DeWalt DCF885 Impact Driver Review

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DeWalt DCF885 Impact Driver Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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DeWalt DCF885 Review Summary:

The next generation of impact drivers manufactured by DeWalt has finally arrived – its mission is to increase the power and battery life of these devices. Some of the company’s previous models, such as DC825, are still quite popular today, with both the homeowners and professionals praising their reliability and performance.

Following the DC825’s footsteps, the impact driver we’re going to analyze here is a powerful and rugged device that offers plenty of power for any project. Even though it has a little less power than its brushless cousin (DCF895), it is still quite powerful but also less expensive.

In case you’re in a market for a quality impact driver that will serve you for the years to come, keep reading – the DeWalt DCF885 just might be the tool you were searching for. We’ll be having a closer look at its specs, features, advantages, as well as flaws:

Specifications: DCF885 DeWalt Impact Driver

  • Weight- 2.8 pounds
  • Length – 5.55″
  • Batteries – Lithium Ion
  • Torque – 1,400 in-lbs
  • Speed (no load) – 0-2800 RPM

DeWalt DCF885 – The Basics

Sporting the same color palette and the ergonomic design of all other DeWalt impact drivers, the DCF885 comes with a look and feel that will be familiar to every seasoned handyman. Weighing only 2.8 pounds (2.0 pounds without the battery) and having the length of 5.55″, this model is highly compact and therefore perfect for tasks that require working at hard-to-reach spaces.

The model’s powerful motor produces up to 3200 IPM and 2800 RPM, while the torque of 117 ft. lbs. allows this impact driver to easily handle a variety of applications. The model also has three LED lights that provide visibility in dimly-lit areas. Once the trigger is released, the LED lights shine for 20 additional seconds. The 1/4″ hex chuck of DeWalt DCF885 accepts 1″ bit tips and holds them very firmly.

DeWalt DCF885 Features

The Design

The brushed motor of this device gives it the same basic look of the other impact drivers in the series, although with a slightly stubbier appearance and more rubber on the grip. This stubbiness is the result of the manufacturer shaving off two-tenths of an inch of the previous model and giving the DCF885 a total head length of 5.55″ (without bits, of course). Even though this won’t give more maneuverability to the user, it at least places the model among the shortest brushed 18v devices of this type on the market.


In the power department, DeWalt DCF885 is undoubtedly a step up from the DC825. The model has received a bump of 70 in-lbs that turns the total torque rating into an even 1400 in-lbs. Of course, this unit indeed isn’t the most powerful brushed impact driver that the money can buy, but it’s still an excellent choice for professionals and homeowners alike.



To make sure that this driver performs well in tight spaces, DeWalt decided to equip it with a chuck that can hold 1″ bits. Most models with a short head can’t do this, which makes this feature a welcome addition and one that many handymen will undoubtedly appreciate. Another great thing about the chuck is that it’s a quick-release variant – it comes with a smooth action that lets the user replace the bits with just one hand.


3-LED Ring

As we already mentioned, this unit comes with a 3-LED ring whose purpose is to illuminate the working surface. A great thing about it is that it has a 20-second delay – the light won’t go out immediately after you release the trigger.

Useing DCF885 Impact Driver

DCF885 Pros:


Compact design


Powerful – 1,400 in-lbs of torque


Chuck accepts 1″ bits


3-LED ring with a delay



No bit holder


Using 3.0 A-h batteries causes an imbalance

Things We Liked / Didn’t Like


Things we liked about it

The design of DCF885 is impossible not to like – even though the model is really compact, it still accepts 1″ bits. Its handle has a rubber molding and therefore provides an excellent grip, allowing one to work for hours on end without fatigue. Furthermore, the unit is quite potent, as it has a good IPM, RPM, and torque ratings that make it a suitable choice for the more challenging tasks.

The model’s chuck deserves particular words of praise. Not only can it accept 1″ bits, as we already mentioned, but it also makes it very easy to swap the bits – it can be done single-handedly.

Another thing worthy of laud is the integrated 3-LED ring, which has a 20-second delay and allows one to use this driver in poorly illuminated areas.


Things we didn’t like

Although it has a convenient belt clip, DeWalt DCF885 features no on-tool bit holder. This is not a big deal, but the users whose previous impact drivers had bit holders will have to take some time to get used to it. Moreover, we advise against using larger 3.0 A-h batteries with this driver, as that can make it feel off-balanced.

General Impressions Of The DCF885

Most of the people who bought this impact driver are quite pleased with its design and performance. They’re saying that it’s a reliable little machine that does its job, no matter the size of the project. The users praise the unit’s ergonomic design, compact size, versatile chuck, as well as the performance that meets the expectations.

However, they’re not that pleased with the fact that had to buy the battery separately – the DCF885 is sold as bare-tool only, although it can also be purchased in combo kits that include chargers and batteries.


DeWalt rarely disappoints – the DCF885 indeed meets the expectations and stands as an excellent choice for all those in the market for a quality impact driver. It’s an especially good deal in case you can’t afford to purchase one of the company’s sleek new brushless models – get this one instead. Not only will you save some money, but you’ll also enjoy a performance that doesn’t disappoint and which shows that DeWalt cares for each line of their power tools.

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