In-Depth Review of Milwaukee 2462-20 Impact Driver

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Milwaukee 2462-20 Impact Driver Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: February 10, 2019

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February 10, 2019 @ 3:52 pm



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  • Functionality
  • Price

Review Summary:

A quality impact driver is an integral part of every handyman’s toolbox. Using these machines is incredibly easy, especially if we’re talking about cordless versions -they are lightweight, have an ergonomic design, and enough power to drive screws into some seriously dense materials.

However, buying one of these devices isn’t that easy  -there are dozens of different brands out there. Some of them are well-known for the reliability and excellent performance of their products, and Milwaukee is undoubtedly one of those.

Their 2462-20 impact driver is held in high regard by homeowners and professional contractors alike, and for a couple of good reasons. Lightweight, compact, and boasting a serious amount of torque power, it’s a fantastic choice for general house jobs and light construction projects.

For that matter, we’ve decided to take a more in-depth look at this device and help our readers with determining if it’s the right choice for their needs.


  • Weight-1.95lbs
  • Length-6-1/2″
  • Power Source-Battery (Li-Ion)
  • Torque-1,000 in-lb
  • Voltage-12V

Milwaukee 2462-20 Impact Driver – The Basics

A part of Milwaukee’s M12 lineup, this impact driver is compatible with a range of the company’s Lithium-Ion battery packs. This kind of interchangeability makes 2462-20 an excellent buy for those who already own some of the Milwaukee power tools.

Having the peak torque of 1,000 in-lb and achieving the maximum speed of 3,300 IPM and 2,500 RPM, it’s a genuinely potent device that can handle even the heavier jobs when used with caution. It is also extremely well-designed, as it has rather small dimensions, low weight, and an ergonomically contoured handle.

When it comes to additional features, this impact driver has a convenient onboard battery fuel gauge and an integrated LED light. These are not just gimmicks but features that add to the unit’s already established versatility and convenience of use. Let’s dive into the unit’s characteristics and see what Milwaukee 2462-20 has to offer.

The Features


The people working in Milwaukee’s design division took great care ensuring that this impact driver was easy to operate with. The pistol grip of 2462-20 boasts an ergonomic design and snugly fits into the user’s hand -this gives more control over the unit and allows one to use it the whole day without feeling fatigue. The tool also has a great balance -with the battery attached, both of its ends have a similar weight.

Another thing worth mentioning about the model’s design is that it comes with a built-in LED light, which is a very convenient feature and something that effortlessly brightens up the dark work surfaces.

In a similar fashion, the onboard battery gauge indicates the percentage of remaining battery juice. As you can already guess, this lets the user know when it’s time to use the charger,which leads to less downtime on the job


As we said, this impact driver is capable of delivering a maximum torque of 1,000 in-lbs. There’s also the no-load speed of 2,500 RPM and 0-3,300 IPM, and all of these figures only show that 2462-20 quickly and easily drives in the fasteners. In other words, it can tackle all kinds of daily home projects, such as assembly and repair, as well as light-duty carpentry tasks. It can also be used for heavier projects, although one must stay cautious while using this tool for such applications –they are better suited forthe corded impact drivers.

Milwaukee 2462-20 is also a team player, as it uses the same batteries as other tools in the company’s M12 lineup. The manufacturer claims that their REDLITHIUM batteries have 80% more runtime and can take more recharges than the Li-Ion cells of their competitors, which should also be taken into consideration.

Accessories & Warranty

Since the bare-tool version of this impact driver comes without any accessories, we advise getting it in one of Milwaukee’s combo kits. Warranty-vise, the model is backed by the company’s plentiful 5-year warranty deal.

Milwaukee 2462-20



Superb design


Great for house jobs & light-duty construction work


Has a LED light & battery fuel gauge


Backed by a 5-year warranty



For light-duty application


Louder than expected


Things we liked about it

First of all, the Milwaukee 2462-20 is an impact driver with a superb design. It’s pretty apparent that it was made to feel great in hands, and, as far as we’re concerned, the company’s engineers have succeeded in making it so. It has a great balance, low weight, and overall compact construction that removes the need to worry about cramps.

Secondly, the device is quite powerful for an impact driver in its price category. Although intended to be used for lighter work, it packs quite a punch and completes every task without any hiccups. It is powered by Milwaukee’s innovative battery packs that are interchangeable between the tools in the same lineup.

Another great thing about 2462-20 is that it has a couple of neat extra features -the LED light and the battery gauge. Finally, the fact that it’s covered by five years of warranty inspires confidence about its durability and reliability.


Things we didn’t like

Even though it can be used for heavier jobs, this device should be utilized only for lighter jobs, such as home projects. Another downside is that it’s a bit louder than your usual cordless impact drivers, which is why we advise wearing hearing protection when using with it.

General Impressions

This impact driver was well-received by the users -they praise its features and say that it’s yet another excellent power tool from Milwaukee. They’re saying that the model’s build quality feels rugged and that it delivers a fantastic amount of power for such a compact impact driver. “It’s great when it comes to impacting small nuts and bolts,” said one user.


Milwaukee 2462-20 is a lightweight and compact device that manages general home tasks with ease. Moreover, it can tackle light construction jobs and also allows the user to engage in some lighter carpentry work on the side.In time, it can prove to be a great addition to anyone’s workshop – consider getting it if you need a well-designed and powerful impact driver made by a reliable brand.

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