Best Deck Stain Sprayer — Buyer’s Guide, Reviews, and Comparison

The best deck stain sprayer will allow you more time relaxing on your deck than working on it. As a DIYer and home-improver, a unit that’s straightforward to use and delivers a professional-looking finish is the ideal combination. Choosing an appropriately sized fluid nozzle is also key, as well as picking a spray gun with adjustable power output and a lengthy hose. Putting all these components together will result in an effortless job that you’ll be proud to show off to your neighbors.

Our Top Pick
Earlex 5500
This is a deck stain sprayer that will enable prosumers to obtain impressive results effortlessly. With a power of 650-watts, the two-stage turbine allows for rapid job progression. The gun in your hand is manufactured from lightweight, durable metal, preventing arm fatigue after a long period of spraying. And, the 2.00 mm nozzle offers use with a variety of paints and stains.
  • 1.05-quart paint cup.
  • HVLP technology minimizes overspray.
  • Push-N-Click system switches between spray patterns.
  • 13-foot hose.
Product Rating: 4.9/5

Deck Paint Sprayer Comparison Table

  • Hose/cord length: 13-foot hose
  • Sprayer type: HVLP
  • Nozzle/spray tip: 2.0 mm
  • Motor position: Ground-based


  • 1.05-quart paint container.
  • 650-watt motor
  • Adjustable power dial.

Product Rating: 4.9/5

Check Price at Amazon Earlex 5500 Review Earlex 5500 Review
  • Hose/cord length: 25-foot hose
  • Sprayer Type: Airless
  • Nozzle/spray tip: 515 reversible nozzle
  • Motor position: Ground-based stand


  • 2800 PSI.
  • 0.24 GPM (gallons per minute).
  • Adjustable power output.

Product Rating: 4.8/5

Check Price at Amazon Power Flo 2800 Review Power Flo 2800 Review
  • Hose/cord length: Six-foot cord
  • Sprayer Type: HVLP
  • Nozzle/spray tip: iSpray and Finishing nozzle
  • Motor position: Handheld


  • 1.5-quart paint cup.
  • 12 levels of volume output.
  • Lock-N-Go for simple cleanup.

Product Rating: 4.7/5

Check Price at Amazon Wagner Flexio 3000 Review Wagner Flexio 3000 Review
  • Hose/cord length: 25-foot hose
  • Sprayer type: Airless
  • Nozzle/spray tip: RAC IV 515
  • Motor position: Ground-based stand


  • 0.27 GPM (gallons per minute).
  • Robust SG2 spray gun.
  • Flexible uptake tube.

Product Rating: 4.7/5

Check Price at Amazon Graco Magnum X5 Review Graco Magnum X5 Review
  • Hose/cord length: 25-foot hose
  • Sprayer Type: High Efficiency Airless
  • Nozzle/spray tip: 515 HEA nozzle
  • Motor position: Ground-based


  • Spacious hopper design.
  • 55 percent less overspray.
  • 0.24 GPM (gallons per minute).

Product Rating: 4.5/5

Check Price at Amazon Wagner Control Pro 130 Review Wagner Control Pro 130 Review
  • Hose/cord length 18-inch cord
  • Sprayer Type: Airless
  • Nozzle/spray tip: Yes
  • Motor position: Handheld


  • 8 GPH (gallons per hour).
  • 360-degree spraying capability.
  • Volume control dial.

Product Rating: 4.5/5

Check Price at Amazon HomeRight Heavy Duty Review HomeRight Heavy Duty Review
  • Hose/cord length: 20-foot hose
  • Sprayer Type: HVLP
  • Nozzle/spray tip: Control Finish
  • Motor position: Ground-based


  • Three spray patterns.
  • 1 and 1.5-quart paint cups.
  • Customizable settings.

Product Rating: 4.5/5

Check Price at Amazon Wagner 0518080 Review Wagner 0518080 Review
  • Hose/cord length: 25-foot hose
  • Sprayer Type: Airless
  • Nozzle/spray tip: 517
  • Motor position: Ground-based stand


  • 3000 PSI.
  • 0.32 GPM (gallons per minute).
  • Lightweight for an airless sprayer at only 23 pounds.

