Bosch GOP40-30B Review

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Bosch GOP40-30B Multi-Tool Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Jan 30, 2024 @ 4:09 pm

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Bosch GOP40-30B Review Summary:

Bold, brawny, and built by Bosch — few corded oscillating multitools can match the Bosch GOP40-30B.

Targeting the seriously committed DIYer and trade contractor, it boasts a grunty 4.0-amp motor that can knock out variable speeds from 8000 – 20000 OPM — selectable through six settings on its rear-mounted velocity dial.

Inside the casing, intelligent Constant Response Circuitry ensures that the output rapidity remains consistent — however hard you push the tool or whatever the density of your target material. The Starlock® accessory system allows you to effortlessly switch heads without a hex key and negates the risk of attachment slippage.

For working behind drywalls, under floorboards, or beneath sinks — the multitool incorporates an LED lamp to illuminate these poorly lit areas. And with a narrow grip and comfort cushioning — the unit staves off fatigue, useful for time-lengthy projects.

Coming complete with a multitude of attachments — and a soft carry case — you can use this oscillating machine immediately after unboxing, to cut, sand, and trim. And, with a novel ball-joint-mounted power cord, you can effortlessly move around your project without being restrained by the mains lead.

This machine comes from Bosch — one of the serious big boys in the power tool arena with a history dating back over 135 years. The GOP40-30B is the entry-level model in its multi-tool range — a step beneath the GOP40-30C, which features the same tool unit but arrives with more accessories and a hard, not soft, carry case.

GOP40-30B Specifications:

  • Power: – 4.0 amp
  • Voltage – 120 volts
  • Speed – 8000 – 20000 OPM
  • Weight – 3.3 pounds


  • Reinforced metal gearing.
  • Tool-free accessory exchange.
  • In-built LED lamp.


Contractor grade.
Reinforced metal gears.
No-touch accessory release mechanism.
Three-degree oscillating angle.
Reduced vibration.


Low-quality sandpaper supplied with the unit.
Only accepts Starlock system attachments.

Features and Benefits of the Bosch StarlockPlus GOP40-30B

It’s manufactured by a major power tool industry behemoth with a reputation for reliability and versatility — but can the GOP40-30B excel in the somewhat crowded oscillating multitool marketplace?

Time to pull back the veil, and discover what this machine has to offer the DIYer and trade user.

4.0 Amp Motor

This is a seriously grunty multitool. Its mammoth 4.0-amp motor knocks out some serious torque — meaning the Bosch GOP4030B is a genuine pro-level machine capable of tackling dense mediums such as hardwoods and metals.

Furthermore, with the Bosch design boffins focusing on durability, the unit boasts reinforced metal gearing — ensuring that the motor can stand up to the challenges of hardcore contractor use.

Intelligent Circuitry

The corded Bosch GOP40 30B boasts proprietary Constant Response Circuitry. In essence, this means that whatever load you apply to the tool head — whether soft drywall or tough sheet metal — the oscillating rapidity remains unchanged.

This ensures that cuts, sands, and trims are consistent, resulting in a finer finish and a more rewarding user experience.

Variable Speed

Pleasingly, the Bosch Multitool GOP40-30B features an extensive rapidity range — 8000 to 20000 OPM. This permits you to select the ideal speed for your current project and demands of your target material — typically a lower output for dense mediums and a higher velocity for softer composites.

You adjust the output rate via the variable speed dial, which offers the following settings:

  • Speed Dial 1 – 8000 OPM
  • Speed Dial 2 – 10400 OPM
  • Speed Dial 3 – 12800 OPM
  • Speed Dial 4 – 15200 OPM
  • Speed Dial 5 – 17600 OPM
  • Speed Dial 6 – 20000 OPM

However, there is a downer. While the design guys at Bosch worked seriously hard on aspects such as reinforced gearing and vibration reduction — when it came to positioning the speed dial, they were either drunk or high.

