Graco Pro 210ES Review

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Graco Pro 210ES

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: Aug 7, 2023 @ 6:38 am

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Graco 210ES Review Summary:

Many Graco 210ES reviews available online state that it’s a sprayer designed with rental, residential, and small commercial projects in mind. This review will provide you with a warts and all summary of what this airless machine can and can’t tackle.

The convenient cart included is manufactured from chrome-plated steel and boasts semi-pneumatic tires — meaning it’s portable and hard-wearing.

As a result of the DuraDC motor, this unit easily sprays 0.47 gallons per minute (GPM) at a maximum operating pressure of 3000 PSI. The long-lasting motor also enables the 210ES to support longer extension cords.

The top of the range swiveled SG3 spray gun allows it to handle longer hoses — giving a wider reach with less movement of the entire unit. It also includes a 50-foot hose as standard — but can accommodate up to 200 feet. The swivel feature steps up to assist in avoiding snags while allowing consistent movement when working with these extensive hose lengths.

This model includes a 515 TrueAirless fluid nozzle — spraying stains, latex, enamel, lacquers, and acrylic. It can also facilitate a 0.21-inch tip — handling hot solvent-based lacquers and other heavier coatings. However, this sprayer is not suitable for asphalt, block filler, or textured materials.

At the core is the steadfast Endurance pump. When it does eventually wear out, you can reduce downtime with the ProConnect feature — enabling pump changes in a matter of minutes. The pump filter is also effortlessly removed — once again, maximizing on-the-job productivity.

Furthermore, the inclusion of the QuickAccess valve enables debris removal. While the garden hose compatible Power Flush system also makes for an easy system clean up.
Graco has an abundance of experience, which has been built up over the last century — after starting life as a family-run concern in Minneapolis. It’s now a global enterprise with over 3500 employees and continues to provide distinguished sprayers — used by DIYers and paint pros alike.

Graco 210ES Pros:

Sprays 0.47 gallons per minute.
Endurance pump.
ProConnect system.
QuickAccess valve inlet.
PowerFlush system.
Sprays stains, latex, enamel, lacquers, and acrylic.
Accommodates heavy-duty mediums.
SG3 spray gun.
515 fluid nozzle.


Not suitable for asphalt, block filler, or textured coatings.

Features and Benefits of the Graco Pro 210ES Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco boasts a plethora of contractor-grade sprayers to choose from, but what stands out on this machine? Let’s take a look.

DuraDC Motor

The motor is quite literally the driving force when it comes to paint sprayers — and therefore, a crucial component to take note of. The DuraDC engine in this Graco Pro210ES Airless Paint Sprayer powers the piston, which in turn, creates suction — pulling paint through the system.

Its 1.0 horsepower of grunt supports the use of lengthy extension cords. In a nutshell, if you use an extension cable that is too long for the motor, you run the risk of ruining your sprayer or even creating a fire hazard.

As the name of this motor implies, it’s been manufactured to last — ultimately giving you a longer overall life of your sprayer.

Endurance Pump

Maybe even more important than the motor is the pump. Graco claims that the ‘heart’ of this model is the most reliable on the market — lasting twice as long as the next industry competitor. And, when it does need replacing, thanks to the ProConnect technology, the task can be completed in around one minute — saving you from losing valuable on-the-job time.

The V-Max Blue packings are manufactured from high-density polyethylene. This makes them more able to withstand the heat as well as providing a better performing spray. The seats are also reversible, that when needed, allow you to quickly switch ‘in-the-field’ — as well as reducing repair costs.

The pump performance is further enhanced by the abrasive coating resistant Chromex rod.

Lastly, to aid the cleaning of the pump, there is a foot valve that provides easy access to the inlet ball when debris needs to be removed.

SG3 Metal Spray Gun

At only 22 ounces, this lightweight gun won’t leave you feeling like you’ve been working out at the gym all day. The swivel connector prevents a twisted hose and enables more precise control when spraying.

Its four-finger trigger can be locked in an open position for ease of cleaning and flushing. And, Graco says the pull on the trigger is 30 percent lighter than other spray guns on the market — leading to less finger fatigue.

Another practical aspect is the easy access filter. This is incorporated into the handle — creating another step towards a smoother performance by reducing blockages in the tip.

TrueAirless 515 Spray Nozzle

If you’re aiming to spray ten-inch patterns on larger surfaces like ceilings and building walls, the fluid tip included with the Graco 210ES Airless Paint Sprayer will do the job. The 0.015-inch orifice is suitable when spraying enamels, interior or exterior coatings, and primers. It also reduces the despised overspray.

The tip has a reversible function, meaning should you detect a blockage, simply twist the tip 180 degrees, remove the clog — then twist back to the original position to continue spraying. It’s also easily installed without the need for tools.

As well as Graco’s intuitive design, the spray nozzle boasts SoftSpray technology. These two factors combined allow for easier blending on each spray pass — by providing better control and fast recognition of the spraying direction.

Easy Out Pump Filter

The filter in a paint sprayer is a supplementary step in preventing bothersome fragments from clogging up your unit. The 60 mesh filter is made of stainless steel in this machine — making it suitable for latex, enamel, and primer coatings.
In the Graco Pro210ES, this filter is positioned vertically, which makes for less spillage when you need to remove it for clean up. The ‘Easy Out’ element means that all you have to do is unclip it to remove.

What Users Say About The Graco 210ES

As this is the ultimate Graco Pro 210ES review, I wanted to incorporate the opinion of both DIYers and paint contractors — to make sure that you have a completely unbiased synopsis.

You’ll be pleased to know — both camps rate it highly.

