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Makita XFD10Z

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Makita XFD10Z Review

Boasting the ultimate combination of brawn with portability, the Makita XFD10Z is a hardcore drill driver unit capable of tackling the densest of materials.

Delivering an eye-watering 480 in-lbs of torque, selectable across 21 levels of power output, the XFD10Z will effortlessly bore into plastic, acrylics, and sheet metals — while providing sufficient grunt to drive wide diameter bolts and screws.

A twin-speed transmission permits you to choose between 0-600 or 0-1900 rpm velocity ranges — reducing the likelihood of over drilling or screwhead shearing. And, powered by a high-performance 18-volt lithium battery, it’s a highly transportable tool with no mains lead restrictions.

Its slimline and snub build permit the Makita drill driver to access confined areas such as between ceiling slats and beneath floor joists. Furthermore, dual LED lamps enable additional illumination when working in these dark and poorly lit spaces.

At just 3.3 pounds in weight — including the battery — stamina is elevated on those time-lengthy projects. And, designed with a significantly rubberized handle, user comfort is heightened while helping to shield against accidental slippage.

This machine hails from Makita, a US-based company with over a century of knowledge and experience in power tool manufacture. The XFD10Z is the flagship unit in its cordless drill driver category.

XFD10Z Pros:

Shields against moisture and dust ingress.
0.5-inch chuck.
LED lamps with afterglow.


Battery and charger not included.

Features and Benefits of the Makita XFD10Z Cordless Drill

Powerful, compact, and pleasingly versatile for the DIYer and contractor — the XFD10Z is packed full of use-enhancing features. Time to dive into the detail and discover exactly what this machine has to offer.

High Torque

Knocking out 480 in-lbs, this is one seriously grunty drill driver. Despite its relatively compact size — just 7.375 inches in length — it delivers sufficient brawn to drill and drive into the densest of mediums.

With 21 torque settings, it’s impressively user-tailorable — enabling you to select the ideal power output for your base material. For more information on torque and its relationship to speed, check out my Torque vs Speed 101.

Twin Speed Transmission

The Makita XFD 10Z incorporates a two-speed transmission, permitting you to select either 0-600 or 0-1900 rpm rapidity ranges. While boring and driving output is controlled by the substantial throttle trigger, these dual settings mean you can set an upper limit to your output speed — shielding against the risks of over-drilling or head shearing.

18-Volt Lithium Cell Power

Offering pleasing portability and release from the shackles of mains tethering, the XFD1 0Z utilizes 18-volt lithium cells to power its internal brushed motor. Compatible with Makita’s LXT battery range — you can swap cells between a plethora of the brand’s power tools.

Boasting around 45 minutes of use from a single charge, they provide sufficient operational time for the majority of trade and DIY projects. Furthermore, Makita states that these cells possess the fastest charge time in the 18-volt category — reducing wasteful downtime.

That said, bear in mind that this model doesn’t arrive complete with a battery or charger — they need to be purchased separately. Hence, allow for the cost of these additional items when ordering this tool.

Twin LED Illumination

Drilling and driving projects can lead to you operate in less than ideal conditions. If light access is minimal — such as working beneath sinks or inside engine bays — it can ruin accuracy and lead to accidental damage of your target material or screw/bolt/heads.

That’s why it’s pleasing to witness that the Makita XF D10Z incorporates twin lamps directly beneath the chuck head. Removing the requirement for additional lighting set-up, these LED bulbs draw low power — meaning the lithium-cell operating times aren’t significantly affected by use.

They light up as soon as the trigger is depressed — delivering a steady light beam while you drill or drive. And, when you release the throttle, the LED’s provide a useful few seconds of afterglow — enabling you to check your handiwork before the illumination disappears.

Rubberized Handle

Drilling and driving can be hard work, especially on lengthy projects. Pushing hard against your target material can lead to hand fatigue and perspiration, elevating the risk of slippage, accidents, and base material damage.

Hence, I welcome the seriously substantial rubberized handle on the Makita Drill-Driver XFD10Z — relieving digit stress and providing a reassuring grip even in gloved or damp hands.


While suitable for DIYers, this drill/driver is a contractor tool at heart. Reassuringly durable, it incorporates Makita’s proprietary Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) — shielding the power tool against dust and moisture ingress.

This safeguarding makes the XFD10Z Makita drill/driver an excellent trade tool — able to withstand the harsh conditions concomitant to site work.

0.5 Inch Keyless Chuck

Unlike many drill drivers that incorporate a 0.375-inch chuck, the Makita Driver XFD10Z features a 0.5-inch bit securing head — allowing you to use the tool with large diameter bits and mixing accessories.

Keyless, there’s no risk of losing the crucial chuck tightener. And, designed with ratcheting engineering, the chuck shields against bit slippage and elevates the boring head retention.

Compact and Lightweight

At just 3.3 pounds — including the power cell — this tool is remarkably lightweight. Keeping hand, wrist, and arm fatigue to a minimum, it can heighten your productivity by preventing loss of stamina curtailing your project.

Furthermore, the compact build of this drill driver allows it to access areas too confined for larger models. This makes it an excellent unit for working between floor joists or drywall slats. That said, if you’re looking for the ultimate in close-quarter drill/driving, I recommend checking out our right-angle model top picks.

