Best Chalk Paint Sprayer — Buyer’s Guide, How-To, Reviews, and Comparison

A fantastic chalk paint sprayer is a truly versatile unit. It will help you achieve modern matte finishes on large expanses such as walls and ceilings — as well as obtain that distressed rustic farmhouse style on furniture pieces. It’s a one-stop-shop for all of your home improvement needs — allowing you to express your individuality through your decor.

Our Top Pick
Wagner FLEXiO 5000
For chalk paint spraying, the FLEXiO 5000 comes through with flying colors. Hailing from the powerhouse of spray painting, Wagner SprayTech, and as such, this machine includes many of the quality features and time-saving benefits that you would expect to find. There are two different sized fluid nozzles and paint cups — allowing extreme versatility when working on large-scale jobs and intricate finishing touches. Plus, as the turbine is floor-based, it’s also a fatigue-busting machine — keeping the bulk of the weight on the floor.
  • HVLP technology minimizes overspray.
  • Three fan patterns.
  • In-built storage.
  • 11.5-foot hose.
Product Rating: 4.8/5

Chalk Paint Sprayer Comparison Table

  • Cup size: 1 and 1.5-quart
  • Sprayer format: Floor-based
  • Nozzle: iSpray and Detail
  • Hose/cord length: 11.5-foot hose


  • Integrated storage.
  • Three spray patterns.
  • HVLP sprayer.

Product Rating: 4.8/5

Check Price at Amazon Wagner FLEXiO 5000 Review Wagner FLEXiO 5000 Review
  • Cup size: N/A - Flexible suction tube
  • Sprayer format: Cart-mounted
  • Nozzle size: 515
  • Hose/cord length: 50-foot hose


  • Durable metal SG3 spray gun.
  • 3000 PSI.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty usage.

Product Rating: 4.8/5

Check Price at Amazon Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19 Review Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19 Review
  • Cup size: N/A - Flexible suction tube
  • Sprayer format: Floor-based stand
  • Nozzle size: 515
  • Hose/cord length: 25-foot hose


  • 0.5 horsepower motor.
  • 2800 PSI.
  • Integrated carry handle.

Product Rating: 4.8/5

Check Price at Amazon HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 Review HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 Review
  • Cup size: 1-quart
  • Sprayer format: Handheld
  • Nozzle size: 514
  • Hose/cord length: N/A - cordless


  • Storage case.
  • Powered by 20V Dewalt cells.
  • 500-2000 PSI operating pressure.

Product Rating: 4.7/5

Check Price at Amazon Graco 17M363 Review Graco 17M363 Review

  • Cup size: 1-quart
  • Sprayer format: Handheld
  • Nozzle size: 0.8 mm
  • Hose/cord length: 14-inch cord


  • Multi-angle spraying ability.
  • 8 gallons per hour output.
  • Volume control.

Product Rating: 4.5/5

Check Price at Amazon HomeRight Heavy Duty Review HomeRight Heavy Duty Review
  • Cup size: N/A - Flexible suction tube
  • Sprayer format: Cart-mounted
  • Nozzle size: 515
  • Hose/cord length: 50-foot hoser


  • Hourly tracking meter.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Maximum pressure of 3300 PSI.

Product Rating: 4.5/5

Check Price at Amazon Graco 230 Review Graco 230 Review
  • Cup size: N/A - Flexible suction tube
  • Spray Format: Floor-based stand
  • Nozzle size: 517
  • Hose/cord length: 25-foot hose


  • 0.32 gallons per minute.
  • Adjustable pump output.
  • Straightforward to clean.

Product Rating: 4.4/5

Check Price at Amazon Goplus Airless Paint Sprayer Review Goplus Airless Paint Sprayer Review
  • Cup size: N/A - Flexible suction tube
  • Spray Format: Floor-based stand
  • Nozzle size: 515
  • Hose/cord length: 50-foot hose


  • HEA technology.
  • Long-lasting pump.
  • Operating pressure of 1600 PSI.

Product Rating: 4.0/5

Check Price at Amazon Wagner 0580002 Review Wagner 0580002 Review
  • Cup size: 1-quart
  • Spray Format: Handheld
  • Nozzle size: Optimus
  • Hose/cord length: 6-foot cord


  • 360-degree spraying ability.
  • 6.6 gallons per hour.
  • Two spray patterns.

