Milwaukee 49-24-0171 Work Light – Review 

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Milwaukee 49-24-0171 Work Light Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Published on: February 2, 2019

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February 2, 2019 @ 3:12 pm


  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Milwaukee 49-24-0171 Review Summary:

Both the DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors agree that working in the dark is quite challenging. Apart from being exposed to all kinds of injuries, working in the dark is also strenuous. Fortunately, most power tool manufacturers now also make and sell special job-site flashlights-they are versatile, very easy to use, and often come packed with additional features.

Milwaukee’s 49-24-0171 model is the company’s attempt to create a reasonably-priced and practical solution for working in the dark. It’s an ergonomically designed and lightweight work light with a pivoting head and which operates on an 18V Li-Ion battery. Its Xenon incandescent bulb provides bright lighting and allows one to safely finish his project in a poorly-lit or completely dark area.

In case you already own several Milwaukee power tools, keep reading -the 49-24-0171 is a team player and will let you use it with your 18V compact or 18V XC High-Capacity batteries.


  • Weight-2lbs
  • Dimensions-11″ x 7.5″ x 3.6″
  • Battery-Lithium-Ion
  • Head Rotation-135°
  • Warranty–5 years

Milwaukee 49-24-0171 Work Light – The Basics

Due to its low weight and compact dimensions, this work light can easily be utilized in the attic or crawl space situations. It also has an ergonomic, contoured design that gives a great fit in hand, while the rubberized texture on the model’s handle provides a good grip and prevents slippage.

Its Xenon incandescent bulb produces bright lighting and effortlessly illuminates a large work area. The light can be easily pointed to the desired spot due to the presence of a 135-degree pivoting head. As it is a cordless unit, the 49-24-0171 uses two different versions of Milwaukee’s Lithium-Ion batteries. It also has a fold-away utility hook that allows hands-free use, letting the user attach it to his belt when going up the ladder. Let’s give all of these features a more in-depth look.

The Features


The first glance at the 49-24-0171 Work Light immediately tells one that this is a Milwaukee-made tool. Featuring the company’s recognizable color scheme, the model has a pistol-style handle featured on most of Milwaukee’s cordless drills and driver.

The handle itself gives a great fit -it is contoured and rubberized, so there’s no need to worry about slippage or fatigue. Once the battery is attached, the model has a solid balance, as well as the low weight that allows overhead application and easy transport around the job site. The low weight also allows one to use this work light in tight and hard-to-reach areas, such as attics and crawl spaces.

We also have to mention that the model is quite stable – an ample battery base allows the user to confidently set it down without having to worry about it getting knocked over.


Although Milwaukee does not list the lumen rating for 49-24-0171, we can safely say that it produces sufficiently strong and bright lighting. This is due to the presence of a (relatively power-hungry) Xenon-based bulb that does its job pretty well and quickly illuminates the working surface when needed.

The bulb is located inside the model’s 135-degree swiveling head. As you can already guess, this kind of adjustability comes in very handy in certain situations. It allows the user to put the flashlight down on the floor, adjust the head’s angle, and have the flashlight point the beam light right where he needs it on the wall.


As it is a part of Milwaukee’s M18 lineup, this work light operates off of company’s exclusive Li-Ion technology. It can be used with two different 18V batteries -the 18V compact ones or 18V XC High-Capacity ones. It’s a real team player and something that you can safely add to your already-existing collection of Milwaukee power tools. Finally, the model is accompanied by a generous 5-year warranty deal.



Contoured & rubberized handle


Excellent balance & stability


135° rotating head


Fold-away utility hook



Not the brightest work light out there


Users report overheating issues


Things we liked about it

For the price that it comes at, this job-site light has an impressive design and reliable performance.

Its pistol-style handle provides a firm grip, and, due to its rubberized surface, reduces the chances of slippage. The balance is also good, as is the portability due to the low weight and the presence of a fold-away utility hook.

The beam of light coming out of 49-24-0171 is sufficiently bright and provides excellent illumination when it comes to working in the dark. Since the model has a pivoting head (135°), pointing this light to the desired area is extremely easy -you just have to adjust the angle.

We also liked that the model can be used with two different Milwaukee 18V batteries, as well as the fact that it comes accompanied by a 5-year warranty. A warranty deal such as this one inspires confidence about the product’s durability and reliability.


Things we didn’t like

Although the performance of this work light is satisfying once we consider its price, it still can’t be compared with top-of-the-line job-site lamps. Moreover, some users reported overheating issues (which we didn’t experience).

General Impressions

The reactions to this product are mostly positive -the users praise both the design and performance of this work light, saying that it’s yet another quality Milwaukee product. They say that it’s sufficiently bright and that it doesn’t drain the battery too much. Most of the buyers agree that it’s an excellent choice for home DIY projects, especially when you need some illumination in tight places.


All in all, the Milwaukee 49-24-0171 is a solid work light. It is compact, lightweight, and possesses a practical, ergonomic design that makes it very comfortable to use. This is very important when it comes to long shifts on a job-site -nobody wants a flashlight that causes hand fatigue due to its weight or shape. Furthermore, it delivers bright light that can be easily pointed to the desired spot by using its pivoting head. Because of thousand other qualities, the 49-24-0171 is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable brand-name flashlight.

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