Porter-Cable PCE605K Review

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Porter-Cable PCE605K Multi-Tool Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Jul 27, 2023 @ 2:06 am

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Porter-Cable PCE605K Review Summary:

The Porter-Cable PCE605K is a mid-level oscillating multi-tool kit that offers super value at its price point. It’s a mid-range tool for professionals and DIYers with a hard case kit complete with blades and accessories.

Sporting a 3-amp motor, this unit delivers a variable speed — between 10,000 to 22,000 OPM. And, with an oscillating angle set at 2.8 degrees, its less aggressive cutting pace is perfect for precision jobs.

The Porter-Cable PCE605K is also easy-to-handle. It weighs around 3.3 pounds and arrives with a 7-foot long cable, permitting convenient operation. In addition, its barrel is designed with a rubber grip in three strategic locations for firm handling.

Furthermore, its tool-free blade change system allows you to swap over blades and accessories without a hex key. At the press of the clamp, you can effortlessly make switches. What’s more, this tool has a depth/cut guide that assists the operator with accurate and professional-looking depth and plunge cuts.

Porter-Cable is a respectable centenarian manufacturing company with incredible achievements such as inventing the portable belt sander and electrical saw. Now owned by Stanley Black & Decker, Porter-Cable continues to produce quality, affordable power tools for professionals and consumers.

Unsurprisingly, the PCE605K is backed by a 3-year warranty, one year of free servicing, and a 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • Weight – 3.3 pounds
  • Motor – 3 amps
  • Oscillation angle – 2.8 degrees
  • Cutting speed – 10,000 – 22,000 OPM


  • Tool-less blade change.
  • Universal depth and cutting guide for accuracy.
  • Lock-on variable speed with industry-leading max.
  • Complete accessories with carry bag.


Brawny 3-amp motor.
Impressive top operating speed.
Depth and cutting guide.
Tool-less blade change.
Numerous 31-piece accessory kits and a carry bag.


May be difficult for weaker hands to change blades.

Features and Benefits of Porter-Cable PCE605K Oscillating Tool

It takes understanding the finer details to truly appreciate the workings of a machine. So let’s take a closer look at the features of this prosumer oscillating tool.

Reliable Motor and Variable Pace

The Porter-Cable PCE605K is equipped with a 3-amp motor, which takes this tool into the professional-use arena as well as the DIYer market.

It delivers a variable speed of 10,000 to 22,000 OPM, split into six settings and you can alter the pace whether the machine is in operation or not. Hence, if you feel the need to kick it up a notch — or down — you don’t have to down tools to do it.

With that much juice and speed combined, it allows you to use the multi tool for:

  • Sanding in awkward areas and tight corners.
  • Removing grout, cement, or other materials from tiles, walls, and other surfaces.
  • Flush cutting wood trim, shearing off nail heads, copper or plastic piping.
  • Prep work — scraping carpet or tile adhesive from walls or floors.

Comfortable Handling

As expected from an excellent oscillating tool, the Porter-Cable PCE605K is convenient to handle.

The PCE605K52 only weighs around 3.3 pounds. While it’s not one of the lightest multi-tools on the block, it’s not one of the heaviest around either. So whether you’re a DIYer or a professional, you can work at a stretch without suffering from rapid arm fatigue.

Moreover, it has a 7-foot long cord for operation. Given the fact that the industry standard is 6 feet, that extra length can make all the difference between having to hook up to an extension cable. And, its thick rubber coating is fit to withstand rough use on a workbench or a job site.

What’s more, the Porter-Cable PCE605K sports tri-position ‘Over Mold’ gripping areas. These are located in the front, middle, and rear to dampen vibration and improve operational comfort.

Tool-Free Blade Change

The best feature upgrade to oscillating tools has got to be the tool-less blade change. Before this multi-tool innovation, users had to swap out accessories with hex keys or wrenches — some budget models still work on this principle. As you can imagine, it was a slow and painful approach, particularly if you couldn’t locate the tools for the job.

And it’s pleasing to see that the PCE605K offers this revolutionary tool-free feature.

It employs a clamp mechanism that, when pressed, opens the blade-holding latch. Unlike some multi-tools, it can be operated with one hand for convenience. Although not every user might possess the arm strength to benefit from it.

Accessories Included

The Porter-Cable PCE605K comes with a whopping 31 accessories and a hard-case carry bag. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Oscillating tool.
  • Depth guide.
  • Precision wood blade.
  • Wood/metal blade.
  • Flash cut blade.
  • Sanding plate.
  • Sandpaper sheets.
  • Flexible scraper.
  • Kit box.

As you can see, with five different attachments to use, it means you can crack on with a number of different projects, from the get go.

Depth and Cutting Guide

A depth/cutting guide is like a ruler for oscillating tools, often sold separately. However, it arrives as part of the deal with this multi tool.

All you have to do is mount the guide and start making accurate cuts. With its roller, you can track cut lines on materials smoothly and precisely. Also, the guide can be a stopper that prevents cutting too deep and potentially ruining your project altogether.

