Dremel MM50-01 Multi-Max Review

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Dremel MM50-01 Multi-Max Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Jul 27, 2023 @ 2:23 am

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Dremel MM50-01 Multi-Max Review Summary:

With a mighty motor, a plethora of accessories, and an ergonomic build — the Dremel MM50-01 Multi-Max attempts to take DIY corded multitools to pro-level.

Driven by a brawny 5.0 amp motor, this machine knocks out variable speeds of 10000 – 21000 OPM — capable of attacking the densest of materials while permitting you to adjust the output rapidity to suit your project.

Its aggressive 3.2-degree address angle makes fast work of cutting drywall, shearing nails, removing grout, and sanding wood. Plus, a choice of 30 accessories gives pleasing straight-outta-the-box operation, while an included carry case ensures effortless portability and storage.

Boasting tool-free accessory exchange, just press and twist the knob, the headaches of lost hex keys are gone. Furthermore, with a head that’s around 30 percent smaller than its competitors, it’s ideal for accessing more confined spaces.

Sure, there are some downers — incompatibility with third-party blades and sanders, a plastic construction, and restricted low-end speed choice. But, compared to other DIY-grade units, it offers greater grunt and increased versatility.

This machine hails from Dremel, a US brand renowned for its quality hobby-rated rotary equipment and with over 90 years of experience in tool manufacture. The MM50-01 MultiMax is the lead product in Dremel’s oscillating tool range — a step above the lower-powered MM35.


  • Power – 5.0 amp
  • Voltage – 120 volts
  • Speed – 10000 – 21000 OPM
  • Weight – 4.86 pounds


  • Tool-free accessory exchange.
  • Complete with 30 accessories and a tool bag.
  • Low vibration.


Contractor grade.
Reinforced metal gears.
No-touch accessory release mechanism.
Three-degree oscillating angle.
Reduced vibration.


Low-quality sandpaper supplied with the unit.
Only accepts Starlock system attachments.

Features and Benefits of the Dremel MM50-01 Multi-Max

While primarily known for their hobby and home-improvement-grade die grinders, the Dremel MM5001 is a grunty oscillating multitool that has serious aspirations in the experienced DIYer and trade markets.

It’s time to see if this ambitious unit can take on the big boys in semi-pro DIY and contractor spheres — or discover if it’s nothing more than a great pretender.

5.0 Amp 120-Volt Motor

Impressively, the MM50-01 from Dremel incorporates a brawny 5.0 amp motor. Rated as the highest in its class, it has more grunt than many of its pro-grade competitors — meaning it’s ideal for attacking more stubborn and dense materials.

Angled Body Construction

Credit needs to go to the design team at Dremel for the highly-practical angled body design. Off-setting the grip at around 28 degrees from the tool head, it allows you to comfortably make flush cuts without scraping your knuckles on the floor or target material — in contrast to many high-end units that incorporate an in-line design.

Compact Head

Although powerful, the Multimax Dremel MM50-01 features a tool head that’s 30 percent smaller than the majority of its other-branded counterparts. As such, it’s more suited to accessing confined and closed spaces — such as between drywall slats and beneath floorboards.

The downside is, this compact design prevents the use of larger blades and sanders — which could be an issue if you’re tackling significantly sizable projects that demand a substantial cutter.

Tool-Free Accessory Exchange

Switching accessories on the MM50-01 from Dremel is effortless — simply twist the securing knob on the tool head, press down, and remove the current blade or sander and replace.

This can save valuable downtime searching for a hex wrench on keyed models, and also shields you against the headache of losing the key. That said, the tightening knob feels a little fragile with its semi-soft plastic construction — making it questionable how durable this component is over the machine’s lifespan.

Variable Speed

Offering a choice of speeds from 10000 – 21000 OPM, the Dremel Multi-Max MM50-01 allows you to select differing velocity outputs to suit either your project type or the demands of your target material.

