WEN 4214 Drill Press

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WEN 4214 Drill Press

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WEN 4214 Drill Press Review Summary:

With the specifications of a professional-grade tool — while available at an impressively affordable price point — the WEN 4214 drill press could be the ultimate DIY or entry-level contractor pillar machine.

Featuring a Class III-A 2.5 mW laser, this bench press drill projects a target crosshair onto your base medium, ensuring optimum accuracy and reducing the risk of material wastage. Furthermore, its hefty cast-iron foot, with securing bolt holes, ensures reassuring stability even at high speeds.

Boasting a 12-inch swing, the 4214 from WEN will accommodate sizable poly, metal, and timber sheets. And, with a tilting table that extends from 9.5 inches up to 17-inches, it delivers a stable base on which to place your boring material, and allows you to drill away from the vertical plane.

Not only does this unit possess a large speed range — 580 through to 3200 rpm — but it also enables remarkable velocity tailorability with its digital control. Although, for some users, the lack of output below 500 rpm may be a downer, meaning it may struggle with denser materials.

This bench press drill hails from WEN, a China-based tool company that was formed in 1951. The 4214 is their flagship compact pillar drill, a step up from the smaller 10-inch swing 4212 model.


Low price point.
Laser guide.
LED speed control.
Cast-iron base.


Lacks low speed for dense materials.
Little customer support.
Arrives unassembled.

Features and Benefits of the WEN 4214 Bench Drill Press

For an affordable bench drill press, the WEN 4214 is impressively feature-packed. Time to delve into the details and discover what makes this pocket-friendly tool so appealing to the DIYer and light contractor.

Digital Velocity Control

Perhaps the key feature of the WEN 4214 12-Inch Drill Press, separating this machine from most other DIY-focused and budget bench borers.

Usually a characteristic of high-end units, the digital velocity system allows for exacting speed control — to within one single rpm. With most competitor machines having pre-set speeds, generally, 12, 16, or 20 — the WEN permits greater user tailorability, allowing you to use the optimum speed to suit your base material.

Furthermore, adjusted by a simple turn of a lever, there are no time-consuming belt and pulley changes required by lesser tools.

580 to 3200 rpm

One of the few areas in which, perhaps, I feel the WEN 4214 bench drill could be improved. Don’t get me wrong, the upper limit is ideal, with few projects requiring a bit speed in excess of 3200 rpm.

However, at the lower end, it’s a little underwhelming.

It’s akin to driving your car. While it’s rewarding to get your foot down and shoot along at high speeds, sometimes you have to ease off and take it steady — the same goes for bench press drilling.

High rotation is excellent for soft materials, but for denser mediums, you need to exercise restraint and control. Too much rapidity, and your boring will create excessive heat and friction, ruining your drill bit.

Hence, I’m a little disappointed for a pro-worthy unit, the lowest speed is 580 rpm. Ideally, 200 or 300 rpm at the bottom end would be more welcome.

12-Inch Swing

Admittedly, the 12-inch swing is typical of most bench-style drill presses, with larger sizes being the domain of the behemoth floor-standing units. That said, it’s pleasing to see that this budget unit has the capacity to tackle 12-inch wide materials while remaining a compact tool.

Extending Table

The question that men have been asked for eons — are you a shower or a grower? Like the perfect manhood, the WEN 4214’s table is both.

At a pleasing 9.5 by 9.5 inches, this surface is suitable for most DIY and garage-sized projects. However, with its extending feature, you can increase this area to a remarkable 17 inches — excellent for those larger metal sheets and ply boards.

Bevel-Capable Work Area

The drill press category is renowned for its unsurpassed accuracy in perpendicular drilling. But, you don’t always want to be addressing your base materials at a perfect 90-degree angle.

Hence, it’s rewarding to see that the 4214 WEN unit boasts a 45-degree bevelling table, permitting you to bore holes and tap threads away from the vertical plane.

Laser Guiding

Throwing a laser crosshair onto your target medium, the 4214 WEN drill allows you to ascertain the exact drilling point without having to lower the bit in preparation. Boasting a Class III-A 2.5 mW laser, it prevents guesswork, elevates precision, and will shield against damaging expensive base materials.

Cast Iron Base

Reassuringly weighty and substantial, the WEN 4214 drill’s cast iron base provides impressive stability — reducing the typical walk or wobble concomitant to lighter units. Furthermore, with four pre-molded bolt holes, you can secure the machine onto your workbench for added peace of mind.

WEN 4214 Specifications

WEN 4214
Weight89.1 pounds
Chuck0.625-inch keyed
Speed580-3200 rpm
Speed ControlDigital
Current5 amps
Output0.66 horsepower
Quill Diameter2.17 inches
Swing12 inches
Spindle travel3.125 inches
Motor120 volts - 60 Hz
Bevel Adjustment0-45 degrees
Table Size Unextended9.5 x 9.5 inches
Table Size Extended17 inches
Height36.5 inches

What Users Say About The WEN 4214 

In my eyes, the 4214 WEN drill bench press is an eye-wateringly feature-packed tool with the versatility and capability of premium-priced units.

However, has my view been clouded by the plethora of knobs, lights, and buttons? In order to deliver a completely balanced WEN 4214 review, I researched the opinions of owners of the machine, to discover how this tool works in real-world applications.

