The Makita MT01Z Review

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The Makita MT01Z Review

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Jul 30, 2023 @ 2:38 pm

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Makita XFD10Z Review Summary:

Offering durability, combined with enhanced user safety and versatility — the Makita MT01Z is an ideal cordless multitool for the dedicated DIYer and pro contractor.
While running off a relatively modest 12-volt lithium-ion cell (not included), the machine is capable of an eye-watering 20000 OPM. User-adjustable from 6000 OPM upwards, it permits you to select the perfect output intensity for cutting, sanding, shearing, and grinding projects.

An included hex key ensures reassuring tool head stability, while onboard storage ensures that you don’t misplace this crucial tightening component. Furthermore, arriving with two adapters, you can utilize a multitude of third-party accessories without having to purchase bespoke Makita cutters and polishers.

The head boasts a low-energy demand LED lamp, providing welcome illumination in dimly lit areas such as attics and engine bays. And, a generous on/off switch with lock-on function allows for one-handed operation while elevating stamina on longer projects.

Auto-restart protection shields against accidental activation anytime a fresh power cell is installed. Additionally, soft-motor start-up shields the internal components from undue stress — elongating the lifespan of the unit.

This multi-tool hails from Makita — a respected Japanese brand with over 100 years of experience in high-end power tool manufacture. The MT01Z is the most compact machine in its cordless oscillating line-up.


  • Voltage – 12 volts
  • Speed – 6000 – 20000 OPM
  • Weight – 2.4 pounds
  • Size – 3.2 x 10.9 x 4.4 inches


Lightweight and compact.
Large speed range.
Enhanced safety and durability features.
Incorporated LED lamp.
Onboard hex storage.


Significant vibration.
Arrives without battery and charger.
No tool-free head exchange.

Features and Benefits of the MT01Z Oscillating Multi Tool

Hailing from one of the most respected manufacturers of power tools, you’d expect the MT01Z to deliver reliability combined with user practicality. But, what does this unit have that makes it a true pro-grade machine? Time to reveal its features.

12-Volt Lithium Cell Power

Initially, it may seem a little disheartening that the Makita cordless multi tool runs off a 12-volt cell — appearing somewhat reserved compared to the 18-volt and 20-volt battery units of its competitors.

However, first impressions can be misleading.

The truth is, through innovative tech and gearing, the boffins at Makita have created a unit comparable in power output to its larger battery cousins, while powered by a smaller voltage cell.

Not only does this mean greater efficiency, but also allows the unit to have a reduced-dimension powerhouse — keeping the machine as compact as possible, and permitting you to access confined spaces effortlessly.

The machine requires Makita 12V Max batteries (not included) and is compatible with the 2.0 Ah and longer-running for 4.0 Ah cells.

Hex Tightening

Unlike many of its competitors, the Makita has decided to go down the hex-key route as opposed to tool-free accessory exchange — mirroring the brand’s penchant in the drilling arena for keyed as opposed to keyless chucks.

Undoubtedly, the use of a hex key to secure cutting/or sanding heads increases stability and reduces the likelihood of accessory slippage — especially useful when using adapters for third-party components. The downside being, if you lose the tightening tool, you can suffer from unwanted downtime.

With this disadvantage in mind, Makita has included hex wrench storage on board the multitool — decreasing the likelihood of you misplacing this crucial item.


The Makita multi tool MT01Z arrives complete with four accessories — a plunge blade, hex key, and two tool adapters.

The 1.25-inch cutting blade is excellent at performing direct plunge cuts for worktop recesses or door-hinge sittings. The two tool adapters allow you to utilize a plethora of third-party grinders, sanders, and polishers — useful if you already own a stack of accessories.

Variable Speed Output

It’s pleasing to see that the Makita multitool offers a wide variable speed range, enabling you to select the ideal output rapidity to suit your sanding, cutting, shearing, or grinding projects.

A straightforward low-mounted dial allows you to switch between preset velocity levels — ranging from a steady 6000 OPM (oscillations per minute) through to an intense 20000 OPM.

Substantial On/Off Switch

Focusing on user practicality, the Makita Multi Oscillating Tool MT01Z boasts an oversized on/off switch. This allows for effortless activation/deactivation of the unit by your thumb — permitting one-handed control.

Furthermore, the machine possesses a lock-on feature — keeping the unit running on longer projects to reduce hand and digit fatigue.

LED Lamp

The head of the Makita MT0 1Z features an incorporated LED lamp. Promising welcome illumination in dimly-lit locations, it negates the need for you to pull out an additional work lamp — or struggle to hold a torch in your mouth.

And, being an LED, it means that power demands on the lithium-ion cell are small — having a negligible effect on overall running time.

Compact and Lightweight

The design guys at Makita have created the MT 01Z multitool with frequent users in mind. A compact size — 3.2 by 10.9 by 4.4 inches — combined with an overall weight of just 2.4 pounds, reduces user fatigue on longer projects.

Furthermore, the minimal size of the tool and 12-volt battery mean that you can use this oscillating unit in more confined spaces than many of its larger competitors.

Safety and Durability

The Makita Multi Tool MT0 1Z is a powerful cutting implement — but you want it to address wood and plastics, not your fingers.

Hence, it’s rewarding to witness that this machine incorporates anti-restart protection, preventing the machine from activating the motor when a cell is attached with the power switch in the on position. This shields against accidental operation, which could lead to user injury.