Product Rating: 4.0/5

Check Price at Amazon Wagner Power Painter Plus Review Wagner Power Painter Plus Review

Chalk Paint Sprayer Buying Guide

Chalk paint sprayers are truly one of the most versatile power tools around. Not only can they assist you with coating walls and ceilings rapidly, but they also boast the ability to provide that rustic look to any furniture you’re refurbishing.

As it is true of most things in this life, not all spray guns are created equal and this applies when we look at this niche category. Most of these multiskilled machines will include the following specifications:

  • Portability.
  • Lengthy hose or power cord.
  • Appropriate weight.
  • Large paint cup or suction tube.
  • Variable pressure and coating output.

What is Chalk Paint?

Chances are that you’ve heard the term chalk paint quite a lot recently as it’s very much on-trend at the moment. But what exactly is it and how can you use it?

It’s a chalky, matte decorative coating that can be used to create shabby-chic or rustic finishes — that wouldn’t look out of place in a cozy farmhouse or vintage-style home. More commonly, it’s used for furniture, but some decorators even use it for walls and ceilings.

One of the bonuses of this coating is that it can be sprayed directly onto any porous surface with little preparation — it will also stick to glass and metal but some sanding will be required first.

As it dries with a powdery finish, most homeowners and professionals choose to finish it off with a wax layer — which prevents the coating from rubbing off during cleaning and accidental bumps.

How To Choose the Best Chalk Paint Sprayer

Now, the tricky part about choosing the best paint sprayer for chalk paint is that manufacturers tend not to include ‘chalk paint’ in the name of the spray gun. This means that usually, you have to complete a bit of investigative work to determine if your selected sprayer is up to the job.

To help remove some of the mystery, I’ve compiled some key specifications for you to check.



As you have a plethora of uses with a chalk sprayer, life’s made so much easier if you can maneuver it around hassle-free — either to paint hard-to-reach places or between rooms as needed.

There are two main options in this category — handheld or ground-based.

Handheld units by their very nature offer the optimum in portability and tend to be relatively lightweight. You’re limited only by the length of the power cord — and of course, you can always invest in a long extension cable to further your reach.

Alternatively, ground-based machines are a little bulkier and not quite as light. That said, as they typically include a lengthy flexible hose, you can still achieve an adequate reach — just position the main body of the sprayer in a central location, and off you go!


Paint Cup

The choice of items you can spray with chalk paint is limited only by your imagination. Therefore, you need a paint cup that will hold enough coating for even your grandest ideas. However, keep in mind that any paint you add to the cup will ultimately increase the overall weight of the device in your hand.

As another option, you could always opt for a flexible uptake hose design that permits spraying directly from the original paint container or larger pail. This has its advantages if you’re planning on completing a large-scale task in one go — with no stopping to refill.

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Pressure and Coating Output

Since you can use chalk paint on a variety of different sizes and types of projects, you should consider a machine that can adjust to your pace. Variable pressure output will allow you to crank up the speed to accomplish large tasks rapidly and conversely, dial it down to finish off those final touches or intricate work.

Furthermore, a unit that can adapt precisely to your coating is invaluable — it will allow you to achieve the exact result you were hoping for.


Nozzle Size

A key advantage of choosing to use chalk paint is that the majority of paint sprayers already arrive with a suitably sized nozzle installed — 0.015 inches. Of course, if your chosen device doesn’t, check to see if this nozzle size is supported.

How To Use a Chalk Paint Sprayer

Considering chalk paint sprayers can be used for an assortment of jobs, I could turn this how-to into a super lengthy section — covering walls, ceilings and every possible application — but I won’t.

Instead, I’m going to focus on furniture painting.

What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

Before you begin chalk painting, check you have everything below to hand — to minimize interruptions.

  • Chalk paint sprayer.
  • Your chosen chalk paint
  • Suitable fluid tip.
  • Sealing wax.
  • Paintbrush.
  • A clear working space.
  • Sandpaper (for glass and metal items).
  • Ground and dust sheets.
  • Masking tape.
  • Water.
  • Stirring sticks.
  • Cleaning cloths.
  • Coveralls or old clothes.
  • Personal protective gear — mask, respirator, goggles, sprayhood.

