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Graco 595 PC 17E858 Review

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Graco 595 Review Summary:

The Graco 595 Paint Sprayer is the mighty mouse of the painting world, delivering a maximum flow rate of 0.7 gallons a minute and an impressive max pressure of 3300 psi.

With the patented Lo-Boy Cart reducing the height of the Graco 595, and the specially designed casings which make the 595 lighter than most units, it’s a breeze to move around the site or from job to job.

Keep the control at your fingertips with SmartControl 3.0 — adjust the power and pressure to your spraying needs and monitor the usage and hours so you can keep on top of maintenance needs.

The Graco exclusive BlueLink Job and Sprayer Management App allows you to track all your paint sprayers from one place. Know their productivity, usage, and location from wherever you are, and streamline your business. Keep a watch on maintenance needs and job progress even when you’re not on-site.

The proprietary FastFlush system makes cleaning four times faster and uses half the water, so you can spend more time spraying and less time cleaning up.

Graco’s 595 Paint Sprayer is small yet mighty and it’s designed with professionals in mind. To learn more, read on for our full Graco 595 review, including a round-up of its features.

Graco is well-established in the world of paint spraying, with decades of experience. Known for being a market leader, it’s a popular choice for professionals thanks to the brand’s precision equipment and innovative technology.


Easily transportable.
Rapid cleaning system.
Supports wide tips for fast coverage of large areas.
SmartControl 3.0 system.
Easy pump changes, no tools and takes minimal time.


Not suitable for heavier applications.
Cannot be used with multiple guns.

Features and Benefits of the Graco 595 Paint Sprayer

Graco has a wealth of experience and has worked on fluid solutions since 1926. The company states it has the industry’s strongest warranty policy, but what makes the 595 Paint Sprayer stand out from Graco’s other units?

Let’s take a look:

MaxPower Motor

The motor is the heart of any paint sprayer, it gives you the power needed for everything else to function effectively. Graco boasts that its MaxPower brushless motor is maintenance-free, meaning there is minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

Providing 1.6 horsepower and a working max pressure of 3300 psi, this hard-working engine offers ‘MaxPower’ whatever your spraying needs. Plus, the brushless design saves you time and money, there’s no need to change brushes or buy replacements.

Advantage Drive

Large job sites can be louder than front of stage at a Metallica concert. The last thing you need is additional noise marring the already thumping soundtrack of a job site!

Graco’s 595 paint sprayer has a proprietary Advantage drive, which reduces the noise so the 595 contentedly ‘hums’ in the background.

SmartControl 3.0

Every job is different, different applications require a different level of power. You need a paint sprayer that can adapt to your spraying needs.

With the inclusion of the SmartControl 3.0, you can change the pressure and power to suit your application. It also means you monitor both usage and working hours.

Endurance Pump

If the motor is the heart of a paint sprayer, then the pump is the lungs! You need a reliable pump that works hard to match the job at hand.

According to Graco, its Endurance pump lasts twice as long as the next leading brand, It’s made from strengthened stainless steel with a Chromax rod for extra durability. You get the power needed for longer.

ProConnect Pump Management

The Endurance pump may be hardcore but all good things must come to an end. Eventually, it will need to be changed and the last thing you want is to spend hours fiddling with parts and tools when it’s time for a pump change.

Graco’s patented ProConnect Pump system allows you to change the pump in seconds, without tools or fiddling with many fixtures and fittings. I’m a big fan of this system as less downtime ultimately increases productivity.

FastFlush Cleaning System

It’s fair to say that no one likes doing the dishes, and I for one am grateful for the invention of the dishwashers.

The FastFlush is to paint spraying what dishwashers are to kitchens. Clean up is four times faster than your average sprayer and uses half the water. Plus, this handy system means you can get your hands on a cold beer faster at the end of the working day.

Contractor PC Spray Gun

With a smaller and lighter sprayer, the last thing you need is a gun that feels like lead halfway through an application. You want to keep the flow and stay trigger-happy, even on the longest of jobs.

The Contractor PC Spray Gun is the lightest gun in its class but it retains enough power to see it through the longest of jobs. With the ergonomic handle and adjustable trigger positioning for comfort and control, there’s less fatigue, keeping you spraying for longer.

Bucket Hook

It may be smaller in stature than most sprayers but the Graco 595 Paint Sprayer still ‘hold its own’ courtesy of the conveniently located bucket hook, which helps with maneuverability and reduces spillages.

BlueLink Job & Sprayer Management App

It would be great to be in more than one place at a time, but this is an impossibility, as we all know. You don’t have to be at the site to know the productivity and progress of the job with Graco’s dedicated app, though.

Via BlueLink, you can track usage, time spraying, and the location of all your sprayers wherever you are located. The app also helps you plan maintenance and watch how well jobs are progressing.

Easy Out Filter

Graco’s Easy Out Filter maintains your finish’s consistency and helps make sure you have no errant particles ruining your paint job’s surface. The filtering process also minimizes clogs, so there’s less time clearing blockages. Decent filters can even extend the life of your equipment, and Graco has done an excellent job with its Easy Out system.