Furthermore, the oscillating MT01Z boasts soft-start engineering — making the motor crank up steadily, thus preventing stress and strain on both the power cell and internal components — extending the machine’s lifespan.

Makita MT01Z Specifications

Makita MT01Z
Weight2.4 pounds
Tool-Free AdjustmentNo
Speed6000 - 20000 OPM
Dimensions 3.2 by 10.9 by 4.4 inches
Battery and Charger IncludedNo
Power12V Max CXT Lithium-Ion
Angle of Oscillation3.2 degrees
Cord LengthCordless
AccessoriesHex key, 1.25-inch plunge blade, tool adapter x2
WarrantyThree years

What Users Say About the Makita Multi-Tool MT01Z?

For me, the MT01Z from Makita is a powerful, compact, and pro-grade machine that offers impressive durability.

However, to ensure a completely open and unbiased review, I researched the opinions of owners of the multitool — to fully understand how this unit performs in real-life scenarios on a long-term basis.

Pleasingly, the testimonials proffered by guys using the MT01Z were reassuringly positive — echoing my own feelings.

These multitool aficionados praised its extensive speed range, applauded its safety features, and welcomed the inclusion of tool adaptors. Furthermore, they remarked upon the surprisingly generous power output from a relatively small power cell.

Sure, everyone wasn’t completely impressed by the MT01Z.

One naysayer stated that the unit over-vibrated and would benefit from some shock-absorbing tech. Another doom monger bemoaned the fact that you need a hex key to exchange the head tools.

However, overwhelmingly the guys agreed that the Makita oscillating multitool was a true trade-quality machine that can tackle a multitude of sanding, grinding, and cutting projects.

Alternatives to the Makita Multitool MT01Z

Despite its impressive output, compact size, and safety features, if you feel that this oscillating multitool isn’t exactly what you need — stick with me.

I’ve curated a trio of highly commendable alternatives that may better suit your personal requirements or the demands of your most common projects.

Even though the Makita delivers impressive grunt from a relatively small cell — you may prefer the beefiest battery on the market. If that sounds like you, consider the DCS356B instead.

Powered by a 20-volt lithium-ion battery, this DeWalt unit offers hex key-free tool exchange and an incorporated LED lamp. Furthermore, it matches the MT01Z for speed — cranking out 20000 OPM.

  • Slightly harder on the wallet than the Makita.
  • 2.4 pounds — the same weight as the MT01Z.
  • 11.93 inches in length — one inch longer than the Makita.
If the Makita multitool itself appeals, but you’re disappointed with the lack of accessories, take a look at this machine from Milwaukee.

Like the MT0 1Z, the Milwaukee features an LED lamp, cordless operation, and includes a plunge blade and tool adapter. However, this unit also arrives with a sanding pad/plate and five sanding sheets — additionals not included with the Makita.

  • Harder on the pocket than the MT01Z.
  • Lower output — 18000 OPM as opposed to the Makita’s 20000 OPM.
  • At 3.07 pounds, it’s heavier than the MT 01Z.


Should you be concerned about the excessive vibration of the Makita — as mentioned earlier in this MT01Z review — you may be interested in this machine from Porter Cable.

The PCC710B features a substantial molded rubberized coating — not just increasing stability in the hand and protecting against accidental knocks and bumps — but also acting as a shock absorber to reduce tremor transference.

  • Lower output — 18000 OPM versus 20000 OPM of the Porter Cable.
  • 20-volt battery, larger than the 12 volts of the Makita.
  • A similar price point to the MT01Z.


Compact and lightweight, yet delivering impressive oscillation velocity and long operational times, the MT 01Z is an impressive multitool for the trade user or dedicated DIYer.

With a variable speed range of 6000-20000 OPM, it’s as suited to sanding and planing as it is shearing and polishing. Its motor shielding and restart protection elevate the life of the unit, and deliver reassuring safety.

Furthermore, included adapter tools increase the machine’s versatility, allowing you to utilize third-party accessories. And, its substantial on/off switch with lock-on feature enables one-handed operation while reducing user fatigue.

Sure, this machine isn’t for everyone. Some guys may be disappointed by the low voltage battery (not included), while others might dislike the use of a hex key to exchange tool heads.

However, for ardent DIYers and pros who demand a durable, safe, and rapid unit — I recommend checking out the Makita MT01Z.

Makita Cordless Oscillating Multitool M T01Z FAQs

Q: Where Can I Buy the Makita Multitool Oscillating MT01Z?

The MT 01Z from Makita is a pro-level machine that offers 20000 OPM and boasts an incorporated LED lamp. You can get your hands on this machine by clicking here.

Q: Is Makita a Good Brand?

Yes. This Japanese-based company, established over a century ago, is known for its durable and high-quality power tools.

Q: Where Can I Find the MT01Z Manual?

The official Makita website hosts a multitude of user guides for its power tools. For rapid access to the MT01Z Manual.

Q: Can I Use DeWalt Batteries With the MT0 1Z?

No. The DeWalt range of lithium-ion cells isn’t compatible with the Makita oscillating MT 01Z. Always use either Makita 12V Max 2.0 Ah or 4.0 Ah batteries with this machine.

Q: Where Can I Get Spare Parts for the Makita Multitool MT01Z?

The official Makita website offers a multitude of spare and replacement parts. To ensure you obtain the correct component, take a look at this exploded diagram.

Q: Will Dremel Accessories Fit the M T01Z Makita?

Yes. The oscillating cordless MT 01Z arrives with tool adapters allowing you to utilize Dremel heads with this machine.