Makita XFD10Z Specifications

Makita XFD10Z
Weight3.3 pounds
Chuck0.5-inch keyless
Speed0-600/0-1900 rpm
Steel Capacity0.5-inch
Timber Capacity1.5-inch
Torque480 in-lbs (54 Nm)
Length7.375 inches
Power Cell (not included)18V Lithium-ion LXT

What Users Say About The Makita XFD10Z

In my opinion, the XFD 10Z is one of the ultimate drill drivers. Offering elevated grunt and a miscellany of features packed into a lightweight and compact machine, for me, it’s the consummate cordless tool for the serious DIYer or trade pro.

However, I’m not using this unit on a day-to-day basis. Hence, to ensure a non-biased and thorough review of this machine, I delved into the views of owners of this drill — to reveal exactly how the Makita functions in the field.

Reassuringly, the testimonials from these guys mirrored my own feelings. They praised the work-aiding twin LEDs, lauded the high torque output, and welcomed the expansive twin-speed transmission.

Indeed, there were a couple of owners who were not completely full of praise. One naysayer expressed the view that the tool felt a little ‘plasticky’ in the hand — in contrast with its contractor-grade design. Another guy was disappointed that the tool didn’t arrive complete with a cell and charger.

However, all users concurred that the Makita Driver XF D10Z was a high-grunt portable machine that could tackle extreme drilling and driving.

Alternatives to the Makita Drill XFD10Z

Although one of the ultimate drill drivers currently on the market, it isn’t going to excite all DIYers or trade contractors.

So, if this tool lacks in a particular department — don’t despair! I’ve sourced some equally impressive machines that may be more applicable to your specific requirements or the demands of your most common projects.

Wagner Spray 250
If you want a compact drill driver, but find that the Makita’s lack of power cell and charger frustrating — I believe I may have the solution.

The DCD708C2 from DeWalt offers the same contractor-grade build as the XFD10Z, a similar 0.5-inch ratcheting chuck, and also boasts LED illumination. However, arriving as a complete kit, the tool includes a cell, charger, and carrying case.

  • Lighter on the wallet than the Makita (when applying costs of cell and charger).
  • Lower speed — 1650 rpm in contrast to the XFD 10Z’s 1900 rpm.
  • Higher voltage — 20 volts as opposed to the Makita’s 18-volt.
Despite the Makita XF D10Z driver being a compact machine — it could be that you require an even smaller drill driver. If that sounds like you, check out this unit from Bosch.

The PS31-2A measures just seven inches in length — 0.375-inches shorter than the Makita. Furthermore, it weighs only 1.8 pounds, nearly half the bulk of the XFD10Z. But, the compact build is at the expense of power and speed.

  • Easier on the wallet than the Makita (when applying costs of cell and charger).
  • Slower — 1300 rpm compared to the XFD10Z’s 1900 rpm.
  • Lower voltage — 12 volts in contrast with the Makita’s 18 volts.


If you’re impressed by the 0.5-inch chuck of the Makita, but just wish that this drill driver offered a little more brawn — I have the answer.

While sharing the same large diameter bit capacity of the XF D10Z, this DeWalt unit promises a higher torque output than the Makita. Delivering 500 in-lbs of grunt from its 340-watt motor, the DCD777C2 is one of the most powerful drill drivers on the market.

  • Comparable price to the Makita.
  • Unlike the XFD10Z Drill/Driver, the DeWalt arrives with a battery and charger.
  • Lower speed — 1750 rpm as opposed to the Makita’s 1900 rpm.


Focusing on the ardent DIYer and trade professional, the Makita Driver/Drill XFD10Z offers the ultimate in productivity delivered in a portable and compact unit.

Knocking out 480 in-lbs of torque, this machine will effortlessly drive screws and bolts into dense timbers and acrylics. Its long-lasting 18-volt lithium cell promises impressive operational freedom, while its lightweight build and rubberized handle help to stave off fatigue on those longer projects.

Admittedly, this machine may not get everyone’s driving juices flowing. The lack of included battery and charger means you can’t use the tool straight-outta-the-box — unless you already own Makita LXT cells. And its plastic-feel casing may deter hardcore pro users.

However, if you’re seeking one of the most durable and grunty drill drivers currently on the market, I suggest checking out the Makita XFD10Z.

Makita Drill Driver XFD10Z FAQs

Q: Where Can I Buy the XFD10Z Makita Drill?

The XFD 10Z from Makita is a powerful drill driver that delivers 480 in-lbs of torque and speeds up to 1900 rpm. You can get your hands on the XFD10 here.

Q: Where Can I Find the XFD10Z Manual?

The official Makita website hosts a large library of user guides for the majority of its products. For rapid access to the XFD10Z manual.

Q: Can I Get Spare Parts for the Makita Drill Driver XFD10Z?

Yes. As a reputable manufacturer, Makita offers a plethora of spare parts for its machines for retail on its website. To locate the exact part you require for your XFD10Z, check out this exploded diagram.

Q: Is the Drill Driver XFD10Z a Hammer Drill?

No. This unit does not include a hammer feature. If you’re looking for a tool that offers cordless freedom combined with masonry-pummelling capabilities, check out our picks of the top battery-powered hammer drills.

Q: How Long Will the Battery Last for the Makita XFD10Z

A single charge of the 18-volt lithium-ion cell should allow you to use the XFD10Z for around 45 minutes. This time will be reduced when using high torque or high-speed settings.

Q: Does the Makita Driver Drill XFD10Z Include a Case?

No. The Makita XFD10Z doesn’t include a case, cell, or charger. If you’re looking for a machine that arrives with all these accessories, I suggest checking out the DeWalt DCD708C2.

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