Dewalt DCS355 Review

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Dewalt DCS355 Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Jul 30, 2023 @ 2:36 pm

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Dewalt DCS355 Review Summary:

Robust, trade-grade, and with an impressive warranty, the DeWalt DCS355 is a remarkable cordless oscillating multitool for the discerning DIYer and conscientious contractor.

Promising infinitely variable speed control from its dual-grip trigger throttle, it’s seriously versatile — allowing you to choose the consummate output intensity whether you’re cutting, polishing, grinding, or sanding.

Inside the casing is a durable brushless motor — offering greater energy efficiency when compared to its brushed counterparts. Low on heat and friction, it allows you to power on for extended periods — around 57 percent longer than brushed models.

Tool-free accessory exchange eliminates the stress and annoyance of hunting for a hex key. And, arriving complete with two cutting blades and a universal adapter, you can attack your projects from day one — well, as long as you own a DeWalt 20v cell, as no batteries are included.

The head of the DC S355 boasts a low-energy LED lamp — knocking out welcome illumination in poorly lit areas such as inside cabinets and between ceiling slats. Additionally, boasting a tight 1.6 degrees oscillating angle, it’s ideal for accurate address on precision-demanding projects.

This machine comes from the DeWalt stable — a respected US-based company with a history in power tool manufacture dating back to 1923. The DCS 355 is its flagship product in its cordless multi tool oscillating lineup.

DCS 355 Specifications:

  • Voltage – 20 volts
  • Speed – 0 – 20000 OPM
  • Weight – 2.33 pounds
  • Size – 11.2 x 5.25 x 2.75 inches


Brushless motor.
Twin-grip throttle.
Precision tool.
0-20000 OPM.


Arrives without a battery or charger.
Significant vibration.

Features and Benefits of the DCS355 Oscillating Multi Tool

Time for the real meat! Let’s pull back the DeWalt wizard’s curtain and reveal exactly what this mighty machine has to offer the dedicated DIYer and trade user.

Variable Speed

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this DeWalt Multitool is the variable speed function.

Typical to most oscillating cordless units, the DeWalt incorporates user-selectable speed — in this case, maxing out at an eye-watering 20000 OPM (oscillations per minute). However, where the DCS355 stands above its counterparts is in how this velocity is delivered.

The majority of battery-powered multi-tools feature a speed-dial, allowing the operator to select one of around five/six preset-rapidity settings. However, the DeWalt machine offers significantly more tailorability, permitting you to determine the output velocity through a substantial throttle trigger.

This means as you squeeze, speed increases — at any increment you wish from 0-20000 OPM. Hence, allowing you to more accurately select the optimum intensity for your project type — not at a rapidity determined by the manufacturer.

Brushless Motor

The design boffins at DeWalt have utilized a brushless motor within the oscillating DCS 355, offering greater efficiency than the more common brushed motor. For a detailed comparison of these two formats — check out my Brushed Vs Brushless Motor Face Off.

In essence, the low friction and heat generation of the brushless motor means energy isn’t wasted — crucial in battery-powered tools. This results in less power drain from the cell, allowing you to power on for longer.

The manufacturer states that, when compared to a similar machine with a brushed powerhouse, the DeWalt Multi-Tool DCS355 permits 57 percent increased running time.

Effortless Tool Exchange

The DeWalt Multi Tool DCS355 boasts a proprietary Quick-Change Accessory System — permitting you to exchange cutting/sanding heads without the use of a hex wrench or key.

This useful design element reduces the risk of tightening key loss — and prevents the headaches of wasted downtime searching for it in the abyss of your toolbox.

Twin Grip Formats

Whether you’re sanding, cutting, planing, or grinding with your multitool — you can find yourself in some strange and awkward operating positions. Often this means having to adjust your hold on the tool — which can make it challenging to operate a speed throttle.

Hence, I welcome the inclusion of DeWalt’s trademarked Dual-Grip Variable Speed Trigger System. It allows you to operate with a standard pistol grip, using your fingers to pull the shooter — or a side grip, utilizing your thumb to squeeze the throttle.

LED Lamp

The head of the Cordless Oscillating DCS3 55 incorporates an LED lamp. Delivering welcome illumination in poorly lit areas — such as beneath floorboards, in attics, or behind drywalls — it negates the use of a secondary worklight or torch.

Furthermore, with LED tech, it’s low on juice demands — meaning that its use has little effect on the battery power, with negligible impact on the unit’s cutting and sanding operational time.

Included Accessories

In the DeWalt DCS 355 box are three accessories — a wood with nail blade, fast-cut wood blade, and a universal adapter. So, unless your jobs solely involve addressing timber — you’re going to need some more head tools.

Thankfully, the adapter permits you to utilize a plethora of oscillating accessories — including those made by third parties.

However, there is a serious downside, unfortunately, concomitant to many cordless multitools on the market — it arrives without a lithium-ion on cell or charger. Hence, unless you already own a tool running off the DeWalt 20V MAX XR system — you will need to make additional purchases to drive the machine.

Accurate Address

The head of the cordless DCS355 DeWalt features an oscillating head angled at
1.6 degrees. This modest slant permits an impressively accurate address of your base material — making it ideal for jobs that require serious precision.

However, for some users, this angle may be too reserved — preventing aggressive and rapid cutting or sanding on longer, time-sensitive projects.

