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Milwaukee 0370-20

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Milwaukee 0370-20 Right Angle Drill Review

With no-nonsense operation, yet featuring close-quarter capabilities, the Milwaukee 0370-20 right angle drill is a worthy confined-space drill suitable for extreme DIYers and trade users.

Focusing on comfort and practicality, the drill boasts an impressively textured rubberized handle, permitting stable use and enhancing accuracy. Furthermore, it features an angled cord exit — ensuring that the mains lead is kept away from your working area, reducing the likelihood of accidental snags.

This machine knocks out 0-1300 rpm from its 3.5 amp motor — making it suitable for most wood and thin metal projects. And, controlled by a sizable four-finger trigger paddle, digit fatigue is kept to a minimum — and permits use by those DIYers who may lack gripping power.

Internally, the Milwaukee unit possesses an all-metal gear train — providing extended longevity that should appeal to hardcore home users and work contractors. The angled keyed chuck permits operation in confined areas, while an extensive array of 22 ventilation slits keeps temperatures down — ensuring comfortable and cool use, plus shielding its crucial components from heat damage.

The 0370-20 hails from the Wisconsin-based Milwaukee brand — a company that proudly boasts over a century of electric tool manufacture. This model is an entry-level right-angled drill/driver — a step below the brushless Milwaukee 2807-20.


All-metal gear train delivers durability.
Four-finger trigger operation.
Angled keyed chuck.
Textured palm grip.


Lacks sufficient grunt for extreme projects.
Low-speed for a right-angle drill.

Features and Benefits of the Milwaukee Right Angle Close Quarter Drill

Time to get down and dirty with this drill and discover exactly what it has to offer — and, more importantly, whether this USA-based driver is suitable for your DIY projects.

Metal Gear Train

Like Black Sabbath, Anthrax, and Slipknot, the Milwaukee 0370-20 is serious heavy metal.

Boasting an all-steel gear train, it offers impressive durability and longevity — as opposed to the plastic drives of budget-end drills. Protecting against corrosion and wear, this metal build should provide years of trouble-free use — making it ideal for hardcore DIYers and trade pros.

Admittedly, this does mean something of a weight cost. At a hefty 3.9 pounds, it’s a substantial unit for what is, in essence, a compact machine.

3.5-Amp Motor

At the heart of the Milwaukee 90 degree drill is a 120-volt 3.5 amp powerhouse.

Knocking out 0-1300 rpm, adjustable by the speed-control trigger, it offers rapid driving and drilling, ideally suited for cabinet assembly or working between floor joists. An easy-access reverse feature — located beneath the ring finger — allows for fuss-free removal of screws and protective backing out.

The downside is, it’s a touch low on torque. While it will effortlessly bore into soft-to-medium density timbers, it lacks the grunt for mighty hardwoods and thick metals.

Angled Cord Exit

A novel feature of the Milwaukee 0370/20 is the welcome angled cord exit.

Leaving the gun at 45 degrees via a lead protector — located at the bottom of the handle — the cord is steered away from your working area, preventing snags and kinks and allowing for more accurate control.

And, as length is important, you may welcome the included eight-foot cable — incorporating around two feet more cord than the majority of its competitors, permitting significant operational freedom.

Substantial Paddle Trigger

If your projects involve working for an extended period of time, or you lack digit strength, I suggest that the large paddle trigger of the 0370-20 will appeal.

Permitting a full four-finger operation, it should help to stave off fatigue, and allow for easy depression.

Textured Palm Grip

When clutching your mighty and impressive tool — a firm hold on your shank is crucial.

Hence, it’s pleasing to witness that the Milwaukee 0370 20 boasts an expansive, rubberized and textured grip — located on the rear of the unit’s handle stem. Reducing the likelihood of slippage and permitting effortless wielding, it should help to boost stamina while allowing for detailed drilling and driving.

Furthermore, by boosting security in the palm of your hand, unfortunate and embarrassing finger-losing accidents can be avoided.

Angled Chuck

Your drilling and driving projects can take you to some weird and wonderful places — inside engine bays, beneath floorboards, inside cupboards, and between drywall slats.

These jobs lead to the concomitant problems of access — an issue addressed by the 037020 Milwaukee.

Featuring an angled 0.375-inch chuck, it’s ideal for reaching awkward driving and drilling areas where operational space is at a minimum. Additionally, being keyed, you’re assured of the tightest hold on your bits — essential to prevent droppage in these tight locations, which can lead to the total loss of your driving head.

Cooling System

Lengthy drilling and driving projects can be seriously hot work.

Constantly asking your motor to power into dense materials for extended periods can lead to overheating — an issue that can damage the internal components and mean a trip to the repair store.

Therefore I welcome the inclusion of 22 ventilation slits in the 037020 Milwaukee. Increasing airflow, these louvers keep internal temperatures to a minimum — not just allowing for cool and comfortable operation in your hand, but also shielding the internal parts and gears from heat damage.

Milwaukee 0370-20 Specifications

Milwaukee 0370-20
Weight3.9 pounds
Chuck0.375-inch keyed
Speed0-1300 rpm
Cord LengthEight feet
Voltage120V AC
Motor3.5 Amp
Gear TrainDouble metal
WarrantyFive years

What Do Users Say?

