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When you want to become a self-taught handyman, you have to know the basics of every tool under your belt. If one of those tools is a staple gun, then you have to know how to properly handle it with care, or you risk the situation of damaging your gun or injuring yourself during a project. Since the staple gun can be used in tons of projects, both professionally and by amateurs, the staple gun should be handled with care and respect.

First, let’s point out the many different options of staple guns as every one of them has a different level of danger and usefulness.

There are:

  • Electric Staple Guns – Which are the strongest of them all when it comes to stapling things.
  • Battery Operated Staple Guns – That come to a close second but require you to charge them regularly after the job is done.
  • Manual Staple Guns – Which are the last when it comes to stapling strength but have the lowest chance to get jammed due to fast stapling.
  • Compressed Air Staple Guns – The air staple guns pack a punch and are the second best for amateur use because they provide reliable staple capabilities while at the same time they don’t require you to use your manual strength and therefore you won’t exert yourself.

Now that we got that out of the way, we can move to the steps of properly using a staple gun.

1. Loading the gun

Once you grab the staple gun, you will notice that the back of the gun has a colored latch which opens the body once you press it. After that, you need to release the button to remove the tray and then the gun is ready to be loaded with staples. Make sure to place the correct staple and then close it until you hear a click.

2. Start stapling

Once you have placed the cartridge in the staple gun, it’s time to start stapling things. Depending on the type of gun you have you will either have to hold the gun firmly and staple with your strength, or you will have to place the gun on the desired area and just press the button. If you have a manual one sometimes stapling may require you to push the gun with your body weight while if you are using an electric one, you have to make sure to staple the correct area or you will have a hard time removing the staple once it is pinned in.

Final words

And that is all the steps you have to know before you can use a staple gun. However, we strongly advise that you take great care when it comes to handling your staple gun as the electric ones can pack quite a punch if an accident happens.

So, you might want to remember to: never point the gun at anyone, use the lock mode if your gun has one once you leave the gun unattended. Always check where you are stapling as you don’t want to hit any electrical wires, and never leave your staple gun at the reach of children.