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Graco Ultra Max 2 1095 Paint Sprayers

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Jun 10, 2024 @ 9:02 am

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Review Summary:

Delivering 1.2 gallons per minute effortlessly, the 1095 by Graco speeds up projects thanks to its powerful 2.4 horsepower brushless motor. Plus, your downtime is considerably reduced as you won’t need to change brushes or make multiple maintenance call outs. Graco states this motor is nearly maintenance-free, while the heavy-duty prime valve makes changing mediums a breeze.

SmartControl 3.0 means you control both pressure and flow; adjust flow to your painting needs and maintain consistency throughout your work. This level of adaptability means you can have confidence in the fact that from the first spray to the last, you get flawless finishes.

The durable and patented Hi-Boy cart can tackle debris and multiple worksite obstacles — your paint sprayer is maneuverable, protected, and secure.

While the above features come standard in all 1095 Graco Paint Sprayers, you also have the option to upgrade to the Ironman or ProContractor Models.

The 1095 Paint Sprayer’s unique features are patented and designed by Graco to minimize downtime and maximize productivity. One of the market leaders with decades of experience, Graco strives to be innovative in its fluid solutions and create user-friendly, solid, and reliable paint sprayers.


Ideal for professionals for commercial and industrial jobs.
Can be used with multiple guns.
Easy to maintain and operate, reducing maintenance and call outs.
Designed for versatility and durability.
Allows you to monitor and control usage and pressure/flow.


Not designed for smaller projects.
Textured paints could be problematic.

Features and Benefits of Graco 1095 Ultra Max 2 Paint Sprayers

With brand giant Graco, you know its paint sprays are durable, reliable, and easy to operate, but why choose 1095 sprayers, and what makes them stand out from the competition?

Let’s see what they offer:

SmartControl 3.0

Imagine you’re coming to the end of a large project, you’ve spent hours spraying and the coverage is flawless. Then you lose all that hard work and effort when the desired pressure drops and the paint sprayer takes on a mind of its own…

Graco’s SmartControl 3.0 helps you avoid this nightmarish scenario. Maintain and control your required pressure without fluctuations and get the right paint flow for the job at hand. I’m a big fan of this patented Graco feature as it ensures reliable results, from start to finish, on any application.

ProGuard Technology

ProGuard technology monitors the power supply and shuts the sprayer down if there’s inconsistent power. This Graco 1095 feature protects your spraying and work from power fluctuations and variances and saves any damage or errors that could occur as a result.

MaxPower Brushless DC Motor

You want your paint sprayer to work as hard as you do, if not harder. The last thing you need is to be constantly changing brushes. After all, the bulk of your work should be spraying, not working on the sprayer itself!

The 1095 Graco paint sprayer range offers up a hard-working, brushless DC motor. With 2.4 horsepower and a max working pressure of 3300 psi, there’s enough oomph here for most tasks. Graco boasts this motor is maintenance-free — reducing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Advantage Drive System

1095 paint sprayers don’t make too much noise about their capabilities, preferring to quietly ‘purr’ contentedly in the background. Your new 1095 won’t add additional noise to a job site, so you can communicate easily and get on with the task at hand.

EasyOut Pump Filter

You want your paint sprayer to work as hard as you do, if not harder. The last thing you need is to be constantly changing brushes. After all, the bulk of your work should be spraying, not working on the sprayer itself!

The 1095 Graco paint sprayer range offers up a hard-working, brushless DC motor. With 2.4 horsepower and a max working pressure of 3300 psi, there’s enough oomph here for most tasks. Graco boasts this motor is maintenance-free — reducing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Hi-Boy Robust Cart

Graco’s Hi-Boy cart is made with chrome-plated steel and has durable semi-pneumatic wheels designed for the most rugged of environments. Protect your sprayer and make it maneuverable, even in tough job-site terrain.

A retractable handle on the Graco 1095 cart is multifunctional. Fold it down to make your sprayer more compact for storage, or open it and use it for hose storage to keep your workspace tidy and limit trip hazards.

Heavy-Duty Prime Valve

The manufacturer states its hardcore, heavy-duty prime valve can withstand high pressure dumping and is maintenance-free. Don’t waste time on call-outs; even with the toughest applications, the Graco 1095 performs under pressure.

RAC X 517 Switch Tip

Delivering a 10-inch spray pattern, the RAC X 517 is ideal for expansive jobs. Reverse clean technology allows you to clear tip blockages and clogs quickly and easily — you want to “go with the flow,” not waste time or lose momentum.

