Genesis GMT15A Review

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Genesis GMT15A Multi-Tool Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Jul 27, 2023 @ 2:16 am

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Genesis GMT15A Review Summary:

High-speed, arriving with an impressive warranty, and available at a budget price — the Genesis GMT15A is a praiseworthy corded oscillating multitool that should appeal to the casual DIYer.

Knocking out 21000 OPM from its 1.5 amp brushed motor — it’s a surprisingly rapid unit for a low-cost model, permitting you to rapidly crack on with time-lengthy projects whether you’re sanding, cutting, grinding, or scraping. And, boasting six ventilation slits, it’s unlikely to overheat or become uncomfortable in the hand even when running at the max.

The internal gears are encased in a lightweight, die-cast aluminum housing — keeping operating weight to a minimum while delivering reassuring durability. And, with a sturdy four-pin flange tool head, you have peace of mind knowing that your accessories are secure during extreme use.

Arriving with 19 interchangeable tool heads, and being a corded model, you can operate the GMT15A straight-outta-the-box. Furthermore, its substantial top-mounted operation switch permits effortless operation even when used one-handed.

For experienced users, the lack of torque grunt and single-operating speed will be a significant downer. But, for home-users looking for a casual use DIY unit or newbies to the oscillating multitool world, it’s worthy of consideration.

This machine hails from the Genesis stable, a US-based company that’s offered DIY-grade power tools since 2003. The GMT15A is its entry-level multitool — below the variable speed GMT25T and the cordless GLMT08B.


  • Power: – 1.5 amp
  • Voltage – 120 volts
  • Speed – 21000 OPM
  • Weight – 2.8 pounds


  • Includes 19-piece accessory set.
  • Die-cast aluminum gear housing.
  • Ideal for oscillating tool newbies.


Budget price point.
Aluminum gear housing.
Complete with 19 accessories.
Two-year warranty.
High oscillating speed.


Low brawn 1.5 amp motor.
Single not variable speed.

Features and Benefits of the GMT15A Oscillating Multitool

It’s laden with accessories and available at a budget friendly-price point — but can this unit stand up against premium costlier machines? Time to pull back the curtain and reveal exactly what this multi-tool is capable of.

Oscillating Speed

The GMT15A from Genesis can knock out an eye-watering 21000 OPM (oscillations per minute). This rapid speed is greater than many of its high-end competitors, meaning it offers rapid cutting and sanding capabilities.

The downside is, compared to such machines as the DeWalt DWE315K, it doesn’t offer variable velocities. Either you’re shooting along at eleventy-stupid, or your machine is switched off — there’s no middle ground.

Hence, for more precise projects, or denser materials that require a slower approach, it could be a little disappointing.

1.5 Amp Brushed Motor

The powerhouse behind the Genesis GMT 15A oscillating tool is a 1.5 amp brushed motor. Impressively reliable — according to reports from users — it should offer durable use for the casual to medium DIYer.

However, at around 50 percent of the amperage of its premium competitors, it has the speed but not the grunt — meaning it may struggle with tougher materials such as hardwoods and metals.

Furthermore, the ultimate machines usually offer a brushless motor — unlike the Genesis, which is brushed. Brushless models, with less internal friction and heat, offer greater power efficiency — although to be fair, this is more a concern in cordless machines than corded units.

Aluminum Gear Housing

Reassuringly, the Genesis GM T15A multi tool incorporates a robust die-cast aluminum gear housing. Not just pleasing to the eye and giving the unit a premium appearance, it provides durable shielding for the crucial internal components.

Four Pin Flange

At the business end of the Genesis GMT1 5A oscillating tool is a four-pin flange. These four points of anchorage provide pleasing attachment stability, meaning that blades and sanders remain securely in place during extreme projects.

The downside is that you need to utilize a hex wrench to interchange accessories, unlike pro-grade units that typically offer tool-free head replacement.

19-Piece Accessory Kit

Not only does its corded design spell out it’s operational straight-outta-the-box with no lithium cell charging — but also the inclusion of 19 accessories means that you can tackle a plethora of jobs immediately, without having to make additional purchases.

Included with the machine are:

  • Three-inch sanding pad.
  • 12 triangular sandpapers (60, 80, 120, and 240).
  • Scraper blade.
  • 1.375-inch flush cutting blade.
  • Saw blade.
  • 1.75-inch flush coarse tooth blade.
  • Accessory storage box.
  • Allen key.

Lightweight Design

Thanks to its lightweight yet robust aluminum gear housing, the GMT15A Genesis provides comfortable operation — weighing just 2.8 pounds. This should allow for extended use, even single-handed, without inducing user fatigue — making it particularly appealing for DIYers who plan on completing time-extensive projects.

Eight Ventilation Slits

The oscillating GMT15A multi tool boasts eight ventilation apertures — two at the front and six at the rear — allowing for pleasing heat dispersion during operation. Not only will this permit comfortable use by keeping hand temperatures low — but also shield the internal components from heat damage, extending the life of the multitool.

Substantial Operation Switch

Top-mounted on the external casing is the GMT 15A’s operation switch. Tactile and substantial, it enables effortless activation even when operating this Genesis oscillating tool one-handed.

6.5-Foot Cord

Its included 6.5-foot power cord should be suitable for the majority of DIY applications, offering a pleasing distance between your project and power outlets. If you do utilize an extension lead, always ensure it’s sufficiently rated to accommodate the 1.5 amps of the multi-tool.

Two-Year Warranty

Reassuringly, the GMT15A Genesis oscillating tool arrives with a manufacturer’s comprehensive two-year warranty — unusual for a budget unit.

