Kaiweets Digital Clamp Meter Review

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Kaiweets Digital Clamp Meter

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Kaiweets Digital Clamp Meter Review Summary

The KAIWEETS digital clamp meter is a multi-functional, value-for-money CAT III rated (600 volts) measurement device that’s capable of both commercial and household use.

It sports a two-color backlit display that facilitates working in lack-of-light areas and indicates electrical current in a circuit. Plus, it arrives with a flashlight — eliminating the requirement for an additional work lamp.

Furthermore, the KAIWEETS possesses a generous jaw design to clamp small and large wire conductors. It also offers True-RMS technology, Low Pass Filter, plus Low Impedance for improved accuracy and where precision is paramount.

The auto-shutoff function powers down the device after fifteen minutes of inactivity — conserving the battery life. Additionally, its non-contact voltage tech highlights any live circuits, without connecting up to any wires — enhancing user safety.

KAIWEETS is a well-known manufacturer of electrical testing accessories and DIY appliances. The brand produces multimeters, clamp meters, and laser measurement tools. The HT206D model sits midway in its line-up of clampers.


  • Weight – 9.1 ounces
  • Voltage – 600 volts
  • Current – 600 amps
  • Safety Rating – CAT III (600V)


  • Dual-color backlit display.
  • True RMS.
  • Measures AC/DC and temperature.
  • Non-contact voltage detection.


Auto range selection.
TRMS technology.
CAT III safety rating.
Low impedance.
True RMS.


Lacks a belt clip.

Kaiweets Digital Clamp Meter Features and Benefits

Let’s talk more about the benefits of the KAIWEETS digital clamp meter.


Considering the price, this clamp meter comes with a wide variety of testing formats. It can accurately measure the following:

  • Voltage — AC/DC.
  • Current — AC/DC.
  • Temperature.
  • Resistance.
  • Capacitance.
  • Diode.
  • Continuity.

Temperature Function

To find this function in a low-cost clamp meter is an unexpected, yet welcomed inclusion — it’s by no means a standard feature.

Using the included K-type thermocouple — you can check the temperature in liquids, solids, or gas. All you have to do is insert the thermocouple wires into the object you’re testing. It measures between -8 to 1832 degrees Fahrenheit — offering decent scope for a broad range of scenarios.

Plus, you can switch to Celcius if that’s your preference.

AC/DC Measuring

The KAIWEETS digital clamp meter makes it easy to switch from AC to DC current measurement. Most digital clamp meters in its price range rarely carry this feature.

In fact, it has a Z/F button dedicated to achieving this task stress-free. The measuring rate of AC current is 60/600A with an accuracy of around 2.5 percent.


The best part of using a True-RMS (Root Mean Square) clamp meter, like the KAIWEETS, is that it offers more accuracy when compared to RMS technology.

This allows you to measure voltage or current output of adjustable speed motors or heating controls. Hence, it’s ideal for those measuring modern devices like an energy-saving HVAC appliance.

With its 6,000-count display, it can read AC measurements to the highest precision — either for commercial or casual applications.

If you’re still none the wiser about the advantages of True-RMS, for a more detailed explanation, read my post on What Does TRMS and RMS Mean?

Substantially-Sized Jaw

A clamp meter is merely a multimeter if it’s without a clamp. This device features a generous 1.65-inch jaw that’s capable of gripping anything from tiny wires to industrial cables.

Dual Purpose Digital Screen

KAIWEETS incorporates a novel design here.

For one, its LED screen is backlit, which makes viewing readings much easier in lack-of-light situations. Secondly, the display also doubles as a high-voltage warning indicator.

In action, if when checking AC or DC current and it’s greater than 3 amps or using NCV and the voltage is above 80 volts, the display turns from blue and white to an orange color.

Admittedly, experienced operators may find this color-changing display a touch gimmicky. However, newbies to the electrical testing world may appreciate it.

NCV Detection Function

Did you know that an average of 411 people die each year from electrocution?

Thankfully, this clamp meter includes NCV or non-contact voltage detection — removing this potentially life-threatening risk. As the name suggests, it allows you to check whether a circuit is live without touching any wires.

When it detects a weak/low signal it displays an ‘L’ and emits slow beeping sounds. In contrast, for high/strong signals, you’ll hear rapid beeps and notice an ‘H’ on the display.

Auto-Shutoff Feature

The KAIWEETS clamp meter utilizes an auto-shutoff feature for efficiency and battery saving.

When the device sits idle for 15 minutes, it will give off three beeps. This is your audible reminder — should you wish to continue using, press any button, and the HT206D will burst back into life.

If it remains inactive, the clamp meter switches itself off.

Low Pass Filter and Low Impedance

Thanks to the LPF and LowZ feature of the KAIWEETS clamp meter, it delivers fairly accurate readings on both high and low AC/DC currents.