How To Spray Furniture with Chalk Paint: A Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Preparing Your Furniture and Workspace

  1. Choose your workspace with care. A relatively empty workshop or a room where you can move items that you don’t want to be painted out of the way is best. Also, I’d suggest opting for a space that can be easily ventilated — by using fans or opening windows.
  2. Lay down the groundsheets and cover anything that can’t be moved with dust sheets.
  3. Depending on the base medium of your furniture, you may need to pay a little attention to preparation here as well.

    If the surface has already been treated, simply remove any dirt and grease with a little soap and water and allow it to dry. Usually, new wooden items will need to be primed, but older untreated wood shouldn’t require any preparation.

    One of the great things about chalk paint is that it can be applied to non-absorbent surfaces such as metal and glass. However, to guarantee the best adhesion, it’s best to roughen up the surface a little.

  4. Don your personal protective equipment.

Step 2: Start Coating

  1. Set up your sprayer and follow any priming recommendations. Set material and pressure adjustment accordingly — the user manual should include a quick check guide for your particular model.
  2. Chalk paint is a fairly viscous medium and can cause paint pools if you spray in one place for too long — so it’s important to keep your sprayer moving. Spray in smooth long strokes, maintaining the same direction if possible. Remain approximately 12 inches away from your target surface to ensure even coverage. Make sure that you overlap each previous pass by 50 percent for the best results.
  3. Allow to dry for around an hour and apply a second coat if required.
  4. Leave to dry completely.
  5. Once dry, apply the wax coating with a brush to protect your handy work.

Step 3: Finishing Up

  1. When you have finished painting, wash out your sprayer as soon as possible. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure that all the coating is removed and allow to air dry completely before you store your chalk sprayer.
  2. Tidy up any dust or groundsheets that were used.

Chalk Paint Sprayers — Nine of the Best

Whether you intend to use your chalk paint sprayer for funky furniture applications or larger walls and projects, it can be discouraging trying to select the best for your needs — there are so many machines on the market these days.

To make the hunt a little more straightforward, I’ve gone through nine of the best with a fine-tooth comb.

Our Rating: 4.8
The FLEXiO 5000 chalk paint sprayer is Wagner’s flagship model in the FLEXiO line — boasting complete adjustability at the same time as minimizing irksome arm fatigue — in fact, a top performer on every level.

It arrives with two different nozzles and cup sizes — the bespoke iSpray for rapidly completing larger jobs involving thick density coatings and the smaller Detail nozzle for more intricate work and thinner mediums. The largest cup holds up to 1.5 quarts of coating — which is more than enough to handle an area of 120 square feet.

Furthermore, offering complete control of pressure, the X-Boost turbine allows you to dial in the correlating output for the paint that you’re using — and can be cranked up for more viscous mediums. Conveniently, the turbine is contained in a floor-based housing — keeping the weight of the unit on the ground and not in your hand.

Cleverly, the casing also doubles as a useful storage box — so that you can keep all hoses, nozzles, and guns dust-free and together when not in use. An 11.5-foot hose provides a substantial reach, while the Lock-N-Go system makes cleaning a straightforward affair — through a complete parts breakdown.

The Wagner FLEXiO range is angled toward DIYers that want to complete their tasks ten times faster than with a brush. This line-up includes HVLP technology that reduces overspray — ultimately providing more control and less mess.

Wagner has been operating for almost half a century and is a major league player in the spray painting world. It prides itself on manufacturing fuss-free, user-friendly machines for home improvers.


  • Three spray patterns.
  • Handles unthinned paints.
  • Ground-based turbine case that doubles as storage.
  • Two fluid tips and coating cups.
  • Variable turbine pressure.
  • 11.5-foot hose.

  • Could be too large for occasional DIYers.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price
Our Rating: 4.8

As a professional selecting a chalk paint sprayer, you want a machine that’s a help and not a hindrance, like the Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19. This unit not only works as hard as you do, but it’s also effortless to transport in its cart-mounted configuration.

