Graco GH 230 Paint Sprayer Review

Graco Texspray GH 230

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Graco GH 230 Paint Sprayer

Reviewed by: Timothy Henderson

Last modified: May 31, 2024 @ 6:43 am

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Graco Gh 230 Review Summary:

Designed with professionals in mind, the Graco GH 230 Paint Sprayer pledges to be the most versatile unit on the market.

With the high power Honda engine and hydraulic motor delivering 3300 PSI — it maintains the muscle needed to create perfect results every time. Add to this the proprietary Crushproof strainer and Easy Out filter — it means this machine can cope with a multitude of paints, specifically the most hardcore of applications, like fire retardants, elastomeric coatings and liquid roofing solutions.

The proprietary Maxflo 2 with True-Pack Out and self-cleaning Vibra-Seal technology eliminates build-up. This sustains the continual flow and gives you maximum productivity even with the most heavy-duty materials.

On the largest of jobs, the last thing you need is your machine losing momentum due to overheating, so a specifically designed cooling system is in place. Hence, no downtime is required to cool off, and your work rate isn’t compromised.

Furthermore, adaptable and versatile, this unit has the capability to convert from gas to electric, simply and rapidly — giving you flexibility with fuel, depending on your location and job.

The Graco GH 230 Paint Sprayer provides long strokes, power, fast and easy cleaning and extreme output — the perfect companion for any tradesperson seeking to minimize time and effort but maximize results.

Graco is one of the market leaders, with decades of paint sprayer experience — ensuring that all parts and mechanisms are designed to withstand high usage, whilst maintaining power and speed.


Adaptable — powered with either gas or electricity.
Durable and hard-wearing.
Suitable for demanding commercial jobs and residential constructions.
Reduces tip clogs with specially designed filters.
High-performance hydraulic pump.
Honda engine (200 cc) for quality, performance and longevity.
Suitable for heavy-duty materials.


Isn’t suited for smaller, more detailed applications.
Not easily maneuverable within smaller spaces.

Features and Benefits of the Graco GH 230 Paint Sprayer

Graco is renowned for its high performance, innovation and technology. You know that you’ll receive a tough, long-lasting machine when you buy a Graco product. However, what makes the Graco GH 230 Paint Sprayer stand out?

Honda Engine

Honda is a company known for its high-efficiency internal combustion engines. Graco has partnered with the brand — putting its expertise to good use to design the optimum 200cc engine for the 230 paint sprayer. With 6.5 horsepower, it’s simple to start and ready to go whenever you are.

With a specialized alert system, if oil levels drop, it even tells you when it needs ‘refreshments’ — achieving high powered performance and giving you confidence in the stability and capabilities of your machine.

Powerful Hydraulics

Simplified in design to remove unnecessary parts and fixtures — giving the motor a longer life, it saves you valuable time by not having to do constant maintenance checks and fixes.

Bespoke hydraulic lines and o-ring seals prevent leaks — keeping any mess to a minimum and your machine maintaining full power and potential.

ProConnect 2 Pump Removal

While the GH 230 Paint Sprayer is designed to be durable, efficient, and to have a long life, we all know that the pumps cannot last forever.

When you finally need to replace this vital component, due to the ProConnect 2 feature it can be done quickly, without fuss and on the spot — providing you have a spare pump available. This means you don’t have to stop the job and lose valuable time.

Easy Out Filter

Let’s face it, a construction site isn’t what you would call ‘clean,’ dirt, dust and debris can easily find its way into your materials. The GH230 incorporates a specialized filtration system — preventing this detritus from traveling through your machine and ruining your paintwork.

It also reduces clogging potentials and maintenance — leading to even less downtime.

Texture Airless Gun

With the strength of the GH 230, you want to make sure you have a gun with the firepower to handle even the toughest of applications.

The Texture Airless gun is a ‘gun-slingers’ dream. It’s lightweight, ergonomic design and four-finger trigger allow you both total control and comfort. This enables you to plow through lengthy projects with less chance of tired hands.

What’s more, this gun omits a filter, which negates restrictions and permits maximum flow — ideal for the use of heavy-duty materials like drywall mud, epoxies and block fillers.

There is also no need to adjust or change the needle, as the patented design is calibrated to last forever (the manufacturer claims).

Cooling System

The Graco GH 230 Paint Sprayer is a powerful beast, and when it’s running, things could get a little hot under the paint spraying collar.

Hence, to avoid overheating issues — and unwanted downtime for you — a cooling system has been installed. To tame the temperature even further, cooling fins are also incorporated — deflecting heat, so both you and the GH 230 can keep your cool on the longest of jobs.

