Makita XRH06ZB

Makita XRH06ZB
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Makita XRH06ZB

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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Makita XRH06ZB Review Summary:

Stylish, bold, and with cordless operation— the Makita XRH06ZB is a suitably robust unit for home DIY projects and small-scale contractor work.

Compactness is at the core of this machine’s design. At just 10.75 inches in length, it’s one of the shortest battery-driven hammer drills on the market — making it ideal for accessing hard-to-reach and confined spaces. Furthermore, its incorporated LED lamp adds additional illumination to these often dark locations — although its positioning low-down on the tool is somewhat questionable.

The XRH 06ZB features a high-efficiency brushless motor — meaning that energy losses to heat and friction are minimized. This leads the drill to have a speed of 680 rpm and an impact output of 4800 bpm — suitable for DIY use, but perhaps lacking in rapidity for serious trade pros.

Driven by a single 18-volt cell (not included), the battery promises 50 percent longer running times than comparable power packs. And, boasting proprietary Star Protection Computer Controls — the risks of overheating, overcharging, and over-discharging are reduced.

A substantial auxiliary handle — with a handguard — provides both precision and pushing power. Additionally, the rear D-grip incorporates Makita’s trademarked anti-vibration system — elevating user pleasure and cutting back on hand and arm fatigue.

This machine comes from the mighty Makita stable — a Japanese brand with over a century’s experience in power tool manufacture. The XRH06ZB is the company’s flagship product in its 18-volt subcompact range.


Bold black aesthetic.
Compact — ideal for confined work.
SDS+ compatible chuck.
Variable speed trigger.
Rotary and rotary hammer function modes.


Lacks a chipping-only feature.
Low speed.
Inconvenient LED lamp location.

Features and Benefits of the XRH06ZB Makita Cordless Rotary Drill

It’s a mean-looking beast, but there’s more to this drill than just good looks. Time to dive into the key features of this machine:

Makita BL Brushless Motor

Makita’s proprietary brushless motor ensures that the battery energy is efficiently converted into hammer and drilling action, not lost to friction and heat — extending the running time by up to 50 percent when compared to similar 18-volt drills. Furthermore, by reducing internal temperatures, the motor’s lifespan is increased.

This innovative powerhouse knocks out 0-680 rpm and produces 0-4800 bpm of raw impact strength. Admittedly a little short on speed, but the high impact rate, complete with 0.88 ft-lbs of grunt, makes it a suitable hammer drill for masonry jobs.

Compact Design

Measuring just 3.82 x 10.75 x 8.7 inches — this is a seriously compact unit.

Makita’s focus was to create a gun as lightweight, portable, and versatile as a 12-volt machine — but with the brawn and running times of an 18-volt unit. Its tight construction means it’s an excellent tool for confined or awkward spaces — useful if your projects find you working inside cabinets, between joists, or attacking overhead areas.

Two Drilling Modes

A substantial side-mounted dial offers straightforward switching between the drill’s two drilling modes — rotation, or hammer with rotation. However, in my opinion, it’s disappointing that this machine doesn’t feature a hammer-only function.

Why create a muscle unit with a high impact rate — and then not include a chipping feature for small-scale concrete demolition? It’s akin to owning a Ferrari, but only being allowed to drive it sensibly around your neighborhood — not blast it open on the freeway

Auxiliary and D-Handle

It’s nice to see that the XRH06ZB from Makita boasts a 360-degree rotating auxiliary handle at the fore-end of the unit. Heavily rubberized and with a handguard, this secondary grip permits elevated pushing action and enables additional stability.

The rear D-handle is not only pleasingly substantial but also incorporates Makita’s trademarked anti-vibration system. Moving independently from the hammer and motor mechanism — oscillation and tremors reaching the hand are minimized, permitting more comfortable operation and cutting back on hand fatigue. In short, it’s a drill shock absorber.

Driven by Makita 18V LXT Battery

One of the key characteristics of the rotary hammer drill XRH06ZB is its mains-free use.

Cordless, it’s driven by Makita’s respected 18-volt LXT battery — a lithium-ion cell utilized across its range of 18-volt power tools. Promised by the manufacturer to have the fastest charge time in the category, these batteries boast proprietary Star Protection Computer Controls — an intelligence system that protects the cells and tool from overheating, overloading, and over-discharging.

The downside is — the cell and compatible charger aren’t included with the drill.

Hence, you need to purchase these crucial pieces of equipment separately — available here if you’re chasing them. Bear in mind that this will slightly elevate the cost of your drill — unless, naturally, you’re already the owner of a Makita 18-volt tool.

SDS+ Compatible Chuck

The XRH 06ZB features a one-touch sliding chuck head, permitting rapid changes of bits. SDS+ compatible, it promises excellent bit stability and security, shielding the tool from locking or spinning issues.

LED Lamp

Whether you’re an ardent DIYer or trade-pro, you know that your drilling projects can take you to some weird and wonderful places — which are often less than optimally illuminated.

Therefore, the inclusion of an LED lamp on the Makita XRH 06ZB is a welcome detail — adding additional light to your target material. Well, sort of.

For some reason known only to Makita, they’ve located this lamp on the front-foot base — a good eight inches below the drill bit. Hence, you’re more likely to light up the dust falling from the hole, rather than the hole itself.

Bold Aesthetic

I can’t complete this rundown of the features of the Makita Cordless XRH06ZB without mentioning its appearance.

It’s black. Like, super-sleek black.

In a drilling world where all the tools are somewhat similar in appearance — barring the inclusion of branded logos and color tones — it’s nice to see that Makita has strayed away from the norm, and opted for a bold design.

