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Goplus Airless Paint Sprayer

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Goplus Airless Review Summary:

A unit that offers high-efficiency spraying at mid-market price-point — the Goplus Airless Paint Sprayer is directed towards the enthusiastic DIYer wishing to attack sizable outdoor and indoor painting work. As such, it’s appropriate for covering decks, ceilings, walls, and doors,

Pushing out 3000 psi, this machine incorporates adjustable power control — eliminating the use of thinners for the majority of mediums. Furthermore, it allows you to ramp up the volume delivery — ideal when tackling harder-to-cover projects.

A detachable suction line permits you to connect the machine to an original paint container — or you can utilize the included bucket. And, with 25-feet of hose — this machine can cover two stories — making it ideal for high-level work.

With the majority of parts being located in a floor-standing housing — the spray gun is lightweight and effortless to manipulate. Additionally, a generously-sized carrying handle increases the unit’s portability.

This sprayer is a generically branded item — with it also appearing under Tomic and Hyet labels. The Goplus brand, for example, markets products from Christmas trees through to travel luggage (and naturally, power tools). However, its sprayer remains a robust unit that is equally suited to the keen home-improver — or DIYers looking for a reliable entry-level airless power tool.


25-foot power cord.
Ideal for large projects.
Adjustable pump power control.
Simple for spraying newbies to operate.
Relatively lightweight for an airless sprayer.
Suction hose and filter.
Floor stand.
0.32 gpm (gallons-per-minute).
Easy to clean.

Great price-to-quality ratio and cost efficiency


Relatively unknown manufacturer.
Obtaining replacement parts may be challenging.
Overly stiff suction hose.

Features and Benefits of the Goplus Paint Sprayer

Being a relatively unknown marque in the spraying world — time to peel back the veneer of the brand’s marketing-blurb and discover in detail what this machine has to offer the spray-seeking home-improver.

Powerful Pump

The heart of every airless sprayer is the pump. Too weedy, and it’ll lack the grunt to knock out highly viscous mediums, permit you from spraying from an adequate distance, or mean your gun-end delivers nothing but a pathetic trickle.

Reassuringly, the Goplus Spray Gun is equipped with a beefy powerhouse — cranking out 3000 psi and delivering a flow rate of 0.32 gpm. Not only will this deal with thinner-less viscous paints — but also provides rapid and even coverage.

However, thankfully you don’t have to always be in Hulk-Smash! mode. With an adjustable power setting — you can bring this immense might down a little to Black Widow proportions. This still provides intensity and strength but with more finesse — particularly useful when using less dense coating mediums. I mean, who wants to shoot their entire load in the first minute?

My only concern is, that should the unlikely event of breakdown occur, the lack of transparency and presence of the brand may make obtaining replacement parts a challenge. Something that’s not an issue with the more well-known ‘big-boy’ companies.

Suction Hose with Filter

Say goodbye to constant refills and failed attempts at decanting paint into a separate container. The Goplus Airless Paint Sprayer comes complete with a suction hose — allowing you to draw directly from a suitable original paint or stain can.

Furthermore, this hose incorporates a mesh filter — preventing debris and detritus from entering the machine and damaging the critical pump.

And, should you wish to go ‘old-school’ and transfer your painting medium from its store-bought can — the Goplus machine arrives with a stand-mounted container.

Safety and Durability

Although not hailing from one of the leading manufacturers of paint applicators, the Goplus Airless Paint Sprayer includes numerous features that enhance safe use and increase the machine’s durability.

Key is its ability to dissipate static charge — meaning none of those surprising electric shocks as your finishing precise edging work. Furthermore, it incorporates a flex-fatigue protected hose (via a stainless steel coil) — a common area of wear-and-tear in sprayers.

And, to ensure longevity and durability, the machine’s components have been specifically selected not to degrade or swell when brought into contact with solvents, oils, and chemicals.

Spray Gun and Hose

As the pump is a separate unit — this means the handheld spray gun is reassuringly lightweight — allowing for fatigue-free painting. While the handle is knurled — I would personally prefer a more ergonomic design for added hand stability — and I question how this gun would cope with perspiring hands. Furthermore, the manufacturer makes no indication of the tip size — although it appears that users have received a 517 nozzle-end.

However, as it’s attached by an industry-standard on-quarter-inch-18 NPSM (National Pipe Straight Mechanical) connector — you can easily swap for a replacement third-party gun should you wish. Additionally, the paint hose extends to a length of 25-feet — which should be sufficient to use the unit up to a height of two stories.

The sturdy hose is designed to prevent coiling or twisting that would otherwise mean paint flow interruption (a massive headache if you’re up a ladder and the hose is ‘pinched’ on the ground). However, in some ways, the manufacturer has made a rod for its own back. The design of this hose is so robust and rigid — that it makes maneuverability and precise strokes with the gun seriously challenging.

Stand and Handle

The pump unit is mounted on a lightweight tubular aluminum stand. Keeping the machine off the floor can prevent overheating, allows for stoop-free operation, and prevents dirt and water ingress when used outside.

This stand features a substantial handle. And, unlike that of the gun — the manufacturer has actually applied some thought into the design of this feature. Molded to fit comfortably in the hand — its rubberized and textured construction should make moving the machine agreeable and relatively effortless. Furthermore, for added handheld stability — it incorporates an end-stop to prevent your fingers slipping down the aluminum tubing.

What Users Say About The Goplus Airless?

Not being one of the most well-known machines in the market — this unit doesn’t come with an existing spraying pedigree or reputation that the fanatical DIYer would already be aware of.

