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Graco 695 Paint Sprayer

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Graco 695 Review Summary:

According to the manufacturer, the Standard Series Graco 695 paint sprayer offers everyday reliability. To back this up, many of the ‘only on a Graco’ features have been incorporated into this machine.

At the business end, the Contractor spray gun is fully adjustable due to the E-Z fit customizable trigger length — preventing hand fatigue. You can also rebuild the spray shooter in a matter of seconds with the ProConnect cartridge system.

The completely enclosed 2.0 horsepower brushless DC motor permits the use of primers, latex, enamels, and stains at a maximum output of 200 gallons per week. This pairs up with the Advantage Drive gears — assuring a quieter operation.

SmartControl 3.0 is in charge of the unit’s operating pressure, meaning that you can fine-tune your spray pattern and adjust the sprayer exactly to your chosen medium. Furthermore, when working on job sites with fluctuating power conditions, the ProGuard facet steps in to protect the machine.

To maximize uptime, the pump filter can be removed without any hassle, and its vertical positioning leads to less paint spillage during extraction. The robust Endurance pump has also been designed with ease of service and longevity in mind.

What once started as a small family-owned business, Graco has since grown into one of the fluid handling industry leaders. Graco sprayers are esteemed by both paint pros and home improvers with product ranges that have something for every need.


Suitable for enamel, latex, acrylic, primer, and stains.
Endurance pump.
3300 PSI.
Quiet Advantage gears.
2.0 horsepower DC brushless motor.
Easy Out filter.
RAC X 517 SwitchTip and tip guard.
Supports multi-gun usage.
Includes 50-foot BlueMax II hose (accommodates up to 300 feet).


Not suitable for intricate detail jobs.

Features and Benefits of the Graco 695 Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco believes that all the features in this sprayer make your work life easier. Let’s take a look and see if this model is spot on or way off the mark.

Endurance Chromex Pump

The pump is the heart of your paint sprayer, and a decent pump is essential to help you achieve your anticipated finish. As the name suggests, this pump promises longevity.

Made out of heat-resistant polyethylene (aka plastic), the hard-wearing V-Max Blue Packings shouldn’t need to be replaced too often. Similarly, the stainless steel sleeve and Chromex rod are manufactured to be long-lasting and reliable — withstanding wear from abrasive mediums.

When you have finished your day or project — it’s also a faster process. This is down to the easily accessible foot valve, which lets you remove debris and clean the inlet ball completely with no hassle.

Contractor PC Spray Gun

Graco claims this is one of the most comfortable spray guns ever built. It allows for quick customization of the trigger length so that it can be adjusted to any hand size. You’re also able to choose from two, three, or four-finger trigger positioning.

In its class, it is one of the lightest spray guns available on the market (so says the manufacturer) — reducing finger fatigue greatly with a 50 percent lighter pull on the trigger.

An RAC X 517 (0.017-inch) SwitchTip accompanies the gun head. It has the ability to deliver a fan width of 10-12 inches — ideal for covering larger surfaces.

SmartControl 3.0 and ProGuard Protection

If you’re remodeling a property, it’s common to encounter a wide range of power conditions — both high and low voltage. ProGuard is there to defend against any electrical impairment that may happen as a result — saving you from unwanted repair costs and downtime.

Located on the side of the unit is an indicator light system — a solid light signals normal operation is underway. A flashing light indicates that the voltage is too high or too low, and the machine will not run until a steady power supply is used.

This sprayer also features SmartControl 3.0, which allows exact control of the operating pressure. This facilitates a consistent fan spray without any pressure fluctuations — so you can achieve that flawless finish.

Easy Out Filter

They say it’s the small things that make a big difference, and that can be said of the filter. This seemingly insignificant component forms a barrier against dirt and debris — preventing it from traveling through your machine and causing havoc with your handy work, and your sprayer.

This 60 mesh filter not only reduces clogging, but it’s also positioned vertically for a fuss-free cleaning process — less spillage when removed. Furthermore, it’s designed to filter from inside to out, so when it’s detritus-laden it shouldn’t compromise the structure or inhibit removal.

Advantage Gears

It’s all well and good having a great pump and a fantastic motor if the crucial in between linking gears are inadequate — the unit will not be able to keep up with your spraying demands.

The Advantage Drive gears connect the pump and motor. They’re homegrown — being both designed and manufactured in the USA. Constructed from hardened steel, they run extremely quietly, which is handy for time-lengthy tasks — less stress on your eardrums, and you can still hear your paint spraying tunes.

Like many aspects of the 695, the gears have also been built to last — with Graco claiming that they’re ‘the most durable, long-lasting gears in the industry.’

Robust Cart Design

Weighing in at 94 pounds, the Graco 695 paint sprayer is no lightweight machine — hence the inclusion of a robust cart, to assist with movement around your task and to make transporting the unit from job-to-job less hassle.

Made of tough chrome coated steel, the frame will stand up to harsh environments. It’s also painless to push over uneven ground, thanks to the pneumatic wheels acting as shock absorbers — buffering vibrations and impacts.

