Makita TM3010CX1 Review

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Makita TM3010CX1 Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Jul 27, 2023 @ 1:54 am

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Makita TM3010CX1 Review Summary:

Robust, reliable, and rapid — the Makita TM3010CX1 is a genuine professional-grade corded oscillating multitool for the contractor and devoted home DIYer.

Delivering variable speeds from 6000 – 20000 OPM from its grunty 3.0 amp motor, you can adjust the output intensity to suit the demands of your target material — whether you’re scraping, sanding, cutting, or de-grouting. Furthermore, its steep 3.2-degree address angle adds welcome aggressiveness for more demanding jobs.

Arriving complete with a vast array of attachments — including two highly useful universal adapters — you can utilize this unit straight from the box with no additional purchases. And, with a tool-free head exchange, switching from blades to sanders is speedy — without the requirement for a hex wrench.

Incorporated sound proofers and shock absorbers enhance user comfort, while a substantial top-mounted operation switch boasts a fatigue-busting lock-on feature. Additionally, soft-start control reduces wear and tear on the motor, elongating longevity — and electronic speed control keeps the velocity constant, irrespective of the challenging load applied.

This oscillating multitool arrives from the Makita stable, a Japanese manufacturer of premium-grade machines with a history extending back over a century. The TM3010CX1 is the flagship product in its corded oscillating tool range, a step above the TM3010CX4.


  • Power – 3.0 amp
  • Voltage – 120 volts
  • Speed – 6000 – 20000 OPM
  • Weight – 3.5 pounds


  • Electronic speed control.
  • 3.2-degree oscillation angle.
  • Low noise – 80 dBA.


Compact build.
Includes hard carry case.
Aggressive cutting angle.
Replacement parts are available.


Awkward variable speed control.
No LED lamp.

Features and Benefits of the Makita TM3010CX1 Oscillating Multitool

Trade-grade, and combining impressive brawn with comfortable use — the TM3010 CX1 is as suited to carpenters and plumbers as it is to remodelers and experienced DIYers.

Allow me to plunge into its plethora of features, and explain what this unit has to offer the ardent semi-pro and work contractor.

Tool-Free Clamp System

Pleasingly, the TM3010CX1 multitool offers tool-free accessory exchange. Not only does this permit rapid switching between head types for different projects, but it also means that downtime is reduced by eliminating the headache of searching for a compatible hex key.

Variable Speed Control

Driven by a 3.0 amp motor, the Makita Multi Tool TM3010CX1 promises a variable speed range of 6000 – 20000 OPM. Adjusted by a rear-mounted dial, you can choose between five preset settings.

On the plus side, it means that you can select a velocity that’s suitable for both your project type and your target material. And, intelligent electronic speed control ensures that the output rapidity remains constant even under heavy load applications.

However, it’s a little disappointing that this premium unit doesn’t offer a trigger throttle — as seen in the DeWalt DWE315K — that enables infinitely variable velocities and permits one-handed speed adjustment.

3.2-Degree Oscillating Angle

The Makita TM30 10CX1 oscillating tool boasts an aggressive 3.2-degree oscillating angle — more intense than the 2.5-3.0 degrees seen on many units. This delivers faster cutting and sanding, which may suit those completing larger projects.

Comfortable Use

With the intensive trade user in mind, the design guys at Makita have incorporated a couple of work-friendly features in the TM3010 CX1 oscillating tool — allowing comfortable and fatigue-free use over more time-lengthy jobs.

Substantial cushioning, double insulation, and shock absorbers combine to promote low-vibration use of just 6 m/s2 — and reduced noise output of 80 dBA.

Reliability and Durability

Constructed for hardcore on-site applications, the TM3 010CX1 Makita Oscillating Multi Tool incorporates a robust ABS reinforced casing — making it stand up to the rigors of drops, bumps, and knocks.

Internally, an innovative soft-start system brings the unit steadily up to speed — thus reducing wear on the motor and gears and, therefore, elongating the machine’s longevity.

Included Accessories

The Makita TM 3010CX1 multitool arrives with a plethora of accessories — allowing you to crack on with a multitude of projects immediately, with no additional purchases. In addition to the regular staples of sanders and blades — it’s pleasing to see that it also features hard cases for both the tool and accessories, and also boasts universal adapters allowing you to utilize non-Makita branded heads with the machine.

This oscillating multi tool comes complete with:

  • Durable sanding pad.
  • Hard carry case.
  • 1.25-inch plunge blade.
  • 5 x 120 grit sanding papers.
  • 2 x universal multi tool adapters.
  • Tool accessory case.
  • 5 x 180 grit sanding paper.

Compact Build

Measuring just 5.08 x 5.0 x 11.125 inches — it’s a relatively compact multitool permitting easy transportability and straightforward inclusion in your day-to-day toolbox. A purpose-made slim diameter handle increases grip for higher torque applications and delivers reassurance when used with gloved or oily hands.

However, despite the Makita TM30 10CX1 multitool’s small construction, it’s a weighty unit at 3.5 pounds — more than 0.5 pounds heavier than many of its counterparts. While crucial to house the robust gearing, motor, and electronic control — it increases the likelihood of hand fatigue in lengthy projects.

Operational Switch

The on/off button is located conveniently on the forward upper casing — meaning it sits comfortably below your thumb while in operation. Generously sized, it permits effortless activation and deactivation one-handed.

Furthermore, boasting a convenient lock-on feature, it allows you to work for extended periods without continually pushing on the switch — hence reducing thumb fatigue on larger projects.