Not only is it located at the rear of the unit, which makes one-handed adjustment impossible — but it’s also installed directly below the power cord, making it a nightmare to rotate if you have fingers larger than a child.

Tool-Free Accessory Exchange

The Bosch GOP40/30B has perhaps the most user-friendly accessory exchange in the oscillating tool arena — negating the requirement for a hex key. A seriously straightforward snap-on system allows you to attach tool heads without any additional tools or button presses — akin to a snow boot connecting to a ski.

Removal of accessories is equally straightforward — a quick press of a lever and the blade or sander falls away. This means you don’t have to touch the accessory to replace it — guarding you against the all-too-common mishap of burnt fingers on hot metal.

The unit utilizes Bosch’s proprietary Starlock® system — a range that boasts an absolute cornucopia of tool heads and promises a reliable accessory grip with impressive torque transfer.

LED Lamp

The head of the Bosch Oscillating GOP40-30B incorporates an in-built LED lamp. Positioned to shine directly onto the area of address, it allows you to work in poorly lit areas where using an additional light source could be challenging — for example, beneath sinks, below floorboards, and behind drywalling.


The body of the Bosch Multi Tool GOP40/30B has a narrow 6.9-inch diameter, increasing the surface area between palm, fingers, and tool — resulting in greater stability.

Furthermore, the design guys had obviously sobered up by the time they came to positioning the textured grips — being located in areas natural to one-handed operation. In addition to elevating traction, they also act as shock absorbers, promoting comfortable use that’s necessary for time-lengthy jobs.

Ball Joint Cord

While corded multitools offer greater brawn and more consistent power delivery than their cordless oscillating cousins — they have the annoyance of a lengthy mains lead that can seriously restrict your freedom of operation.

Hence, it’s impressive to see that the Bosch GOP 4030B includes a novel ball-joint swivel system — allowing you to move the multitool effortlessly without being restricted by the cord attachment angle.

Tool Head Accessories

As mentioned earlier in this GOP40-30B review, the proprietary Starlock® system permits you to select from a vast range of tool accessories. However, this machine does arrive with a small collection of additional components, including:

  • 3.5-inch segment blade.
  • 1.25-inch plunge blade.
  • Sanding pad.
  • 25 sandpapers.
  • 1.25-inch Xtra-Clean plunge blade.
  • Soft carry case.

GOP40-30B Specifications

Bosch GOP40-30B
Weight3.3 pounds
Tool-Free AdjustmentYes
Speed8000 - 20000 OPM
Dimensions11.0 x 3.75 x 2.5 inches
Amperage4.0 amps
Power120 volts corded
Angle of Oscillation3.0 degrees
Cord Length Six feet
Number of Speed SettingsSix
Accessories30-piece kit

What Users Say About the Bosch GOP40-30B Multitool?

For me, the Bosch Multi-Tool GOP40-30B is a brawny, durable, and versatile machine ideal for the pro-contractor and dedicated DIYer.

Yet, is this opinion shared by the army of users who utilize this tool in their day-to-day trade and home-improvement projects? In order to deliver the most comprehensive and unbiased examination of this multitool — I investigated the views of GOP4030B owners.

Reassuringly, their thoughts echoed my own and were overwhelmingly positive.

Proud holders of this oscillating tool extolled its grunty and torquey 4.0-amp motor, praised its effortless hex-key-free accessory exchange, and applauded its consistent speed output irrespective of the load applied.

Sure, there were a couple of rare criticisms.

One trade user was disappointed that the unit only accepts Starlock® tool heads — which can be harder on the wallet than many other third-party accessories. Another guy wished that the unit had a trigger throttle — as seen on the DeWalt DWE315K — that permits infinitely variable speeds, as opposed to the six settings of the Bosch.

That said, all owners concurred that the GOP4030B was a pro-worthy oscillating multitool that withstands extreme use.