Product Rating: 4.4/5

Check Price at Amazon Goplus Airless Paint Sprayer Review Goplus Airless Paint Sprayer Review
  • Hose/cord length: 18-inch cord
  • Sprayer Type: Airless
  • Nozzle/spray tip: 0.015-inch reversible (x2)
  • Motor position: Handheld


  • 12 GPH.
  • VacuValve allows 360-degree spraying.
  • Includes four reusable, recyclable 32-ounce FlexLiner paint bags.

Product Rating: 4.2/5

Check Price at Amazon Graco TrueCoat 360DS Review Graco TrueCoat 360DS review

Best Paint Sprayer for Deck Stain Buying Guide

There is nothing nicer than sitting outside on your deck enjoying a warm breeze — and a deck stain sprayer can help you complete the necessary maintenance and finishing to your wooden terrace.

Granted, you could always weatherproof and decorate your deck with a brush or roller — but where’s the fun in that. With a good sprayer for deck stain, you’ll get the job done easily, quickly, with less mess and more enjoyment. You’ll also accomplish a higher quality finish.

How to Choose the Best Sprayer for Deck Stain?

Staining your deck is slightly different from coating an interior wall, hence, your sprayer needs to be different too. When working with low-density stains, make sure you select the correct nozzle size. Furthermore, you’ll be working outdoors, so you need to account for any challenges presented by this.
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Nozzle Size

Installing the correct nozzle size is critical for achieving the best results on your decking — a tip size of between 0.11 to 0.13 inches is ideal when working with stain.

However, you shouldn’t write off a sprayer that sounds suitable but doesn’t include a nozzle in this size range. Just dig a little deeper to see if alternatives are supported. Many units come with a generic all-around nozzle but will permit the use of a variety of orifice diameters.


Hose Length

Decking by its very nature tends to be a sizable project — meaning that you need a relatively powerful stain sprayer for effortless deck coverage. This could mean you decide on a spray gun with a fairly weighty standalone motor — which you won’t want to be moving too frequently.

A lengthy hose will allow you to place the sprayer in a suitable position, permitting you to move around as you wish — without feeling like you’ve just completed a full-body workout at the end of the day.

true rms

Adjustable Power and Volume Control

As I keep saying, decking jobs are no small feat — but it’s important to keep this in mind. That said, just because you’re attempting a project of a substantial scale, doesn’t mean that you have to work at maximum output.

Possessing the ability to adjust the power will not only allow you to cover a large surface area when using the highest setting — but also, apply those finishing touches to railings when you tone the machine down.

Coating volume control is also a notable feature that shouldn’t be overlooked. What does it do? Once you’ve matched the power to the size of your project, the volume control allows more precision in terms of the total amount of stain delivered at a given time.

input impedance

Transportability and Storage

When I discussed the size of the hose for a ground-based motor, I already mentioned the longer the better. However, you should also determine whether a floor-based machine or a handheld unit is more your style?

There are many handheld airless and HVLP (high-volume, low-pressure) sprayers that allow you to move around freely — only limited by the length of your power cord, for which you can always invest in an extension cable.

A unit that also includes a storage case or convenient configuration with built-in storage for nozzles and gun is a useful feature. It permits you to safely store everything dust-free in your workshop or garage until its next outing — without the worry of it being damaged in the meantime.

ease of use

Container Size

Ok, maybe this is a bit of a general title, in that, when you go through my top nine stain sprayers for decks, you’ll find out not all incorporate paint cups.

Some models have the capability to spray directly from the original stain can. This means you don’t have to worry about spillages as you transfer your medium. Also, as many stain cans you purchase from a hardware store are significantly larger than most coating containers supplied with spray guns — you’ll be able to work for longer due to less refilling.

However, if you spot a sprayer you like, checking the cup size is a good call. As staining a deck is generally a medium to large task, you’ll want a cup size that can keep up — holding a reasonable amount of stain to prevent you from having to refill every five minutes.

