Our In-Depth Review of Ryobi P271 Power Drill 

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P271 Power Drill Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: January 14, 2019

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January 30, 2021 @ 11:05 am


  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Ryobi P271 Power Drill Review Summary:

A reliable drill/driver that comes with a lot of power at a budget-friendly price. The P271 is an 18V unit that is excellent for small jobs around the house. It has convenience written all over it.

The unit is packed with features that’ll make your job go easier and faster. The lack of a pesky cord allows the user to carry the unit everywhere and, with its 3.1 pounds of weight, it is not even noticeable in the tool bag. It goes along great with other units from Ryobi’sOne+ family.

Ryobi’s never fails to deliver top-notch products, and therefore the manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty. If you are wondering why such a product costs only a few bucks, the answer is -the battery (or lack thereof). The P271 is sold as a bare tool and is compatible with all of Ryobi’s One+ 18V Li-Ion batteries.

The P271 is manufactured to serve both pros and hobbyists alike, and so far it’s been receiving positive feedback. But it is always important to manage one’s expectations when it comes to budget-friendly power tools.

Ryobi P271 Specifications:

  • Weight -3.1 lbs
  • Dimensions -9.5″ x 3″ x 7.5″
  • Power Supply -Li-Ion Battery (not included)
  • Speed -1600 RPM
  • Voltage -18V

P271 Power Drill – The Basics

The unit is an excellent cordless drill that has a 0.5″ keyless chuck that allows you to use the tool with a wide variety of bits. With its 24-position clutch, a variable-speed reversible trigger, and a two-speed transmission it is as precise as a drill/driver can be. The spirit level on the top of the drill helps the user achieve maximum accuracy.

Such features are beneficial on a pistol-grip tool as they are harder to balance. Keeping an eye on the level will also help you keep the drill steady.

The lower gear of the 2-speed transmission goes up to 440 RPM while the higher gear goes up to 1600 RPM, both with no load. The 340 inch/lbs of torque might not sound much, but is it more than enough for standard drill/driver use.

The unit also comes with a magnetic tray located at the base of the handle. It can be used for storing screws and bits. The grip is comfortable to hold – ideal for prolonged use

The Ryobi P271 Features


The tool is as light and compact as they get. It is easy to use it for a prolonged period of time as its ergonomic design, and light weight (3.1 pounds) reduce fatigue to a minimum. On the top, you can find a bubble-level that will help you drill accurately and steadily.

The P271 is all about convenience. The unit is equipped with a magnetic tray which can be used for placing screws and bits.

It is also packed with a 0.5″ single sleeve, keyless chuck with an auto spindle lock that allows you to change bits quickly. It takes only one hand to lock it in place, which is never possible on a corded drill.


The 2-speed transmission gearbox has alow gear that can deliver up to 440 RPMs and a high gear that delivers up to 1600 RPM, both without a load. It is quite enough to ensure firm control over the task. With the top torque of 340 inch/lbs, you can be sure that you’ll have enough power for whichever project you have in mind.

In addition to the 2-speed transmission, there’s the variable-speed trigger and 24-position clutch. All of those features will allow you to drill and sink fasteners with great accuracy.

Ryobi recommends settings one to four to be used for smaller screws. Settings five through eight are for driving screws into softer material. Positions nine through twelve work best for setting screws into both softer and harder materials.

Settings thirteen through sixteen are best at handling hardwood, while seventeen through twenty are for larger screws. Twenty through twenty-four are for heavy drilling.

The drill/drivel is powered by Ryobi’s One+ Li-Ion battery. The battery and charger are not included, unfortunately. However, all of Ryobi’s One+ units are compatible with all of their Li-Ion batteries.

They are quite durable and don’t take a long time to charge. The model can be used with some Ryobi NiCads as well. If you have some lying around, check the manual to see if they’ll work.


Many are skeptical when it comes to the quality of Ryobi’s products as they come at such low prices. However, Ryobi is so confident of their products that they offer a 3-year warranty for each of their products. But most users guarantee the drill will last much longer.

P271 Power Drill Parts





1/2″ keyless chuck, auto-spindle lock


2-speed gearbox


Bubble level


Onboard bit storage





Lacks a battery


No light


Things we liked about it

The P271 has everything you want to see in a drill/driver, and a bit more. The thoughtful features such as the bubble-level, mag-tray, keyless chuck make the job go smoothly. The unit is built to last long and perform well and all of that at a budget-friendly price.


Things we didn’t like

The lack of a battery might discourage some potential buyers. If you are looking to buy the unit for a quick house repair, you better look elsewhere as you’ll need to buy the battery separately. This is not a deal breaker at all, of course, if you already have another Ryobi unit in your collection.

There are all of those neat conveniences and yet, there is no LED lamp. It is such a minor detail that would complete the drill/driver. There really is no reason not to include it.

General Impressions

An excellent drill/driver that can be relied on whenever there is a project to finish or a home repair to attend to. It doesn’t cost so much but can potentially serve you a decade or two. Typically of Ryobi, it is another affordable product that is renowned for its convenience


If you are a professional contractor or someone who is starting out as a DIYer, you will undoubtedly benefit from this compact and versatile drill/driver. It might not be worth purchasing on its own, but if you are planning on buying more Ryobi gear, be sure to include the P271.

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