Contractor Gun

With an innovative design and patented technology, Graco’s contractor gun is the lightest in its class. You won’t feel like you’ve come from an arm day at the gym with this sleek, lightweight gun, even after completing lengthy jobs and applications.

The contoured ergonomic handle (with an ambidextrous one-finger trigger lock) sits comfortably in your hand, reducing fatigue and letting you spray for longer.

You need minimal trigger force with this contractor gun, and for added comfort and usability, you can adjust the finger positioning. Use two, three, or four fingers, it’s up to you.

An easy-glide swivel reduces kinks and twists in the 50-foot hose. This design makes it easy to move around and cover larger areas without having to constantly move the paint sprayer.

Graco Ultra Max II 1095 Standard Series Paint Sprayer Specifications
Drying time8 to 24 hours
Color RetentionResists fading, even in the sunlight
DurabilityEasier to stain, but resists cracking and peeling
ApplicationLatex goes on in thin layers, but may require multiple coats
CleanupSoap and water
Mildew ResistanceMost contain mildewcide to prevent mold and mildew
ApplicationsWorks on most materials, but a pre-treatment or additional prep work may be needed for masonry; not a good choice for metals that may rust

Upgrade Options for Graco 1095 Paint Sprayers

The above features are based on the Graco Ultra Max II 1095 Standard Sprayer 16W899. However, there are two upgraded packages for the Graco 1095 paint sprayer:

Graco Ultra Max II 1095 Ironman Sprayer 16W901

 Graco Ultra Max II 1095 Ironman Sprayer 16W901.

Graco’s Ironman 1095 paint sprayer has a Silver Plus gun, a lightweight unit designed to withstand harsh environments and work with heavier materials. An exclusive needle design means there is no need for trigger adjustments.

Other features of the Ironman 1095 include:

  • MaxLife Extreme Duty pump works six times longer between re-packs.
  • Steel and ceramic balls for more versatility.
  • Additional 50 feet of hose.

Graco Ultra Max II 1095 Pro Contractor Sprayer 16W900

Graco Ultra Max II 1095 Pro Contractor Sprayer 16W900.

Other features of the Pro Contractor 1095 include:

Quick Reel hose deployment works with up to 300 feet of hose, avoid kinks and twist with this nifty feature.
Onboard toolbox. Don’t waste time searching for tips and filters when they’re ready to go at your fingertips.
Ready to spray. This paint sprayer arrives set up and ready to go, saving you valuable time.

Both have the same features as the Graco Ultra Max II 1095 paint sprayer, but with some additional technology.

Here’s what you can expect when you upgrade to either the Ironman or Pro Contractor:

  • Proconnect 2 technology allows you to change the pump in seconds without tools, minimizing downtime and maximizing spraying time.
  • No one likes to clean up, but it’s a necessary evil after all the spraying fun. With the proprietary FastFlush Cleaning system, clean up is around four times faster and halves the amount of water needed.
  • A bright and easy to read LED display shows pressure, gallon counter, and self-diagnostics so you can keep track of usage and maintenance needs.

What do The Users Say?

From what I’ve seen, this is a paint sprayer that’s perfectly comfortable on residential, industrial, and commercial projects. It’s also happy to handle any medium you throw at it. A hard-working machine, it’s multifunctional, maneuverable, and powerful. Plus it delivers consistent, high-quality finishes.

However, I wanted an unbiased opinion so I decided to look a little deeper and see what Graco 1095 past buyers had to say.

I found that the majority of comments were positive. Buyers said the 1095 Graco paint sprayer is easy to operate, quieter than other machines they have used, and runs for longer without problems or maintenance needs.

On the downside, some users stated that it struggled a bit with textured paints and heavier applications, but most were generally happy with the final results.

Mostly used by professionals, it is somewhat over-specced for your average DIYer or weekend warrior. Overall, the feedback is positive and it seems Graco is onto a winner with its 1095 range.

Alternatives to Graco Ultra Max 2 1095

In my opinion, the Graco 1095 paint sprayer gets the job done well! However, maybe you’re not entirely convinced it fits your spraying needs and would prefer to look at other available options. With that in mind, I’ve found what I believe are viable alternatives to the Graco 1095.

Let’s take a look at how they compare.

Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro Airless Paint Sprayer.

Still from the brand giant and the self-professed market leader in fluid solutions, the Graco Ultra Max PC 490 matches the 1095 in terms of psi and with the proprietary Easy Out Filter. It comes with the Contractor PC gun, too.

However, there are a few differences in the specifications, which is reflected in the Graco 490’s lower price point, which may suit you if you have a smaller business and run lighter residential projects.