An impressive 3000 PSI is reached utilizing the 0.875 horsepower motor — but if you need to tone it down a little for smaller projects and thinner mediums, the variable control dial allows just that. At the business end, the metal SG3 spray gun combined with the 515 nozzle permits the use of a range of coatings — without thinning.

To help you reap maximum efficiency, a lengthy 50-foot hose is included, while the stainless steel pump screams both toughness and durability. This sprayer also boasts a flexible suction tube that permits spraying directly from one and five-gallon containers — minimizing downtime caused by refilling.

Clogs may also be a thing of the past with this machine, thanks to the inbuilt InstaClean pump filter. And, also stepping up to make your spray life easier is the PowerFlush adapter, which connects to your garden hose for fuss-free after-job rinsing of your unit.

Graco developed the Pro line for professional paint contractors intending to make day-to-day jobs less demanding. This brand is well known in the spray painting world, having been around for almost a century. It offers spraying solutions when it comes to residential, commercial, and even industrial jobs.


  • Adjustable pressure output.
  • PowerFlush cleaning system.
  • Maximum output of 3000 PSI
  • 50-foot flexible hose.
  • Uptake hose permits spraying from the original paint bucket.
  • Handles extreme use.

  • Not the best chalk paint sprayer for the inexperienced.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price
Our Rating: 4.8
For passionate DIYers and home improvers demanding a chalk paint sprayer that provides impressive results but not necessarily on a daily basis — the HomeRight Power Flo 2800 could be an ideal solution. With a substantial 2800 PSI, it’s suitable for thicker coatings and for mid to large-size projects.

Fitted with a 515 nozzle and tip guard, it can handle chalk paint without thinning. Furthermore, the spray gun promises longevity as it’s chrome plated and fitted with a 100-mesh gun filter.

Adjusting the pump pressure is a simplified affair. Utilizing the control dial, this machine allows you to vary the amount of medium delivered, and to go at your own pace — be it fast or slow. And, eliminating time-consuming refilling, it’s capable of spraying directly from the original coating pail.

Conveniently, the entire unit is elevated to almost waist height, which serves two purposes — less backache from bending over to make adjustments. Plus, keeping the machine away from the floor, which could be covered in all kinds of job-hindering debris.

HomeRight is a subsidiary of the Wagner SprayTech group, and as such, its spray guns offer many of the same productivity-enhancing features. Angled toward the DIY market, the brand’s units promise quality backed by supportive customer service.


  • 2800 PSI operating pressure.
  • 0.5 horsepower motor.
  • Flexible 25-foot hose.
  • Uptake hose for paint delivery.
  • 515 reversible spray tip.
  • Convenient carry handle.
  • Durable tubular frame.

  • Not ideal for daily use.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price
Our Rating: 4.7

A cordless handheld chalk paint sprayer, such as the Graco 17M363 provides the ultimate in portable airless technology. Geared toward users looking to complete small and medium-size tasks — who don’t want to break out the big gun machine.

This unique device may be small but still boasts the capability to drive out pressures between 500 and 2000 PSI — controlled by the conveniently positioned side dial. Furthermore, it’s fitted with a 514 nozzle, which is the optimum size for chalk paint — as well as latex — maximizing this unit’s versatility.

The piston pump is constructed from high-grade carbide, which keeps this sprayer lightweight, yet will stand up to job-site abuse — accidental knocks and bumps.

This spray gun is all about efficiency, the pump can be swiftly replaced in the field and the FlexLiner bag system permits fast color changes and simple clean up.

And, as there is no power cord to worry about, you may be asking, ‘how is this super sprayer powered?’ The device arrives complete with two rechargeable DeWalt X-R lithium-ion batteries — which will hold enough power for approximately one hour of usage. Additionally, the battery charger is included — as well as four paint bags and a storage case.

Graco is one of the pioneers of fluid handling and has developed many machines for a variety of domestic and industrial uses. The 17M363 falls midway in Graco’s Ultra handheld range — just a step below the top-specced 17M359.


  • Complete operational freedom and portability.
  • Delivers between 500 and 2000 PSI operating pressure.
  • Perfectly sized nozzle for chalk paint.
  • Includes storage case.
  • Customizable pressure adjustment.

