Milwaukee 2602-20 Hammer Drill/Driver Review

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Milwaukee 2602-20 Hammer Drill/Driver Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: January 28, 2019

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January 28, 2019 @ 4:20 pm


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Milwaukee 2602-20 Review Summary:

It’s no wonder that the power tools manufactured by Milwaukee are so popular among the handymen. Not only do they deliver outstanding performance, but they also sport superior ergonomics and have an unmatched runtime due to the use of innovative REDLITHIUM battery packs.

Their 2602-20 hammer drill/driver is an excellent choice for all those who need a tool that’s both well-designed and powerful. It’s an 18V model with a 4-pole engine at its heart and one of the only units in its class to feature an all-metal gear case. As the name suggests, it can be used in two separate modes – as a hammer drill and as a driver, with speed ratings standing at 1,700 RPM and 29,000 BPM.

If you’re planning to purchase a hammer drill/driver for your workshop, the 2602-20 might be the machine you were looking for. Have a look at its features:


  • Weight – 3.5lbs
  • Dimensions – 8.8″ x 8″ x 2.5″
  • Battery – Lithium-Ion
  • Torque – 525 in-lbs
  • BPM – 0-29,000

Milwaukee 2602-20 – The Basics

Milwaukee advertises this hammer drill/driver as a tool that features an “industry-leading ergonomic and compact design.” The model is indeed well-designed and has an excellent feel and balance to it, as well as a rubberized handle that reduces slippage.

Its 4-pole engine achieves the peak torque of 525 in-lbs and 29,000 BPM and allows one to drill holes in concrete. The unit’s driving mode, on the other, can be used in two speed settings – 0-450 RPM and 0-1700 RPM, and these are controlled via the integrated variable speed trigger. All of this is powered by either a M18 compact battery or the 18V high-capacity battery.

Other remarkable features of this hammer drill/driver include an integrated LED headlight and an in-built battery fuel gauge. It is accompanied by a 5-year warranty, which is quite generous and something that still puts Milwaukee above the competition.

The Features


With the dimensions of 8.8″ x 8″ x 2.5″ and a weight of 3.5 pounds, the Milwaukee 2602-20 is a compact and relatively lightweight model. As we said, it has an excellent balance and feels great in hand, which is something we’re quite used to when it comes to power tools manufactured by this company. The model also feels quite sturdy and robust – it was made from high-quality materials and will keep running even after you drop it.

However, one thing that separates it from most other hammer drills in this class is the all-metal gear case. As you can already guess, it’s something that provides maximum durability, even when it comes to the most challenging tasks on the worksite.

Another thing we liked about the model’s design is that it sports both the LED light and the battery fuel gauge. The headlight turns on only when you’re operating with the device and provides bright illumination in poorly-lit areas. The fuel gauge, on the other hand, is there to help you determine the percentage of remaining battery juice and let you know when it’s time to use the charger.


The 2602-20 is powered by a frameless 4-pole engine and can be used in two modes – driving mode and hammer mode. In the driving mode, the unit’s 1/2″ chuck rotates in one of two available speed settings, which are low (0-450 RPM) and high (0-1,700 RPM). Moving to the hammer drill mode brings the maximum of 29,000 blows per minute, as well as the peak torque of 525 in-lbs.

The overall performance is excellentthe model drills through concrete like a knife through butter. A great thing here is that there are no excessive vibrations during the operation, and your hands won’t become sore after only a couple of holes.


Whether you decide to use this model with an M18 compact battery or the 18V high-capacity battery, you’ll enjoy a great runtime and won’t have to use the charger too often. Milwaukee’s REDLITHIUM battery packs are among the best on the market, as they have excellent construction and usually deliver more work per charge than most other power tool batteries available today.

Milwaukee 2602-20 LED



Robust construction


All-metal gear case


Two modes of operation


LED light & fuel gauge



No belt clip


Possible issues with the LED light


Things we liked about it

One of the most impressive things about Milwaukee 2602-20 is undoubtedly its design. Not only is the model sturdy enough to withstand abuse at a worksite, but it’s also lightweight, compact, and it’s not a strain to use for extended periods. It can fit into tight areas and its rubberized handle prevents slippage.

Both its driving and hammer-drilling modes deliver a great performance and turn the device into a very versatile piece of equipment. The all-metal gear casing protects the unit’s vital components from wear and tear, while its sensitive variable-speed trigger makes it easy to adjust the speed to the task at hand.

Finally, the presence of two additional features, which are the fuel gauge and the LED headlight, allow one to use 2602-20 in darkness and to quickly check the remaining juice.


Things we didn’t like

Unfortunately, this hammer drill comes without a belt clip, although it is possible to buy one separately. Its LED work light is handy in poorly-lit areas, but some users report that it sometimes can’t be turned off and that it easily drains the battery. Moreover, its location isn’t exactly convenient – it’s situated right above the trigger.

General Impressions

Both the homeowners and professional contractors are delighted with the design and performance of this hammer drill. They say that it’s an excellent bang for the buck as it is powerful, versatile, compact, and has good battery life. They’re especially pleased with the construction quality, saying that they didn’t expect such a well-built hammer drill at this price.


In conclusion, the Milwaukee 2602-20 hammer drill/driver is an excellent piece of equipment that won’t leave you disappointed no matter your needs. The unit’s frameless 4-pole motor delivers a great performance and its ergonomic design allows one to use it for hours on end without feeling fatigue. In our book, the 2602-20 is yet another quality Milwaukee tool and a great choice for those who need an affordable model to drill concrete.

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