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Bosch PS11-102

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Bosch PS11-102 Review Summary:

Targeting serious DIYers and trade pros, the Bosch PS11-102 addresses the areas other drills cannot reach.

Not only does this cordless machine feature a 90-degree head for close-quarter applications — the chuck is rotatable through to 180-degrees, permitting you to choose the perfect drilling angle for confined spaces.

And, as these tighter areas are typically poorly lit, the boffins at Bosch have included a twin LED lamp on the chuck — ensuring that your working area is sufficiently illuminated for accurate driving.

This right-angled drill arrives with a 12-volt lithium-ion cell, allowing for around 25-30 minutes of continual operation from a single charge. Furthermore, the kit includes a battery charger and a soft carry case to protect and effortlessly transport the driver and accessories.

Its motor knocks out 0-1300 rpm, which should be sufficient for most home and property renovation projects. And, its grunty brake provides a responsive halt to the rotation when the trigger is released — elevating both safety and accuracy.

At 2.4 pounds, it’s a lightweight unit for a cordless drill. Additionally, boasting an ergonomic handle, soft rubber grip, and a four-finger trigger paddle — the machine should allow for extensive use without the onset of hand, digit, or arm fatigue.

This drill hails from the German power tool behemoth, Bosch. With over 140 years of experience, it’s renowned for its reliable and robust products as well as market innovation. The PS11-102 is the only right-angle drill in its 12-volt cordless power tool range.


Affordable high-end cordless drill.
Complete with cell, charger, and case.
Pivoting chuck head.
Variable speed.
Twin LED lamp.


Lacks sufficient torque for hardcore applications.
The battery can be challenging to remove.

Features and Benefits of the PS11-102 Right Angle Drill

Let’s get down to the detail and explore the key characteristics of this versatile drill driver.

Pivoting Head

Undoubtedly the stand-out feature of the PS11-102 is the novel pivoting head.

A straightforward manual twist of the chuck permits you to adjust the drilling angle from its standard 90 degrees through to 180 degrees — with a choice of five positions. This flexibility enables you to select the ultimate driving angle depending on the demands of your base material and available working space.

I suggest this should appeal to those hardcore DIYers and trade contractors who find the majority of their projects lead to them working in confined and awkward areas — such as beneath floor joists, between drywall slats, and inside cupboards.

LED Illumination

Working in closed areas can cause light issues — with insufficient available space to position a work lamp.

Hence, it’s pleasing to see that the Bosch PS11102 incorporates a twin LED light to illuminate dimly lit locations. Furthermore, as it’s affixed to the chuck mount, the LED lamp will rotate as you reposition the pivoting head.

0.375-Inch Keyless Chuck

If you’re an experienced DIYer or trade pro, you know the annoying issue of lost chuck keys — a problem that can significantly slow down your work progress, or call it to a complete halt.

Hence, if this sounds familiar, you may welcome the auto-lock keyless chuck feature — meaning no more searching your toolbox for those elusive keys.

With a 0.375-inch diameter — the drill offers sufficient capacity for most standard-sized drill bits, including 0.75-inch spades.

Variable Speed

The Bosch PS11-102 right angle drill knocks out from 0 to 1300 rpm — user-adjustable by squeezing the handle-mounted trigger. Suitable for the majority of wood and sheet metal drill/driving applications, it offers a satisfying constant speed that isn’t too finger-sensitive.

Furthermore, it’s pleasing to see that the unit incorporates a substantially sized trigger paddle — allowing up to four digits to control the output. This should help stave off fatigue on time-heavy projects, and may be a welcome feature for those users who lack individual finger strength.

While the rpm is adjustable — the torque isn’t. Delivering a maximum of 115 in-lbs of torque, it’s modestly grunty for a cordless unit. However, with no ability to step down the brawn, care needs to be taken not to strip screw heads.

12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cell

Offering significant operational freedom with its cordless capability, the Bosch 102-PS11 is driven by a single 12-volt lithium-ion battery.

And, unlike many other premium-grade drills, it comes complete with this power cell and charger — meaning you can crack on with your driving straight-outta-the-box.

Its 2.0 Ah rating allows it to deliver around 25-30 minutes of continuous running time from one charge. Furthermore, an easy-to-read five-stage battery LED indicator gauge permits you to accurately monitor the remaining power — while a proprietary electronic cell protection wiring shields the battery from overheating damage.

Motor Brake

Focusing on both safety and accuracy — the Bosch PS11 102 features an in-built motor brake. Sending the drive-unit into reverse after the trigger is released, it ensures that the chuck doesn’t overspin — protecting you from accidentally drilling into your hand and ensuring you don’t overtighten screws.

Comfortable Operation

Longer projects and working in confined spaces can be tiring. Therefore, it’s rewarding to witness that the Bosch 102 PS111 focuses on user comfort.

Ergonomically designed, the drill boasts a soft-grip rubberized handle — elevating wielding pleasure, heightening stamina, and shielding against slippage to increase accuracy. And, weighing just 2.4 pounds — the driver should be effortless to hold, even for those who lack arm and hand strength.

Carry Case

Pleasingly, the PS11102 Bosch arrives complete with a soft carry case. Not only does this permit you to effortlessly transport the cordless tool, cell, and charger — but also has sufficient capacity for you to safely store additional drill bits, screws, and driver heads.