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Applying Deck Stain With a Pump Sprayer vs an Electric Sprayer

In theory, staining a deck with a pump sprayer is possible, and some deck stain sprayer reviews even state that it’s a more cost-effective option — but let’s look a little closer.

The initial machine investment may be more budget-friendly than an electric stain sprayer, but in a world where you get what you pay for, what can’t a deck pump sprayer carry off?

Pump sprayers don’t bear the same performance when it comes to fine paint atomization. They lack the grunt that an electric motor delivers. Furthermore, they don’t possess the ability to adjust the volume or power.

In short. You’re unlikely to achieve the same quality finish as you would with an electric stain sprayer.

One of the best things about using power tools such as a stain sprayer — apart from feeling like a kid in a candy store — is that it saves you time and energy. With a pump sprayer, you receive a full-body workout, which is great if you aspire to look like ‘the Rock’ — but, that may not be for everyone.

How To Use a Paint Sprayer for Deck Stain

What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

To guarantee that you achieve the best results possible on your deck staining project, make sure you have all the following items to hand before you begin.

  • Deck stain sprayer.
  • Stain.
  • Plastic sheets or tarp.
  • Masking tape.
  • Suitable size nozzle for stain.
  • Stir sticks.
  • Paintbrush for touch-ups.
  • Empty buckets for cleaning and priming.
  • Cleaning cloths.
  • Personal protection equipment — dust mask, gloves, safety goggles, and spray hood.

How To Stain Deck With a Sprayer — Step by Step Guide

Step 1 — Preparing Your Workplace and Decking

  1. As with all painting projects, preparation is key — staining your deck is no exception. Choose a day with minimal wind. Early morning is generally best — as the light tends to be better. Remove any furniture and your grill to give yourself a blank canvas.
  2. Next, you need to get rid of any dust, debris, or dirt accumulated on the decking. The best way to do this is by using a pressure washer. However, if you don’t have one to hand, a stiff yard brush and a thorough hose down will also work. Once washed, allow your deck to dry completely.
  3. If you have any surrounding shrubbery or plants that you can’t temporarily relocate, it’s a good tip to cover these with your dust sheets. The same applies to anything else nearby that can’t be moved.

Step 2 — Start Spraying

  1. Once your deck is dry, set up your paint sprayer. Select the relevant nozzle size for stain and complete any priming.

    If you’re working with more than one tin of paint, I suggest mixing it in a larger container to make sure you attain a uniform color across your deck.

  2. If you haven’t already, kit up — put on all your protective equipment.
  3. Select the lowest pressure output that your machine offers to avoid damaging the wood.
  4. Complete a test spray and allow it to dry before starting the full task. This will ensure that you have chosen the correct color.
  5. Start with the balustrades and railings before attempting the main deck area. This will make your task more straightforward.
  6. Ideally, you should work in smallish sections to achieve an even finish. To give you a rough idea of the size, a section of between three to four boards is best.
  7. Start spraying. Keep the nozzle around 12-inches from the deck.

    Go with the grain of the wood if possible and try to complete each board end-to end-with one sweep. This should prevent any pooling.

    To ensure complete coating, overlap each previous pass with another by about 50 percent.

  8. If any pools of stain occur, smooth the stain with a brush as carefully as you can.
  9. Read the directions on the back of the container — check how many coats and whether drying in between is required. Repeat step seven as needed.

Step 3 — Finishing up

  1. When you have completed, clean up your sprayer and tools as promptly as you can. Allowing stains to sit in the machine for a lengthy period when not in use could cause irreparable damage.
  2. Allow the decking to dry completely — follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Once your decking is dry, move the furniture back and remove any dust sheets that you used. Grab a cold one, light the grill and sit back on your deck and enjoy your handy work.

Best Paint Sprayer for Deck Stain — The Top Nine

In order to enjoy those balmy summer evenings outside, a deck stain sprayer is a key tool to make sure your decking is somewhere you want to spend time. And, to help you get out there faster, I’ve taken the liberty to pick out a few machines, which I believe are man for the task.
Our Rating: 4.9
If you need a deck stain sprayer that delivers pro-looking results, I believe the Earlex 550 could meet the requirements for the number one choice for prosumers. This sprayer appeals to hardcore DIYers and contractors with experience in spraying, thanks to its ability to handle large-scale projects effortlessly.