The gallons per minute is 0.54 as opposed to the 1095 paint sprayer’s 1.2 gallons. And the 490 PC has a one-horsepower motor whereas the 1095 boasts 2.4 horsepower, so you can cover larger areas faster with the Graco 1095.

With a max of 3300 psi, they are level in terms of operating pressure, but the 490’s delivery is slower because of the smaller motor. Overall, the 490 has similar capabilities but it’s not quite the workhorse the 1095 Paint Sprayer is.

  • Both have the SmartControl 3.0.
  • The Graco 1095 and the 490 have Hi-Boy carts.
  • Recommended usage for the 490 is 50 to 100 gallons a week. Graco’s 1095 boasts 200 gallons per week.

Titan Impact 1140 Airless Paint Sprayer


Another brand giant and heavyweight in the paint spraying industry, Titan’s offering is the Impact 1140.

It comes with a powerful motor of 2.6 horsepower, slightly stronger than 1095. But it matches the 3300 psi and the 1.2 gpm flow rate. Just like the Graco 1095, it’s compatible with multiple guns.

With the maximum tip size of 0.034, it’s almost like-for-like with the 1095. The main differences between the two are brand-specific fixtures.

  • Titan’s 1140 has a recommended usage of 300 to 400 gallons per week, significantly higher than the 1095.
  • Comes with a high-rider durable cart that’s similar to Graco’s Hi-Boy unit.
  • Titan has DigiTrak, Graco has SmartControl 3.0. Both allow control over pressure and flow.

Titan Impact 840 Paint sprayer

Titan Impact 840 Paint Sprayer.

Designed for residential and commercial projects, the Titan Impact 840 Paint Sprayer has similar specs to the 1095 paint sprayer but with Titan’s patented features.

Overall, it’s lighter on the wallet than the Graco 1095 but matches most of the latter’s specifications.

The Titan Impact 840’s flow rate is not quite as rapid as the Graco 1095, but it still delivers a credible one gallon per minute. It does sit in the same class, albeit a little higher, when it comes to recommended usage and delivers between 200 to 300 gallons a week.

Weighing in a little lighter than the 1095 sprayer, the Impact 840 is cart-mounted and maneuverable.

  • Maximum tip size of 0.032, slightly lower than the 1095’s max tip size of 0.034.
  • 2.3 horsepower brushless motor, nearly as powerful as the Graco 1095.
  • Digitrak technology to control pressure and flow matches the 1095’s SmartControl 3.0.


With rapid results and fine finishes, the Graco 1095 paint sprayer is designed to make light work of long jobs.

Multi-gun options and SmartControl 3.0 put the power and control in your hands. Adjust pressure and flow to best suit a given application and cut time wastage on larger jobs.

The maintenance-free brushless motor cuts down on call outs. Paired with the Heavy Duty Pump and Easy Out filter, you’ll face minimal problems and challenges that pause your work and stop the flow.

The quiet operation, user-friendly features, and do it yourself fixes with the Proconnect system all make the Graco 1095 Ultra Max 2 a welcome addition to any tradesperson or professional’s arsenal.


Is the Graco 1095 Durable?
Graco’s 1095 paint sprayers were designed with durability and longevity in mind. All parts are enclosed in a specially designed high-quality casing. The Hi-Boy cart (in addition to extra maneuverability) gives added protection when working on dusty job sites.
What Materials are Compatible with the Graco 1095?
The 1095 Paint Sprayer can be used with:

  • Stains
  • Acrylics
  • Primers
  • Enamels
  • Latex
How Big is the Graco 1095?
The Graco 1095 measures 25 inches long and 24 inches wide. With the Hi-Boy handle up, it’s around 39 inches tall, but this can also be folded down reducing the height to just shy of 30 inches.
Is Graco a Good Choice for Paint Sprayers?
Graco has a long history and was founded as an independent company in the fluid application industry over 90 years ago. It is now one of the world’s leaders in fluid handling systems and packages. Graco, and its 1095 system, are a popular choice with professionals and tradespersons.
Where Can I Buy Replacement Graco 1095 parts?

Graco has a helpful manual that lists all fixtures, fittings and parts: Graco Ultra Max 1095 parts. It’s important to note that Graco only honors warranties and smooth running of their paint sprayers if Graco-branded replacement parts are used.

Is the Graco 1095 Easy to Use and Set Up?

Graco prides itself on the simplicity of its paint sprayers, aiming to make each user friendly and easy to manage when it comes to on-site pump changes and needs. Detailed manuals help you get set up and provide troubleshooting advice when necessary. Click here for the Graco 1095 manual.

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