Get the Most of Your Table Saw
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Just because you have a fully functioning router that you’re using for most of your woodworking projects, doesn’t mean that you’re using its full potential.

You might not be aware, but most of the power tools used in carpentry can be modified to increase effectiveness.

So how do you get the most of your power tool, specifically a table saw?

If you’ve been wondering how to do so for a while, you’ve come to the right place. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use a table saw to its fullest potential.

So let’s start, shall we?

Built-in Retracting Casters

Are you tired of bringing heavy wood pieces to your table saw?

Instead of carrying material to your table saw, you can slide the whole table. Most of the table saw models have casters underneath the table. But only a couple of models have brakes that allow you to have a mobile table saw.

So why should you depend on manufacturers to get you what you need?

Create your own retractable casters. Start by cutting a wooden frame for your table saw and place it underneath it. Afterwards simply create a lever mechanism that releases the casters and fixates the table saw to the ground. Experiment with your contraptions and maximize your productiveness by adding extensions to your table saw.

Easy to Access Drawer

If you don’t have an easy-to-access toolbox underneath your table saw, why not create one on your own?

You can start by crafting a simple wooden drawer that can fit anywhere underneath your table saw. Once you’re sure that it can fit, add wheels to it so that you can pull it like any other drawer. Finally, create railing mechanism that will allow you to have easy access to all the essential tools.

This will definitely save you some time of fetching required tools while you’re operating on your table saw.

Additional Toggle Switch

When you’re cutting a wood panel, you’re usually holding it with both of your hands right?

This cutting technique allows you to perform quick cuts without using clamps to hold the panel. Although this technique is useful, it comes with one flaw. You can’t switch off your table saw once you’re done cutting. And this can be dangerous as you’ll need another hand to turn it off while you’re still holding the wood panel that you’re cutting. Luckily, we have a DIY solution for you.

Using a couple of wood planks, create a lever mechanism that will be connected to the switch. So after you’ve located the power switch on your table saw, add a couple of planks next to it and make sure that they’re leveled with your knee. Now simply add a sliding wood piece connected to the switch and voila, you’ll have a power switch that you can activate with your knee while holding a wood panel with your both hands.

This will definitely come in handy when cutting same-shaped wood panels in succession.

Customizable Featherboards

If you aren’t completely satisfied with the featherboards on your table saw, you don’t have to but a new model.

You can craft a customizable featherboard that is more suitable to your style of woodcutting. Start by drawing a frame on a wood panel that resembles an original featherboard found on your table saw. Next step is to carve it out and assemble it so that it fits the frame of the original featherboard.

Once you have an alternated replica of the built-in featherboard, simple remove the original one and replace it with your customizable one. You’ll maximize the effectiveness of each cut if you craft it right. So be sure to experiment while crafting and check other table saw featherboards for inspiration.