Galax Pro 22000 Review

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Galax Pro 22000 Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Jul 27, 2023 @ 2:13 am

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Galax Pro 22000 Review Summary:

Serious speed output, a lightweight build, and within reach of the casual DIYer’s budget — the Galax Pro 22000 corded oscillating multitool offers versatile, if somewhat basic, operation.

Delivering a surprising 22000 OPM, it promises rapid completion of time-lengthy projects. Significant ventilation promotes durability and comfortable use, while its 11-piece accessory kit allows you to sand, saw, trim, degrout, and cut.

A die-cast aluminum head helps to shield the machine against knocks and bumps while keeping overall weight to a minimum. An included 9.84-foot mains cord offers pleasing operational freedom, and a thumb-controlled on/off switch permits one-handed use.

For experienced DIYers and trade-pros, the relatively low-grunt 1.5 amp motor may prove insufficient — and the inability to adjust output speed inhibits tailoring the tool to suit your target material. However, for casual-intensity homeowners and oscillating new-kids-on-the-block, it’s a creditable machine.

This unit comes from the Galax stable, a brand that operates under the Galaxia Tech umbrella, based in Zhejiang, China, and offers a large range of marqued OEM tools. The 22000 Pro is a remarkably similar machine to the Genesis GMT15A — built by the same manufacturer.


  • Power – 1.5 amp
  • Voltage – 120 volts
  • Speed – 22000 OPM
  • Weight – 2.1 pounds


  • Arrives with an 11-piece accessory set.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • 9.84-foot cable.


Impressive 22000 OPM output.
Arrives complete with an 11-piece accessory kit.
Features significant ventilation.
Budget price point.
Lightweight aluminum build head.


Low grunt 1.5 amp motor.
No choice of speed settings.
Requires a hex key to change tool components.

Features and Benefits of the Galax Pro 22000 Oscillating Multi Tool

It comes with a cornucopia of attachments and is available at a price-point that’s not going to hurt your wallet — but, can this DIY oscillating multitool hold its own against its more well-known competitors?

It’s time to reveal the truth about the Galax Pro, and discover how suitable it is for the home user.

Oscillating Speed

Knocking out an eye-watering 22000 OPM — as indicated by its moniker — the Galax Pro is a seriously rapid machine. With few oscillating multitools on the market with a higher top-end velocity — including premium models — this unit is suitable for larger-scale projects where speedy completion is crucial.

However, if you want to step the intensity down — for example, to address dense materials or for jobs that demand precision — you’re outta luck buddy. This unit has only a single-speed setting.

1.5 Amp Motor

While reportedly a reliable motor that offers an impressive lifespan, its grunt is disappointing. At 1.5 amps, this powerhouse is half the output of most DIY-grade machines, meaning it’s going to struggle with materials that demand serious muscle — such as hardwoods and dense metals.

Keyed Tool Head

At the fore-end of the Pro Galax 22000, this unit incorporates a keyed tool head. So, when you want to switch from a cutter to a sander, you have to switch off the machine, find the hex key, unscrew the securing bolt, exchange the accessory, and then retighten.

I feel this is a little disappointing, as the vast majority of multitools feature a tool-free system, even budget models, that permits you to rapidly swap accessories with a simple press of a button — cutting back on downtime and shielding against the likelihood of misplaced wrenches.

Admittedly, in the drilling world, for example, there are many DIYers and pros that prefer a chuck key system — believing it to be more secure than a geared keyless chuck. Although this does have some merit — the rotary motion of drill bits makes them liable to slippage in the tool head — it’s irrelevant with an oscillating motion.

Lightweight Tool Head

A welcome feature of the Pro 22000 Galax is the die-cast aluminum head, adding pleasing durability to the business end of the unit while keeping the machine relatively lightweight — just 2.1 pounds.

Substantial Ventilation

Airflow is crucial in oscillating multitools. Rapid speeds, combined with material resistance, can elevate internal and external temperatures — raising the risk of component damage and making the unit uncomfortable to hold.

Therefore, it’s pleasing to see that the GalaxPro 22000 features not just rear-mounted venting slits to cool the motor, but also front-positioned louvers to reduce tool accessory heat levels. Thus meaning, the life of the unit is elongated and promoting enjoyable operation.

Power Cord

The Galax Pro arrives with a generous 9.84-foot mains lead — offering significant operational freedom by allowing you to work at a significant distance from a power outlet. Naturally, if this is still insufficient, you could always utilize an extension cord — but ensure you check that it’s suitably rated for the 1.5 amps of the multitool.

That said, if you want to ditch this mains tethering entirely, take a look at my top cordless multitool picks.

Included Accessories

Despite being a low-cost tool, the Galax22000 Pro happily arrives with a host of accessories — permitting you to unbox, plug in, and tackle any number of projects immediately.

Included with this oscillating multi-tool are:

  • Scraper blade.
  • Plunge blade.
  • Metal blade.
  • Semi-circle blade.
  • Triangular sanding pad.
  • 6 x sandpapers — 2 x 60, 2 x 80, 2 x 120 grit.

Galax Multi Tool Pro 22000 Specifications

Galax Pro 22000
Weight2.1 pounds
Tool-Free AdjustmentNo
Speed22000 OPM
Dimensions10.6 x 3.5 x 2.0 inches
Amperage1.5 amps
Power120 volts corded
Angle of Oscillation3.0 degrees
Cord Length9.84 feet
Accessories11-piece kit

What Users Say About the 22000 Galax Pro?

