ve had your fair share of shocks in the past. Most of the time, these are nothing more than an annoyance, but in high-current situations, they can cause serious injury and even fatalities.

Hence, it’s reassuring to see that the UEiDL369 incorporates a non-contact voltage tester with audible warnings — alerting you to the presence of live electricity without having to make direct contact with the circuit.

Not only useful for pros, but it’s also a virtual necessity for home and DIY users — preventing avoidable accidents.

Straightforward Design

Concentrating on the necessary functions — and omitting those used by solely electrical specialists — the DL369 UEi has a pleasingly straightforward design.

In addition to the substantial rotary function switch, there are just six buttons — NCV (non-contact voltage), auto-range, MIN and MAX, Hz/Duty, and Select. Delivering everything you need for day-to-day circuitry testing — it’s more than sufficient for the journeyman electrician and amateur enthusiast.

Furthermore, the machine houses a generously sized LCD screen for effortless reading. With dual-display, it delivers clamp readings at the top, and probe measurements underneath.

Included Accessories, Warranties, and Guides

They say — whoever ‘they’ are — that patience is a virtue.

Well, these guys have obviously never unboxed a shiny new clamp meter. The last thing you consider doing is being patient — you want to test anything and everything that doesn’t move.

Understanding the excited contractor and DIYer — the UEi big-wigs decided to include everything you need to immediately crack on with your circuitry projects. Arriving in addition to the clamp meter, you receive:

  • Lengthy testing probes.
  • Soft carry case.
  • 2 x AAA batteries.
  • Instruction manual.

UEi Clamp Meter DL 369 Specifications

UEi DL369
Weight10.4 ounces
Jaw Size1.25 inches
Voltage750 Volts AC/650 Volts DC
AC Micro Current2000 µA
DC Micro Current2000 µA
AC Current400 Amps
Highest Safety RatingCAT III
Size8.7 x ‎1.49 x 2.98 inches
Batteries2 x AAA
Frequency9.99 Hz - 99.99 kHz
Capacitance4000 µF
Resistance40 MΩ
Diode TestingYes
NCV DetectorYes
Duty CycleYes
Continuity TesterYes

What Do Users Say About the Clamp Meter UEiD L369?

In my opinion, the UEi Clamp DL369 is an affordable, back-to-basics circuit tester ideal for the contractor and enthusiastic DIYer.

Yet, with only limited experience with this machine, it’s challenging for me to provide a completely thorough review. Hence, to ensure the ultimate examination of this clamp meter, I investigate the views of owners of the DL 369.

It appears that my thoughts are correct, with users of this unit delivering generally positive testimonials. Guys utilizing the UEi on a day-to-day basis praised its straightforward operation, welcomed the industry-grade CAT III rating, and applauded the audible non-contact voltage feature.

Ok, not everyone was completely won over. One trade pro proffered the view that while the readings provided were accurate, it was slow to determine and display these measurements. Another disgruntled owner bemoaned the fact that the generously-sized LCD screen lacked a backlight — making use in poorly-lit conditions an issue.

However, all owners of the UE iDL369 agreed that this clamp meter was a reliable, fuss-free, trade-level machine that offered accuracy and versatility.

Alternatives to the UEi Clamp Multimeter DL369

If you’ve reached this far in this UEi DL369 review, and are still not convinced by this clamp meter — don’t give up just yet. I appreciate that this machine, with its stripped-back design, may not suit everyone, and so have included below three impressive alternatives.

Klein Tools CL380

If the price point of the sub-$100 UEi Clamp Meter appeals, but you’re concerned that it doesn’t incorporate a temperature testing facility for HVAC and automotive applications — check out this machine.

The CL380 boasts similar functions and specs to the DL369, including non-contact voltage alerts, CAT III safety rating, and low-battery warning — but also features a thermocouple to check heat levels from -40 to 1832 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Features LCD backlight, not included on the UEi model.
  • TRMS tech as opposed to the standard RMS testing of the DL369.
  • A similar price point to the UEi clamp meter.

Klein Tools CL600

While the DL369 is designed for contractors, its CAT III rating may make it unsuitable for trade pros who deal with high-energy loads in their daily work life. If this sounds like you, then consider this clamp meter instead.

The CL600 from Klein Tools boasts a CAT IV safety rating, making it suitable for checking mains utilities and distributor boxes. Furthermore, with a wider jaw opening, it’s more suited to checking underground and reinforced cables than the DL369.

  • A comparable price point to the UEi unit.
  • Unlike the standard RMS of the DL369, the Klein boasts TRMS.
  • Drop-proof durability, not a feature of the DL 369.

Extech MA445

Should your trade or DIY projects have you operating in dimly-lit conditions, you may be concerned that the UEi lacks an LCD backlight. If this is the dealbreaker with the DL369, then take a look at this machine.

The MA445 Extech incorporates optional illumination for the display screen and a built-in flashlight, assisting you with readings when working in attics, basements, or beneath floorboards. That said, it’s priced similarly to the UEi and also boasts comparable data hold and min/max reporting.

  • Arrives with a carry pouch, as does the UEi.
  • Similar simple, straightforward design to the DL369.
  • Rated for 400 amperes, the same as the UEi clamp meter.


Unpretentious, reliable, and reasonably priced — the UEi Clamp Multimeter DL369 is a solid machine for the undemanding contractor and amateur enthusiast.

Its CAT III safety rating allows this machine to be utilized with three-phase systems, while an audible NCV warning feature elevates safety. Auto-ranging saves downtime and promotes effortless operation, while a reliable memory function stores recent circuitry reading.

Although excellent for the DIYers and contractors who need a back-to-basics unit, the lack of temperature testing and CAT IV rating may make it unusable by hardcore electricians.

However, for pros who need nothing more than standard capacitance, frequency, current, and voltage information — or demand a trustworthy backup unit — the UEi DL369 is worthy of consideration.

UEi Multimeter Clamp DL369 FAQs

Q: What Is the UEi DL369 Price?

Targeting trade users that demand a straightforward clamp meter, the DL 369 boasts NCV audible warnings, a CAT III rating, and arrives complete with a carry case and 2 x AAA batteries. To check out the current cost of the UEi DL369.

Q: Where Can I Find the UEi Clamp Meter DL369 Manual?

The official UEi Test Instruments website hosts a cornucopia of manuals for its electrical testing equipment. For rapid access to the UEi DL369 manual.

Q: What Batteries Does the UEi Multimeter DL 369 Use?

The back-to-basics DL369 uses two AAA batteries. Happily, they are included in the unit purchase.

Q: Does the DL369 Measure Temperature?

No. As a straightforward machine, the DL 369 UEi doesn’t feature heat testing capacity. However, if you’re an HVAC engineer, automotive enthusiast, or PCB technician — these features can be crucial. Hence, if you demand temperature measurement in your clamp meter, I suggest checking out the Klein Tools CL380.

Q: Is UEi Test Instruments a Good Brand?

Yes. This USA-based company has a reputation for delivering reliable multimeters at affordable price points. Backed by a 50-year history, it specializes in the retail of testing equipment including clamp meters, micron gauges, and refrigerant leak detectors.

Their manufacturing bases include hubs in the UK and South-East Asia.

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