Cranking out 650-watts of power, the floor-standing two-stage turbine provides a smooth finish on your decking at a rapid rate. When we take a look at the gun itself, it’s constructed of durable yet lightweight metal — helping to keep the weight in your hand down, but still offering superior accuracy.

The 1.05-quart paint cup is coated in PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene, also known as Teflon), making it super simple to clean up and offers a decent capacity for grander-scale tasks. Furthermore, a stainless steel 2.0 mm fluid nozzle is compatible with a wide range of coatings — however, substantial substances, like latex will need to be thinned before use.

HVLP technology offers a reduction in overspray, and a proprietary Push-N-Click system allows untroublesome switches between the three available fan patterns. Fluid delivery is also simple to control through an uncomplicated dial.

Integrated into the turbine housing is a dedicated place to pack away the power cable and hose — permitting manageable storage and transportation. Plus, as well as a handy gun holster, the ergonomic handle further enhances portability.

Earlex has been manufacturing both home improvement and professional-grade paint products since 1987. Since 2013, they have been owned by the global giant Wagner SprayTech — further upgrading their reputation of producing reliable quality tools.


  • Great prosumer unit for large-scale projects.
  • Minimal overspray.
  • 1.05-quart paint container.
  • Floor-based turbine.
  • 13-foot hose.
  • Viscosity cup included.
  • Supports different sized tips.

  • Suitable spray tip for stain may require additional purchase.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price


Our Rating: 4.8
Perhaps an airless deck stain sprayer is more your style, in which case the HomeRight Power Flo 2800 could appeal.

Aimed toward the dedicated DIYer, this machine boasts a substantial 2800 PSI motor, delivering rapid coverage on decking and other notably sized projects. The gun itself is chrome plated, which is an added defense against component corrosion — additionally, a 100 mesh filter is installed to prevent clogging.

Another feature that prevents blockages is the reversible 515 nozzle, it’s also dressed with a tip guard — offering protection from accidental bumps and knocks. Pressure output is adjustable utilizing a control dial — allowing you to fine-tune to whatever coating that you’re spraying with.

To minimize interruptions to your work stride, an uptake tube provides the capability to spray straight from the original paint container. And, the whole unit is seated on a sturdy stand that protects the pump by keeping it off the floor — as well as making it a convenient height to reach the controls.

HomeRight is owned by Wagner SprayTech — who appear to be going for spray painting world domination. However, this isn’t such a bad thing as Wagner’s tried and tested technology combined with HomeRight’s experience mean that the product line is both high-quality and extensive.


  • Uptake hose allows spraying straight from the container.
  • Reversible 515 fluid nozzle.
  • 25-foot flexible hose.
  • 2800 PSI.
  • Durable floor-standing design.
  • Great for large size projects.

  • Not the best deck stain sprayer for aesthetics.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price
Our Rating: 4.7
Covering vast expanses of decking as well as coping with small railing projects — in my estimation, the Wagner FLEXiO 3000 could be one of the best options for an HVLP deck stain sprayer.

With nine settings available on the X-Boost power dial, it enables the unit to adapt to a variety of coatings — and still offer exact precision. The cup included in this handheld device is substantial at 1.5-quarts, providing the capability to spray for longer — without having to refill.

Furthermore, the medium flow dial offers 12 levels to control the volume of paint delivery. You also have the choice of three different spray patterns — meaning that this machine is altogether adaptable to your individual spraying style.

To aid cleaning, the Lock-N-Go system permits complete unit breakdown, which means that you can reach all those awkward places to remove any residual coating. And, taking your spray comfort to the next level, the gun handle is ergonomically designed with a rubber-coated handle — improving grip and reducing fatigue.

