Milwaukee 2663-20 Impact Wrench Review 

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Milwaukee 2663-20 Impact Wrench Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: February 11, 2019

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February 11, 2019 @ 12:51 pm



  • Design
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Milwaukee 2663-20 Review Summary:

Milwaukee, one of America’s most well-known power tool brands, is famous for the quality and reliability of their products. The company’s cordless lineups are especially appealing, whether we’re talking about reciprocating saws, drills, oscillating multi-tools, or even LED flashlights.

This includes impact wrenches too, and here we have one of them – Milwaukee 2663-20. This model is an excellent example of how accurate the phrase “good things come in small packages” can actually be. This is a cordless, compact, and portable unit, and therefore an excellent replacement for your large, noisy air impact wrench.

Do you frequently use these kinds of machines? If you do, maybe you should consider opting for a device manufactured by a reliable brand, such as Milwaukee. The 2663-20 just might be the right model for your needs -read on and find out everything you need to know about its features


  • Weight–5.2lbs
  • Length–8-7/8″
  • Power Source-Battery (Li-Ion)
  • Torque–450 ft-lb
  • Voltage–18V

Milwaukee 2663-20 Impact Wrench – The Basics

One of the most compact and powerful devices of this type in its class, the Milwaukee 2663-20 is a part of the company’s M18 range and one of their best-selling units. It is powered by one of Milwaukee’s REDLITHIUM battery packs (sold separately) and has the company’s signature 4-pole motor at its core.

With reliable 450 ft-lb of torque, 2,200 IPM, and 1,900 RPM, this device delivers superior performance and makes short work of every task you throw at it. Its superior ergonomics come in the form of low weight and contoured handle -these provide excellent comfort during prolonged use and turn 2663-20 into a device that’s great to work with.

Quick one-handed socket changes are enabled by the presence of a 1/2” anvil with friction ring, while the battery gauge allows easy monitoring of the remaining juice. Here’s a closer look at all of these features:

The Features


When it comes to the overall design, this impact wrench looks very similar to other Milwaukee power tools. As we said, the comfort during prolonged use is ensured by the presence of a rubberized handle. This is supplemented by the fact that 2663-20 has the right weight and balance, although that’s something we’ve expected from a brand with such a reputation.

However, one of the best things about the design of this impact wrench is that it has a 1/2” anvil with friction ring. Its purpose is to turn the socket changing into a quick and easy process, and also into something that can be achieved with just one hand.

Finally, the presence of a real-time battery fuel gauge is another excellent feature. It lets the user check the remaining charge whenever he wants, which means less downtime on the job and increased productivity


If there’s an impact wrench capable of removing large, rusted bolts from cars and trucks, it’s this one. The extra poles in the unit’s 4-pole engine mean that it has higher torque (475 ft-lb). It’s an ideal tool for jobs that the smaller, electric models just can’t handle, such as removing stubborn bolts and lug nuts.

With Milwaukee 2633-20, one can efficiently operate on a ball joint of his truck, loosen 36 mm axle nuts, take off sway bar links, change transmission and engine mounts of a vehicle, and many other things.

The unit’s current speed is controlled via the integrated variable speed trigger, while the built-in overload protection prevents any severe damage that can occur in abusive situations.

Accessories & Warranty

Those who’d like to get some accessories along with the device itself will have to consider getting it in one of the company’s combo kits (such as Milwaukee 2696-23 3-piece set). The 5-year warranty on this unit is quite generous and something that puts this brand above the competition.



A genuinely powerful impact wrench


Compact size and weight


Friction ring allows easy socket swapping


Real-time battery fuel gauge



No LED light


No belt clip


Things we liked about it

The most significant advantage of this impressive tool is undoubtedly how powerful it is. It’s pretty evident that the manufacturer tried to squeeze as much power as they could into it and have succeeded in their intention.

However, they still managed to make 2663-20 as small as possible. The model’s compact size and its comfortable handle make it a joy to work with. In case you’re a professional mechanic and would like to be free from hoses and cords; this model will surely serve your purpose.

Another thing we liked is the unit’s friction ring. As we already mentioned, it turns the socket swapping into a quick and straightforward process, which will be crucial to all those who plan to use this wrench in commercial environments. Moreover, its battery gauge makes it really easy to see how much working time you have left before you have to use the charger.


Things we didn’t like

The primary disadvantage of Milwaukee 2663-20 is that it’s missing a couple of extra features. With no belt clip, taking this device up the ladder can be challenging, while the lack of a built-in LED light means that you’ll have to find another source of light when working in darkness.

General Impressions

The users are saying that this impact wrench is “extremely well-built and powerful,” and are praising the unit’s sturdy construction and impressive performance. They say that it has plenty of torque and battery life to help them get through every project, no matter its size. Furthermore, they’re pleased with the unit’s ergonomic design and the very generous 5-year warranty that it’s backed with.


The 2663-20 impact wrench is precisely what we expected from a Milwaukee power tool. It’s a heavy-duty cordless impact wrench that looks and works just like advertised, providing a hassle-free operation without any hiccups. Although it’s missing a few extra features, its robust construction and outstanding performance turn it into a worthy purchase that’s really hard to regret.

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