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Kaiweets HT118E Multimeter

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Kaiweets HT118E Digital Multimeter Review Summary

Providing electrical testing capabilities typically seen in premium machines yet available at an affordable price point — the Kaiweets HT118E multimeter targets both the dedicated home user and trade pro.

A genuine prosumer unit, the Kaiweets has an intense focus on precision. Its 20000-count display provides detailed metric info, while the multimeter TRMS tech ensures accuracy.

Its generous 2.7-inch screen — capable of displaying four lines of information and presenting bar graph data — offers dazzling backlighting. And, for additional safety, the entire LCD panel turns orange if the unit is exposed to 80 volts or above. This reflects the overall attention to user protection shown by the HT118E — including double insulation, ceramic fuses, overload protection, and a CAT IV rating.

Auto-ranging ensures simplicity for both the novice operative and trade pro — while the machine’s memory functions ensure you never lose your valuable data. In addition to memory hold, the HT118E Kaiweets offers MIN, MAX, and Average readings.

This machine arrives from the Kaiweets stable — a China-based company that focuses on electrical measuring and technical equipment. The HT118E is the brand’s flagship model in its traditional digital multimeter line-up, surpassed only by the manufacturer’s new smart multimeters.


  • Voltage: 1000 volts
  • Auto Range: Yes
  • Weight: 1.36 pounds
  • Current: 10 amps
  • Temperature: -4 to 1832 degrees Fahrenheit


  • CAT IV rated.
  • Inbuilt flashlight.
  • Min/max memory function.


Rugged build for durability.
Generous 20000 count.
CAT III and CAT IV rated.
In-built flashlight.

Non-contact voltage detection.



Testing leads may lack longevity.

Dim flashlight.
No low-impedance function.

Features and Benefits of the Kaiweets Digital Multimeter TRMS 20000 Counts

The Kaiweets HT118E 20000 Counts Multimeter targets the serious home user and trade pro — but is this digital AC/DC multimeter a spark of genius or a short circuit? Time to put the tool to the test.


With a 20000 count, the HT118E can deliver readings from zero to 19999. Offering the most detailed metrics from all multimeters in the Kaiweets range, this machine promises impressive accuracy — making it ideal for users where the pinnacle of precision is crucial.

Furthermore, as a TRMS (true root mean square) tester, the HT118E tests both sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal waves — delivering the ultimate in measuring accuracy. If you have no idea what that means and why it’s important — check out my easy-to-read Guide to RMS and TRMS.

Large Display

Big counts need big displays — exemplified by the HT118E Kaiweets digital multimeter.

A veritable IMAX of the electrical testing world, the 2.7-inch screen with its high resolution and backlight option ensures effortless result reading — even in dark and dimly lit conditions.

What’s more, it also allows you to have up to four lines of info displayed simultaneously on the screen, offers bar chart readouts, and turns orange if the multimeter detects power over 80 volts — providing a reassuring warning.

Multi-Measurement Capabilities

Turning the substantial dial allows you to switch between a plethora of measuring metrics including the DIY favorites of voltage, current, resistance, and continuity.

And, if you’re a more experienced home user or trade pro, the HT118E meter can also investigate duty cycles, frequency, capacitance, diodes, temperature, and non-contact voltage (NCV).

Safety Features

With a strong focus on safety, the Kaiweets Multimeter HT118E is equally suited to the novice home user and the professional. In addition to its CAT III and CAT IV ratings, the machine reassuringly includes:

  • Double insulation.
  • Anti-burn feature.
  • Double ceramic fuse.
  • Thermistor protection circuit.
  • Drop protection.

Temperature Measurement

Arriving complete with temperature testing probes, the HT118E digital multimeter can measure heat levels — appealing if you’re an automotive enthusiast or HVACR trade expert.

The unit measures temperatures from -4 to 1832 degrees Fahrenheit, and, if you’re of a more European persuasion with a penchant for fancy metrics — you can switch the unit into Celsius mode.


As you’d expect in a prosumer machine, the Kaiweets Multimeter HT118E includes auto-ranging — automatically deciding how much metric precision (thousandths, hundredths, or tenths) to display.

Not just useful if you’re a multimeter novice and need a little guidance on operation — but also a valuable timesaver for the pro user, cutting back on costly downtime by removing the need to constantly recalibrate your tool.

Memory Hold

When you’re focused intensely on your hardcore electrical testing projects with your mighty multimeter in the palm of your hand — it’s easy to forget less technically impressive pencil and paper to record your results.

Thankfully, the HT118E TRMS 20000 Counts multimeter incorporates a memory HOLD function, allowing you to store your last reading at the touch of an (admittedly small) button. Furthermore, MIN/MAX/Average options permit you to check more detailed minimum, maximum, and average reading results.

Additional Features

Kaiweets has attempted with the HT118E TRMS 20000 Counts Multimeter to deliver more bang-for-your-buck than standard prosumer machines offer.

On top of the plethora of electrical testing capabilities of this unit, the HT118E also packs in numerous user-focused features to improve your working experience. These include:

  • In-built rear flashlight — for work in poor light conditions.
  • Integrated pen slot — for those who prefer an analog method of recording results.
  • Built-in kickstand — allowing hands-free reading.
  • Low-battery prompt — to ensure your machine is always working.

Included Accessories

In addition to the HT118E Kaiweets multimeter, you also receive:

  • Testing leads and probes.
  • Thermoprobes (for heat testing).
  • 2 x AA batteries.
  • User manual.
  • Soft carry case.