The 3000 is part of Wagner’s FLEXiO HVLP line that boasts only a five-minute cleanup and the potential to spray up to ten times faster than with a brush. Wagner is a powerhouse of the spray painting world and has been in the industry for over seven decades — the brand’s experience produces prime products for tradespeople and home improvers.


  • iSpray and finishing nozzle provides three spray patterns.
  • X-Boost power dial.
  • HVLP technology offers less overspray.
  • Handheld unit.
  • 1.5-quart paint cup.
  • Full control of the material output.
  • New improved technology.

  • Could be too weighty for some with a full paint cup.
  • Loud operation.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price
Our Rating: 4.7
If you require an airless deck stain sprayer that can handle heavy-duty demands, the Graco Magnum X5 may be of interest. Designed with larger DIY projects in mind, this spray gun will make upgrading your decking a breeze.

The SG2 spray gun included in this package is of metal construction with a robust trigger — which adds to your spraying comfort. Furthermore, the RAC IV 515 nozzle can push out up to 0.27 GPM (gallons per minute), with a total usage recommendation of 125 gallons per year.

Another great feature is the flexible uptake tube. This enables spraying directly from one and five-gallon containers — which should be more than enough for your decking without refills.

For optimum reach, a 25-foot DuraFlex hose allows you to move around your deck with ease — and without having to move the entire unit frequently. And, if your decking is larger, this unit can support up to a 75-foot hose — without compromising your spray quality.

If we look at the 0.5 horsepower motor on this machine, there is enough grunt to deliver a pressure of 3000 PSI.

When you’re done with your project, the Power Flush Adaptor attaches to your garden hose to permit complete flushing of the unit. And if you’re not sure how it works, the included instructional DVD and manual step in to assist.

This sprayer is part of Graco’s Project Series, which is directed to handymen and DIYers who demand fine atomization and finesse. Graco has been in the fluid industry for over ninety years and has its fingers in many everyday liquid delivery pies — including glue, glass, oil, and peanut butter.


  • Sprays straight from the paint container.
  • Airless deck sprayer.
  • Rugged metal SG2 spray gun.
  • Relatively lightweight for such a heavy-duty unit.
  • Cleanup is effortless utilizing your garden hose.
  • 25-foot flexible hose.

  • Lacks internal storage for extra tips, power cord, or spray gun.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price
Our Rating: 4.5
Are you a newcomer to the spraying fraternity? If you’re nodding your head — a deck stain sprayer such as the Wagner Control Pro 130 takes the intimidation out of updating your decking. Its gravity-feed design removes the need for bothersome priming, making this unit straightforward to set up — which ultimately means you can get on with your task with minimum fuss.

Thanks to the HEA (high-efficiency airless technology), there is 55 percent less overspray when compared to other airless sprayers. The 515 fluid nozzle delivers a 10-inch fan pattern, plus, the 0.375 horsepower motor cranks out up to 0.24 GPM (gallons per minute) — enabling you to complete even coverage quickly.

The stationary 1.5-gallon hopper design with a spill-resistant lid allows for uninterrupted spraying when using latex, lacquers, and stains on larger projects — no unnecessary stopping to refill. While a 25-foot hose provides extensive reach — minimizing the need to move the unit.

Furthermore, the unit has integrated handles that help you to position the machine initially. And, when you’re done for the day, cleanup is effortless — it’s a case of flush and rinse, and it’s a wrap. Plus, both the hose and gun conveniently fit inside the power tank for simple storage.

By receiving the topmost award for Painting and Tiling Tools at the 2019 PTIA (Pro Tool Innovation Awards), you don’t just have to take my word for this unit’s capabilities. On top of that, Wagner SprayTech is a well-established manufacturer boasting over seven decades of quality fluid handling product production — all backed by outstanding customer service.


  • Best deck stain sprayer for newbies.
  • Competitively priced.
  • HEA technology offers reduced overspray.
  • Straightforward set up and end-of-job cleaning.
  • 1.5-gallon hopper capacity.

  • Dial pressure isn’t adjustable.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price
Our Rating: 4.5
Maybe you’re looking for a deck stain sprayer that combines airless capabilities in a handheld unit — in this case, the HomeRight Heavy Duty spray gun may be one solution.