DeWalt Multitool Oscillating DCS355 Specifications

DeWalt Multitool Oscillating DCS355
Weight2.33 pounds
Tool-Free AdjustmentYes
Speed0 - 20000 OPM
Dimensions11.2 by 5.25 by 2.75 inches
Battery and Charger IncludedNo
Power20V MAX XR Lithium-Ion
Angle of Oscillation1.6 degrees
Cord LengthCordless
AccessoriesWood/nail blade, wood blade, universal adapter
WarrantyThree years

What Users Say About the DeWalt Multi Tool DCS355?

As I believe I’ve made clear in this DCS355 review, I consider this unit to be a seriously versatile, powerful, and pro-grade machine that’s built to last.

However, I’m not using this tool day-in, day-out — as much as I’d like to. Hence, to ensure you receive a thoroughly unbiased examination — unclouded by my personal opinions — I dived into the views of owners of this machine.

Pleasingly, the testimonials were reassuringly positive, and acted as an echo chamber to my own thoughts.

Users of the DCS 355 DeWalt praised its throttle-controlled variable speed, embraced the brushless motor, welcomed the twin-grip trigger, and applauded the incorporated LED lamp.

Sure, there were some less than ecstatic guys that weren’t completely won over by this cordless multi tool. One downhearted DIYer was disappointed that the machine didn’t include a battery or charger. Another peeved-pro was frustrated by the significant vibration delivered by the powerful brushless motor.

However, all owners concurred that the DeWalt Cordless DCS355 was a robust, flexible, and brawny machine deserving of demanding home-users and trade contractors.

Alternatives to the Cordless DCS 355 DeWalt Multi Tool

It’s possible that despite all the DCS355’s impressive characteristics, you’re still not convinced by this cordless tool. Hence, if you’re seeking something a little different to suit you and your project’s demands, fear not.

Below are three creditable alternatives to the DeWalt DCS 355:

If you’re downhearted that the DCS355’S included accessories focus purely on cutting applications — check out this alternative unit.

The 2626-20 boasts a grunty 18000 OPM, promising effortless grinding, shearing, and honing. However, in addition to a wood-cutting blade and a universal adapter — it also arrives with a sanding plate and five sanding sheets.

  • 12 speed settings — compared to the infinitely variable DeWalt.
  • Lower voltage, 18 volts compared to the DCS355’s 20 volts.
  • At 3.07 pounds, it’s significantly heavier than the 2.33 pounds of the DeWalt.
Dewalt DCS356B
Should you have your heart set on a DeWalt cordless oscillating multi tool, but are intimidated by the infinitely variable speed of the DCS355 — this unit may be more suitable.

Also hailing from DeWalt, the DCS356B offers three speed limiters — at 13000, 17000, and 20000 OPM. This can prevent you from overcutting, shearing, or sanding — a feature that may appeal to newbie multitool users.

  • Three-speed selector, not a feature of the DCS 355.
  • Like its sibling, it doesn’t include a battery or charger.
  • Similar weight and length to the DCS355.

If you’re somewhat concerned that the gentle 1.6 degree oscillating angle of the DCS355 is too conservative — and your project’s demand a unit with more aggression — check out this multitool from Makita.

The MT01Z boasts a seriously intense 3.2-degree head. This allows you to attack your base material with more cutting and sanding belligerence, making lighter work of time-lengthy jobs.

  • Needs a hex wrench to change heads — unlike tool-free DeWalt.
  • Low voltage — 12 volts compared to the 20 volts of the DCS355.
  • Like the DeWalt, the MT01Z features an incorporated LED lamp.


Offering an immense level of user output tailorability, combined with a high-performance brushless motor, this multitool is ideal for the most fervent home-improver and trade pro.

Its dual-grip handle delivers pleasing user-tailorability, allowing you to access the most awkward of spaces. A tool-free head exchange permits straightforward switching between accessories without hunting for a hex key, and a low-energy LED lamp provides welcome illumination in poorly lit work areas.

Admittedly, it’s not faultless. The lack of battery and charger is a disappointment, and the significant vibration may be off-putting for users who are susceptible to hand, digit, and arm fatigue.

However, for those guys who demand one of the most brawny, durable, and long-battery life oscillating multitools on the market — the DeWalt DCS355 ranks among the best.

Oscillating DeWalt Multi Tool DCS355B FAQs

Q: Where Can I Buy the Oscillating Multitool DCS 355?

The DCS3 55 is a pro-level oscillating multitool that offers infinitely variable speeds, a built-in LED lamp, and a durable high-efficiency brushless motor. You can get your hands on the  DCS355 here.

Q: Where Can I Find DCS355 Manual DeWalt?

The official DeWalt website hosts a cornucopia of user guides and instructions for all its power tools. However, to save time searching, you can rapidly access the DCS355 manual here.

Q: Can I Use Makita Batteries With the Cordless Multitool DCS 355 DeWalt?

No. Third-party lithium-ion cells are not compatible with the DeWalt oscillating DC S355. Always ensure that you utilize genuine 20-volt MAX XR batteries with your machine to prevent disappointment and damage.

Q: Can I Buy Spare Parts for the DCS355 DeWalt Oscillating Multi Tool?

Yes. The official DeWalt website has a vast catalog of replacement and spare parts for its power tools. To locate the exact part you need, check out this exploded diagram of the DCS355 DeWalt multitool.

Q: Does the DCS35 5 DeWalt Oscillating Cordless Tool Come With a Case?

No. The DCS355 doesn’t arrive with a carrying case. However, when you purchase this oscillating multitool, you also receive two cutting blades and a universal tool adapter.