Milwaukee 2651-20 Impact Wrench Review

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Milwaukee 2651-20 Impact Wrench Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: February 11, 2019

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February 11, 2019 @ 14:10 pm


  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Milwaukee 2651-20 Review Summary:

Commonly used for loosening nuts from trucks and cars, an impact wrench is of invaluable use to every mechanic. These tools have traditionally been pneumatic-powered, but are now also available in the cordless version. They have enough power to successfully loosen lug nuts that have been tightened at roughly 100 feet of torque.

Is Milwaukee’s 2651-20 impact wrench the right device for your needs? The power tools manufactured by this company are held in high regard by handymen all over the world and this brand is considered as one of the best out there. Does that mean that this impact wrench is absolutely worth the purchase?

The only way in which we can find an answer to that question is by taking a thorough look at its features. In the rest of the review, we’ll analyze the characteristics of Milwaukee 2651-20 and try to determine its advantages, as well as flaws.

2651-20 Specifications:

  • Weight–2.6lbs
  • Length–5-3/4″
  • Power Source-Battery (Li-Ion)
  • Torque–2,000 in-lbs
  • Voltage–18V

Milwaukee 2651-20 Impact Wrench – The Basics

As one of the first tools in Milwaukee’s range of compact impact wrenches, this model sports weight and length that make it very comfortable to use for longer periods of time. It is powered by Lithium-Ion technology (the battery is not included in the package) and has an impact design that delivers maximum application speed.

With the torque rating of 2,000 in-lbs, this model is more than capable of tackling the demanding tightening and loosening tasks. The unit also has a variable speed trigger, which allows consistent speed control between 0-3,200 IPM and 0-2,200 RPM. Easy one-handed socket changes are also possible thanks to its 3/8” anvil with friction ring.

When it comes to extra features, the 2651-20 sports a simple belt clip, an onboard battery fuel gauge, and an integrated LED light. It is backed by Milwaukee’s generous 5-year warranty.

The Features


The overall design and the color palette of this impact wrench are quite similar to that of the other Milwaukee power tools. The unit is lightweight (2.6lbs) and short (5-3/4″) and is, therefore, highly portable and easy to use. The superior ergonomics are present in the form of a contoured handle, which is coated with a rubber-like material to prevent slipping and to reduce the vibrations as much as it is possible.

The device feels great in hand -it has a solid balance with the attached battery. The overall compactness means that there’s no fatigue during prolonged use, which is very important when it comes to cordless impact wrenches.

Milwaukee has also equipped this impact wrench with a couple of convenient extra features. The integrated LED light, for example, is there to illuminate a dark working surface. The built-in battery fuel gauge is especially useful, as it assists the user in monitoring the remaining juice and reduces downtime on the job. There is also a convenient belt clip on the base of the unit.


Milwaukee’s frameless 4-pole engine that’s at the heart of this unit powers the strong impact mechanism, which, in turn, delivers impressive 2,000 in-lbs of torque. When it comes to speed, the wrench reaches the maximum rates of 3,200 IPM and 2,200 RPM. These can be adjusted by using the variable speed trigger, which is a standard feature on most cordless power tools of today.

The unit has a sufficient amount of power to get almost every tightening or loosening job done. While tearing down an engine, you’ll bump into no nuts or bolts that 2651-20 can’t handle -it works like a charm!

Accessories & Warranty

Those who opt for a bare-tool version will receive no additional accessories – that’s just how things are. However, the 5-year warranty deal on this impact wrench is quite impressive and shows how confident Milwaukee is about the durability of their products.



An efficient cordless impact wrench


Quick and easy socket changing


Variable speed trigger


5-year warranty 



Not the most sensitive trigger


The FUEL version is far better


Things we liked about it

Even though it’s not the fastest or most powerful cordless tool of this kind out there, the Milwaukee 2651-20 finishes every task with no hassle. It has quality construction and was manufactured with ergonomic design in mind -prolonged use of this device causes no cramps or numbness.

Every feature of Milwaukee 2651-20 deserves special words of praise. For example, the unit’s 3/8” anvil with friction ring is there to make it easy to swap the sockets. The LED light, on the other hand, allows working in darkness, while the integrated belt clip permits one to do some climbing with the device attached to his belt.

However, it is the solid performance that steals the show -the unit works like a charm and can be used for a myriad of loosening and tightening tasks. It is versatile, fast, and straightforward to operate with.


Things we didn’t like

Milwaukee’s FUEL variant of this tool offers more torque for only a couple of dollars more, so it’s pretty hard to opt for this unit when there’s a better one made by the same company. Our only other complaint is the trigger’s lack of sensitivity -maintaining low speeds and achieving a super-slow start can be quite difficult sometimes.

General Impressions

Most of the users agree that Milwaukee 2651-20 is a fantastic impact wrench, especially when its price point is considered. They’re calling it a “terrific deal” and praise the unit’s compact construction and the ability to finish every task without any holdups. They’re glad that they opted for it and claim that it’s one of their everyday-use power tools.


With plenty of power for most tightening tasks and no hoses or cables to trip over, the Milwaukee 2651-20 is yet another excellent product from this American manufacturer. Its compact dimensions make it easy to use for longer periods of time and allow it to fit into small places (when used with appropriate extensions). Moreover, it has a couple of handy features, such as the battery gauge, that only raise its overall convenience of use.

For that matter, money spent on this cordless impact wrench is, in our opinion, money well spent.

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