More specifically, Low Input Impedance (LPF) prevents inconsistent readings that are usually the result of ghost voltage in a circuit.

Portable and Handy Design

With dimensions of 7.5 x 2.8 x 1.3 inches, the KAIWEETS digital clamp meter is palm-friendly enough for one-handed use. And, its pocket-sized design also bodes well with awkward or tight spaces — typical of clamp meter applications — such as inside heating systems or within automotive engines.

Furthermore, this device carries a built-in torch overseeing the jaw, directing light straight to where you’re working — ideal for low-light conditions.

Included Accessories

The KAIWEETS digital clamp meter is a valuable package that includes:

  • Digital clamp meter.
  • Carrying bag.
  • Pair of Thermocouples.
  • User manual.
  • 2x AAA batteries.
  • Pair of test leads.

Kaiweets Clamp Meter HT206D Specifications

Display ‎6000 count
Weight9.1 ounces
Batteries 2 AAA batteries
AC/DC Current 60/600 amps
Voltage600 volts
Temperature-4 degrees to 1832 degrees Fahrenheit
Capacitance100 mF
True RMS Yes
Product Dimensions7.5 x 2.8 x 1.3 inches
Safety Rating StandardCAT III
Warranty3 years

What Users Say About the KAIWEETS Digital Clamp Meter

For me, the KAIWEETS HT206D is a clamp meter loaded with functions for a low price. But, do owners of this device share the same value-for-money viewpoint? How do they rate it?

Users commend its range of capabilities, welcome the safety aspects of the non-contact voltage detection and the clever color-changing display, and thought the jaw torch was a bonus.

What’s more, others were impressed with the energy-efficient design, thanks to the auto-shutoff feature.

However, a few questioned the durability of the casing, others wished the backlight remained operational a touch longer, and some would have preferred the inclusion of a belt clip for carrying around.

Alternatives to The KAIWEETS Digital Clamp Meter

As we’ve seen, the KAIWEETS HT206D offers a whole lot of clamp meter for not a lot of money. However, it may not have you rushing for your wallet. So, I’ve taken the liberty to suggest three favorable alternatives.

UEi DL469

If you were hoping for a higher CAT III rating than what the KAIWEETS carries, then take a look at the UEi DL469 — it’s rated up to 1000 volts.

Like the HT206D, this clamp meter offers TRMS, NCV, and tests continuity, resistance, and diodes. However, its display doesn’t arrive with a backlight and reads lower counts — 4,000 counts

  • More expensive than the KAIWEETS.
  • Both come with accessories to work right outta-the-box.
  • Shorter warranty — 2 years compared to HT206D’s 3 years.


Perhaps your clamp meter projects involve lots of time spent up a ladder, in which case, consider the BSIDE ACM91. Unlike the KAIWEETS, it arrives with a carry clip — enabling you to hook the device onto your belt.

Mirroring the HT206D, this clamper measures current, voltage, temperature, low impedance and displays results in 6000-count form. However, at 300 volts, its CAT III rating is lower.

  • Comparable price point to the BSIDE.
  • Tests diodes — not a feature of the ACM91.
  • Incorporated flashlight, not included on the BSIDE.


If you’re looking for an even cheaper alternative to the KAIWEETS clamp meter, the AstroAI may fit the bill.

Just like the HT206D, it performs current, voltage, capacitance, diode, frequency, and temperature tests.

  • 1.2-inch jaw, wider diameter than the BSIDE.
  • Similar cost to the ACM91.
  • Includes batteries — unlike the BSIDE.


A clamp meter should be capable of probing electrical faults and measuring current and voltage. And the KAIWEETS digital clamp meter offers this and more — efficiency, LCD display, flashlight, and accuracy-enhancing technology.

This device is suitable for electrical contractors, HVAC technicians, and homeowners for various appliance and circuitry troubleshooting and measurement. It reads voltage, current, and temperature, plus it comes with all the necessary accessories to work right away.

What’s more, its LCD backlit display makes reading possible anywhere. And, you can illuminate your work area with the strategically placed flashlight in the middle of its jaw.

While some may question whether electrical newcomers would make the most out of all of its features — the tool is competitively priced, which makes it almost impossible not to try. Go check out the KAIWEETS digital clamp meter.

KAIWEETS Digital Clamp Meter FAQs

Q: Can I Read DC Amps With The KAIWEETS HT206D Digital Clamp Meter?

Yes, you can read DC amps and current.

Q: Does The KAIWEETS Clamp Meter Have a Flashlight and Backlight?

Yes, this clamp meter incorporates a built-in light and backlit display.

Q: What’s The Max Temperature the KAIWEETS Clamp Meter Can Measure?

The KAIWEETS digital clamp meter can measure up to 1832 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: Where Can I Find The KAIWEETS Digital Clamp Meter Manual?

You will find the owner’s manual on the official product page. For rapid access to the KAIWEETS HT206D manual.

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