  • Unsuited to larger projects.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price
Our Rating: 4.5
Chalk paint sprayers don’t have to break the bank. The HomeRight Heavy Duty spray gun still has the ability to handle medium to large-size projects but at the fraction of the cost of some other machines.

It’s a compact handheld unit but can deliver up to eight gallons per hour. Furthermore, you can adjust between two speeds — allowing you to ramp up for wide surface areas and alternatively, tone it down for smaller, more intricate work.

Impressively for such a low-cost device, there are multiangle spraying possibilities, thanks to the weighted uptake pipe within the container.

This means the pipe is always submerged in the paint cup regardless of the angle. Additionally, the volume control dial steps in to assist you with choosing how much medium is laid down.

Also, this machine arrives with two atomizers, a cone spray tip, container clamp for the suction tube, oil, and a cleaning brush — which all fits neatly into the included storage case.

Minneapolis-based HomeRight manufactures a range of tools angled toward homeowners and DIYers looking to make a house a home. It provides high-tech engineering and innovation at affordable prices.


  • One-quart quick-release coating cup.
  • Volume control dial.
  • Two-speed motor.
  • Supports multi-angle spraying.
  • Attractive price point.

  • Relatively noisy to use.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Our Rating 4.5
Rental yard chalk paint sprayers need to stand up to the rigmaroles of daily spraying, and the Graco 230 doesn’t shy away from hard work in the slightest. No loss of performance is experienced, and the hourly operation tracker allows you to keep on top of regular maintenance.

Operating on a grassroots level, this tool gets the job done flawlessly but without any fancy or unnecessary modifications. The 0.875 horsepower motor has the potential to drive out up to 3300 PSI, while the 50-foot hose offers a substantial reach.

The FTx spray gun is fitted with a 515 fluid nozzle — prime size for use with chalk paint. Efficiency is further enhanced by the straightforward-to-remove filter and QuikAccess valve. Additionally, pump replacement is achieved in only a three-step process.

Cleaning is also relatively headache-free — the Power Flush system means that you simply connect to the garden hose and flush.

Graco is one of the major names in the spray gun manufacturing industry and boasts state-of-the-art technology combined with innovation — all backed by decades of expertise.


  • Straightforward to clean.
  • Hourly tracking meter.
  • Stands up to daily use and rental abuse.
  • Includes many time-saving facets.
  • Pushes out up to 3300 PSI.

  • Unsuitable for extreme-density coatings.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price
Our Rating: 4.4
If you’re searching for an entry-level chalk paint sprayer for your home improvements, the Goplus Airless paint gun could be of interest. Its uncomplicated design allows you to achieve professional-looking finishes without the fuss. Coming in with a mid-range price point, this offers DIYers a viable option for mid to large-scale tasks.

Volume delivery is adjustable, which enables you to precisely control how much paint ends up on your surface. Power control can also be adapted to your spraying pace. This provides you with the ability to tailor the output to your chosen coating and project size.

As a ground-based unit with the motor located on the floor, you’re assured of minimal arm and hand fatigue while working. Furthermore, a convenient carry handle maximizes portability.

The flexible uptake hose permits spraying from original coating containers, or alternatively, you can use the included pail. And, a 25-foot hose grants a long reach — limiting the need to move the entire unit.

Goplus is a generically branded paint sprayer that also appears under the Hyet and Tomic labels. The brand manufactures everything from travel luggage through to Christmas trees — almost everything you could possibly need in life, not forgetting power tools.


  • Output of 0.32 gallons per minute.
  • Straightforward to use.
  • 25-foot hose.
  • Controllable pump output.
  • Fuss-free to clean.

  • As a lesser-known manufacturer, procuring replacement parts may be tricky.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price
Our Rating 4.0
For those that are out to achieve the minimum mess, with most of the paint on their project, a chalk paint sprayer with reduced overspray could fit the bill. Thanks to the high-efficiency airless technology incorporated into the Wagner 0580002 Control Pro 190 sprayer — you achieve just that.

All you need to create flawless professional-looking finishes is included upon purchase — meaning that as soon as it arrives, you can get on and start spraying.

Starting with the heart of this machine, the 0.70 horsepower pump is both long-lasting and provides enough grunt to lay down coating rapidly. Furthermore, the pump features a completely rebuildable fluid section — substantially increasing the lifetime of this sprayer.

