Table vs. Circular infographic
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Everyone has a drill at home, or should have for that matter. It’s an essential tool that can help you complete small jobs around the house. Whether it’s drilling holes in the wall, drilling screws into a piece of wood, it’s a tool you can’t do without.

These useful machines work on electricity. Until a decade or two ago, they all worked like any other device – you plug them in and it’s ready to go. That’s all fine and dandy, but it’s not very practical if you need to make holes somewhere where there is no power. The manufacturers were well-aware of that fact so they came up with a drill that works on batteries, also known as a cordless drill. But, did you ever wonder about how does a cordless drill work? If the answer is yes, keep on reading because we’ll give you a step by step process of what goes on when you use a cordless drill.

Step 1

The power of the cordless drill comes from the battery that’s usually located below the handle. You first have to charge the battery before you take it to the job site. You activate the power by pressing the trigger. Once you let it go, the battery cuts the electricity off.

Step 2

The speed control trigger is located on the inside of the body and it allows you to change the speed of the drill tip on the go. The more you press the trigger, the faster the tip rotates. You can even change the rotation of the tip if the job requires it.

Step 3

The motor is the driving force of every device. It this case, it converts the electric power coming from the battery into mechanical energy that rotates the tip. It is the most important part of every drill, so you have to make sure that you use it correctly. If you push the motor too far, it may overheat and break down. The good thing is that most new models have the overheat protection that prevents that from happening.

Step 4

The power of every drill is a combination of torque, which is the turning force needed to rotate the tip, and speed that’s transferred to the chuck by the gearbox. Some battery powered drills have a specialized gearbox that allows the user to switch gears. That is very useful as it affects the speed of the tip’s rotation. Higher speeds are needed to drive the tip through harder materials. It’s a nice little feature to have, but it also makes the model more expensive.

Step 5

Finally, we get to the rotate chuck. The power coming from the motor is responsible for the rotation of the chuck. That allows the user to drill holes and drive screws both ways. In order to drive screws, you will have to change the drill tip. Most drills are able to accommodate a wide range of different tips, each designed for a specific task.


As you can see, cordless drills are pretty straightforward, even a total newbie can operate them without a lot of trouble. If you decide on purchasing one of these devices, make sure you check the power of the battery and the motor first. Well, we hope that we answered how a cordless drill works.