Graco 495 Paint Sprayer Review

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Graco 495 Paint Sprayer

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

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Graco 495 Review Summary:

A firm favorite of paint contractors and avid home improvement aficionados, the Graco 495 paint sprayer is a reliable midsize unit. Suitable for internal and external residential projects as well as light commercial jobs — this unit sprays medium and low viscosity coatings with ease.

Capable of reaching an operating pressure of 3300 PSI combined with many labor-saving features allows an output of up to 100 gallons per week — at 0.60 GPM (gallons per minute).

The compact and lightweight design of this floor-standing version (only 34 pounds) mean that this sprayer is unchallenging to transport between jobs. This model is also available in two other configurations — the low lying Lo-Boy and up-right Hi-Boy.

Including a long-lasting Endurance pump, quiet Advantage Drive gears, BlueLink job management, and the FastFlush aspects — the Graco 495 enables you to spray far more efficiently than some comparable models on the market.

Furthermore, the Contractor PC gun included as standard provides day-long comfort. And, the RAC X 517 reversible tip facilitates a 10-inch spray pattern, which is optimal for spraying ceilings and walls.

Graco has grown from a family-run business to a global paint spraying leader with more than 3500 employees over the last century. Pioneering technology featured in Graco products keeps driving its paint sprayers forward — making its numerous line-ups a firm favorite with both DIYers and professionals.


10-inch spray pattern.
Output of 50-100 gallons per week.
BlueLink job management system.
Contractor PC spray gun.
FastFlush system for ease of cleaning.
Compact and lightweight — only 34 pounds.
1.2 horsepower MaxPower motor.
3300 PSI.
0.60 GPM (gallons per minute).


Could be a little extravagant for occasional users.

Features and Benefits of the Graco 495 Paint Sprayer

Graco is backed by years of tried and tested experience — making it a strong industry leader. But what makes this particular machine stand out from other models in this range and other sprayers available in general? Let’s take a look.

Endurance Chromex Pump

The pump is the core component of any airless paint sprayer — it’s what drives the paint to the fluid tip and ultimately provides the consistent fine spray patterns that you’re aiming for.

Comprising a Chromex rod and a toughened stainless steel cylinder — the pump in this sprayer claims to last twice as long as the next leading brand.

Fortified components result in less overall wear of the pump, meaning that you can continue spraying at optimum pressure for longer — before needing to replace the parts. Durable V-Max Blue Packings also aim to reduce the frequency of maintenance.

SmartControl 3.0

Whether you’re a pro or a home improvement hobbyist — attaining a consistent spray pattern without fluctuations is what we all strive for — no one likes streaky coverage.

The SmartControl constantly monitors and assists in achieving your goal by fine-tuning pressure control and adjusting motor speed to your chosen paint viscosity.

Its electronic display indicates various types of data, such as current operating pressure, gallons dispensed per task and for the life of the unit. It also includes a troubleshooting function — enabling you to identify any issues quickly.

BlueLink Management System

Accessible in nine languages, this nifty feature links your sprayer to your cell phone — via BlueTooth technology.

Through a downloadable app, you can keep track of the location of multiple units, as well as gallons sprayed, hourly usage, and set regular maintenance alerts.

Whether you’re a sole sprayer or the manager of a fleet of painting contractors, these combined features are functional. This enables you to predict when you need to resupply material to the job site or complete essential servicing — keeping your on-the-job productivity at a max.

FastFlush Setting

This high-flow cleaning system allows more hours of spraying with minimal cleanup.

It’s simple to use — remove the spray nozzle, drain tube, and fluid intake from your paint container. The next step is to place the fluid uptake in your chosen cleaning solution, turn the prime valve down and select the FastFlush option on the pressure control.

This setting makes for a clean that Graco states is four times faster and uses only half the amount of cleaning fluid than other paint sprayers.

Contractor PC Spray Gun

An ergonomically lightweight spray gun, which the brand claims, only requires half of the force for the pull of the trigger (in comparison to other market leading models) — meaning you can maximize uptime and spray for longer.

You can personalize this gun with the E-Z fit feature. This permits adjustments to the trigger length to fit your hand, as well as choosing from a two, three, or four-finger position.

The ProConnect system means that when the time comes to replace the worn parts and needle, there is just one convenient cartridge to change — giving you the green light for an in-the-field gun rebuild in a matter of minutes.
For the management of the 50-foot hose, the EasyGlide Swivel connector makes for effortless movement around your project.

What Users Say About The Graco 495

In my opinion, the Graco 495 is an ideal midsize paint sprayer that’s capable of achieving pro-looking results. That said, it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion — and even a third or fourth. With this in mind, I scoured the internet for you to see what those in the industry and DIYers had to say.