In my opinion, the Milwaukee 0370 20 is a straightforward right-angled drill with a robustness that would suit the prosumer and contractor market.

Yet, is this view shared by guys who use this machine on a daily basis?

In order to give a full and unbiased Milwaukee 0370 20 review, I sought the opinions of trade-pros and DIYers who own this drill — to explore how it functions in real-life situations.

Pleasingly, the views proffered were positive — and reassuringly in line with my own judgments.

These drilling aficionados praised the substantial four-finger trigger, applauded the durability of the metal gear train, and welcomed its well-constructed cooling system.

That said, there were a few guys who weren’t so generous with their compliments.

One DIYer indicated that the torque output was somewhat disappointing for a corded unit, while another criticized the tool for the massive paddle trigger — finding it so large that it was impossible to pick up the drill without switching it on.

However, all owners agreed that the Milwaukee 037020 was a resilient drill that would stand up to extensive use.


While I feel that the 0370-20 Milwaukee is an excellent close-quarter drill that’s built for longevity — it will not be for everyone.

Hence, if you’re somewhat nonplussed by this 0370-20 review, I’ve curated three viable alternatives that may better suit the demands of you and your projects.

Wagner Spray 250
If you’re a fan of the US-based Milwaukee brand — but find that the 0370-20 lacks sufficient grunt for your DIY or work projects, this machine may be the solution.

Hailing from the same Milwaukee stable, the 3107-6 boasts significantly more torque — delivered from its 7.0 amp motor, twice the size of the 0370-20. Furthermore, it arrives complete with a carry case — not included with its similar cousin.

  • Significantly harder on the pocket than the 037020.
  • 0.5-inch chuck for massive bits — as opposed to the 0.375-inch of the 0370-20.
  • D-handle included, unlike the Milwaukee 037020 with a palm handle.
Ingersoll Rand 7807R
Should you like the compact palm-held design of the 0370-20, but are disappointed by its modest drill/driving speed — I suggest taking a look at the Makita.

The DA3010F knocks out a speedy maximum of 2400 rpm — significantly more rapid than the modest 1300 rpm of the Milwaukee. And, with a built-in LED lamp — not a feature of the 0370-20 — it’s a practical tool for projects in poorly lit conditions.

  • Includes a detachable side handle — not included with the Milwaukee.
  • Higher price point than the Milwaukee 0370-20.
  • Lightweight — 3.1 pounds as opposed to the 3.9 pounds of the Milwaukee.
Tacklife SGP15AC
If you consider mains cords a restriction on your working freedom — it may be worth forgetting about the Milwaukee and opt for this cordless DeWalt unit instead.

Driven by a 20-volt lithium-ion cell, the drill offers 20-30 minutes operational time from just one charge — providing greater portability than the 0370-20. And, knocking out 2000 rpm, it’s a more rapid machine than the Milwaukee’s 1300 rpm.

  • Tougher on the wallet than the Milwaukee.
  • Arrives with a carry case — not included with the 0370-20.
  • Boasts an LED lamp, not a feature of the Milwaukee 0370-20.


Compact, ideal for confined spaces, and offering impressive longevity — the Milwaukee 037020 is an excellent unit for ardent DIYers and trade pros seeking a secondary closed-quarter driver.

Boasting a metal gear train, the unit promises serious durability — while its 3.5 amp motor’s maximum 1300 rpm output should be sufficient for the majority of wood and sheet metal projects.

The substantial paddle trigger will ease off fatigue on time-heavy jobs, while the textured and rubberized palm grip promises reassuring hand stability.

Admittedly, it lacks the torque for hardcore use. And, the absence of an LED lamp and carry case — included with many of its close competitors — may deter some users.

However, for a fuss-free and reliable close-quarter machine — I suggest that Milwaukee 0370-20 Right Angle Drill is worthy of serious consideration.

Milwaukee 0370-20 Right Angled Drill FAQs

Q: Where Can I Find the Milwaukee 0370-20 Manual?

The official Milwaukee website hosts user guides for all its drill models — including many which are discontinued. However, for rapid access to the Milwaukee 0370-20 instructions, click here.

Q: Where Can I Buy the Milwaukee 0370-20?

The Milwaukee 0370-20 is a compact and fuss-free close-quarter drill that boasts four-finger operation and a 0.375-inch chuck. You can purchase this drill/driver here.

Q: Is the Milwaukee 0370-20 Cordless?

No. The Milwaukee 0370-20 drill is powered by a lengthy eight-foot mains cable. If you’re looking for a battery-driven driver/drill, I suggest checking out the DeWalt DCD740C1.

Q: Are Milwaukee Drills Made in the USA?

The manufacture of Milwaukee drills is spread between its USA sites of Wisconsin, Jackson, Greenwood, and Olive Branch and its China facility in Shenzhen.

Q: Is Milwaukee a Good Brand?

Yes. With over 100 years of power tool experience, renowned for their reliability, and offering extensive warranties — Milwaukee is considered to be an excellent drill manufacturer.

Q: Where Can I Find Milwaukee 0370-20 Parts?

Being a high-end manufacturer, Milwaukee provides replacement parts for all its products, including the 0370-20 drill, available on its official website. Click here to view an exploded diagram — allowing you to choose the correct component.

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