Purchasing a table saw is undoubtedly one of the most critical buys you’ll ever make when it comes to woodworking essentials. This power tool is an integral part of the equipment on the job site, as well as the crucial item for almost all DIY projects.

Choosing a model that fits your needs (as well as the budget) is guaranteed to make a huge difference in both the frustration level and the overall profitability.

dewalt vs bosch

There are a couple of types of these power tools. The kinds of jobs you’d like to use a table saw on will command which type you’ll have to purchase. If you’re among the people who take their table saws from one job site to another, you’ll need a portable table saw that can be easily carried from one place to another. And of the available models on today’s market, the Bosch 4100-09 and the Dewalt DW745 are probably the two most popular options.

But which one of them is the best? To help you determine which model is the right one for your needs, we have compared their advantages and flaws. After taking a look at their features, you’ll be able to select one of these two models as the one that suits your needs the best. Read on!

What’s The Benefit of Purchasing a New Table Saw?

We can agree on one thing – money has always been a critical factor when it comes to making decisions such as these. Purchasing an off-brand product is always the temptation – it will do the trick until you get more money and buy something that’s more efficient and more reliable.

But even though buying no-name items might be good for some simpler products, the things are entirely different with the power tools. To put it simply, your safety is at stake whenever you’re using them. If you purchase a cheap power tool just to save some money, there’s a chance of you paying a lot higher price in the end. And the reason behind that is the fact that cheaper power tools don’t go through accuracy and quality control like the tools made by Bosch and Dewalt do.

This is especially important when it comes to table saws – it’s a very dangerous tool that can lead to devastating injuries. These injuries can be avoided by the use of necessary safety equipment that’s featured on most of the brand-name table saws. Also, the liability for an injury on a job site means the difference between business and complete bankruptcy for the small, independent contractors.

Another important thing is the price of the materials. A cheap, no-name saw won’t provide you with accurate cuts and will make you ruin a few expensive workpieces – you’ll end up spending more money than you initially expected. A good saw, on the other hand, is something that brings efficiency and accuracy and allows one to progress as a contractor.


Bosch 4100-09
Bosch 4100-09

  • Motor – 15amp
  • Portability – Weighing 99lbs with the GRS (Gravity-Rise stand)
  • Rip Capacity – Up to 25″
  • Warranty – 1-year limited
Dewalt DW745Dewalt DW745

  • Motor – 15amp
  • Portability – Weighing 45lbs with foldable stand
  • Rip Capacity – Up to 16″
  • Warranty – 3-year limited


Both the Bosch 4100-09 and the Dewalt DW745 feature a 15amp motor, which means that power shouldn’t be a big issue with either of these models. The Dewalt’s table saw sports a high-torque motor which can efficiently deliver a no-load sped of 3,850 rpm. The Bosch saw, on the other hand, can provide a no-load speed of 3,650 rpm.

The difference between these two isn’t noticeable without specialized equipment and therefore can’t affect the performance. But the noticeable difference is the fact that the 4100-09 comes with a so-called soft start motor – there’s no such thing on the Dewalt’s model. This could cause a remarkable load on the user’s power source and could affect other tools that are attached to the same source.

The thing we liked about the Bosch 4100-09 is that it has an arbor lock button that allows the user to easily switch the blades. One most table saws, changing blades is a difficult task, as it requires the operator to hold the arbor with one wrench and loosen the bolts with another. Since this can be pretty hard to do, many users will decide to simply continue using their dull blade, which is never a smart decision (due to their poor cutting ability and possible dangerous kickbacks).

The arbor lock button makes the things a bit easier and is a convenient feature that should, in our opinion, become an industry standard.

Rip Size

The Bosch model comes with a big cutting table surface, which allows the user to handle large workpieces (it has the ripping capacity of 25″). For those that intend to use their saw to rip abundant materials, such as the plywood or solid panels, this is an exceptional feature. The rip fence of this model glides across the table, allowing the operator to use it with one hand. It also locks in place for accuracy and safety.

The Dewalt DW745, on the other hand, provides the user with a 16″ cut, which is considerably smaller than the German manufacturer’s model. But it’s still perfectly adequate for most types of jobs, like small trim applications or ripping dimensional lumber.

For routine jobs, both of these table saws will be pretty good. But those that want to rip boards up to 25″ should definitely go for the Bosch 4100-09.

Using new Dewalt table saw

Dust Collection

Both models come with ports that can be connected to shop vacuum in order to collect the dust. The 4100-09 has a 2″ port, while the DW745 features a 2.5″ port. However, neither of these table saws do a great job when it comes to dust collection.

The Bosch is worse when it comes to clogging due to the smaller diameter of the port, but that doesn’t mean that its competitor is flawless in this area. Both models are spilling sawdust on the floor like they don’t have the dust collection ports at all.

All table saws are designed to remove considerable amounts of material in an efficient and quick manner. With the amount of waste that is produced while cutting boards on them, neither of these models are up to the task when it comes to collecting the dust. The best that you can hope for is that they will at least keep the sawdust away from your eyes while you’re working.


If you’d like to purchase a model that will allow you to easily take it from one place to another, the portability will undoubtedly be an important factor in your buying decision. The Dewalt’s model seems to have an edge here since it’s more than 50 pounds lighter than the Bosch model, which is twice as heavy.

But even though the German model is more cumbersome, it’s easier to move around and set up thanks to its robust rubber wheels and the unique Gravity-Rise Stand. Moving the Dewalt DW745 is effortless, but it’s important to note that it has no wheels and is assembled separately. The Gravity-Rise Stand of the Bosch saw can be raised into a working position with just one, fluid movement.

That’s precisely why we think that Bosch 4100-09 is a clear winner here. Even though both models are portable, the Bosch one is wheeled and very easy to set up – starting to work with it is very quick. The Dewalt model is twice as light but has to be carried instead of pulled like wheeled luggage.

Cutting wood with Bosch table saw


The Bosch 4100-09 comes with a unique Squarelock fence that has been manufactured in a way to deliver exact cuts and optimal accuracy. The rip fence is capable of getting locked for precision cuts and stability, and it glides very easily. There’s also the digital readout that allows the user to pinpoint the accuracy up to 1/32 inches.

The Dewalt’s model, on the other hand, features the telescoping fence rails that can be extended up to 16″. Additionally, its rack fence design makes adjusting a thing of ease.

As far as we’re concerned, both models fared excellently in this field – it all boils down to a matter of personal preference.


Both of these table saws are pretty evenly matched – they offer a plenty of power and are quite disappointing when it comes to dust collection.

Those looking for a lightweight table saw should definitely consider the Dewalt’s model for purchase – it weighs half as much as its competitor. It’s also less expensive and a better budget-friendly option.

On the other hand, the expanded cutting capability, the large work table, the solid rubber wheels and the Gravity-Rise stand make the Bosch 4100-09 a much better option.

In conclusion, we can only confirm that the old saying is true – you get what you pay for. The soft start motor, easy setup, portability, more accurate miter, added 9 inches of the rip capability, as well as the availability to use dado blades all give a pretty clear advantage to the Bosch 4100-09. It’s definitely worth the money!