Kaiweets HT118E Multimeter Specifications

Kaiweets HT118E
Weight1.36 pounds
MaterialABS plastic
Voltage1000 volts DC max
Current10 amps
Safety RatingCAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V
Size7.48 x 3.54 x 2.17 inches
Batteries2 x AA
Batteries IncludedYes
Auto-Power OffYes
Diode TestingYes
Resistance60 MΩ
Frequency60 MHz
Capacitance1000 µF
Temperature Range-4 to 1832 degrees Fahrenheit

What Users Say About the Kaiweets Digital Multimeter HT118E

In my opinion, the Kaiweets Electrical Tester HT118E’s affordable price tag belies its prosumer credentials — incorporating significant capabilities that make it suited both to the home user and trade pro.

However, I’m not out there in the field using this machine on a daily basis. Therefore, to ensure an utterly thorough HT118E review, I sought the views of the owners of the unit — to discover how it performs in the real world.

Pleasingly, the opinions expressed were in line with my own experiences and insight. Users of the Kaiweets Tester HT118E praised its massive 20000 count, welcomed its extensive temperature-testing capabilities, and lauded its numerous safety features.

True, there were a couple of naysayers who weren’t totally won over by the multimeter.

One guy was disgruntled that the incorporated rear flashlight wasn’t very bright — which is true, but as an additional feature rather than a crucial multimeter function, I personally wouldn’t consider it an issue.

Another sourpuss bemoaned the fact that the included testing leads looked cheap and possibly wouldn’t stand up to daily use. Admittedly, they aren’t the highest grade on the market — but they’re cheap to replace, and arriving with a multimeter that isn’t premium-priced in the first place, it’s being a little too fastidious in my eyes.

That said, all owners concurred that the HT118E was a remarkably pro-capable unit that arrives with a DIY price tag.

Alternatives to the Kaiweets HT118E Multimeter 20000

If the HT118E from testing maestros Kaiweets isn’t rocking your electrical world, stick with me.

I’ve curated three impressive alternatives that may be more suitable for the demands of your projects and your personal preferences.

If you’re impressed by the temperature testing capabilities of the Kaiweets, yet believe that the unit still isn’t up to the demands of extreme HVAC work — consider the Fluke 116.

While still offering heat checking, the 116 from Fluke provides microamp testing — not a feature of the HT118E — permitting the dedicated HVACR pro to investigate essential flame sensors.

  • Harder on your wallet than the affordable HT118E.
  • Like the Kaiweets, it includes a rear flashlight.
  • CAT III rated, as opposed to the CAT IV of the HT118E.
Should you feel that despite the HT118E Kaiweets being remarkably affordable for a comprehensive multimeter, it’s still a little tough on your bank account — check out the MN35.

Hailing from testing experts Extech, this budget machine may lack the auto-ranging, flashlight, and 20000 count of the Kaiweets — yet still delivers temperature testing, large display screen, and tilt stand.

  • Measures heat to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, compared to the 1832 degrees of the HT118E.
  • Tests voltage to 600 volts, in contrast with the 1000 volts of the Kaiweets.
  • The HT118E has TRMS accuracy, the Extech is RMS.

If you appreciate the TRMS accuracy of the Kaiweets, yet you have projects that require even more precision — consider this multimeter from Klein Tools.

The MM720 has a low-impedance mode — not a feature of the HT118E — that identifies and eliminates stray and ghost voltages. Thus providing heightened result reliability that’s crucial for engineers, PCB designers, and microchip users.

  • Measures temperature to 1832 degrees Fahrenheit — same as the Kaiweets.
  • Slightly harder on your bank balance than the HT118E.
  • 6000 count, as opposed to the mammoth 20000 count of the Kaiweets.


Premium features but at an affordable price point, the HT118E Kaiweets Multimeter targets both the hardcore home user and trade professional.

TRMS accuracy, temperature testing, auto-ranging, and a plethora of safety features elevate the machine above standard DIY units. Easily attaining prosumer status, hailing from a respected electrical testing brand, and boasting a three-year warranty — the tool promises durability and reliability.

Admittedly, the lack of low-impedance may be a disappointment for ultimate-precision demanding microchip techies, and the omission of microamps might be a downer for specialized HVACR pros.

But, for trade users and home electrical enthusiasts that need an impressive and comprehensive tester — few budget machines can match the Kaiweets HT118E.

Kaiweets HT118E Multimeter FAQs

Q: How Accurate is Kaiweets HT118E?

In terms of AC/DC voltage testing — accuracy equates to (0.8% +5) and (0.5% +3) respectively.

Q: Where Can I Find the Kaiweets HT118E Manual?

The official Kaiweets website hosts user guides for all its electrical testing tools. Here is the shortcut to the HT118E manual.

Q: What Batteries Does the HT118E Kaiweets Multimeter Use?

The HT118E Kaiweets Digital Multimeter uses two AA cells. These are included when you purchase the tool.

Q: Is the Kaiweets HT118E Electrical Multimeter Made in the USA?

No. The HT118E, while popular with American users, is manufactured in China. Fluke multimeters, however, are made in the USA.

Q: How Much Does the HT118E Kaiweets Cost?

Although an impressive multimeter with premium-grade features such as temperature testing, TRMS, auto-ranging, and a large 2.7-inch display — the HT118E is remarkably affordable. Here is the current Kaiweets HT118E price.

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