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JET 354170/JDP-20MF

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JET 354170/JDP-20MF Drill Press Review Summary:

Pleasingly easy-on-the-wallet, yet offering large-material capabilities — the JET 354170/JDP-20MF floor drill press is equally suited to the ardent home woodworker or pro-contractor.

Featuring a generous 20-inch swing, this tool can accommodate substantial base materials — making it ideal for cabinet or sheet metal projects. And, with a convenient 45-degree tilting table, it permits you to tailor the angle of address to suit your work demands.

At the heart of this drill press is a grunty 1.5 horsepower motor, knocking out a maximum speed of 4200 rpm. Furthermore, with 12 pre-set velocity modes, you can select your output rapidity from 150-4200 rpm with a simple belt/pulley adjustment.

An integrated work light provides significant illumination — adding to your boring accuracy. And, with a shatterproof telescoping spindle guard, it delivers welcome protection against wandering fingers and flying wood shards.

The JDP20MF promises straightforward operation, making the tool suitable for newbie or inexperienced drill press users. And, with substantial eye-level mounted on/off switches — it provides added fuss-free motor disengagement to elevate safety.

This machine hails from JET, a US-based company formed in 1958. The JDP20MF is its flagship product in the manufacturer’s line-up — offering the greatest swing of all their drill press units.


Generous 20-inch swing.
Brawny 1.5 horsepower motor.
45-degree tilting table.
Built-in lamp.


Lacks a digital speed display.
No laser guide.
Excessive torque at low rpm speeds.

Features and Benefits of the JET 354170/JDP- Drill Press

Time to get down to business, and examine exactly what the JET 354170 drill press has to offer the serious DIYer and light contractor.

20-Inch Swing

The swing is twice the distance from the chuck to the drill support column. It’s a crucial aspect when choosing your perfect floor press, as it determines the maximum width of material the tool can attack.

And with the JET 354170/JDP-20MF — it’s impressive.

The 20-inch swing of this beast permits you to tackle base mediums up to 1.66 feet wide, making it an excellent unit for larger boring projects, such as tackling cabinet doors and sheet metals.

1.5 Horsepower Motor

Grunty, this machine will effortlessly drill into the densest hardwoods, metals, and poly products. Driven by a reassuringly powerful 1.5 horsepower motor, backed by a two-year warranty, it provides significant torque and a wide speed range.

Running off standard US 115-volt mains power, it can be easily adjusted for 220 volts — useful for users outside of the States, or pros who run a higher voltage system in their workshop.

Speed Range

While the JDP-20MF incorporates a beefy 1.5 horsepower motor — many of your projects will not require using this grunt at maximum speed. For jobs that demand precision and control, I suggest that you’ll welcome the user-adjustable velocity settings.

The tool boasts 12 independent speed modes ranging from a modest 150 rpm through to a rapid 4200 rpm. Changing from one rate to another is straightforward — simply pop open the hinged cover, release the motor, change the belt onto the desired pulley, and you’re ready to crack on.

Tilting Table

No other drill offers the accurate, perpendicular drilling action of a press. However, not all your jobs will require addressing the base material at 90-degrees.

Hence, I welcome the inclusion of a tilting work table — adjustable to plus or minus 45 degrees. This permits you to tailor the boring system to suit the demands of your project — seriously useful for work such as securing mitered butts.

Additionally, it’s worth pointing out that this maneuverable table has pleasing dimensions — measuring 18.5 inches by 16 inches. Thus making it suitable for larger timbers and metal sheets. And, capable of withstanding up to 80 pounds of material weight — capacity isn’t at the expense of the table tilt.

Telescoping Spindle Guard

When you’re operating a powerful machine such as the JDP-20MF JET, safety should always be a primary concern. Hence, I believe you will appreciate the robust, telescoping spindle guard included with this drilling tool.

Made from durable PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), this shatterproof screen shields wandering fingers from the rotating bit, and reduces detritus fly-out during the boring action. Furthermore, being telescopic, you can extend or reduce the protection depending on the length of your drill bit.

And, pleasingly transparent, you still have a perfect vision of the address motion.

Built-In Worklight

If your garage is anything like mine, the overhead lighting is less than ideal, and usually requires me to set up an additional work lamp.

That’s why I was pleased to discover that the JDP20MF boasts a built-in light, illuminating your target area without the use of an external lighting source — elevating accuracy, convenience, and safety. Bear in mind, the unit doesn’t arrive complete with a bulb.

Substantial On-Off Switches

As a responsible DIYer or trade contractor, you know safety is paramount — hence, when using your floor drill press, you’ll naturally be wearing protective gloves.

For tools, this can impair operation — as the thickness of this crucial workwear makes it difficult to operate buttons and dials. Therefore, it’s nice to see that the JET JDP 20MF includes substantial, and individual, on/off switches.

Permitting fuss-free use even with gloved hands, they’re conveniently mounted at a high level on the machine head — meaning you can rapidly and effortlessly disengage the motor should safety demand.

