Dewalt DWE315K Review

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Dewalt DWE315K Multi-Tool Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Jul 27, 2023 @ 1:58 am

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DeWalt DWE315K Review Summary:

The DeWalt DWE315K is a multi-tool that’s ideal for DIYers or handymen seeking a straight-out-of-the-box solution. This corded power tool comes in kit form, offering various sanding and cutting blades, and accessories, plus a carry case and storage box.

Featuring a 3-amp motor that delivers an impressive top operating speed of 22,000 oscillations per minute (OPM). This variable speed is controlled via a paddle trigger — you press down for manual operation and a trigger lock button for more time-demanding jobs.

When it comes to handling and ergonomics, the DWE315K is admirable. It weighs 3.1 pounds and boasts a grip diameter suitable for one-handed operation. In short, it’s not at all a burden for either a man or woman.

Furthermore, this multi-tool has a spinning depth guide enabling you to perform cutting tasks with precision. And, with its LED headlight, working in dark corners isn’t a hindrance to your job anymore.

Plus, this multi-tool is equipped with the DeWalt Quick-Change accessory interface. As a result, swapping blades only requires you to press down on a clamp. While its universal adapter permits the use of most blade brands.

DeWalt is a renowned brand with a decade-on-decade lineup of durable professional-grade tools. Its 3-year limited warranty is a testament to that. From air compressors through to cordless drills, the brand offers a plethora of power tools for both home-use and the professional. The DWE315K is the only corded multi-tool in its catalog.


  • Motor power – 3 amps
  • Speed – 0 – 22,000 OPM
  • Weight – 3.1 pounds
  • Blade interface – Tool-less change


  • Powerful 3-amp motor with 22,000 OPM.
  • Toolless accessory change.
  • Front-mounted LED and tool guide.
  • Paddle-controlled speed adjustment.
  • 29-piece accessory kit with storage box and contractor bag.


Impressive variable oscillating speed.
Accessory kit and blades.
Makes accurate and professional cuts.
Work in dimly-lit areas with auto LED headlight.
Good value.


Trigger lock only works at full speed.
Headlight stays on.

Features and Benefits of DeWalt DWE315K Oscillating Tool

Now that you’ve been introduced to the DWE315K, I’ll go in-depth on what you can and can’t expect.

Superior Power

The DeWalt DWE315K is an electric-corded tool with a 3-amp motor. Aside from being brawnier than its cordless counterparts, you will never have to worry about dead batteries, downtime for cell recharging, or deteriorating power.

It runs at an industry-leading top speed of 22,000 oscillations per minute (OPM), which breezes through grinding, cutting, sanding any material you’re working on. Of course, you’ll need to use the appropriate blades and proper technique.

Finally, the device can be plugged into the standard 120V electrical outlet. Oh, and the cord is eight-foot-long, so it should be convenient for most users.

Handy Design

Overall, the DWE315K has a handful of features that makes it a user-friendly power tool.

For starters, its girth is small enough for the average guy to operate with one hand. The only condition is that it can be strenuous on large jobs. In truth, you’ll only experience this when you want to use it at a slower pace — there’s a trigger lock on its top speed.

Additionally, it sports a Dual-Grip system that offers two uses, but one purpose — convenient handling. For one, the extended rubber grip — that stretches the body — works as a cushion for one, or two-handed operation. Plus, the smaller grip at the head provides support when you need a firm hold.

Finally, the LED headlight on the DeWalt DWE 315 is regarded as a game-changer. It comes on as soon as the tool whirls to life. Thus, solving the age-old problem of working blindly with power tools in tight corners.

With such convenient features, I can say this multi-tool is well-designed.

Fast Accessory Change

The DWE315K employs a trademark system that allows users to change blades without a hex key or a wrench. This removes the requirement for either remembering to bring additional tools, or spending eons trying to find one in the bottom of your toolbox.

Called the Quick-Change Accessory System, you only have to squeeze on the silver lever. It opens up a clamp, and then it’s ready to take a blade, or drop one. Just a heads up for first-timers, don’t forget yourself and touch the blade immediately. Being rotated at over 20,000 OPMs, it will take a few minutes to cool down.

