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HomeRight Finish Max

Reviewed by: Ian Lewis

Last modified: Aug 9, 2020 @ 12:02 am

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Adjustable Nozzle

First of all, the inside parts of the nozzle are made of brass. This detail is a good signal for quality because many other manufacturers use plastic parts to lower the costs. However, this company decided to use the brass parts to ensure durability and less wear.

You can control the spray pattern thanks to the nozzle rotation – if you want to spray vertically, rotating it will give you a V-pattern. This pattern lets you keep the unit in the same position regardless of the angle from which you’re painting.

If you want to spray horizontally, move the nozzle into a horizontal position – that’s it! This pattern allows you to cover broader surfaces. There is also a round pattern available with the nozzle rotation. Rotate the nozzle for 45 degrees, and you’ll activate the round pattern. This mode is good for regular surfaces like garden tables, furniture, etc.

The Flow Control Knob

This feature is one of the crucial features of this particular product. The control knob is located on the trigger, and it regulates the air flow. It works on a pretty simple principle. The further you pull the trigger, the more power you put into the motor, which means the more material it’ll deliver.

By rotating the knob left or right, you’re screwing a lever which blocks the trigger. It’s a very useful feature when you come to the finishing point of your project. The finishing touches are much better when you can regulate the airflow.

The Maintenance

When it comes down to maintenance, this is the simplest one to maintain. All you have to do is wash the container with clean water after use, mount it back, and squeeze the trigger a few times to clean the inner tubes.

That’s all you have to do to maintain this product. The casing can be cleaned as well with clean water, although, be careful not to spill water on the turbine and inner parts.

The Accessories

As we said, you’ll get a few accessories included with this product. We have covered the viscosity cup earlier in this article, so we’ll skip that.

The other accessory is the blower nozzle. Because this unit features controllable air flow, the blower nozzle helps with the finishing touches as well as preparing the surface for the next layer of paint. In simpler words, it transforms into a mini leaf blower and eliminates tiny dust particles, debris, etc.

Who Can Use This Spray Painter?

One of the greatest things about this unit is that anyone can use it! Because it’s so simple to use this unit, more and more people are putting their trust in it. As we mentioned in the beginning, why would you call a professional and spend hundreds of dollars, when you can just do it by yourself for less than a hundred bucks?


This paint sprayer is a light one, which means that you won’t get tired after 15 minutes of using it. Instead, you’ll be able to finish some projects in record times because you’ll enjoy using it. When something isn’t a burden but enjoyment, you know it’s worth every penny.



Easy to use


Rotating nozzle with three available patterns


Additional accessories such as the nozzle-blower and the viscosity cup


Affordable and worth buying


Easy to maintain with nothing but clean water


Light and compact, it doesn’t take much storage room



Can be considered noisy


Not suitable for bigger projects and large surfaces


Latex paint isn’t supported by this unit

What We Didn’t Like

Although this is one of the must-have paint sprayers for beginners, it comes with a few minor flaws. As we know, no product is perfect, but this one is at a bare minimum when it comes down to flaws. One notable thing about it is the noise. As we said earlier, it sounds exactly like a vacuum cleaner, and some might find that annoying. An encouraging fact is that you’ll get used to it relatively quickly.

The other thing is the capacity. Because it’s a small unit, it cannot withhold big projects such as whole walls or any other large surface. If you’re planning on painting the whole garage or a room, opt for a bigger one. Overall, this HomeRight model won’t let you down in tight situations.


What Do Users Say?

Most of the people who used HomeRight Finish Max paint sprayer have positive impressions about it. Also, the ratings are high on many popular merchandise websites such as Amazon, merely missing the perfect rating. People seem to love it because of its simplicity as well as affordability.

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All in all, if you decide to purchase the HomeRight Finish Max C800766, you won’t make a mistake. The cost efficiency is great, and it’s made of quality parts. Instead of being solely made of plastic, the company invested in some parts made of brass as well, which contributes to the durability of the product. It’s safe to say that this is a buy-worthy paint sprayer and everyone should have one in their garage.

As far as the price goes, it’s affordable and cheap to maintain. There is no hassle with this product. Just use it, wash it, and store it – that’s it! As long as you follow the manual and the viscosity sheet in it, it should last for years. The HomeRight Max Finish might be the thing you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to check it out.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, it doesn’t matter; you’ll find some use in this product, guaranteed. Although this unit has some minor flaws, it’s nothing to be worried about; everything is easily solvable. We hope you liked this review and we hope you’ll enjoy your new paint sprayer!


Can I use this product with denser materials?

No, this product does not operate with dense materials such as latex, asphalt, etc.

Is it hard to use the HomeRight Paint Sprayer?

Not at all! Anyone can get a hold of it within a minute.

Is this product noisy?

Some users consider it noisy, while others don’t. In the end, it all comes down to your personal level of tolerance. As long as you’re fine with a noise level of a vacuum cleaner, you won’t mind the noise this paint sprayer generates.

Can I paint the whole house with this unit?

No, this unit is intended for smaller projects. You will easily paint a chair, window, or a piece of furniture. However, for whole walls and large surfaces, it’s best you opt for something else of a bigger capacity.

Q: Does it require a lot of maintenance?

Like all paint sprayers cleaning is highly important and is easly done with soap, water and a nylon brush or rag.

Never let the paint sit in the unit more than 20 minutes without using the sprayer or you will need to fully clean the sprayer.

Make sure paint does not harden in the suction tube and inner pump and when cleaning the unit make sure they are fully cleaned out.

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