Makita XDT13Z 18V Brushless Impact Driver  Review

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Makita 18V Brushless Impact Driver Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: January 9, 2019

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January 9, 2019 @ 12:40 pm

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Makita XDT13Z Review Summary:

Impact drivers are an essential tool for every avid professional, especially if they work construction. This tool makes screwing and unscrewing a whole lot easier thus improving one’s speed and efficiency. In case you’re looking for a portable tool that offers enough features to justify its price – the Makita XDT13Z might be a good solution. It poses a great opportunity for anyone who is planning on expanding their arsenal of tools at an affordable price.

The best thing about the Makita XDT13Z is that it doesn’t require much experience as it works on a pretty simple principle. Therefore, whether you’re a complete novice or perhaps an experienced contractor, a battery-powered impact driver will definitely make your life easier. Take a moment and check out our review in order to get a better insight into the things you should keep an eye for. Also, stick around and you’ll see our general impressions and ultimately the verdict regarding whether it’s a worthy purchase.

 XDT13Z Specifications:

  • Power – Brushless motor delivers 1500 in.lbs. of max torque
  • Speed – Variable speed 0-3400 RPM and 0-3600 IPM
  • Dimensions – 5” long
  • Weight – 3.3 lbs. with battery (not included)
  • Built-in LED for easy operation
  • Ergonomic design for improved comfort

Makita XDT13Z – The Basics

The XDT13Z model is a worthy mention due to several good features, but one that stands out the most is the fact that it utilizes a brushless motor in lieu of brushed. Now, this might not be a massive upside for most people who are unaware of the advantages but rest assured it’s a great leap forward and a surprising one in this price category. Brushless motors last longer because there are fewer contact points during operation.

Bear in mind, this is an overly-simplified explanation of brushless motors; it’s a far more complicated subject. But nonetheless, the brushless motor is definitely an upside. The model is easy to use, budget-friendly, and most importantly – it should meet most of your needs and expectations.

The Features


Given that Makita made this model, it’s naturally a well-made design with a focus on ergonomics and comfort. The rubberized handle ensures a firm grip and prevents slipping. On top of that, it also significantly reduces vibrations thus reducing operator fatigue and exhaustion. In other words, due to it being lightweight and well-designed, this model is not a nuisance to carry or to work with.

The trigger is okay, but it could have been designed a bit better. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the design per se, but the sensitivity is somewhat questionable. However, it offers more than enough adjustability for small to mid-sized projects. You should bear in mind that this unit can be used for demanding projects as well, but you should expect a certain amount of downtime due to it being battery powered.


The XDT13Z model uses an 18V Lithium-Ion battery meaning it’s compatible with every Makita battery from any other tool as long as its output is 18V. The runtime depends on the mAh values of the battery itself and the type, but you can expect a few hours of performance. The charging time also depends on the battery type; it can be anything from half an hour up to several hours. The best course of action to take if you have a weaker battery is to buy an extra one and use it while the other is charging. That way you don’t risk any downtime at all.

XDT13Z Brushless Impact Driver and Plastic Case



Brushless motor


Ergonomic design


Good power



Questionable trigger sensitivity



Things we liked about it

This unit is sufficiently powerful for the vast majority of applications you’re going to face in your home. As we have mentioned, it’s probably not the go-to solution for massive professional endeavors, but it works well for mid-sized projects. If you’re planning on repairing the patio or a piece of furniture, the XDT13Z model will handle it well.

The other thing we liked is the price-to-quality ratio or more precisely – the fact that it utilizes a brushless motor. It’s great for the durability and longevity of the impact driver as well as for battery efficiency. In fact, if you opt for the LXT line of batteries, the SPC (Star Protection Computer Controls) will further prolong the life of your battery by protecting against overloading, over-heating, and over-discharging.


Things we didn’t like

There aren’t any massive downsides, to begin with, but some things could have been done a bit better. For example, the trigger sensitivity is okay but kind of questionable. It does offer a certain level of speed adjustability, but it tends to be a burden to an untrained hand. As you can tell, this is a relatively easily solvable downside.

The fact that it comes without a battery included might be discouraging for some people, but it’s not a disadvantage per se. It is an additional expense in case you don’t own a battery-powered Makita tool, so make sure you take that into account before placing an order.

General Impressions Of The Makita XDT13Z

Hobbyists and enthusiasts love the performance of this impact driver. Professionals aren’t too keen on incorporating this tool into their daily schedule as it is somewhat underpowered for demanding projects and it comes with a certain amount ofdowntime given that it’s battery-powered. Overall, most people who have bought this unit had a good experience and are relatively satisfied. As far as our opinion goes, we share the same sentiment; it’s a good tool for a variety of purposes. For those looking for a hammer driver drill as well there’s a Makitas XT269R Tool Set to consider. It contains both impact driver and hammer driver drill.


Makita is a well-respected brand among many users and as such it rarely disappoints with their products. The Makita XDT13Z particular impact driver isn’t an exception. It’s a decent tool for an affordable price and it’s quite easy to use

Bear in mind that it doesn’t come coupled with a battery and that it’s not foreseen for demanding projects as it tends to underperform when faced with larger screws.

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