Overview of DeWalt DCD740B Right Angle Drill for 2021

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DeWalt DCD740 Right Angle Drill Cordless

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: December 6, 2018

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December 6, 2018 @ 3:37 pm
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DeWalt DCD740 Review Summary:

Although they’re not something you need to use every day, the right angle drills are real lifesavers when it comes to working in super tight spaces. Due to their small heads, these types of power tools can come in very handy when you have to drill a hole somewhere almost out of reach.

A part of DeWalt’s 20V Max combo kits, the DCD740 is an excellent choice for those who need a drill of this type. It comes with features like ergonomic design, low weight, small head size, two speed transmission, keyless 3/8″ chuck, and a LED work light.

All of these features combined turn this right angle drill into a pretty tempting offer. For that matter, we’ve decided to analyze it in detail and help our readers determine if it’s the right machine for their needs.


  • Weight – 3.8lbs
  • Dimensions – 4.6″ x 16″ x 13″
  • Speed – 2,000 RPM
  • Voltage – 20V
  • Battery – Lithium-Ion

DeWalt DCD740 – The Basics

Ideal for plumbers, woodworkers, electricians, cabinetmakers, carpenters, and remodelers, this DeWalt right angle drill  cordless tool has outstanding power and durability. It’s yet another great tool from DeWalt and a device that professionals can count on. It comes with a number of interesting features that make it a worthy addition to the company’s lineup of 20V Max power tools.

The head of this right angle drill is not the only compact thing about it – the whole unit is quite small and therefore ideal for awkward angles and hard-to-reach places. It is also quite powerful, featuring an engine that reaches 2,000 RPM of speed and a chuck that reduces the overall length of the device.

The drill also has a convenient belt clip and a LED work light – these extra features only make it even more versatile.

The Features


Both the weight and the length of this right angle drill make it one of the most compact devices of this type available. It weighs close to just 4 pounds and has a head whose length is 4″ from front to back. Just like all other DeWalt power tools, the DCD740 also has a well-designed handle whose job is to prevent slippage and make it easy to use the device for hours on end.

However, one of the best things about this drill’s design is the fact that it comes with a very large trigger. The person who uses DCD740 will do so at very awkward angles, and that is precisely why DeWalt equipped this model with a trigger that’s easy to keep pressed from any position. For even more convenience, the drill also sports a working LED light (illuminates the working surface) and a belt clip (for easier carrying).


As we said, this unit is capable of reaching the speed of up to 2,000 RPM. The integrated two speed transmission allows one to control this speed and choose between two available presets – low (0-650 RPM) and high (0-2,000 RPM). When set on high, drilling with DCD740 is quick and easy, even if you’re using bigger paddle bits. When used on low, one can easily take the advantage of the engine’s torque and effortlessly drive screws.

The unit’s keyless 3/8″ chuck also deserves mention. Its deep hex pocket enables the user to install large hex bits while still maintaining the short length of the drill’s head.


Just like other tools in DeWalt’s 20V Max range, the DCD740 also uses the same 20V sled-on style batteries. As you can already guess, this allows the user to stay within the manufacturer‘s ecosystem and use the same battery for all of his DeWalt power tools.

DeWalt DCD740 With LED Light On



Large trigger


User-friendly design


Large bits don’t extend the head’s length


LED work light



Plastic clutch


No charge indicator

Things We Liked / Didn’t Like


Things we liked about it

The design of this right angle drill is a thoughtful one – DeWalt made it user-friendly and highly ergonomic in order to remove the chances of fatigue and hand cramps. They also equipped DCD740 with a very large trigger so that the user is able to keep it pressed no matter how awkward the angle is.

However, it’s the unit’s keyless 3/8″ chuck that deserves the most praise. As we already said, it makes the drill even more useful in tight spaces – putting 2″ hex bits into DCD740 won’t excessively increase the length of its head.

We also liked that the unit can be used in two different speed settings, allowing one to both drill and drive at hard-to-reach spaces. Things like the LED work light and the belt clip are also pretty nice touches and something that confirms that DeWalt really cares about the features of its power tools.


Things we didn’t like

Along with the plastic clutch, which might make some users question the model’s durability, the only thing we didn’t like is the lack of a charge indicator. People used to working with tools featuring proper fuel gauges will probably find this quite irritating.

General Impressions

People who bought DeWalt DCD740 are quite pleased with its design and performance. Most of them are using this right angle drill more often than they initially thought they would, saying that’s a fantastic addition to their toolboxes and an essential power tool for every woodworker and electrician.

The unit’s feature that received the most praise is undoubtedly its chuck, which accepts larger bits while increasing the head’s size for just 1/2″ (the back of the chuck is quite deep).


In conclusion, the DeWalt DCD740 is certainly among the better power tools of this type currently available on the market. Whether you need a right angle drill for drilling or screwing, this model is a pretty good choice – it is well-designed, powerful, and comes with a couple of extra features that make it a well-rounded offer. The fact that it’s a part of DeWalt’s humongous 20V Max lineup and that it’s compatible with all of their 20V batteries makes it even more worthy of purchase.

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