Hence, to reveal how this unit works in the hard-hitting world of everyday life — and unearth any hitherto mentioned downsides — I sought out Goplus Airless Paint Sprayer reviews from guys that own this machine.

As a whole, the feedback was positive. Users of this unit praised its easy assembly, welcomed the 25-foot hose, and found that it provided rapid and smooth coverage.

However, there were a few whispers of dissatisfaction.

Some guys indicated that the suction hose, like the spray gun connector, was remarkably stiff — making it difficult to remain in-situ while located in a paint container. Furthermore, while a few DIY perfectionists felt that even with the pump on the lowest setting — it remained too generous when spraying thin mediums.

Yet, overall, owners of the unit considered it to be a perfectly functional unit at a sub-premium price point.

Want to check out for yourself what the coat-covering cognoscenti think about the Goplus? Click the link below!

Alternatives to Goplus Airless Paint Sprayer

Perhaps this Goplus Spray Gun review hasn’t exactly whetted your appetite. Despite this being a satisfactorily competent unit — it’s possible that it’s not hitting the mark for your particular spraying needs.

If so, don’t give up and go back to your roller and brush. Instead, consider these worthy alternatives.

Himalaya Airless Paint Sprayer

Should the rather substandard spray gun of the Goplus be a dealbreaker — this unit may appeal.

Made by the same generic manufacturer as the Goplus — the Himalaya offers virtually identical features — yet boasts a substantial rubberized and textured gun-handle that should offer greater stability and comfort than the plain metal of its sibling.

  • Lighter on the wallet than the Goplus.
  • Lacks the large portable stand-handle of the Goplus.
  • Like the Goplus offers 3000 psi and 0.63 hp — but a lower flow rate of 0.28 gpm.

Wagner Control Pro 150

Loving the features of the Goplus — but feeling a little wary as you’re thinking — who the heck is this manufacturer? If that’s the case, this comparative model by paint-spraying supremos Wagner SprayTech might tickle your home-improvement fancy.

The Wagner Control Pro 150 features an interchangeable HEA 515 tip — designed to reduce overspray by 55 percent and deliver a smooth coat. While ideal for use with latex paints, if you wish you can swap with other Wagner-manufactured nozzle-ends, to deliver the ultimate finish with sealants and stains.

  • Higher price point than the Goplus.
  • Like the GoPlus, it has a 25-foot hose.
  • Lower pressure output — 1500 psi as opposed to the 3000 psi of the Goplus.

Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19

If you’re an extreme DIYer who doesn’t wish to ‘go-plus’, but instead wants to ‘go-pro’ — check out this industry-grade airless paint sprayer.

The Graco 17G180 is a seriously durable unit built for intense use — able to knock out around 500 gallons per year. A bespoke InstaClean filter ensures pump longevity and debris-free spraying — while its cart-mounted design allows for effortless portability.

  • Substantially harder on the bank account than the Goplus.
  • Mammoth 50-foot hose in comparison with the 25-foot Goplus.
  • Greater flow — 0.38 gpm as opposed to 0.32 gpm.


The Goplus is a satisfactorily useful machine at a pleasing price point — that hopefully should appease your partner if she has concerns about your power tool purchasing obsession.

Suitable for sizeable indoor and outdoor projects due to its 3000 psi output and adjustable pump-control — it’s uncomplicated nature may appeal to airless paint spraying newbies.

An incorporated suction hose negates the hassle of refilling — and its anti-static design and hose protector elevate both safety and longevity.

Admittedly, it comes from a generic brand that may not offer the back-up of the ‘big boys’. And, its overly rigid hose and suction pipe combined with the unforgiving spray gun handle may impair comfort and ease of use.

But, if you’re thinking of dipping your toes into the turbine and compressor-free paint spraying world for the first time — check out the Goplus Airless Paint Sprayer.

Goplus Airless FAQs

What’s the Difference between Goplus Airless vs Goplus HVLP Spray Gun?
The Goplus airless sprayer is a floor-standing machine that uses an electric pump to power the paint delivery. It’s ideal for larger projects.

The Goplus HVLP gun is a handheld unit that utilizes an internal turbine to atomize the coating medium — suitable for small to medium jobs. Like the airless Goplus, the HVLP sprayer is a third party product, branded as Costway.

What’s the Goplus Sprayer Uses?

The Goplus Airless machine is ideally suited for large-scale spraying jobs. While not an exhaustive list, you can use this unit for coating:

  • Workshops and sheds.
  • Substantial decking areas.
  • Wooden boats.
  • Outhouses.
  • Basements.
  • Border fencing.
  • Interior and exterior walls.
  • Stables.
Where Do You Add Lubricant to the Goplus Airless?
Carefully detach the hose and apply the lubricant to the connector thread.
What’s the Tip Size of the Goplus Airless Sprayer?
Although not stated by the manufacturer — it appears that most owners received a 517 tip with this machine.
Can I Use the Goplus Airless on US Mains Power?
Yes. The manufacturer indicates that this sprayer is rated at 120 volts — suitable for the mains supply in the USA.
Can I Use the Goplus Sprayer Airless for Thick Lacquers?
No. The viscosity of the medium is likely to block an airless sprayer. Instead, use an air spray gun in conjunction with a compressor.
Is the Goplus Airless Easy to Clean?
Yes. The detachable spray gun and hose means you can break this gun down for cleaning. Additionally, you can also run solvents or cleaning solutions through the entire system for a thorough wash-through.

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