For me, the Galax Pro is a more than satisfactory, back-to-basics multitool that would suit casual and infrequent DIYers, or those people taking their first toddler steps in the oscillating world.

But, with only limited hands-on experience of this budget unit — it’s tough for me to give a more in-depth opinion on how this machine functions long-term in home environment situations.

Therefore, to ensure the most comprehensive and unbiased Galax Pro 22000 review — I sought the views of owners of the tool. Reassuringly, their testimonies echoed my own and, were in the main, generally positive.

Users of this multitool extolled the impressive 22000 OPM output, welcomed the generous ventilation, and praised the inclusion of numerous accessories and a lengthy power cord.

But, not everyone was overwhelmed with enthusiasm.

The most common criticisms included the inability to reduce the power output, the necessity of a hex key to switch accessories, and annoyingly noisy operation. Furthermore, a few guys mentioned that over time, the on/off switch becomes less responsive — making replacement necessary.

However, all owners concurred that for its low price point, effortless operation, and straight-outta-the-box functionality — the Galaxy Pro 22000 is a creditable casual-use DIY multitool.

Alternatives to the Galax 22000 Pro

If, despite the Galax Pro’s impressive feature-to-price ratio, you’re still not impressed, then bear with me — I know that it isn’t the tool for everyone.

Hence, I’ve put together a quick rundown of three alternative machines that may be more suited to your needs.

If your heart is set on a DIY-grade oscillating multitool, but you feel that the Galax 22000 Pro is too basic even for your home-improvement projects — check out this unit.

The BD200MTB has been designed with the amateur in mind, but packed with features typical of a pro-grade machine. It incorporates variable speeds, vibration-reducing grips, and tool-free accessory exchange — none of which feature on the Galax model.

  • Gruntier — 2.5 amps as opposed to the 1.5 amps of the Galax.
  • Universal adapter for third-party accessories, not included with the Pro 22000.
  • Slightly harder on the wallet than the Galax.
Perhaps you’ve been won over by the Galax — but, being a savvy and demanding guy, you want even more for the price — consider this similar multitool.

Built by the same OEM, but under a different brand, the Genesis is at a comparable price point to the Galax — but with a 19-piece accessory kit, as opposed to the eleven with the 22000 Pro, and boasts a tool-attachment storage box.

  • 21000 OPM, slightly less than the Pro 22000.
  • Similar die-cast aluminum lightweight head.
  • Includes universal adapter for third-party accessories — not featured in the Galax.

If you’re an experienced DIYer or trade contractor — then you want a unit that has greater durability and versatility than the entry-level Galax. So, if you want to take oscillating to pro-level, check out this machine.

The TM3010CX1 is a true workhorse — boasting a tough ABS casing to shield against drops, and a soft-start motor to elongate engine life. Additionally, it offers an expansive variable speed range of 6000 – 20000 OPM, as opposed to the Galax’s single 22000 OPM output.

  • Premium price for a premium machine.
  • At 3.0 amps, it has double the brawn of the Pro 22000.
  • Arrives with a carry case — not included with the Galax.


Delivering a staggering 22000 OPM, yet offered at a price point that will be attractive to the most frugal of power tool purchasers — the Pro 22000 is a worthy beginner-level oscillating multitool for the casual DIYer.

An 11-piece accessory kit and 9.84-foot power cord permit you to immediately crack on with a plethora of projects straight from the box. Its lightweight and durable aluminum head cuts back on fatigue on longer projects — while substantial front and rear ventilation shield the internal components and promote comfortable operation.

Sure, for trade contractors and experienced DIYers, it’s sadly lacking — the unremarkable power output, no choice of speed settings, and hex-key accessory exchange will deter many guys.

But, for homeowners who are looking for a pleasingly versatile and reliable multitool for infrequent use that isn’t going to hammer the credit card — I suggest considering the Galax Pro 22000.

Galax MultiTool Pro 22000 FAQs

Q: Where Can I Buy the Galax 22000 Pro?

With a 1.5-amp motor, delivering 22000 OPM, and keyed accessory exchange — the Galax Multi Tool Pro 22000 is a budget-priced machine suitable for the infrequent DIYer or newbie oscillating tool user. You can pick up this machine here.

Q: Is the Galax Oscillating Pro 22000 Made In the USA?

No. The machine originates from the Galaxia Tech stable — a business operating out of Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China. This company retails OEM products under a variety of brands and has been established for 25 years.

Q: Is the Pro 22000 Galax Multi-Tool Cordless?

No. The Galax Oscillating Pro 22000 is a corded machine that arrives with a 9.84-foot power cable. If you’re seeking a battery-powered unit, take a look at my cordless top picks.

Q: Can I Use the Galax Pro Oscillating MultiTool 22000 for Drilling?

Unfortunately not. Drills utilize a rotary motion, whereas multitools feature an oscillating — that is, back and forth — movement.

Q: Are Galax Tools Any Good?

Galax is renowned for its budget power tools suitable for infrequent use. While suitable for the casual DIYer, they will not stand up to contractor-grade intensity or the demands of the serious DIYer.

Q: Are Galax Tools Any Good?

Galax is renowned for its budget power tools suitable for infrequent use. While suitable for the casual DIYer, they will not stand up to contractor-grade intensity or the demands of the serious DIYer.

  • Grinding.
  • Sanding.
  • Cutting.
  • Grinding.
  • Shearing.
  • Degrouting.
  • Shaping.
  • Trimming.