Porter-Cable PCE605K Specifications

Porter-Cable PCE605K
Motor power3 amps
Oscillations per minute (OPM)10,000 to 22,000
Oscillating angle 2.8 degrees
Power source Electric-corded
Cord length7 feet
Speed Type (System)Variable speed (dial)
Blade changeTool-less
Led light No
Dust extraction portNo
Depth guideYes
Product Weight3.3 pounds
Warranty3-year limited guarantee

What Users Say About the Porter-Cable PCE605K

While we all appreciate that this type of review is based on the reviewer’s perspective — as in, my perspective. Now I’ll take a step back — to show you the opinions from actual users for neutrality.

At the top of the list, most users find the affordability of the Porter-Cable PCE605K remarkable. And, they truly welcome the fact they can start working immediately with the included blades and sandpaper.

Others commend the speedy blade-changing abilities and the adjustable depth guide for its professional delivery. And, consumers admire the powerful 3-amp motor with its variable pace — saying its six speeds permits precise pace according to the project.

However, while users cherish the lasting build of this machine, some did have a minor moan that small-handed operators could find its size a struggle to grip properly.

Alternatives to Porter-Cable PCE605K

While the Porter-Cable is an excellent oscillating tool, it may not be quite what you seek. So, I’ve taken the liberty to select three alternatives that may fit your projects or requirements better.

If you’re hunting a multi-tool with a bit more torque and exquisite finesse — you might wish to check out the GOP40-30B.

Its beefy 4-amp motor will work through the most challenging materials like a knife through butter. But it’s adept for both light and tough work with a variable speed of 8,000 to 20,000 OPM.

What’s more, the GOP40-30B has one of the fastest and durable tool change systems — the Starlock. Also, it comes with plenty of attachments and a carry bag or case.

  • Both feature a tool-less accessory change.
  • With a 4-amp motor, the Bosche is more powerful than the Porter-Cable.
  • The Bosch includes a 30-piece accessory kit — a similar number to that of the PCE605K.

Perhaps you’ve decided the corded format won’t fulfill your multi-tool projects, thus take a look at the cordless DeWalt DCS356B.

This multi-tool has a touch slower top speed than the PCE605K at 20,000 OPM. However, it has better customizable pace control thanks to the trigger, and it arrives with an LED for working in dark corners.

  • Features a LED headlight for illumination — the Porter-Cable doesn’t.
  • Both support an adjustable tool guide.
  • The DCS356B is a tool-only multi-tool, unlike the PCE605K.

If you’re pressed for cash but still want to enjoy a full accessory package, the Rockwell RK5132K might tickle your multi-tool fancy.

It comes packed with 32 accessories and employs a powerful 3.5 amp motor for unmatched torque. Although, its OPM range is slightly less at 11,000 to 20,000 OPM.

  • More competitively priced than the PCE605K.
  • Lower max speed of 20,000 OPM, compared to the PCE605K’s 22,000 OPM.
  • Both use a tool-free blade change system.


For me, the multi-tool is that little tool that does the job of larger machines like angle grinders and circular saws in small spaces.

And, with such responsibility comes another to be productive. Hence, a functional multi-tool must have a powerful motor and enough speed to cut through various materials in hard-to-reach spaces bigger tools can’t reach.

Fortunately, the Porter-Cable PCE605K ticks all the boxes. It boasts a rugged motor and is among the fastest oscillating tools around. It also features a guide for precision cutting and an ergonomic body that improves comfort and reduces vibration.

At the apex is its tool-less change system, which is now a staple among the best oscillating tools. Speaking of which, this machine comes with accessories to start working right away. So why not check out the Porter-Cable PCE605K for yourself today.

PCE605K Review FAQs

Q: How Do You Change the Blade on Porter-Cable PCE605K?

The PCE605K has an easy-to-use tool-free blade change system. All you have to do is press the change lever and attach a blade. To remove accessories, all it takes is the same process — press down and detach.

Q: What Can I Use the Porter-Cable PCE605K Multi-Tool For?

The PCE605K is a versatile tool capable of detailed sanding, flush and plunge cutting, scraping, plus grout and excess material removal.

With suitable blades, you can work on materials such as wood, PVC pipe, thin metal, copper, and even tiles (with a diamond head blade).

Q: What’s The Difference Between the PCE605K vs PCE606K?

The most notable distinction between both multi-tools is that the PCE605K arrives with 31 accessories while the PCE606K comes with 11.

Q: How Do You Attach the PCE605K Depth Guide?

Insert the tool guide into the slots close to the head of the device. Then, secure the guide with the provided screw and hex wrench.

Q: How to Install Sanding Sheets on the PCE605K?

The PCE605K comes with a triangular-shaped plate to attach sanding sheets. Mount the pad first to use sandpaper. When that’s done, you’ll align the edges of the sandpaper with the plate, then press it firmly on a flat surface.

Q: Where Can I Locate The Manual for the PCE605K?

For rapid access to the PCE605K Manual.