Makita TM3010CX1 Specifications

Makita TM3010CX1
Weight3.5 pounds
Tool-Free AdjustmentYes
Speed6000 - 20000 OPM
Dimensions5.08 x 5.0 x 11.125 inches
Amperage3.0 amps
Power120 volts corded
Angle of Oscillation3.2 degrees
Cord LengthUndeclared
Variable SpeedYes
Includes Universal AdaptorsYes

What Users Say About the Makita Multi Tool TM3010CX1?

In my eyes, the TM3010 CX1 Makita Multitool is a durable, versatile, and pro-grade unit that’s ideal for the seriously committed DIYer and trade contractor.

However, as my experience of this machine is limited compared to owners of the tool, I decided to delve into their opinions — to discover exactly how this oscillating unit functions in real-world situations.

Reassuringly, their Makita TM3010CX1 reviews echoed my own feelings.

Users of the TM30 10CX1 welcomed its large variable speed range, applauded its effortless tool-free clamp system, and praised the multitude of included accessories — particularly the universal adapters.

Of course, there were a couple of guys who weren’t one hundred percent impressed with this tool.

One DIYer moaned that the handle lacked any rubber traction, which he felt would improve stability when in use — and was surprised that it didn’t include an LED lamp. Another trade user mentioned that the rear-mounted variable speed dial was poorly placed — requiring the use of two hands to change the output rapidity while in use.

That said, overall, all owners of the Makita TM 3010CX1 concurred that it’s a remarkably robust multitool with the speed and brawn to tackle tough on-site jobs.

Alternatives to the TM3010CX1 Makita Oscillating Multitool

Although the premium-grade Makita multitool is impressive — it may not be ideal for all users. Hence, if you’re in the market for an oscillating powerhouse, but feel that the TM30 10CX1 isn’t suitable for your projects or your personal preferences — don’t worry.

I’ve put together below three additional options that may be more applicable to your needs.

If you appreciate the reliability of the Makita, but feel it’s a little on the pricey side and includes features that are overkill for your DIY needs — this could be the solution.

The GMT15A is a durable, budget, home-user grade multitool that’s seriously light on the wallet. Sure, it lacks variable speed control and a lock-on feature — but still arrives with a plethora of accessories and die-cast aluminum gear casing.

  • Higher speed than the Makita, 21000 OPM as opposed to 20000 OPM.
  • Lacks noise and vibration absorbers — a feature of the TM3010 CX1.
  • No tool-free head exchange, unlike the Makita — you need a hex wrench.
Should you demand a pro-grade multitool, but are of the opinion that the Makita lacks sufficient grunt for the mother-of-all projects — consider this oscillator instead.

The MM50-01 boasts a mammoth 5.0 amp motor, in contrast with the 3.0 amps of the TM301 0CX1. Thus resulting in significantly higher brawn to tackle the densest of materials.

  • Lighter on the wallet than the Makita.
  • Like the TM3010CX1, the Dremel boasts an impressive variable speed range.
  • Smaller head than the Makita, making it more suited to accessing confined spaces.

If your multitool projects take you to dark and dimly lit locations, thus you find the lack of an in-built LED lamp on the Makita a downer — this tool could be the answer.

Like the TM3010CX1, the DeWalt includes a multitude of accessories, has variable operating speeds, and a reliable 3.0 amp motor. However, including an LED work light positioned in the gear head, it’s more suited to poorly illuminated areas.

  • Like the Makita, the DWE315K offers a tool-free accessory exchange.
  • Comparatively priced to the Makita.
  • Includes a soft-carry case as opposed to the hard case of the TM3010 CX1.


With an aggressive cutting and sanding angle, robust build, and wide variable speed range — the TM3010CX1 is a true contractor-grade multitool for pro users and committed DIYers.

Arriving with a plethora of accessories, it’s ideal for tough sanding, scraping, cutting, and de-grouting. And, boasting tool-free head exchange, you’ll save on downtime, not having to seek out a suitably-sized hex wrench.

With a slimline handle, shock absorbers, and soundproofing tech — it offers comfortable operation on longer and demanding projects. Furthermore, with a welcome lock-on operational switch, thumb and finger fatigue is reduced.

Sure, it’s not ideal for everyone. Its premium price point may be off-putting for some guys, and casual home users may find the cornucopia of accessories and features overkill for basic household jobs.

But, if you’re in the market for a multitool that can stand up to intense operation — I recommend checking out the Makita TM3010CX1.

Makita Multi Tool TM3010CX1 Oscillating FAQs

Q: Where Can I Buy the Oscillating Multitool TM3010CX1?

The Makita TM3 010CX1 is a pro-level oscillating multitool that offers variable speeds, reduced noise emission, and arrives complete with numerous accessories and a hard carry case. You can purchase this machine here.

Q: Where Can I Find TM3010CX1 Manual by Makita?

The official Makita website hosts a plethora of manuals for its power tools. For rapid access to the TM3010CX1 manual.

Q: Is the Makita TM301 0CX1 Multi Tool Oscillating Made in the USA?

No. This machine hails from a Japanese company with its manufacturing base in China.

Q: Where Can I Find TM3010CX1 Makita Oscillating Multitool Replacement Parts?

As a premium-grade multitool from a respected tool manufacturer, you’ll find a multitude of spare and replacement parts available for the TM3010CX1 from the Makita website. To effortlessly select your required component, check out this exploded diagram.

Q: Is the TM3010CX1 Multi Tool a Cordless Oscillating Machine?

No. The Makita Oscillating TM3010CX1 is a corded multitool. If you would prefer a lithium-cell driven unit, check out my selection of the best cordless multitools.

Q: Is the Makita Multitool TM3010CX1 a Dremel?

Dremel is a trade brand renowned for its oscillating tools — hence why it has become synonymous with multitools and a generic trademark. The Makita is indeed a multitool, but isn’t made by Dremel.