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Tacklife TRH02A

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Tacklife TRH02A Review Summary:

Powerful and with a bold black appearance — the Tacklife TRH02A is an impressive rotary hammer drill at a price point that won’t break the bank.

Boasting twin interchangeable chucks — 0.5-inch and SDS+ — this tool is as suited to general boring applications as it is hammering and chiseling masonry. And, knocking out 1050 rpm and 4400 bpm — it’s suitably rapid and grunty for the majority of wood, metal, and concrete applications.

Four drilling modes permit you to select the ideal method of address for your particular projects, while an auxiliary handle ensures you can add additional pushing power for the stubbornest of materials.

Incorporating a safety clutch and anti-vibration technology — extended use shouldn’t induce wrist or hand fatigue. Furthermore, its substantial two-finger throttle control prevents excessive stress on your digits.

The TRH02A arrives with everything you need to crack on immediately with your drilling jobs — making it a creditable choice for the DIY-user and rotary drilling new-kids-on-the-block. Included with the drill is a selection of bits, chisels, and a hard carry case.

This machine hails from the Tacklife stable, a China-based company founded in 2015. The TRH02A is a step-up from its entry-level rotary hammer unit, the TRH01A.


Powerful 9.5 amp motor.
Ideal DIY concrete drill.
Dual chucks.
Eye-catching and mean aesthetic.


Lacks durability for daily contractor work.
Obtaining spare parts may be challenging.

Features and Benefits of the Tacklife TRH02A Rotary Hammer Drill

It’s a beefy, black, and brawny beast — but there’s more to this hammer rotary drill than bold aesthetics. It’s time to delve into the key features of this unit:

Twin Chucks

Perhaps the most novel and intriguing feature of the TRH02A is its dual chucks. Interchangeable without the use of tools or adaptors, these twin heads allow you to switch between an SDS+ and 0.5-inch chuck.

This makes for one seriously versatile drill — allowing you to use the SDS+ with its characteristic sliding bit feature for hammer/chisel action and demolition. And, when tackling more straightforward drilling and boring, you can switch to the 0.5-inch chuck — for narrow through to wide diameter bits.

Furthermore, the impressive grunt behind this machine, combined with its 0.5-inch capacity, permits the use of attachments for addressing plaster and paint mixing.

Four Drilling Modes

The Beatles, seasons, and Ninja Turtles — all the best things come in fours.

In keeping with this tradition, the Tacklife TRH02A Drill offers a quartet of settings — hammering only, rotation only, hammering with rotation, and chisel. Meaning whatever your project, this unit provides the perfect action.

  • Hammering only — for light demolition.
  • Hammering with rotation — for drilling into masonry, cement, and brickwork.
  • Rotation only — for standard hole boring and mixing.
  • Chisel — for extreme demolition.

9.5 Amp Motor

Despite being a modestly priced unit — the TRH02A still knocks out some boast-worthy brawn.

High on torque, this grunty powerhouse delivers a respectable 1050 rpm for rapid completion of repetitive boring projects. But, it’s the impact rate of this unit that is most significant. Pushing out a Herculean 4400 bpm (blows per minute), this drill has the muscle to hammer and chisel through the densest of brickwork, cement, and masonry.


As Uncle Ben said (from Spiderman, not the rice company),

‘With great power comes great responsibility.’

Chiseling or hammering masonry with a beefy drill can take its toll on your hands, wrist, and fingers. The large vibrations combined with a stubborn material can induce aches, pains, and fatigue.

Hence, it’s rewarding to see that the TRH02A rotary hammer drill features a safety clutch to shield against excessive kickback forces. Furthermore, a twin-layer anti-tremor system guards against stamina-busting vibrations — allowing you to crack on with your project for longer.

Auxiliary Handle

For the densest of materials, you need more than just a powerful machine — you need to give it a helping hand, literally, with your own physical strength.

The corded rotary TRH02A hammer drill incorporates a front auxiliary handle in addition to the rear molded grip. Permitting two-handed use, it allows you to deliver additional pushing power to drive into thick concretes.

Rotatable (and removable if you wish) through 360-degrees, you can adjust the position of this secondary shaft to suit your drilling angle. Furthermore, with the drill weighing a surprisingly light — for a rotary drill — nine pounds, it’s an excellent machine for addressing overhead areas.

Variable Speed Control

The TRH02A permits you to choose between six drilling speed selections — each with its own specified minimum and maximum ranges. This provides an element of control, ensuring that you don’t get too carried away and drill like a maniac when your target material requires a little finesse.

Furthermore, you can make accurate adjustments to your drilling and hammering velocity by gently increasing the pressure on the rear-handle mounted trigger. With a two-finger throttle operation — you don’t suffer the fatigue incurred by traditional single-digit operation units.

Additional Accessories

Perhaps the most appealing feature for rotary hammer drilling newbies — apart from the pocket-friendly price point — is the plethora of accessories that arrive with the electric TRH02A drill.

Providing everything you need to crack on with masonry hammering, chiseling, and driving straight-outta-the box — in addition to the tool itself, you receive:

  • Chisel (flat).
  • Chisel (point).
  • Three drill bits.
  • SDS+ chuck.
  • 0.5-inch keyless chuck.
  • Lubrication tube.
  • Tool wrench.
  • Removable depth gauge.
  • Dust cover.
  • Auxiliary handle.
  • User guide.
  • Hardcover carry case.

