DeWalt DCH133M2

Dewalt DCH133M2
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DeWalt DCH133M2

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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DeWalt DCH133M2 Review Summary:

A lightweight design, lengthy cordless operational time, and arriving with a cornucopia of accessories — the DeWalt DCH133M2 is a commendable prosumer rotary hammer drill.

At just 4.6 pounds, this is one of the lightest masonry project units on the market. Promising to stave off fatigue on those time-heavy projects, it’s an excellent tool for the aspirational DIYer or home renovator.

Furthermore, it boasts both a heavily textured rubberized handle, together with an auxiliary grip. Rotatable through 360-degrees, this secondary handle allows you to select the optimum drilling angle for awkward locations, while also enabling additional pushing power.

A high-efficiency German-engineered brushless motor drives an SDS+ compatible chuck — knocking out 1500 rpm and 5550 bpm. Fully reversible, it allows for reassuring bit security and stability, while permitting you to utilize hardcore masonry drivers.

Its substantial three-setting dial — drill, hammer drill, and chip — located on the side casing offers easy-turning, even in gloved hands. And, with a battery life that promises between 6-8 hours of continuous use — its power should be sufficient for the keenest of home users and trade contractors.

This unit hails from DeWalt — a Maryland-based company with a proud history extending back almost a century in power tool manufacture. The DCH133M2 is a mid-range machine in DeWalt’s cordless rotary lineup — a catalog headed by the mighty DCH614X2.


Affordable prosumer unit.
Includes cell, charger, depth gauge, and carrying case.
Lightweight build..
SDS+ chuck feature.
Brushless motor.


Lacks robustness for extreme use.
The trigger requires a little effort to squeeze.

Features and Benefits of the DeWalt DCH133M2 20V MAX XR

Down to business!

Let’s dive into the features of this prosumer-grade drill, to see what it has to offer the enthusiastic DIYer and trade contractor.

DeWalt Brushless Motor

DeWalt is renowned for the manufacture of durable and efficient tools — and the DCH133M2 is no exception.

Utilizing German engineered components, this drill boasts a mighty brushless motor — meaning there’s no energy wastage in friction or heat generation. This elevates the power of the machine while reducing stress on the drive unit — elongating lifespan.

This grunty powerhouse knocks out 0-1500 rpm combined with a rotary hammer action of 0-5550 bpm. Boasting 2.6 joules of raw strength — it’s as suited to column anchorage as it is steel stanchion mounting.

DeWalt 20-Volt MAX XR Cell

Being cordless, the DCH 133M2 drill frees you from the tethers of mains leads.

Driven by DeWalt’s respected 20-volt MAX XR 4.0 Ah cell, it offers around six hours of continuous operation from a single charge — depending on the demands of your base material and concomitant speed and impact settings.

Pleasingly, the XR battery is compatible with all of DeWalt’s 20-volt power range, which includes drivers, heat guns, sanders, and circular saws. The drill arrives with one lithium-ion cell and charger — and if you already own a cordless DeWalt tool, you already have a backup battery. If not, I recommend purchasing one or two additional cells, allowing you to crack on with your project with no recharging downtime.

Triple Setting Dial

As an impressively versatile rotary cordless hammer drill — it’s no surprise that the DC H133M2 features three operational settings — controlled by a substantial, easy-turn, side-mounted dial.

It permits you to select the drill function for boring projects, hammer drill for addressing hardcore masonry, and chip for light demolishing applications.

D-Handle and Auxiliary Handle

For high-density material drilling, you need serious stability — offered by the twin grips of the DeWalt Cordless DCH133M2.

The rear D-handle is heavily textured, enabling a secure grip while permitting fuss-free finger access to the drive trigger. At the front of the unit is an auxiliary handle — rotatable through 360-degrees, you can select the ideal position to suit your working location and demands of your base material.

Not only does the inclusion of two grips increase accuracy, but it also means you can provide extreme pushing power when attacking stubborn concrete and brickwork.

SDS+ Chuck

As a pro-level unit, it’s rewarding to witness that the DeWalt DCH1 33M2 drill includes a Slotted Drive Shaft Plus chuck. This SDS+ system ensures that the risks of slippage and trapped bits are eliminated, and guarantees that all the power from the brushless motor is converted into pure boring or hammering energy.

Lightweight Design

Weighing just 4.6 pounds — this is a surprisingly lightweight drill for a unit that boasts rotary cordless action.

Easy on the hands and arms, I suggest that the DeWalt Rotary DCH133M2 is an ideal tool for those who lack limb strength, or those attacking large-scale projects where the onset of fatigue could impede job completion.

Depth Rod

While in the bedroom deep penetration is undoubtedly preferable — it’s not always necessary for drilling projects.

Hence, it’s nice to see that the DeWalt Cordless Hammer DCH133M2 arrives complete with a depth gauge. Allowing you to select the perfect wall or masonry ingress, it ensures that you’re not ruining the stability integrity of lag bolts by over drilling, or running the risk of wrecking hidden water or gas pipes.

Carrying Case

Undoubtedly, one of the most common complaints surrounding drill purchase is the lack of included carry cases. Even with high-end units, it often requires an additional purchase to get hold of one of these seemingly elusive items.

Therefore, I welcome that the DeWalt Drill Rotary DCH133M2 arrives with a soft-sided carrier — not only providing convenient portability and shielding the tool from dust and detritus, but also allowing for hassle-free storage of the drill, charger, depth rod, and cell.