At the top end, the 21000 OPM is pleasingly fast — you’re unlikely to find many DIY or trade models that can exceed this rapid oscillation. However, it’s somewhat disappointing at the bottom end, with a considerably high lowest output setting. Thus meaning, if you really want to step down the oscillating rate for accurate cutting or to address dense mediums — you’re out of luck.

Changing the speed is straightforward — just turn the substantial dial. Although being located at the rear of the machine, you can’t make any adjustments one-handed while the unit is in use.

Accessories and Storage Case

Arriving complete with 30 accessories and a tool storage case — the MM50-01 oscillating multitool is operable straight from the box. While admittedly the majority of these inclusions are sandpapers, the machine still comes with a pleasing array of components, such as:

  • Hook blade.
  • Grout removers.
  • Rigid scraper.
  • Flexi-scraper.
  • Rasp.
  • Flush blades.
  • Drywall blades.

However, yet again, there’s a downer. You can only utilize Dremel-branded tool accessories with the MM50/01 — its novel head connector system prevents the utilization of third-party blades and cutters.

Furthermore, unlike many of its premium-branded competitors, there are no universal adapters included — nor are any available from the official website. Meaning that once you purchase this unit, you’re tied in exclusively to Dremel tool heads.

3.2-Degree Oscillating Angle

Experienced multitools users might welcome the 3.2-degree angle of oscillation delivered by the Multi-Max Dremel MM50-01 — steeper than the traditional 2.5-3.0 degrees exhibited by many machines.

This enables a seriously aggressive address of your target materials — providing a more rapid sanding and cutting ability that’s crucial for larger-scale jobs.

Extensive Warranty

The Multi-Max MM50-01 from Dremel arrives complete with a manufacturer’s two-year warranty. This provides additional peace of mind — particularly when you consider the slightly plasticky-feel build.

Dremel MM50-01 Multi-Max Specifications

Dremel MM50-01 Multi-Max
Weight4.86 pounds
Tool-Free AdjustmentYes
Speed10000 - 21000 OPM
Dimensions4.2 x 10.5 x 17.2 inches
Amperage5.0 amps
Power120 volts corded
Angle of Oscillation3.2 degrees
Cord LengthUndeclared
Variable SpeedYes
Includes Universal AdaptorsNo
WarrantyTwo years

What Users Say About the Dremel Oscillating MultiMax MM50-01

In my opinion, the Multi-Max Oscillating MM50 01 is a brawny unit that, despite having the grunt to compete with trade-grade machines, still remains a DIY tool at heart.

However, with limited hands-on experience of this multitool, I could be doing this model an unfair disservice. Hence, for the ultimate unbiased MM50-01 review, I sought the views of owners of the Dremel — to see how it functions on a day-to-day basis.

Pleasingly — although for me, not Dremel — their opinions mirrored my own. Admittedly, while on the whole, guys felt positive about the machine, there remained many caveats.

Users of the MM5 001 praised its mighty 5.0 amp motor, welcomed the tactile and practical angled body, and lauded the tool-free accessory exchange — with many DIYers remarking how its brawn and user-friendliness elevated it above a standard home-improvement multitool.

Yet this was compounded by numerous opinions that pointed to the frustrations of only being able to use Dremel tool accessories, lack of lower-end speed options, and the low-durability build casing.

On the whole, it appears that the Multi-Max MM 50-01 is regarded as a considerable step above most DIY multitools — yet it’s definitely not a trade quality unit.

Alternatives to the MM5001 Oscillating Dremel MultiMax

If this Dremel MM50-01 MultiMax review has left you a little nonplussed — stick with me. As I understand, this unit may be lacking in a few departments for the experienced DIYer or trade-pro, or have too much grunt for the newbie user — I’ve sourced some impressive alternatives that may be more suited to your requirements.

Should you appreciate the variable speed of the Dremel, yet feel that the lowest 10000 OPM setting is simply too intense for your projects — consider this machine instead.