JET 354170/JDP-20MF Specifications

Weight282 pounds
Swing20 inches
Spindle taperMT-3
Chuck0.75-inch keyed
Table travel21.5 inches
Power1.5 horsepower
Positive depth stop0.5-inch
Spindle mechanismBall bearings
Dimensions33.5 x 18.5 x 67 inches
WarrantyTwo years

What Users Say About The JET 354170/JDP-20MF

In my opinion, the JET Floor Press JDP20MF is a pleasingly robust, medium-to-large project perpendicular drill.

However, is my view somewhat rose-tinted as I become overwhelmed with excitement with the talk of mighty motors and significant swing? Hence, to ensure a completely unbiased review, I delved into the opinions of owners of this machine — to discover what guys on the ground thought of this boring tool.

Happily, it appears my positive views are shared by DIYers and contractors who use the JDP 20 MF on a regular basis.

These drill-lovers welcomed its impressive speed range, applauded its grunty 1.5 horsepower motor, and enjoyed its 45-degree tilting table.

Admittedly, a couple of fellows felt that it did have some flaws.

One disappointed DIYer explained that even on low rpm settings, this brawny tool exhibits excessive torque — running the risk of chuck and bit damage. Another disheartened contractor expressed dismay that for a versatile unit, the lack of a digital speed display was a serious oversight.

However, all users agreed that the JET JD P20MF was an impressively function-packed machine that belies its reasonable price point.

Alternatives To The JDP-20MF

Although, for me, this is a robust and versatile floor press — it’s not going to set every woodworker and DIYer’s world on fire.

Hence, if you’re somewhat nonplussed by the JET JDP2 0MF, I’ve sourced some credible alternatives that may be more applicable to your needs.

Delta 18-900L

Wagner Spray 250
Should you appreciate the built-in lamp of the JET, but wish that it had even greater precision-enhancing features, I may have the solution.

The 18-900L from Delta also exhibits included illumination, but as a welcome addition, also boasts twin lasers. Projecting a bright red crosshair onto your target medium, it ensures that you accurately determine the perfect address point.

  • Tougher on the wallet than the JDP20MF.
  • Smaller swing — 18 inches compared to the 20 inches of the JET.
  • Longer warranty — 5 years as opposed to the JDP 20MF’s two-year.

JET J-2500

If you’re a fan of the reliable JET brand, yet feel that the JDP20MF is a little on the pricey side, consider this machine from the same manufacturer.

The J-2500 is the sibling of the JDP20MF. While offering a slightly smaller swing — 15 inches, instead of 20 inches — it arrives at a significantly more competitive price point and still delivers a tilting table and telescoping bit guard.

  • 3630 rpm slower than the JDP20MF’s 4200 rpm.
  • More speeds than the JDP20MF — 16 in contrast with 12 speeds.
  • Like the JDP20MF, it features a two-year warranty.

Powermatic PM2800B


Feel that the 12 pre-set speed settings of the JET are too restrictive for your projects? If you demand more user tailorability, I think I have the ultimate drill press unit.

The PM2800B incorporates LCD control, permitting you to determine the exact rpm speed — without having to change belts and switch pulleys. Furthermore, this machine boasts a laser guide — a feature not seen on the JDP JET 20MF.

  • Smaller swing than the JET — 18 inches as opposed to 20 inches.
  • Harder on the bank balance than the JDP2 0MF.
  • Lower top speed — 3000 rpm in contrast with the JET’s 4200 rpm.


With fuss-free operation, an affordable price point, and a 20-inch swing — the JET 354170/JDP is an excellent medium-to-large project home woodworking or trade contractor floor drill press.

Its tilting table offers straightforward boring, away from the perpendicular plane, and its grunty 1.5 horsepower motor delivers a rapid 4200 rpm maximum speed — adjustable through 12 velocity settings.

A built-in work light adds significant operational convenience, while its telescoping spindle guard protects your delicate digits against the hazards of flying detritus and spinning bits.

Sure, this tool isn’t for everyone. The lack of a digital display to provide infinite speed modes may be too restrictive for some users. Furthermore, the excessive torque exhibited at low rpm’s may be an additional concern for newbie or inexperienced users.

However, if you want a pocket-friendly garage or workshop tool that can accommodate sizable materials — consider the JET 354170/JDP-20MF floor drill press.

JET JDP20MF – 354170 Floor Drill Press FAQs

Q: Where Can I Find a JDP 20MF Jet Drill Floor Press Manual?

The user guides for all of JET’s line-up of drills can be found on its official website. For rapid access to the JDP20MF/354170 manual.

Q: Are JET Drills Made In the USA?

Production of JET drills is split between the United States and China. The JDP20MF is built in China.

Q: Is the JET 354170 Any Good?

Yes! The JET JDP 20MF is a reliable and affordable floor drill press that offers a large-capacity 20-inch swing.

Q: Where Can I Buy JET JDP20MF-354170?

The JDP20MF354170 from JET is a wide material compatible drill press that incorporates a built-in lamp. You can purchase the JDP-20MF here.

Q: Is the 354170 JET a Hammer Drill?

No. The JET 354170-JDP20MF is a floor drill press with a rotational action — it doesn’t have a hammer function.

Q: Can I Change the Chuck On the JET 354170/JDP20MF?

Yes. The tool arrives with a chuck wrench, allowing you to switch compatible chucks to suit your bit size.

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