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Our In-Depth Review of DeWalt DCS355B Oscillating Tool for 2021

DeWalt DCS335 Oscillating Tool Product Image

Editor Rating: 4.4/5


DeWalt DCS335 Oscillating Tool Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: December 6, 2020

Last modified:

December 6, 2020 @ 11:28 am


  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

DeWalt DCS335 Review Summary:

Oscillating tools are very useful for specific jobs like undercutting trim for the flooring installation, creating drywall cutouts, removing grout, and similar tasks. A quality oscillating tool can become your go-to problem solver for a million weird situations – it’s an ideal device when it comes to cuts that none of your other power tools can do effectively.

DeWalt’s DCS355 is the company’s attempt to create one of the best tool of this kind on the market. But is it really so? The model undoubtedly comes with impressive features that make it a worthy rival to oscillating tools manufactured by Bosch, Makita, Black & Decker, and other competing companies. It’s a powerful device with a brushless motor, ergonomic design, great cutting speed, lock on/off switch, variable speed trigger, and a LED work light.

If these features sound tempting to you, please read on – we’ll take a closer look and analyze DCS355’s value for the money.


  • Dimensions – 12.3″ x 5.2″ x 2.8″
  • Weight – 3.22lbs
  • Length -12.20″
  • Oscillation Angle – 1.6 degrees
  • Oscillations – 0-20,000 OPM

DeWalt DCS355 – The Basics

At its heart, the DeWalt DCS355 has a robust brushless engine, and these types of engines are more powerful, reliable, and last longer than their brushed counterparts. It allows the unit to reach the top speed of 20,000 OPM, which should be more than enough for all of your cutting, scraping, and sanding needs.

The model also has a great design and fits into hand very nicely. When we combine this with the low weight of just 3.22 pounds and the trigger configuration that supports multiple hold positions, we get an oscillating tool that doesn’t cause fatigue no matter how long you use it.

Other features include the lock on/off switch for longer jobs, a variable speed trigger, an optional guide system for the more precise cuts, an easy accessory change system, as well as the LED work light for those who often work in dark places.

The Features


Fortunately, DCS355 sports the same kind of thoughtfulness that the manufacturer puts into all of their other power tools. Along with the usual ergonomic design that removes fatigue, this model sports some grippy over-molding, a handle diameter (located on the smaller side), as well as the trigger that has been designed in a way that supports multiple hold positions. At just a bit more than 3 pounds, the device doesn’t weigh a lot and stands as one of the most compact tools of this type on the market.

One particularly noteworthy thing about this model’s design is that it comes with an integrated LED work light. As you can already guess, it’s something that allows the use of this tool in areas with poor lighting.


The brushless motor that powers this oscillating tool enables it to reach 20,000 OPM. While it’s not the fastest device of its kind out there, DeWalt DCS355 is no slouch and makes quick work of every task you throw at it. The unit’s speed is controlled via the built-in dual-grip variable speed trigger, which doesn’t only help with ergonomics but also lets the user trigger the device from various grip positions.

Other Features

The device also comes with a well-implemented accessory change system. Basically, all that one has to do is to squeeze the silver trigger, which will loosen the blade and make it easy to pull it out from the unit’s clamp. No extra tools required!

Another praiseworthy feature is the guide system, although it comes with the kit only. This optional feature lets the user set a consistent depth when in need of repeatable accuracy.

DeWalt DCS335 with LED light on



Good grip and balance


Brushless motor


Variable speed trigger


No-fuss accessory change system



No variable speed dial


Quite noisy

Things We Liked / Didn’t Like


Things we liked about it

Like all other power tools manufactured by this company, the DCS355B oscillating tool also sports the same kind of design that we like to see on all DeWalt products. The sheer power of this device had no adverse effect on its shape – it’s a well-designed, lightweight unit that looks and feels great.

Sanding, scraping and cutting are easy-to-handle operations with DCS355B since it’s powered by a fast brushless engine whose speed is controlled via the handy variable speed trigger. Changing the accessories is exceptionally easy due to the implementation of DeWalt’s quick-change system, while the unit’s LED light conveniently illuminates the working surface.

Other features we liked are the lock on/off switch that allows longer working sessions, the included universal accessory adaptor, and the manufacturer’s 3-year limited warranty on the tool.


Things we didn’t like

Even though this oscillating tool has a variable speed trigger, it comes without a variable speed dial. This means that it’s sometimes difficult to maintain a consistent speed while working with the unit, especially when it comes to awkward cuts. Other than that, we didn’t like how noisy DCS355B can get – the excessive decibels it creates require the use of earplugs.

General Impressions

There’s a general consensus among the users that DeWalt DCS355B is a pretty good deal for the money. Most of them agree that this oscillating tool is well-weighted with excellent balance, thoughtful design, and thoroughly impressive performance. They’re recommending the unit to all those who do home repair and remodeling, calling it the essential tool for such operations.

When it comes to complaints, some users were dissatisfied with the unit’s noise level, saying that DCS355B’s excessive loudness was not something they expected from a brand such as DeWalt.


The minor flaws of this oscillating tool are not something that should stop you from considering it for purchase. While it’s not the fastest or the most powerful machine of this type out there, it’s a well-made cordless power tool that looks and works just as advertised. For jobs such as removing paint from small areas, cutting under the door trim, and removing grout between the ceramic tiles, the DeWalt DCS355B is an excellent choice and a great bang for the buck.