For accessories that are incompatible with the proprietary system, DeWalt provides a universal adapter. It’s a washer you can add to the coupler that enables you to mount blades onto. However, it removes the fast accessory change function. Nonetheless, this still makes it a universal multi-tool as advertised.

Personalizable Variable Speed

The DWE 315 uses a paddle trigger, which works like the pump nozzle at a gas station. While it’s not straightforward, like traditional speed adjustment dials, I love the speed customization it offers.

Now, placed conveniently at finger’s reach to the paddle is a trigger lock-on button. It stations the machine at its top speed and resets when you press the trigger. It’s handy when you wear gloves or don’t want to stop for a second to turn off the trigger lock.

But, while this lock is useful, it’s also double-edged — here’s why.

Simply put, people also need to work extensively with lower speeds for some tasks. And they’ll find it stressful if they have to press down the paddle at a stretch. On the other hand, grinding or cutting jobs would be a breeze with the trigger fixed at full speed.

Besides, variable speed with a paddle trigger like the DWE315’s is more customized than an adjustment dial. With no set speeds, you decide how much power with your fingers, according to your task.

Accurate Cutting

I don’t know about you, but I have to admit, I’m a power tool perfectionist, in that, I have a slight obsession with precision and accuracy. This is why I welcome the fact that the DeWalt DWE315K delivers this — regardless of your skill level.

It’s thanks to its depth/cut guide.

The tool guide is so easy to install — even calling it ‘install’ makes the process sound difficult. Once it’s mounted, you can adjust it to the desired angle or height you wish to achieve on your cut.

Furthermore, this guide features a spinning wheel that rolls along as you work — enabling you to follow a cut line with complete exactitude. This way, you can achieve a clean job quickly on extensive drywall, plywood, or whatever material you’re addressing.

DeWalt DWE315K Specifications

DeWalt DWE315K
Motor power3 amps
Oscillations per minute (OPM)0-22,000
Oscillating angle 1.6 degrees
Power source Electric-corded
Cord length 8 feet
Tool length13 inches
Blade changeTool-less
Led light Yes
Dust extraction portYes
Depth guide Yes
Product Weight3.1 pounds
Warranty3-year limited guarantee

What Users Say About the DeWalt DWE315K

For me, the DeWalt multi-tool is ideal for carpenters, handymen, DIYers, homeowners and so on. But, I want you to hear about its awesomeness — or otherwise — from the feedback of owners.

It’s pleasing to see my thoughts are reiterated.

First and foremost, virtually all the users of the DeWalt DWE315K commend how it cuts through objects like a knife through butter. But, also that it’s equally very effective for other tasks — sanding, adhesive removal, grinding, etc.

Operators also rate the ease of handling. However, some begrudge that folks with large hands are better off using it with one hand. Nevertheless, they appreciate it’s lightweight yet doesn’t feel inferior nor a burden.

Many users also mention how hassle-free the Quick Change system is. And, a few couldn’t overstate the importance of its depth guide in making accurate cuts.

However, a handful of operators whinge about the trigger paddle — how it only locks at full pace, and that they would prefer preset variable speeds. Needless to say, other users beg to differ — noting that it gives them personalized speed control.

Alternatives to DeWalt DWE315K Oscillating Multi Tool Kit

The DeWalt 315K is without doubt a fast and resourceful oscillating tool. But if you feel that it’s not without its shortcomings. Below, I’ve listed three alternatives to remedy that.

If you’re interested in a similarly high-quality oscillating tool but are on a budget, the Rockwell RK5132K won’t disappoint.

It comes with a rugged metal-guarded 3.5-amp motor with a variable speed control of 11,000 to 20,000 OPM. Like the DWE315K, it uses a tool-free blade change system and arrives with accessories.

  • Both include accessory kits with carrying bags.
  • Rockwell is slightly lighter — weighing 2.9 pounds compared to 3.1 pounds of the DWE315K.
  • The RK5132K is significantly more pocket-friendly.

If you love the DeWalt brand, but you think a cordless model would be preferable, how about the DCS356B?