Reassuringly, the testimonials were overwhelmingly positive, with guys proffering views similar to my own. Devotees of this bench drill press welcomed its 12-inch swing, applauded the extending table, and praised the digital speed control.

Of course, there were a couple of naysayers who found fault.

One owner of the WEN bemoaned the fact that the machine didn’t arrive pre-assembled, and he spent an afternoon putting the unit together. Another doom monger criticized the table’s robustness, indicating that it flexed under immense pressure.

That said, all users concurred that the WEN-4214 was a remarkably adaptable tool at a pleasing price point.

Alternatives To The WEN 4214 Drill Press

Although an outstanding drill, the WEN4214 isn’t going to be the tool for everyone.

Hence, if you feel it’s not exactly the machine for you — stick with me. I’ve curated some equally impressive bench drill press units that may be more suitable to you and your project’s requirements.

Shop Fox W1668

Wagner Spray 250
Should the cord-free feature of the HD527802 appeal — but you’re dissuaded by its lack of grunt — this machine could stimulate your interest.

Knocking out a mighty 1205 in-lbs of torque — compared to the 177 in-lbs of the SKIL — this brawny unit will tackle dense hardwoods and thick metals. Although, bear in mind that, unlike the HD527802, it doesn’t arrive complete with a battery pack.

  • Lifetime guarantee, as opposed to the five-year warranty of the SKIL.
  • Comparable price to the SKIL, but requires additional purchase of a lithium cell.
  • Higher impact rate — 31500 bpm in comparison to the HD527802’s 21750 bpm.

SKIL 3320-01

If you’re tempted by the cordless capacity of the HD527802, but just wish it had the ability for more rapid drilling and driving — this Makita unit might be the answer.

Delivering 2100 rpm as opposed to the 1450 rpm of the SKIL unit, the XPH07Z is more suited to time-intensive projects. Furthermore, arriving complete with a secondary handle — not included with the SKIL — it allows for impressively accurate control.

  • A similar price point to the HD527802 — but without a battery.
  • Greater torque — 1090 in-lbs in comparison to the 177 in-lbs of the SKIL.
  • Like the HD527802, this machine also includes a belt clip.

Eurotool DRL-300


Need more hammer power for those tough masonry jobs? This drill may be more suitable than the HD527802.

Knocking out 27200 bpm — in comparison to the 21750 bpm of the SKIL — this Porter-Cable will effortlessly pound into tough concrete. Furthermore, boasting a battery pack that promises 33 percent more run-time than its competitors, it will outlast the slightly disappointing power-life of the SKIL.

  • Tougher on the pocket than the HD527802 SKIL.
  • Like the SKIL, this unit includes a 0.5-inch keyless chuck.
  • Three-year guarantee, as opposed to the five-year warranty of the SKIL.


With pro-grade capabilities, yet at a DIY price point, the WEN Drill 4214 is an excellent tool for the aspirational home user or light contractor.

Incorporating laser-guided operation and boasting digitally-controlled speed, it offers remarkable accuracy combined with user-tailorability. Furthermore, its 12-inch swing allows for the address of sizable metal and timber sheets, assisted by the welcome extending table.

Sure, it isn’t for everyone.

Many casual users may find the multitude of features complete overkill. Furthermore, its lack of speed choice at the lower end may mean it struggles with seriously dense materials.

However, for guys who want to have it all, without breaking the bank, I strongly recommend checking out the WEN 4214 Drill Press.

WEN 4214 Drill Press FAQs

Q: Where Can I Buy WEN4214 Drill Pillar Press?

The 4214 from WEN is a high-specced affordable unit that features laser guiding and a 12-inch swing. To get your hands in the impressive WEN 4214 Drill Press.

Q: Where Can I Find the WEN 4214 Bench Drill Press Machine Manual?

The official WEN website hosts user guides for its cast range of power tools. For rapid access to the WEN 4214 Drill Press manual.

Q: Is the WEN-4214 Pillar Press Drill a Magnetic Drill?

No. Magnetic drills bond themselves tightly to their target medium to allow for maximum drilling stability. The WEN4214 does not have an electromagnet. However, if you are looking for one of these specific application machines, check out our top picks of the best magnetic drills.

Q: Where Can I Find Replacement Parts for the WEN/4214 Bench Drill Press?

The official WEN website hosts a plethora of spare parts for the 4214 pillar bench press drill.

Q: What Is Better Bench or Floor Press Drills?

It depends on your budget, space availability, and the demands of your projects.

Floor press drills take up a significant area, are harder on the pocket than their bench counterparts, and can tackle larger base materials. Bench press drills are easier on the wallet, and take up little worktop space — although they have a smaller swing size.

Q: Can I Move the WEN 4214 Benchtop Floor Press Drill?

Yes. As a bench-style pillar drill, you can relatively easily relocate this machine. That said, at 89 pounds and with a cast iron base — it’s still a hefty unit. However, this adds to the unit’s stability.

Q: Is the WEN Bench Drill 4214 Pillar Machine a Hammer Drill?

No. The 4214 pillar press machine is purely a rotational drill. If you’re looking for a unit with hammer action, check out our top picks of hammer and rotary machines.

Q: Can the 4214-WEN Drill Benchtop Press Drill Metal?

Yes. With its 0.675-inch chuck and 0.66 horsepower motor, the WEN 4214 drill bench press has sufficient grunt to tackle metal materials.

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