What Users Say About The Graco Ultra Max II 595

In my opinion, the Graco 595 Paint Sprayer is an excellent addition to any professional’s arsenal. Particularly those who require mobility and ease of transportation without compromising power. However that’s one painter’s opinion alone, so let’s see what other users say.

The general review consensus is positive with most Graco 595 buyers sharing my opinion. Users note they complete more work in a day thanks to the unit’s adjustability, rapid cleaning, and easy transportation and storage. The fact that it supports wider tips also is hailed as a big benefit, adding to its versatility and speeding up larger projects.

Some painters are disappointed the 595 doesn’t support multiple guns and that it’s not really equipped to deal with heavier applications.

Alternatives to Graco 595 Paint Sprayer

The Graco 595 Paint Sprayer may have rave reviews, but so did ‘Lord of the Rings,’ and the films didn’t rock my world! Despite the Graco 595’s impressive specifications and capabilities, it just might not fit your requirements.

But there are so many great alternative options on the market, here are a few of my favorites.

Graco Ultra Max II 495 Paint Sprayer

Another option from painting giant Graco, the 495 has near-identical specifications to the 595. It has a max working pressure of 3300 psi and weighs less than your average sprayer at 59 pounds, including the Lo-Boy Cart, which matches the 595.

However, it comes in at a slightly lower price bracket due to its smaller engine, which in turn means a lower flow rate and a smaller maximum tip size.

  • 1.2 horsepower engine versus the 595’s 1.6 horsepower.
  • Flow rate of 0.6 gpm is less than the 595’s 0.7 gpm.
  • Maximum tip size of 0.025 while the 595 takes 0.027 tips.

Graco Ultra 395 PC Paint Sprayer

Graco’s 395 is compact for easy transportation and has similar specifications to the 595. The biggest difference between the two is that the 295 PC lacks mobility around job sites — it comes with a stand but not its own wheels.

This unit still shares many Graco trademark features including, Endurance Pump, Advantage Drive, Easy Out Filter, and the Contractor PC Gun. However, there are a few differences between the 395 PC and the 595:

  • SmartControl 1.0 not the 595’s updated SmartControl 3.0.
  • 7/8 horsepower versus the 1.6 horsepower engine in the 595.
  • Recommended usage is 50 gallons per week while the 595’s is 50 to 100.

Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer

Titan’s Impact 440 Paint Sprayer is a good alternative from another brand giant with a strong reputation.

Both the Titan Impact 440 and the Graco 595 include a 50-foot hose. Graco’s unit comes with a brand-specific contractor gun and a 517 tip while Titan has its patented RX-80 gun with the same sized tip. Both units can handle the same mediums such as stains, enamels, lacquers, and latex. Both also have a max working pressure of 3300 psi and rapid cleaning functions.

The Titan’s engine is slightly smaller, which also reduces the flow rate in comparison to the Graco 595.

  • 1.2 horsepower, less than the Graco 595’s 1.6 horsepower.
  • Maximum flow of 0.6 gpm, lower than the 595’s 0.7 gpm.
  • Recommended usage is 75 to 100 gallons per week, slightly higher than the 595.


Graco’s 595 operates quietly thanks to its Advantage drive, and gives decent power and force courtesy of its brushless motor and endurance pump. It’s fair to say what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in performance.

Capable of spraying 0.7 gallons per minute with a max pressure of 3300 psi, the 595 paint gun offers one of the highest possible outputs of all midsized units. The addition of SmartControl 3.0 means you can change and maintain consistent pressure and flow depending on the application.

Graco has tried to think of everything while designing the 595 — cleaning is four times faster and pump changes can be completed fuss-free and in a matter of minutes, for example. But the company has not compromised on power or performance.

After my Graco 595 Paint Sprayer review, my overall opinion is that it’s ideal for professionals, who want a reliable, powerful, and durable machine that is easily transported.

Graco Ultra Max II 595 FAQs

What Type of Jobs Can the Graco 595 Handle?
Graco states its 595 paint sprayer was designed for repainting and/or remodeling projects, property maintenance, and light to medium-duty residential projects.
Can the 595 Paint Sprayer be Used for Heavier Applications like Block Fillers?

The 595 is more suitable for lighter applications including:

  • Stains.
  • Enamels.
  • Acrylics.
  • Lacquers.
  • Interior and exterior latex.
  • Oil-based primers.

For heavier applications, look at Graco’s TexSpray range instead.

Can the 595 Paint Sprayer be Used for Heavier Applications like Block Fillers?
The Graco 595’s total weight, including the Lo-Boy cart, is 59 pounds. If you want a lighter option, the stand-only model weighs 34 pounds.
How Do I Set Up the Graco 595 Paint Sprayer?

For rapid access to the Graco 595 manual. In general, there are four steps to setting up a Graco airless sprayer:

Perform the pressure relief procedure.
Prime the pump.
Prime the hose and gun.
Test the spray pattern.

To read about these steps in more detail, check out Graco’s article here.

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