Appearing more like a semi-automatic gun than a rotary drill — this sleek and mean unit wouldn’t look out of place in the hands of James Bond or Jason Bourne. Hence, if you’re a guy who wants a little one-upmanship over your colleague/neighbor’s bright yellow DeWalt unit — the XRH06ZB may appeal.

Makita Rotary Cordless XRH06ZB Specifications

Weight4.6 pounds
Speed0-680 rpm
Impact power0.88 ft-pounds
Battery pack18-volt LXT lithium-ion
Blows per minute4800 bpm
Vibration9 m/s2
Tool length10.75 inches
AccessoriesAuxiliary handle and depth gauge

What Users Say About The Makita XRH06ZB

In my eyes, the Makita XR H06ZB is a solid rotary drill for the keen DIYer or low-to-medium intensity contractor — who’s looking for a reliable cordless unit with hammer drilling action.

However, do other guys feel the same way as me?

To ensure a total, no-holds-barred, unbiased XRH06ZB review — I sought the opinions of owners of this power tool, to discover how it functions on a day-to-day basis.

Generally, the views expressed were positive — users of the Makita drill lauded its anti-vibration handle, welcomed the SDS+ chuck, and admired the high-efficiency brushless motor.

Although, not everyone was overflowing with praise.

A few guys questioned why the unit lacked a chipping feature — what many consider standard on a powerful rotary hammer drill. Additionally, some trade users felt that the lack of chuck speed meant time was wasted on repetitive drilling jobs — increasing the length of their working day.

However, all owners agreed that the Makita XRH 06ZB was a boldly designed rotary drill with long operational times from a single charge.

Alternatives To The XRH06ZB

It may look mean — but if the XRH06ZB lacks the features you demand in a cordless rotary drill, appearances count for nothing.

Hence, if you’re a little underwhelmed by this unit, I’ve sought out some highly creditable alternatives that may better suit you and your project’s requirements.

DeWalt DCH133M2

Dewalt DCH133M2

If, like many owners of the Makita XRH 06ZB, you’re disillusioned by the lack of a pure chipping mode — this unit may be the solution.

The DCH133M2 incorporates three drilling settings — rotation, rotation and hammer, and chipping. Hence unlike this Makita, this machine is perfectly suited for low-intensity concrete demolition projects.

  • Easier on the pocket than the XRH 06ZB.
  • Unlike the Makita, it arrives with a cell, charger, and carry case.
  • Higher speed, 1500 rpm compared to the 680 rpm of the XRH06ZB.

Makita XRH05Z

Makita XRH05Z
Should you adore the Makita brand, but feel that the XR H06ZB lacks sufficient grunt — this alternative from the same manufacturer could appeal.

Makita’s XRH05Z is a total brawn behemoth. Knocking out 5000 bpm, this drill is driven by 36-volts of cordless energy from its twin 18-volt battery packs. That said, due to its mighty cell powerhouse, it’s a weighty unit at 15 pounds.

  • As with the XRH06ZB, no cells are included with the tool.
  • A comparable price point to the XRH06ZB.
  • Higher speed — 1250 rpm compared to the 680 rpm of the XRH06ZB.

Milwaukee 2712-20

Milwaukee Cordless Rotary Hammer SDS
Love the compact design of the Makita XR H06ZB, but just wish it had a little more speed? If this sounds like you, this drill could be the answer to your prayers.

Like the Makita, the 2712-20 from Milwaukee is a tightly designed unit — ideal for accessing confined spaces. However, its 18-volt power cell delivers 1400 rpm, significantly higher than the 680 rpm of the XRH06ZB.

  • Comparable price to the Makita model.
  • As with the Makita, batteries are not included.
  • Heavier than the Makita — seven pounds compared to Makita’s 4.6 pounds.


Featuring an SDS+ compatible chuck, driven by the long-running times of the LXT 18-volt cell, and boasting a striking aesthetic — the XRH06ZB from Makita is a solid enough rotary cordless drill for the DIYer and small-scale contractor.

Its efficient brushless motor ensures no energy wastage through heat and friction, while a remarkably compact design allows for use in confined spaces. Welcome anti-vibration tech cuts back on hand fatigue — and the LED lamp adds additional light to poorly illuminated areas.

To be fair, although the black design may be groundbreaking — the features and power output aren’t. Hardcore contractors will not be impressed by its grunt nor by the lack of a chipping-only mode.

However, if you’re a guy who wants to stand out from the crowd and have a perfectly adequate home improvement machine — I suggest checking out the Makita XRH06ZB.

Makita Rotary Cordless XRH06ZB FAQs

Q: Where Can I Buy the Makita Cordless XRH06ZB?

The XRH06ZB from Makita is a compact drill boasting SDS+ compatibility and a rotary hammer function. You can purchase the XRH06ZB here.

Q: Is Makita a Good Brand?

Yes. This Japanese-based manufacturer, established over 100 years ago, is renowned for its high-quality and durable power tools.

Q: Where Can I Find the XRH06ZB Manual?

The official Makita website boasts a plethora of drill instruction manuals. For rapid access to the XRH06ZB Manual.

Q: Where Can I Find XRH06ZB Parts?

The Makita website has an extensive range of replaceable XRH06ZB components available for purchase. To locate the part you need, click here for an exploded diagram of this rotary cordless hammer drill.

Q: How Big Is the Makita Cordless XRH06ZB?

The XRH 06ZB from Makita is a compact machine ideal for closed-space drilling applications. Its dimensions are 3.82 x 10.75 x 8.7 inches.

Q: Does the Makita Rotary XRH06ZB Have a Keyless Chuck?

The Makita Cordless Hammer XRH06ZB features an SDS+ compatible chuck — allowing for rapid bit change with its one-touch slide feature. No key is required.

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