Alternatives to the Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool GOP40-30B

If, despite its impressive online reviews and my own positive opinion, you feel that the Bosch Multi Tool isn’t ideal for you or your project requirements — bear with me.

Below are three creditable alternatives that may better suit your needs.

If you’re excited by the Starlock® system, yet a little disappointed that the Bosch has only a six-foot cord — consider this unit instead.

The Multimaster MM 500 Plus from German manufacturers Fein uses the Starlock accessory design — the system was developed as a joint venture by both companies. However, while similar in performance to the GOP40-30B, it comes with a massive 16-foot cable.

  • Like the Bosch, the MM500 Plus features variable speed.
  • Comparable price point to the GOP40-30B.
  • Slightly lighter than the Bosch at 3.0 pounds.
Should you appreciate the impressive speed range of the Bosch, yet be deterred by the limited choice of six rapidity options — this multitool could be the solution.

The DWE315K boasts a higher top velocity than the GOP4030B at 22000 OPM. But, of more importance than this negligible difference is its throttle trigger — permitting you to choose any speed between 0 to 22000 OPM.

  • Easier on the wallet than the Bosch.
  • Accepts any 3rd party accessory — unlike the Starlock-only GOP40-30B.
  • Less grunt — 3.0 amp motor as opposed to the 4.0 amps of the Bosch.

If you want a feature-packed oscillating multitool, but are deterred by the premium price of the trade-grade Bosch — consider this machine instead.

The BD200MTB boasts a plethora of features concomitant to pro-level multitools — a universal adapter, vibration-busting grips, and tool-free accessory switching — but at a price suitable for the casual DIYer.

  • Lower brawn — 2.5 amps, in contrast to the 4.0 amps of the GOP40-30B.
  • Similar variable speed to the Bosch — 10000 to 20000 OPM.
  • Like the Bosch, it arrives with blades, sandpapers, and a carry case.


Featuring a grunty and high-torque motor, intelligent circuitry, and compatibility with the impressive Starlock® system — the Bosch Oscillating GOP40-30B is a genuine contractor-grade multitool.

Its variable speed range capability is enhanced by proprietary Constant Response, ensuring consistent velocity whatever the resistance. A 4.0-amp powerhouse permits the unit to tackle the most stubborn of materials, while an integrated lamp allows use in poorly lit conditions.

Agreed, for casual DIYers, the tool will be overkill and the price prohibitive. Guys looking for an infrequent home machine should consider a more modest model such as the Black+Decker BD200MTB.

However, for ambitious amateurs or dedicated trade professionals who demand the ultimate in durability, power, and versatility — I recommend checking out the Bosch GOP40-30B.

Bosch Oscillating Multi Tool GOP40 30B FAQs

Q: Where Can I Buy the Bosch GOP40/30B Oscillating Multitool?

The GOP40-30B is a pro-grade multi-tool that offers variable speeds, tool-free accessory exchange, and an integrated LED lamp. You can purchase the versatile Bosch GOP40-30B here.

Q: Is the Bosch MultiTool GOP40-30B Made In the USA?

Bosch is a European company with its headquarters in Gerlingen, Germany. Its products are manufactured around the world, with the GOP40-30B made in Hungary.

Q: Where Can I Find the Bosch GOP40-30B Manual?

The official Bosch website hosts a plethora of manuals for its wide range of products. For rapid access to the GOP40-30B manual.

Q: Is the Bosch GOP4030B Oscillating Multi-Tool Cordless?

No. The GOP4030B is a corded machine that includes a six-foot cable. If you’d prefer the operational freedom offered by a battery-powered model, check out my cordless top picks.

Q: What Are the Uses of the Bosch GOP40 30 B MultiTool Oscillating?

Arriving with numerous accessories, together with the compatibility of Starlock attachments, you can use the GOP40-30B for:

  • Trimming.
  • Grinding.
  • Shaping.
  • Sanding.
  • Cutting.
  • Degrouting.
  • Grinding.
  • Shearing.