The motor delivers 120-watts of power — pushing out up to eight gallons per hour of finely atomized paint on your deck. There are also two adjustable speeds — so you can switch between large surface areas and smaller railings and balustrades.

A one-quart coating cup provides sufficient capacity to minimize refilling — and inside the container, the uptake tube is free to move which allows 360-degree spraying ability. Furthermore, to give you ultimate control, an adjustable volume dial allows you to vary the output according to the medium that you are spraying with.

Added extras in this unit include two atomizers, a cone spray nozzle, a long-term storage kit, a container clamp, a cleaning brush, and even oil — everything you need for the successful completion of your decking.

HomeRight is a subsidiary of the spraying giant, Wagner SprayTech. This fluid industry behemoth has created a wide range of products suitable for pro contractors and DIYers alike.


  • Airless handheld unit.
  • 360-degree spraying ability.
  • Many extras including oil, cone spray nozzle, cleaning brush and storage kit.
  • Two adjustable speeds.
  • Adjustable volume output.

  • Thicker mediums may need thinning.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price
Our Rating: 4.5
With complete adjustability, the Wagner 0518080 deck stain sprayer offers total versatility. The variable settings allow this unit to adapt between medium size projects, as well as adding the required finishing touches.

This HVLP unit may not be the most budget-friendly device on the market but a multitude of features justifies the cost. To start with, there is a powerful two-stage turbine making life easier when spraying with a variety of coatings. Furthermore, paint output is fully customizable through a material flow dial and pressure control adjuster.

To reduce spraying fatigue, the ground-based machine includes a 20-foot hose — allowing substantial reach. Additionally, you also have the option of two paint cups — a metal 1-quart container and a plastic 1.5-quart beaker.

A sprayer that delivers such great results can be a little intimidating for some, but a handy user guide makes operation almost child’s play — leaving you with a finely atomized even finish.

The Wagner 0518080 is part of this manufacturer’s Control Series — a range of user-friendly HVLP machines. Wagner has been producing high-standard tools for over seven decades — and is highly rated by both pro contractors and home improvers.


  • HVLP technology offers fine atomization.
  • A versatile unit that adapts to medium and smaller sized projects.
  • 20-foot hose.
  • Ground-based turbine.
  • Adjustable air and coating output.

  • Some thinning may be required for certain mediums.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price
Our Rating: 4.4
If you’re someone that prefers their home improvement equipment to be of a ‘plug and play’ design — the Goplus Airless paint gun might grab your attention. This deck stain sprayer is a no-frills DIY unit that will still deliver even coatings on sizable projects with finely atomized finishes.

This device utilizes the significant 3000 PSI to push the paint out effortlessly and provide rapid coverage. An ability that is further enhanced by adjustable volume delivery.

You have two options when it comes to feeding the paint into the sprayer, you can either use the included pail or spray directly from the original can of paint — via a detachable uptake tube. To magnify the reach of this sprayer, you also receive a 25-foot hose as part of the package — so you should be able to simply ‘park it’ and paint.

Looking at the portability of this unit, there is an ergonomic handle positioned on top of the turbine housing. It’s also incredibly lightweight for a sprayer of its size — weighing in at only 18.5 pounds. Set up and cleaning is also super straightforward and doesn’t require the use of any pro-grade tools.

Although this sprayer doesn’t hail from one of the more well-known manufactures, it should still not be sniffed at. For a generically branded power tool, it still boasts durability and quality, and will let you get the job done efficiently.


  • Straightforward no-frills sprayer.
  • 0.32 GPM (gallons per minute).
  • Lightweight when compared to other airless sprayers.
  • Floor-based turbine.
  • 25-foot power cord and hose.

  • Sourcing replacement parts may be challenging.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price
Our Rating: 4.2
While multi-angle spraying ability may not instantly spring to mind when considering a deck stain sprayer, what about those finishing touches on surrounding fence posts? As suggested in the name, with the Graco TrueCoat 360DS, you can even spray upside down — making sure everywhere is evenly coated and protected.