Tacklife TRH02A Specifications

Tacklife TRH02A
Weight9 pounds
ChuckSDS+/0.5-inch keyless
Speed0-1050 rpm
Motor9.5 amp
Speed settings6
Blows per minute4400 bpm
HandlesRear and auxiliary
Carry caseYes
WarrantyTwo years

What Users Say About The Tacklife TRH02A?

As I’ve explained in this Tacklife TRH02A review — in my opinion, this is a powerful and affordable hammer unit that would be an excellent introduction to rotary drilling for the complete newbie or semi-pro user.

However, do the guys who own this machine feel the same way?

To ensure a completely unbiased view, I sought the opinions of the owners of this unit, to reveal exactly how this drill functions in real hammer and chisel project situations.

Happily, the testimonials given were overwhelmingly positive and mirrored my own feelings. Users of the TRH02A welcomed its four drill modes, applauded its twin-chuck features, and praised the multitude of included accessories.

Sure, a couple of DIYers offered a couple of negatives. One naysayer felt the shiny, black casing made the tool look ‘plasticky and cheap’ — revealing its low price point. Another doom-monger expressed the view that the auxiliary handle slipped easily if not tightened sufficiently.

That said, all owners of the TRH02A agreed that this hammer rotary drill was a comprehensive and powerful package that belies its price point.

Alternatives to TRH02A Corded Rotary Hammer Drill

It may be budget and brawny — but if the TRH02A omits features you require in a mains-powered hammer rotary drill, you could still be disappointed.

So, if you’re less than enthused by this machine, I’ve curated some highly respectable alternatives that may be more applicable to you or your project’s demands.

DeWalt D25263K

Wagner Spray 250
Should you appreciate the power behind the Tacklife, yet still feel it lacks the ultimate in brawn you require for your hardcore masonry work — consider this machine from DeWalt.

The D25263K promises an eye-watering 5350 bpm, that’s nearly 1000 bpm more than what’s offered by the TRH02A. This means more efficient boring into dense concretes and more rapid demolition than the Tacklife can provide.

  • Significantly harder on the pocket than the TRH02A.
  • At 6.8 pounds, it’s lighter than the nine-pound Tacklife.
  • Like the TRH02A, the DeWalt includes a case — but no drill bits.

Makita HR2475

If you’re seeking a rotary hammer drill, but believe that the bulky size of the Tacklife may be a hindrance in your drilling and demolition projects — check out the HR2475.

Hailing from the premium Makita stable, this pro-grade machine has a slimline build with an incorporated D-handle. As such, it allows you to access more confined spaces and is more suited to overhead work than the TRH02A.

  • Tougher on the wallet than the Tacklife.
  • Delivering 4500 bpm, it’s comparable to the TRH02A.
  • Lower power output — 7 amps in contrast with the 9.5 amps of the Tacklife.

Makita XRH05Z

Sometimes you need the ultimate in operational freedom. If you find the mains-cord of the Tacklife an unwanted restriction, consider this cordless rotary hammer unit from Makita.

Driven by 2 x 18-volt lithium-ion cells, the XRH05Z still knocks out a remarkable 1250 rpm and 5000 bpm — higher than the TRH02A — yet allows you to operate in areas without access to a power outlet.

  • More than twice the price of the Tacklife.
  • Tool-only — separate purchase of battery and charger required.
  • Three drilling modes — compared to the four of the TRH02A.


Grunty, with a bold appearance, and available at a pocket-friendly price point — the TRH02A is an excellent rotary hammer machine for the DIYer and semi-pro user.

Arriving as a complete set, this tool has everything you need to start attacking masonry from unboxing. Four drilling modes permit the perfect address, whether boring, hammering, or chiseling.

Its vibration reduction and integrated safety clutch promise fatigue and ache-free operation, while twin interchangeable chucks allow the use of both standard and SDS+ bits.

Sure, it may lack the durability and robustness of premium contractor-rated drills. And, with access to a restrictive choice of replaceable parts, maintenance and repair could be challenging.

However, if you want one of the most affordable and powerful rotary hammer drills on the market — check out the Tacklife TRH02A.

Tacklife TRH02A FAQs

Q: Where Can I Buy the TRH02A Corded Hammer Drill?

You can purchase the TRH 02A — a grunty rotary machine that knocks out 4400 bpm — from the official Tacklife website by clicking here.

Q: Is the Rotary TR H02A Hammer Drill Cordless?

No. The TRH0 2A from Tacklife is mains-powered. If you’re looking for a battery-powered rotary hammer drill, check out our top picks here.

Q: Will the TRH02A Tacklife Drill Into Concrete?

Yes. The hammer and chisel action, combined with SDS+ chuck and 4400 bpm means that this machine is ideal for addressing concrete, masonry, and brickwork.

Q: Is Tacklife a Good Brand?

Tacklife is respected for its high-featured power tools that retail at competitive price points. Machines such as the TRH02A hammer drill offer exceptional performance for the home user — although access to spare parts may be challenging.

Q: Does the Tacklife Rotary Hammer TRH02A Come With a Guarantee?

The TRH02A mains-powered rotary hammer drill arrives with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Q: Where Can I Find a Chuck Key for the TRH02A?

Both the SDS+ and 0.5-inch chucks of the TRH02A are keyless.

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