Unlike the DWE315, the preset variable control is available. It operates at three select speeds — 13,000, 17,000, and 20,000 OPM.

Overall, it bears identical features with the DeWalt DWE315K except for a slower cutting speed. If you forgot, that’s the same Quick Change system, LED, and Dual Grip system. However, this model is tool-only, thus no bag or storage box, and batteries, plus charger will require an additional purchase.

  • The DCS356B is cordless as opposed to the corded DWE315K.
  • Both feature bright LED headlights.
  • Slower operating speed — 20,000 OPM compared to the DWE315’s 22,000 OPM.

Anyone looking for more firepower and a different trigger mechanism would appreciate the Bosch GOP40-30B oscillating tool. It has a metal guarded 4-amp motor and runs with variable speeds between 8,000 to 20,000 OPM.

Like the DeWalt, it weighs a little over three pounds but has an even faster blade interface called the Starlock system.

  • Equipped with a 4-amp motor compared to the DeWalt’s 3 amps.
  • The Bosch is more expensive than the DWE315K.
  • Uses a more versatile Starlock change system as opposed to DeWalt’s Quick Change.


An oscillating tool is the jackknife of a skilled worker or leisure handyman due to its versatility. Often, when you buy one for a particular task, like a jackknife, you realize its potential for other uses.

That’s why the DeWalt DWE315K is such a great option. It possesses a rugged build that will withstand any application. It bears an impeccable cutting speed, arm-pressure trigger control, and a speedy blade change system. In other words, it’s durable, easy-to-handle, and works so well you would have no idea what a bad multi-tool feels like.

You can also work more effectively with its balanced oscillating angle (enabling light and aggressive cuts) and LED headlights. What’s more, its depth/cut guide helps you to perform clean and accurate jobs.

While some people may not like its trigger paddle, there’s no denying it’s one hell of an oscillating tool. Go check out the DeWalt DWE315K  for yourself.

DeWalt DWE315K Review FAQs

Q: Is the DeWalt DWE315 Oscillating Tool any Good?

In my opinion, the DeWalt DWE315 is a professional-grade tool that’s built to last. It offers a quick running speed, a fast blade change design, arm-friendly weight, and adjustable angle.

Overall, it possesses excellent power and handling, superb ergonomics, yet average vibration control.

Q: How Do You Use a DeWalt DWE315K?

First, the DeWalt 315K is the corded version of their 315 series, so you’d need a 120V power outlet to start up.

Second, mount the preferred blade or attachment you want to use. To do this, press down the spring-loaded lever and insert the attachment.

Next, press the trigger paddle below the tool to begin operation, applying your desired pressure to control speed. Alternatively, you can use the trigger-lock for constant working at full speed. Or screw on the tool guide for improved accuracy at work.

Q: What’s The DeWalt DWE315 Oscillating Tool Used For?

The DeWalt DWE315 is a highly versatile tool. With the appropriate attachments, it performs any handiwork from cutting, grinding, polishing, sandblasting, sanding, to scraping.

Q: Can The DeWalt 315K Work With Dremel Blades?

Yes, it can work with Dremel blades and other brand attachments. Once you connect the included universal adapter, attach the blades. However, this denies you of its Quick Change privileges.

Q: Can You use the DeWalt With Bosch Starlock Blades?

Yes, providing you use its universal adapter, the DWE315K would fit.

Starlock blades are designed by Bosch and Fein and intended for OIS-compatible tools like Makita, Rigid, and Milwaukee.

Q: What Are the Accessories Included in the DeWalt DWE315K Package?

The DeWalt 315K package comes with a total of twenty-nine attachments, as well as the oscillating tool. In detail, the DWE315K contains:

  • DWE315 oscillating tool.
  • Sanding pad.
  • Sandpaper sheets (x 25).
  • Wood with nails blade.
  • Fast cutting wood blade.
  • Semi-circle blade.
  • Storage box.
  • Carry bag.
Q: Can The DeWalt DWE 315 Only Trigger-Lock at Top Speed?

Yes, the trigger-lock function of the DeWalt DWE315 model series only works at the highest speed.