Our In-Depth Review of DeWalt DCD780 Drill/Driver 

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Editor Rating: 4.3/5


DeWalt DCD780 Drill/Driver Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: December 7, 2018

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June 17, 2021 @ 2:07 pm


  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

DeWalt DCD780 Review Summary:

Next to the already established line of DeWalt’s 18V power tools stands the 20V Max line, offering tools that are lighter and that use more powerful batteries. The company’s entry-level drill/driver in this range is DCD780 – it’s an excellent medium-sized model that has the performance of its full-sized cousins.

Along with the low weight, some of this model’s most impressive features are the presence of two speed settings, the clutch with 15 settings, the automatic engine protection feature, a belt hook, and the LED work light. The model is also relatively affordable, so it’s pretty easy to see that the whole deal is a good bang for the buck.

If you’re in a market for a drill/driver with a reliable performance but don’t want to spend too much money, keep on reading – we’ll analyze DCD780’s features in more detail.

DeWalt DCD780 Specifications:

  • Weight – 4lbs
  • Dimensions – 8.2″ x 4″ x 9.5″
  • Speed – 2,000 RPM
  • Voltage – 20V
  • Battery – Lithium-Ion

DeWalt DCD780 – The Basics

Featuring the same easy-to-use and comfort-oriented design of all other DeWalt drills and drivers, this is a medium-sized drill/driver with the weight of just 4 pounds. It has a rubber over-molded handle and a body that has been made almost entirely out of plastic, with only the inside of the chuck and the gearbox being metal.

The speed selector of DCD780 allows one to use this drill/driver in two different speed settings, while the integrated LED light illuminates the workpiece in front of the user. The unit’s clutch features 15 settings and the already mentioned automatic engine protection keeps the drill from burning out.

The model also has a belt hook and a bit holder, which are not just gimmicks but essential additions that every good power tool of this type needs to have. Let’s give these features a more in-depth look:

The DeWalt DCD780 Features


As we said, the primary material used during the manufacture of this drill/driver is plastic – only the chuck’s insides and the gearbox have been made out of metal. All of this plastic makes DCD780 very lightweight, which, when combined with its rubber-coated handle, makes working with this unit extremely easy. DeWalt wanted to make DCD780 as light and compact as possible, and they have removed most of the unnecessary things.

However, we’re quite glad that they didn’t remove the LED light, the belt clip, and the bit holder. All of these extra features come in very handy while you’re working, especially the LED working light. Without it, you would have to use a flashlight while drilling or driving. Once you release the trigger, this light will stay turned on for 20 seconds.


The DeWalt DCD780 has two speed settings, with the gear selector switch, located on the unit’s top, switching between the two. Just like on all other devices of this type there is a slower (0-600 RPM) and a faster (0-2,000 RPM) option. The gear lever’s locking into place is followed by a satisfying click.

The model’s clutch features 15 settings, and, as usual, it comes with a separate drill mode that locks the chuck. The performance of this drill/driver is an impressive one, although it’s not very suitable for the really heavy-duty jobs.


An especially interesting feature of DCD780 is its automatic motor protection. In case the device’s engine draws too much current, it gets into the danger of burning out; this is where this feature steps in and automatically shuts down the drill. The purpose of this feature is to prevent the model from taking excessive damage when it’s used for unsuitable jobs.

Using Dewalt 20v Drill DCD780

DCD780 Pros:




Two-speed motor


Automatic motor protection


Extra features



Plastic as the main material


LED is poorly positioned

Things We Liked / Didn’t Like


Things we liked about the DCD780

Both the design and the performance of this drill/driver are very impressive, especially when we consider its affordable price. It’s a medium-sized model that looks and works just like advertised, and which is capable of helping the user with most drilling and driving tasks around the house.

The fact that it’s lightweight and that it sports an ergonomic design makes DCD780 a joy to work with, while the presence of a two-speed motor gives the user more versatility and control. The unit’s chuck is of exceptionally good quality, while its motor protection feature removes the need to worry about overheating.

We liked that DeWalt thought of little things, too – having some extra features such as the belt clip or the bit holder comes in very handy in certain situations.


Things we didn’t like

On the other hand, we didn’t like that only some parts of DCD780 are made out of metal – most of it is plastic. While this contributes to the unit’s low weight, it also has an adverse effect on its durability and makes it unsuitable for the heavy-duty jobs.

Other than that, we didn’t like the position of the LED working light. It is located just above the unit’s trigger, which causes the chuck to cast a shadow over the working surface.

General Impressions

A vast majority of people who bought this drill/driver do not regret making the purchase. They’re happy with the unit’s performance and claim that it’s their go-to power tool when it comes to repairing tasks around the house. The users are especially pleased with DCD780‘s ergonomics, although they warn that the larger battery option can throw off balance.


Overall, the DCD780 is undoubtedly among the best entry-level tools in DeWalt’s 20V Max lineup. Although not suitable for heavy-duty applications, this medium-sized drill/driver is more than capable of completing small and medium scale projects around the house. It was designed to be as compact and lightweight as possible, but to still retain the power and features of its larger cousins at the same time.

For residential users, this model is among the best options out there. We advise getting it in one of DeWalt’s combo kits with a battery, charger, and maybe some other power tools.

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