DeWalt Drill DCH133M2 Specifications

DeWalt DCH133M2
Weight4.6 pounds
Speed1500 rpm
Impact power2.6 Joules
Battery pack20-volt 4.0Ah MAX XR
Blows per minute5550 bpm
Tool length15.26 inches
WarrantyThree years

What Users Say About The DeWalt DCH133M2

In my eyes, the DeWalt DCH 133M2 is an excellent prosumer-grade tool — with its plethora of accessories and a carry case, it’s an ideal entry into the world of SDS+ rotary hammer drilling.

However, is this opinion shared by the guys who use this machine out in the field?

In order to provide a completely unbiased DCH133M2 review — I sought the views of DIYers and trade pros who have more experience of this hammer drill than I.

Hearteningly, not only were these user opinions typically positive — they echoed my own assessment of this cordless rotary unit. Owners of the DeWalt DC H133M2 welcomed its fatigue-busting low weight, were grateful for the long-running times of the XR cells, and applauded the efficient and powerful brushless motor.

Sure, there were a couple of doom-mongers that were not overflowing with praise.

One guy was concerned that the lightweight build meant that the unit lacked the robustness for extended hardcore use. Another DIYer indicated that the trigger was unduly hard to squeeze — causing him to have finger cramps.

That said, all users of the DeWalt Hammer Rotary DCH133M2 concurred that this was an affordable, high-end machine that was suitable for medium-to-heavy masonry applications.

Alternatives To The DeWalt DCH133M2

While the DeWalt unit is undoubtedly an impressive prosumer machine — it’s not going to get every DIYer’s or contractor’s juices flowing.

Hence, if you’re a little underwhelmed by the DCH133M2 — here are some highly credible alternatives.

Milwaukee 2712-20

Milwaukee 2712-20
If your heart is set on a cordless rotary hammer drill, but you consider that the DCH133M2 is a little bulky for your needs — take a look at this machine.

The 2712-20 from Milwaukee offers similar rpm and bpm outputs as the DeWalt, but with a more compact construction — being just 11.8 inches compared to the 15.26 inches of the DCH1 33M2. This may be useful if your projects typically involve working in confined spaces.

  • Harder on the pocket than the DeWalt.
  • Doesn’t include a battery — unlike the DCH133M2.
  • Heavier than the DeWalt — seven pounds compared to DeWalt’s 4.6 pounds.

Makita XRH05Z

Makita XRH05Z
If your projects are seriously hardcore, you may be concerned that the DCH133M2 lacks that extra grunt necessary for stubborn masonry. Should this sound like you, this mighty machine could be the solution.

The XRH05Z from Makita is a freaking cordless monster. Powered by 36-volts of raw, unadulterated battery power (2 x 18-volt lithium-ion cells) — this drill has comparable brawn to a mains-driven machine. Although, this twin-cell construction means it’s weighty at 15 pounds.

  • No cells included — unlike the DCH133M2.
  • When you purchase the battery packs — it’s not as affordable as the DeWalt.
  • Lower speed — 1250 rpm compared to the 1500 rpm of the DCH133M2.

Bosch RH328VC

Bosch RH328VC

If you want the power and rotary hammer action of the DeWalt, but aren’t keen on the cordless feature — this machine may appeal.

Driven by an extensive eight-foot power cord, your projects aren’t tied to the running time of your power cells. Similar to the DeWalt, the RH328VC boasts a 360-degree secondary grip — although its 4000 bpm impact output is significantly smaller than the 5550 bpm of the DCH133M2.

  • A comparable price point to the DeWalt cordless rotary hammer drill.
  • Like the DCH133M2, the Bosch features three drill settings.
  • Includes a hard carry case, as opposed to the soft storage bag of the DeWalt.


Lightweight, versatile, and with a multitude of additional accessories — the DCH133M2 from DeWalt is an excellent prosumer rotary hammer drill.

Its high-efficiency brushless motor ensures that the cell energy is converted to boring and drilling action — not lost to heat and friction. An SDS+ chuck adds reassuring bit stability and security, while the inclusion of battery, charger, depth gauge, and storage case makes it an ideal entry-level rotary unit.

Sure, it’s not going to suit all users — especially hardcore contractors. It lacks the grunt for seriously stubborn masonry, and its lightweight build may mean durability issues when faced with the extreme weather and raw conditions of busy building sites.

However, for aspirational DIYers or light-to-medium work trade-pros — I genuinely recommend considering the DeWalt DCH133M2 cordless rotary hammer drill.

DeWalt Cordless Rotary DCH133M2 FAQs

Q: Where Can I Buy DeWalt Rotary Cordless DCH133M2?

The DeWalt Cordless DCH-133M2 drill is an impressive prosumer unit that arrives with a lithium-ion cell, charger, and carrying case. You can purchase the DCH133M2 hammer drill here.

Q: Is DeWalt a Good Brand?

Yes! The US-based DeWalt boasts nearly a century of power tool manufacture. Its products are renowned for their reliability, fuss-free operation, and arriving with comprehensive warranties.

Q: Where Can I Find the DCH133M2 Manual?

For quick access to the DeWalt cordless rotary DCH133M2 drill manual.

Q: Is the DCH133M2 Drill Air Powered?

No. The cordless rotary hammer drill DCH 133M2 is driven by a 20-volt 4.0 Ah lithium-ion cell.

Q: What Are the Uses of the DCH133M2?

With three drill settings, the DCH133M2 is suitable for projects such as:

  • Forming.
  • Structure connecting.
  • Stanchion mounting.
  • Rod hanging.
  • Column and beam anchorage.
  • Masonry chipping.

For tips on using a hammer drill, check out my top tips.

Q: Can I Use 18-Volt Batteries With the DCH133M2?

No. The cordless DCH133M2 rotary hammer drill requires a single 20-volt MAX XR lithium-ion cell. However, if you already own a 20-volt DeWalt cordless power tool, its battery will be compatible with the DC H133M2.

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