Those in the trade mention that this sprayer fits its purpose — they praised the fatigue-fighting spray gun, rated the reliability of the pump, and noted that it can handle an array of coatings effortlessly.

DIYers felt that it delivered a surprising performance — as in, this sprayer had no problem delivering cold exterior coatings directly from the paint canister.

The accessibility of the filter also received high acclaim from both types of users. The only negative point raised was that the spray tip didn’t seem as durable as anticipated.

Alternatives to Graco Pro 210ES

The Graco 17C305 Pro210ES has many user-friendly features — making this an ideal sprayer — but perhaps it’s not ideal for you. Let’s check out some other alternatives that may suit your needs better.

Graco 390 Paint Sprayer

If you’re looking to complete less demanding tasks, then the Graco 390 may be a more practical sprayer.

It features a smaller motor — 5/8 horsepower as opposed to the 1.0 horsepower of the Pro210ES. That said, the Graco 390 does provide a higher operating pressure of 3300 PSI.

Both models are compatible with a maximum fluid tip size of 0.021 — suitable for fine finishes and spraying latex, enamel, stain, and primer coatings. The flow rate of 0.47 gallons per minute is also a match. However, the Graco 390 may be a touch kinder to your wallet.

  • Spray rate of 0.47 GPM is the same in both units.
  • The Graco 390 is a floor-standing unit, as opposed to the cart-mounted Pro210ES.
  • A smaller 5/8 horsepower motor, compared to the Pro210ES’s 1.0 horsepower.

DeVilbiss FinishLine 4

Should you be seeking a pro-grade unit for spraying automobiles, the FinishLine 4 could appeal.

It’s an HVLP (high-volume, low-pressure) unit, as opposed to the airless technology of the 210ES. This does mean you will require a separate compressor, but it provides better transfer efficiency.

The DeVilbiss FinishLine 4 includes three separate fluid nozzles, unlike the Graco 210ES that only includes one. And, this machine doesn’t draw directly from the medium container — instead, it uses a 900 cc aluminum paint cup.

  • The FinishLine 4 Requires an external compressor for operation — unlike the Graco 210ES.
  • An HVLP sprayer and not airless like the Graco.
  • Includes two more fluid nozzles than the Graco 210ES.

Titan 640 Airless Sprayer

If you need something more heavy-duty than the Graco 210ES — the Titan 640 might well fit the bill.

The 1.55 horsepower motor is a step up from the 1.0 horsepower of the Graco 210ES, the gallons per minute stands at a more generous 0.70 and it beats the Graco with a PSI of 3300.

The Titan 640 can accommodate a maximum fluid nozzle of 0.027 inches, making it ideal for mid-size commercial as well as residential projects. This unit also sprays enamels, latex, stains, and primers.

  • Like the Graco 210ES, the Titan 640 is suitable for low to medium viscosity coatings.
  • Larger maximum spray nozzle than the Graco 210ES — 0.027 inches.
  • Titan 640 has a beefier 1.55 horsepower motor, as opposed to the Graco 210ES (1.0 horsepower).


After analyzing all the features of this paint sprayer, if you’re intending to spray stains through to latex, as well as other heavy-duty coatings on rental, residential, and small commercial projects — the Graco Pro210ES is an established contender.

The DC motor is commendable, providing a spray rate of 0.47 gallons per minute, while the cart mount and swiveled SG3 spray gun allow for effortless movement around your project.

When it comes to dealing with the deplorable but necessary job of cleaning and maintenance, many features aid the process. The easily removed filter, QuickAccess valve, and the garden hose adapted Power Flush all step up to the mark.

To conclude this Graco Pro 210ES review, my final words would be that if you need a sprayer that is versatile and durable — this machine could be a notable choice.

Graco 210 FAQs

Is an Airless Paint Sprayer Better?
An airless paint sprayer, like the Graco Pro 210ES, is a great alternative to traditional roller and brush options — if you’re looking to get a project completed quickly and efficiently. You receive finer control and more precision when using latex, enamels, stains, and primers on residential and mid-size commercial projects.
Is the Graco Pro 210ES Airless Paint Sprayer Messy?
An airless paint sprayer achieves a smoother and more uniform result faster and with less mess than other sprayers on the market. There is a potential for overspray, but this can be minimized by using the optimum tip and operating pressure.

There are also many convenient cleaning options integrated into the Graco 210ES, which also makes for less mess when completing the end-of-the-day maintenance.

What Kind of Paint Can You Use With a Graco 17C305 Pro210ES Airless Sprayer?
The Graco 210ES is suitable for spraying low to medium viscosity coatings — including latex, stains, enamel, lacquer, and primer. The unit can also handle heavier mediums and hot solvents if you are using a 0.021-inch tip — which is compatible with this sprayer.
Do I Need To Thin Paint for the Graco Paint Sprayer 210ES?
A fantastic facet of airless paint sprayers is that you don’t usually need to dilute mediums before use — unlike with HVLP sprayers.
Does Paint Spraying Use More Paint than Rolling?
Typically a paint sprayer like the Graco 210ES will use a little more paint than traditional rolling. That said, most paint pros and DIYers agree that productivity is increased greatly when using a sprayer, and this offsets the small amount of extra paint.
Is an Airless Sprayer Better than an HVLP?
When looking to spray high volume projects, an airless sprayer like the Graco 210ES is far more suitable. If you are looking to spray automobiles, then an HVLP will be more suited as it provides smaller, more uniform particles.
How Much Does a Graco Pro 210ES Airless Paint Sprayer Cost?

The Graco 210ES is a contractor-grade machine capable of residential and lighter commercial projects. To check out the current cost of the Graco 210ES.

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