With dual-speed control, you gain the option of cranking up the sprayer to rapidly cover a large size deck — but you also have the option of choosing a slower, more precise output for those final trimming tasks.

At the heart of this rather niche handheld airless sprayer is a hydraulic pump composed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel that effortlessly handles a range of mediums — without thinning. And, for both narrow and wide fan patterns, you have the choice between two fluid nozzles.

For easy cleanup and swift changes between coating colors, this sprayer employs its proprietary reusable and recyclable FlexLiner bag system. There are four 32-ounce bags included.

Even though this is a small device, it still has the ability to pump out 1500 PSI when power is set to high — allowing a delivery rate of up to 12 GPH (gallons per hour). However, one small factor to take into account is that you’ll no doubt require an extension cord to allow for any kind of decent reach on outdoor projects — the power cable is a little short at only 18-inches.

Graco is well known in the industry for its airless sprayers, and this unit is one of three in their handheld range. Graco manufacturers power tools for dedicated professionals and occasional DIYers and is backed by more than 90 years of experience.


  • Four FlexLiner coating bags.
  • VacuValve technology offers 360-degree spraying.
  • Handheld airless sprayer.
  • Choice of two fluid nozzles.
  • Two-speed settings.

  • Short power cord.
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price


Staining deck with a sprayer will help you preserve and restore your dull-looking decking into a stylish seating area — that’s the envy of the neighborhood.

Remember — check the gun can accommodate a stain suitable tip size. Think about cup size — is it large enough for an interruption-free session. Or, does it facilitate spraying directly from the original paint canister?

Furthermore, a lengthy hose enables a practical reach without having to move the bulk of your unit frequently. But if you have to, a lightweight or handheld device is a smart choice.

A straightforward, simple to clean spray gun prevents any procrastination when it comes to tidying the unit away. And, adjustable power and medium output will permit complete control over your finish.

Parting words? If making the most of your outside space is on your agenda, a deck stain sprayer is a maintenance-worthy ally to have on your side.

Deck Stain Sprayer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can You Use a Paint Sprayer To Stain a Deck?

Yes, you can. By using a sprayer to stain deck, you will find that you will achieve far superior results in a shorter time than with a roller or brush. When choosing what kind of sprayer works best for deck stain, there are many dedicated to working with stains and other wood-based projects. Most of these will include the optimum size fluid nozzle and adjustable power.

Q: Is It Better To Spray or Brush Deck Stain?

Staining a deck with a sprayer is not only a lot more enjoyable than using a paintbrush, but it’s much quicker and will provide far more satisfying results. The finely atomized paint delivered by a paint gun will allow a complete even finish — with no irritating brush strokes.

Q: How To Apply Deck Stain With a Pump Sprayer?

Knowing how to stain a deck with a pump sprayer is a useful technique to learn as you don’t have the same expense of an electric sprayer for staining decks.

In my opinion, the Chapin International pump sprayer is the best pump sprayer for deck stain. It’s manufactured from Tri-Poxy, making it a durable unit, and also has a substantial 2-gallon tank. This device is compatible with transparent stains and sealers. It also provides a coarse, medium, and fine pattern utilizing the three included nozzles.

Q: What Is the Best Spray Deck Stain Pump Sprayer?

A manual deck stain pump sprayer is straightforward to use, budget-friendly, and fuss-free to maintain, such as the Chapin International pump sprayer. It sports an ergonomic design and the option of three spray patterns.

However, to stain deck with a pump sprayer is a considerable ‘hands-on’ affair — plus the spray pressure won’t be consistent. In comparison, my best spray gun for deck stain, the Earlex 5500 cranks out 650-watts of power to deliver an even finish with finely atomized particles.

Q: Can You Spray Stain With Airless Sprayer?

When staining deck with a sprayer, an airless tool is a great choice. They’re usually designed with medium to large project sizes in mind — and carry enough brawn to help you make short work of your task

Q:What Is the Best Way To Stain a Deck With a Sprayer?

Take a look at my step-by-step guide on how to use a paint sprayer for deck stain.