Bosch PS11-102 Specifications

Bosch PS11-102
Weight2.4 pounds
Chuck0.375-inch keyless
Speed0-1300 rpm
Torque115 in-lbs
Battery pack12-volt 2.0Ah lithium-ion
Length11.5 inches
Included accessoriesCharger, cell, and carrying case

What Users Say About The Bosch PS11-102

For me, the Bosch PS11-102 right angle drill kit is a flexible package, ideal for the serious DIYer and trade user.

Yet, are owners of this machine as enthused as I?

Hence, for a completely transparent review, I delved into the opinions of guys who use this drill on a weekly or daily basis — to reveal how this unit functions in the field.

Pleasingly, the judgments made were positive — and strikingly similar to my own feelings.

Users of the Bosch PS11-102 12-volt lithium-ion max welcomed its novel pivoting head, lauded its twin-LED lamp, and praised the lightweight feel in the hand.

But, that’s not to say everyone was overwhelmed with joy.

One DIYer indicated that the battery is somewhat cumbersome and complicated to remove — meaning he had to contact Bosch customer service to discover the correct method. While another trade contractor bemoaned the fact that the torque level couldn’t be reduced, leading to screw head stripping.

However, all owners agreed that the PS11102 was a solid, durable, and versatile tool for hard-to-access areas.

Alternatives The Bosch PS11-102

While the Bosch PS11 102 is a pleasingly flexible right-angled drill — it’s not going to tick everyone’s boxes.

Hence, if you’re less than impressed by this tool, I’ve sought out some exceptional alternatives that may better suit you and your project’s requirements.

DeWalt DCD740C1

If you like the cordless nature of the Bosch, but are concerned that it has insufficient brawn — I may have the solution.

Driven by a 20-volt cell, as opposed to the 12-volt of the Bosch, the DCD740C1 is a gruntier unit. It knocks out 2000 rpm in contrast to the PS11’s 1300 rpm — although, on the downside, the head cannot pivot.

  • Higher price point than the Bosch.
  • Like the PS11-102, the DeWalt includes an LED lamp.
  • Two-speed selector, as opposed to the single speed of the PS11102.

Makita XAD02Z

If the lack of a secondary handle on the Bosch PS11 is a dealbreaker — this alternative cordless right-angle unit from Makita might better suit your needs.

Featuring a detachable side-mount grip — this drill offers greater stability and increased pushing force than the Bosch unit. And, knocking out 1800 rpm as opposed to the 1300 rpm of the PS11102, it means more rapid completion of repetitive driving projects.

  • Tool-only — unlike the Bosch, it doesn’t include a battery or charger.
  • Tougher on the wallet than the PS11102.
  • With 121 in-lbs of torque, it’s more powerful than the Bosch unit.

Milwaukee 3107-6

If you’re seeking a right-angle drill, yet consider cordless units such as the PS11-102 lack sufficient power for hardcore applications — the 3107-6 could be the tool for you.

Featuring an eight-foot mains cord, this behemoth close-quarter tool with its 7.0 amp motor delivers high torque for challenging materials, although at the expense of speed — delivering just 750 rpm in comparison to the 1300 rpm of the Bosch.

  • D-handle for stability — not a feature of the PS11-102.
  • As with the Bosch, the Milwaukee includes a carry case.
  • Substantially harder on the wallet than the Bosch unit.


Compact, lightweight, and versatile — the PS11-102 from Bosch is a robust right-angled cordless drill for the serious DIYer and trade contractor.

Boasting a novel pivoting chuck, the unit allows you to access seriously awkward spaces, while its 12-volt lithium-ion cell will deliver a satisfying 25-30 minutes runtime from one charge.

Its twin LED lamp moves in conjunction with the drill head — enabling consistent illumination in dimly lit areas. And, weighing just 2.4 pounds, plus featuring a soft-grip handle, the drill should permit comfortable use even on more substantial projects.

Admittedly, its modest torque and lack of side handle make this drill/driver unsuitable for dense material work — users looking for a more grunty unit should check out the Milwaukee 3107-6 instead.

However, for guys who need a small-to-medium power gun for close-quarter action — I suggest checking out the Bosch PS11-102.

Bosch PS11 102 FAQs

Q: Where Can I Buy the Bosch PS11 102?

The PS11 102 is a versatile cordless 90-degree drill that boasts a novel pivoting chuck head feature. You can purchase this drill by clicking here.

Q: How Long Does the Battery Last on the PS11-102?

From a single charge, the PS11 102 from Bosch will run for around 25-30 minutes.

Q: Where Can I Find the Bosch PS11 102 Manual?

The official Bosch website hosts user guides for all of its power tools. For rapid access to the Bosch PS11 Manual.

Q: Are Bosch Drills Made in the USA?

No. The manufacture of Bosch tools is spread between its factories in Germany, Switzerland, China, Taiwan, and Mexico.

Q: Where Can I Find Bosch PS11 102 Parts?

The official Bosch website has a vast catalog of spare parts for the PS11 102. To assist you with selecting the correct components, click here for an exploded diagram of the machine — together with concomitant part numbers.

Q: Does the Bosch PS11 102 Include a Battery?

Yes. Unlike many high-end cordless drills, the PS11-102 arrives complete with a 12-volt lithium-ion cell and a mains charger.

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