Genesis GMT15A Specifications

Genesis GMT15A
Weight2.8 pounds
Tool-Free AdjustmentNo
Speed21000 OPM
Dimensions4.5 x 5.25 x 12.6 inches
Amperage1.5 amps
Power120 volts corded
Angle of Oscillation3 degrees
Cord Length 6.5 feet
Frequency60 Hz
WarrantyTwo years

What Users Say About the Genesis Multi Tool GMT15A?

In my opinion, the GM T15A Genesis is a pleasingly rapid and budget-priced multitool that would appeal to casual DIYers and guys new to the oscillating arena.

However, as I’m not using this machine on a daily basis, it’s tough to provide any detail on how this model functions in real-world situations. Hence, to guarantee you receive a completely unbiased and in-depth review, I delved into the opinions of the owners of this unit.

Happily, their overwhelmingly positive testimonials echoed my personal feelings.

Users of the GMT15A praised its high-speed 21000 OPM motor, lauded the inclusion of a multitude of accessories, and welcomed the generous cord and warranty lengths.

Naturally, some guys weren’t exactly toasting this unit with Champagne.

One DIYer was disappointed that despite its fast oscillation, the machine lacked sufficient grunt to remove aged grout — and that when put under pressure, it becomes noisy with significant vibration. Another home user mentioned that the securing washer ring wears rapidly — so if you’re planning on utilizing this multitool often, it might be advisable to purchase some spares for your toolbox.

That said, all owners of the Genesis Oscillating GMT15A agreed that this unit offered significant bang-for-their-bucks — and was a more than impressive DIY-grade tool.

Alternatives to the GMT15A Genesis Oscillating Multitool

Despite all its praiseworthy qualities, it may be that this machine hasn’t whetted your oscillating appetite. If your heart is set on a multitool, but you demand something that the GMT15A doesn’t provide, stick with me.

Here are some impressive alternatives that may be more suited to you and your project’s demands:

If you’re impressed by the high OPM of the Genesis, yet are downhearted that it only offers a single output velocity — the TM3010CX1 may be preferable.

Delivering extensive 6000-20000 OPM variable speeds, you can tailor this machine to the perfect rapidity that’s applicable for your project or target material. Although admittedly, its top speed is slightly less than the GMT15A.

  • More powerful motor — 3.0 amps compared to the 1.5 of the Genesis.
  • Includes hard carry case, not included with the GMT 15A.
  • Harder on the wallet than the budget Genesis multitool.
Should you welcome the 19-piece accessory kit included with the Genesis model — but still wish that it offered even more — the MM50-01 could be the answer.

Arriving with a remarkable 30 accessories, this Dremel unit provides the ultimate in outta-the-box versatility — including tool heads not seen in the GMT15A, such as a metal flush blade, grout remover, multi-knife, and diamond sandpaper.

  • Tougher on the bank balance than the Genesis.
  • Mighty 5.0 amp motor compared to the 1.5 amp of the GMT 15A.
  • Variable speeds — not a feature of the Genesis model.

If you’re a frequent DIYer and consider that the hex wrench required to change heads on the Genesis is going to cost valuable downtime — check out this machine from DeWalt.

The DWE315K offers effortless tool-free accessory exchange, allowing you to swiftly switch from project to project without the use of an Allen key — not just a time-saver, but it also means you don’t have to worry about misplacing the wrench.

  • Arrives with a carry case — not included with the GMT15A.
  • 29 accessories, compared to 19 with the Genesis multitool.
  • Higher price point than the budget GMT 15A.


Providing an impressive 21000 OPM output, yet at a price point that isn’t going to hurt your bank balance — the GMT15A is an excellent entry-level oscillating multitool for the DIYer.

A comprehensive accessory kit and corded design allow you to immediately operate the unit post-unboxing. The lightweight design promises to reduce hand fatigue — and, its 6.5-foot mains cord delivers significant operational freedom without the use of an extension lead.

Agreed, for knowledgeable oscillating tool operators, trade pros, and experienced DIYers — it’s not ideal. Being low on grunt, lacking a choice of output velocities, and requiring a hex wrench to change tool heads — it’s missing many of the features included as standard in higher-end, although pricier, models.

However, for home users who want a reliable, versatile, and straightforward oscillating multitool that’s easy on the wallet — I recommend checking out the Genesis GMT15A.

Oscillating Genesis Multi Tool GMT15A FAQs

Q: Where Can I Buy the Oscillating Multitool GMT15A?

The GMT 15A Genesis multitool is an entry-level oscillating machine that offers an eye-watering 21000 OPM and arrives with 19 tool accessories. You can get your hands on this unit here.

Q:Is the GMT 15A Multi Tool Oscillating Cordless?

No. The GMT1 5A is a corded multitool that comes with a 6.5-foot power cord. If you’re looking for a lithium-cell-driven machine, check out our cordless top picks.

Q: Where Can I Find GMT15A Manual Genesis?

The official Genesis website hosts user guides for all its power tools. For rapid access to the GMT15A Manual.

Q: How Many Speeds Does the Genesis GMT15A Corded Multitool Have?

Just one. The GMT15A knocks out a rapid 21000 OPM, however, you cannot step down this rapidity. If you’re looking for a variable speed machine, check out the DeWalt DWE315K.

Q: Is the Genesis GMT 15A Multi Tool Oscillating Made in the USA?

Genesis is a US-based company working out of South Carolina. However, its power tools, including the GMT 15A multitool, are manufactured in China.

Q: Can I Use the Genesis GMT 15A Oscillating Multitool With a Screwdriver Head?

No. Multitools utilize an oscillating movement of the tool head, whereas electric screwdrivers require a rotary motion. If you’re looking for a power tool to address screws and bolts, check out my picks of the top drill drivers.