What’s more, a fully retractable handle makes for more compact storage as well as doubling as storage for the coiled hose.

What Users Say About The Graco Ultra Max II 695

My impression of the Graco 695 airless paint sprayer is that it takes spraying to another level and holds its own against other big boys in the spray painting industry.

But that’s my judgment. What do others think about this machine?

It’s promising.

Tradesman applauded the cart design for portability, thought the ProGuard feature was a paint spraying lifesaver, and were headache-free thanks to the not-so-noisy Advantage gears.

However, some guys weren’t so impressed.

A few Graco 695 airless paint sprayer reviews griped about the cost of replacement parts. As in, they were slightly more expensive than other competitors. That said, the whole essence of the 695 surrounds the fact that the parts are durable and shouldn’t need to be replaced as often — ultimately helping your pocket in the long run.

On the whole, most guys agreed that this was a fantastic machine for frequent use — providing both power and reliability.

Alternatives to Graco 695 Paint Sprayer

If you’re uncertain as to whether the Graco 695 is the precise sprayer for you. Let’s take a look at some other options that may be more suited to your needs.

Graco Ultra Max II 1095

Graco Ultra Max II
If you have bigger jobs to tackle or need a machine that can handle a higher output — perhaps the Graco Ultra Max II 1095 may be more your style.

This machine is designed for spray operators that focus on heavy commercial and industrial projects. It boasts a capacity of over 200 gallons per week — whereas the 695 maxes at 200.

The 1095 will also deal with heavier density coatings — including epoxies, dryfall, and elastomeric. However, it will hit your wallet harder.

  • Three gun capacity — one more than the 695.
  • Both accommodate up to 300 feet of hose.
  • Supports a larger max nozzle size compared to the Graco 695.

Graco Ultra Max II 495

Graco Ultra Max II
Should you plan to use your sprayer less frequently, or manage smaller projects, perhaps the Graco 495 with a slightly lower output will work for you.

Delivering 0.60 GPM and 3300 PSI, it’s a compact and lightweight unit, weighing only 34 pounds — considerably less than the 695 — yet, it’s a lot easier to transport.

And, while it may be smaller, it’s by no means inferior. Just like the 695, it can still handle interior and exterior latex, oil-based primers, and enamels.

  • Only supports one spray gun — unlike the 695 that supports two.
  • Both feature SmartControl technology.
  • Lighter on the wallet than the Graco 695.

Titan Impact 740 Paint Sprayer

Titan Impact 740

Do the specifications of the Graco 695 catch your eye, but you want to try a different manufacturer? Then the Titan Impact 740 could appeal.

This machine has a similar price point, a matching 3300 PSI, but a touch lower 0.80 GPM delivery rate. And, like the Graco 695, this unit can spray up to 200 gallons per week.

It also features a 2.0 horsepower brushless motor, sprays comparable coatings and is available in three different configurations.

  • Unlike the Graco 495, this unit sprays heavier mediums.
  • Larger 2.3 horsepower motor, in comparison to the Graco’s 1.2 HP.
  • A more significant financial investment than the Graco 495.


To cut a long feature-packed review short, this sprayer deserves the title of a reliable performer.

As far as design and maximizing uptime are concerned — this unit has been well thought out. The foot valve and Easy Out filter permit you to service the machine quickly and efficiently in the field. The robust cart is also a practical addition — enabling manageable movement and hose storage.

The 2.0 horsepower brushless DC motor, SmartControl 3.0, and 3300 PSI operating pressure mean that spraying enamel, primer, latex, and stains on residential, midsize commercial, and industrial projects no longer needs to be such hard graft.

Granted, it cannot manage those ultra-dense mediums, but with its ability to handle a range of project sizes, spray tips and hose lengths — the Graco 695 paint sprayer is a well-rounded, high-performing machine.

Graco Ultra Max II 695 FAQs

Is the Graco 695 Paint Sprayer the Best Paint Sprayer?
As you can see from my Graco 695 paint sprayer review, it incorporates many features that make this sprayer one of the top performers in its field. However, whether it’s the ‘best,’ for you, depends on materials and the type of projects you wish to complete.

If, for example, you’re planning to respray your car, this wouldn’t be the optimum sprayer. But if you’re completing midsize commercial, residential or industrial projects with primer, latex, enamel, or stain — this could be a worthy contender.

What Is a 517 Spray Tip Included With the Graco 695 Used For?
Graco’s spray tips correlate with their specifications. The 517 tip equates to a 0.017-inch diameter, which is suitable for spraying oil-based coatings, latex, lacquer, or stains.
How Long Does a Paint Spray Tip Last?
The lifetime of a spray tip depends on the coatings that you’re applying. You’ll usually start to notice the spray pattern diminishing as the tip wears away.
What Is the Cost of the Graco 695 Paint Sprayer?

This machine is built for solid reliability and regular use. To check out the current cost of the Graco 695.

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