Many painting pros were appreciative of the built-to-last approach in the 495 Graco paint sprayer. Most also agreed that the paint output is comparable to the larger Graco models, but remains flexible enough for smaller projects at lower pressure settings.

The only negative comment seemed to be regarding the stand configuration. Despite being lightweight, it was still a little heavy to move without the wheels included in the Hi-Boy and Lo-Boy versions.

If you want to read more Graco 495 paint sprayer reviews for yourself — click on this link below.

Alternatives to Graco 495 Paint Sprayer

While the Graco 495 ST Pro paint sprayer might be just the ticket for some. It’s conceivable that it could be missing a critical feature for you. Take a look at these alternatives below and see if they’re more your spraying style.

Graco 695 Paint Sprayer

As the saying goes, ‘two heads are better than one,’ and if your paint spraying ethos follows a similar principle — the Graco 695 may tick all your toolboxes. This model is two steps up from the Graco 495 and supports two spray guns.

Maximum operating pressure remains the same at 3300 PSI, but Graco has raised the stakes in the spraying capacity department — to 0.95 gallons per minute — thanks to the 2.0 horsepower motor.

It includes a Contractor PC spray gun with tailorable trigger length for better control, and the 50-foot hose allows plenty of reach for your project.

  • Supports two spray guns, as opposed to the one of the Graco 495.
  • Like the Graco 495, the 695 handles enamel, stains, latex, and lacquer.
  • Larger 2.0 horsepower motor than that of the Graco 495.

Graco Ultra Max II 495 (Lo-Boy Model – 17E856)

If you’re satisfied with the specs of the 495 (17E855), yet you would prefer more freedom of movement — the Graco 495 Lo-Boy model (17E856) might be a solution.

While the specifications are the same, this unit is a cart-design, boasting pneumatic wheels for easy transportation. The tough steel/chrome frame combo protects the machine from knocks and bumps. And, a bucket hook is incorporated into the robust handle — so you can move on-the-job.

  • Cart-design, as opposed to the floor-standing unit of the 495 (17E855).
  • Slightly higher price point than the Ultra Max 495 (17E855).
  • Heavier — 54 pounds — in comparison to the Graco 495 (17E855) — 34 pounds.

Titan 840 Paint Sprayer

Should you have the desire to spray heavy-duty mediums, the Titan 840 could be a worthy contender.

When comparing motor muscle, this unit has over double the horsepower — 2.3 HP in total. It sprays the usual suspects from latex to stain like the Graco 495 — but has the edge over super-dense materials — like block fillers.

The Titan 840 also features an integrated DigiTrac display that helps you keep track of service requirements, gallons sprayed, and operating pressure — all at the touch of a button.

  • Unlike the Graco 495, this unit sprays heavier mediums.
  • Larger 2.3 horsepower motor, in comparison to the Graco’s 1.2 HP.
  • A more significant financial investment than the Graco 495.


The 1.2 horsepower MaxPowered motor in a compact set up means that this sprayer can handle low and medium viscosity paints — and deliver pro-looking results to boot.

With it’s 517 reversible tip, a 10-inch spray pattern is achieved effortlessly, meaning that residential and midsized commercial projects are completed quickly.

Granted, a spray rate capability of 50-100 gallons per week may be too much for the occasional user. However, it’s perfect for small-time paint contractors and dedicated DIYers with a few projects lined up.

The BlueLink job management system makes for convenient monitoring of crucial data — including gallons sprayed and due maintenance, all in the palm of your hand.

If your spraying needs include improved motor torque, continuous pressure, and a convenient clean, then I suggest you take a look at the Graco 495 paint sprayer.

Graco 495 FAQs

Is a Graco 495 Airless Paint Sprayer Worth the Investment?

In a world where time is money, airless sprayers like the Graco 495 will substantially reduce time spent painting residential and midsize commercial projects. To check out the current cost of the Graco 495.

Can I Leave Paint in Graco 495 Sprayer Overnight?
Ideally, you want to clean your unit at the end of every day to maximize the lifetime of your sprayer. However, if you must leave it overnight, the critical point is to keep everything airtight and not pressurized.
Do I Need To Thin Paint for Use in the Graco 495 Airless Sprayer?
Thinning mediums before spraying is a fact of life when spraying with an HVLP or smaller airless sprayers. However, when using the Graco 495, no thinning is required — you can even use viscous latex.
Can I Paint My Car With a Graco 495 Airless Sprayer?

The Graco 495 is fantastic for spraying walls, decking, and many other residential and commercial projects. However, if you’re looking to respray your automobile, I would suggest using a machine like the Wagner Motocoat or the DeVilbiss FinishLine 4. A sprayer designed with that job in mind will deliver finer atomization and a sharper finish.

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