To increase the reach, a 50-foot hose steps in, and up to a 0.019-inch nozzle diameter is supported — allowing use with more dense coatings.

To keep everything together when the machine is not in operation, it features integrated storage. Additionally, the all-metal spray gun screams durability.

Wagner SprayTech is a US-based company with its base in Minneapolis. It strives to develop tools for both home improvers and full-time contractors. Its product quality is second to none — which is reinstated by the two-year warranty included on the Pro 190.


  • HEA technology delivers 55 percent overspray.
  • Maximum operating pressure of 1600 PSI.
  • Durable pump.
  • 50-foot hose.
  • Sureflo pusher valve simplifies priming.

  • Faster unit clean-up would be an improvement.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price
Our Rating: 4.0
Perhaps your chalk paint sprayer projects are planned to be at obscure angles and tricky to reach places, in which case the Wagner Power Painter Plus could be a suitable unit. Thanks to the EZ-Tilt feature, you’re guaranteed continuous pressure no matter which angle you position the device.

A one-quart lockable paint cup has substantial capacity to cover most medium-sized tasks. This is further reinforced by the pump that will deliver an impressive 6.6 gallons per hour.

The proprietary Optimus Spray nozzle minimizes clogs as well as leaving an even finish and minimizing overspray. It also allows you to operate in a vertical or horizontal orientation.

A coating lever situated at the rear of this sprayer makes for straightforward switching between less viscous coatings to denser mediums. This means that not only will this sprayer deal with chalk paint but also thinner stains and sealers.

Wagner has used its decades of experience to develop its products through innovation and knowledge. Hence, creating paint sprayers with a wide variety of applications for DIYers, hobbyists, and professionals.


  • Quick-lock one-quart paint cup.
  • Two spray patterns.
  • 360-degree spraying ability.
  • Delivers up to 6.6 gallons per hour.
  • Handheld.

  • Relatively noisy operation.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price


To draw things to a close, spraying chalk paint will change your home decor from old and jaded into a trendy, shabby chic finished area — whether it be from updating walls or furniture.

The best machine will be portable and include a suitably sized nozzle for the viscosity of chalk paint. Furthermore, it should also be completely adjustable when it comes to pressure output — so that you can go at your own pace.

Whether you go for a paint cup, a flexible suction tube or a mixture of both that’s found in some devices, interruptions to your work should be kept to a minimum — unless you need a coffee.

Parting words? The best chalk paint sprayer is a serious game-changer for all of your home improvement tasks — whether large or small.

Chalk Paint Sprayer FAQs

Q: Can You Use Chalk Paint in a Sprayer?

Yes, you can! Many paint sprayers boast the ability to spray chalk paint as they include suitably sized nozzles and possess adjustable coating output — so that you can dial in the most suitable pressure for this coating.

Q: Does Chalk Spray Paint Rub Off?

Unfortunately, one of the downsides of this fabulous paint is that it can sometimes rub off if you don’t spend additional time finishing off your project. The best way to prevent this is to seal the coating with wax.

Q: Is It Difficult To Use a Chalk Paint Sprayer?

Using a chalk paint sprayer isn’t difficult by any means, but if the idea leaves you in a cold sweat. Check out my handy how-to above.

Q: Do You Have To Dilute Chalk Paint When Using a Sprayer?

This really depends on which sprayer you invest in. Some less powerful units with smaller fluid tip orifices will need chalk paint to be thinned before use — and in this instance, a viscosity cup will make dilution fuss-free.

However, there are spray guns out there that can handle chalk paint without thinning — cutting down on complications and allowing you to get on with coating your projects.

Q: Why Is My Chalk Paint Not Sticking?

If it looks like your chalk paint isn’t adhering, it could be because you’re trying to paint a non-porous surface without first preparing it properly. If you’re painting on glass or metal, first lightly roughen up the surface with sandpaper before you begin.

Q: How Many Coats of Chalk Paint Should I Use?

Generally, two coats of chalk paint should be sufficient to provide even coverage. However, if you’re coating something dark, it’s possible you will need to use three — depending on the effect you’re trying to achieve. If a rustic distressed finish is your aim, two should be enough.