The DWE315K has a slightly higher top speed than the MM50-01 at 22000 OPM. However, what marks it as a more versatile machine than its Dremel counterpart, is its infinitely variable output rapidity — starting as low as 1 OPM.

  • Variable speed throttle trigger, as opposed to a rear-mounted dial on the MM5001.
  • Like the Dremel, the DeWalt arrives with a plethora of accessories and a carry case.
  • Slightly harder on the wallet than the MM50-01 MultiMax.
If the plastic build and questionable durability of the MM50-01 presents an issue — then take a look at this alternative unit from tool behemoths Makita.

The TM3010CX1 is a true contractor-grade multitool — boasting a seriously robust reinforced ABS casing that can withstand the tough knocks, bumps, and drops concomitant to site work. Furthermore, it boasts a soft-start system, shielding the motor from stress and elongating its longevity.

  • Hits the bank account harder than the Dremel.
  • Lower grunt, 3.0 amps as opposed to the 5.0 amps of the MM50-01.
  • Like the Dremel, the Makita has an aggressive 3.2-degree cutting angle.

Do you feel that the brawn, price-point, and aggressive cutting angle of the Dremel are unsuited to your casual use home-improvement requirements? If so, check out this machine instead.

The GMT15A is an entry-level oscillating tool. At just 1.6 amps compared to the MM50-01’s mighty 5.0 amps, it’s a gentler machine suited to small around-the-house jobs. And with a single speed setting of 21000 OPM, you don’t have to worry about adjusting the output rapidity.

  • Significantly easier on the pocket than the Dremel.
  • Unlike the MM5001, the Genesis machine needs a hex key to change accessories.
  • Fewer included accessories than the Dremel unit.


Brawny, arriving complete with accessories, and with a pleasing ergonomic build — the MM50-01 from Dremel is a worthy DIY-grade multitool with high aspirations.

Its 5.0 amp motor promises pleasing power on stubborn materials, while a 3.2-degree address angle should allow for rapid completion of larger cutting and sanding projects.

Complete with a multitude of tool heads, you can crack on with your home jobs immediately after unboxing, and its two-year manufacturer’s warranty delivers reassuring peace of mind.

While it aims high, the Multi-Max MM50-01 lacks key features for a trade machine — incompatibility with third-party attachments, plastic casing, and restricted low-speed options mean it’s unlikely to appeal to experienced DIYers and contractors.

But, if you’re looking for a household oscillating tool that’s higher specced than traditional hobby units — I recommend checking out the Dremel MM50-01 Multi-Max.

Multi-Max Dremel Oscillating MM50-01 FAQs

Q: Where Can I Buy the Oscillating Multitool MM50-1 Dremel MultiMax?

The MM5001 from Dremel is a powerful oscillating multitool that boasts a 5.0 amp motor, steep 3.2-degree address angle, and arrives with 30 accessories. You can purchase this impressive DIY-grade unit by clicking here.

Q:Where Can I Find an MM50-01 Manual?

Currently, the Dremel MultiMax MM 50-01 manual isn’t on the official Dremel website. For rapid access to the MM50-01 Manual.

Q: Is the Multi-Max MM50-01 Oscillating Multitool Made in the USA?

While Dremel is a US brand based in Mt. Prospect, Illinois — the MM5001 Multimax oscillating tool is manufactured over the border in Mexico.

Q: Is the Multi-Max MM50-01 a Cordless Oscillating Multitool?

No. The MM50-01 is a corded machine that arrives with a seven-foot mains lead. If you’re seeking a battery-powered model, check out my top cordless multitools picks.

Q: Is the Multi-Max MM5001 Multitool a Die-Grinder?

No. While Dremel has a reputation for its quality die-grinders, the MM50-01 is an oscillating multitool. The difference is the motion of the tool head — a die-grinder has a rotary action, while an oscillating head moves back and forth.