Reverse-A-Clean SwitchTips

The RAC X SwitchTips have received an upgrade, and according to Graco, now last twice as long as its predecessors. With a specially designed locking feature, it remains in place under pressure and continues to deliver a consistent flawless finish for longer.

As the RAC (Reverse-A-Clean) name would suggest, it’s easy to clean, just reverse the flow — you’re able to remove tip clogs or blockages without any fuss.

The GH 230 package includes two tips. The 427 (0.027 inches) with a spray width of 8-10 inches and the slightly larger 531 (0.031 inches) that delivers a fan pattern of 10-12 inches — both enabling you to cover larger surface areas quickly. And, suitable for those heavier materials — latex, elastomeric coatings and block fillers.

Robust Cart

With the variety of jobs that the Graco GH230 Paint Sprayer can handle, it’s also important that the machine itself is able to cope with the abstract and unruly environments that job sites can have.

Designed to be tough and to withstand even the most rugged terrain, the cart incorporates strengthened thick chrome covered steel wheels — protecting the body of the machine from impact and maintaining its functionality.

Furthermore, as the GH230 weighs 199 pounds, this durable and robust cart makes transporting the unit between jobs more manageable.

QuikReel Hose Management System

With a 100-foot hose, you have freedom of movement and maneuverability around your projects. However, with this kind of length, a degree of hose management is required.

The specially designed QuikReel hose deployment helps prevent kinking, twisting or coiling of the hose. This permits you to use as much or as little of the 100 feet as needed — without jeopardizing the results when working. Furthermore, you’ll be saving space and keeping your work area trip-free and tidy.

Gas or Electric Power

The Graco GH230 is a gas-driven machine, which is suitable for handling exterior work. However, you wouldn’t want to tackle interior tasks with it. Hence, to overcome this issue, Graco has made it possible to convert the power supply — to electricity.

Without the use of tools, you can switch the gas engine for an electric alternative. This allows you to cover a wider variety of projects with the one unit.

What Users Say About The Graco GH230

I believe this unit to be a reliable and effective machine, perfect for the larger residential and commercial applications — able to take on the most demanding of interior and exterior projects with ease, but delivering consistent, high quality finishing every time.

But, that’s just my view.

To get a more comprehensive opinion, I wanted to check what those in the trade had to say about this machine.

I’m happy to report that the general consensus from users is positive.

Many contractors praised the reliability of the Honda engine, rated the versatility of convertible power source and appreciated the temperature regulation of the cooling system. Other pros noted how the GH230 makes the largest of applications simple and fast, yet they did admit this machine would be spraying overkill for smaller tasks.

You can check out the Graco GH 230 Paint Sprayer reviews below.

Alternatives to Graco GH 230 Paint Sprayer

If you’ve reached this point and you’re still not entirely convinced that the Graco 230 Paint Sprayer meets your requirements, then I’ve taken the liberty to throw a few alternatives into the mix. Perhaps one of the following options could work better for you.

Graco TexSpray 17H575 RTX 5000PI Texture Sprayer

Graco Texspray 17H575

If your line of work finds you concentrating mainly on interior projects, then the Texspray RTX 5000 could appeal. Like the GH230, it’s a machine that falls under Graco’s Textured Sprayer line and is also designed to work with heavier materials.

With a 2.0 horsepower motor and a max operating pressure of 100 PSI, it’s not quite the workhorse of the GH230, yet it does boast double the flow rate of 5 GPM.

Featuring a 25-foot hose, a heavy-duty gun and a 15-gallon paint hopper, it bears the setup for medium to large applications.

  • Flow rate of 5 GPM, the GH 230 can produce 2.35 GPM.
  • Better on the bank balance than the Graco 230.
  • Like the GH 230, the TexSpray handles heavy materials.

Titan Impact 1140 Airless Paint Sprayer

Titan Impact 1140

Should you have a power preference for electricity over gas, the Titan Impact 1140 may be a solution. Like the GH 230 Paint Sprayer, it’s designed with endurance and performance in mind — and it’s a little lighter on the wallet.

Like the GH230, it can handle heavy-duty applications and produce 3300 PSI, but it’s powered by a smaller 2.6 horsepower motor, and also has a lower spray rate of 1.20 GPM. However, while it comes with only one gun (RX-Pro) and a 517 tip, it can accommodate two.

  • Maximum 0.034 tip size (based on one gun use), as opposed to 0.053 with the Graco.
  • Higher suggested usage of 300-400 gallons per week, in contrast the Graco 230 stands at 100-200 gallons.
  • Matches the GH230 with 3300 PSI.

Titan PowrTwin 6900 plus

Titan PowrTwin 6900

If the specs of the GH 230 appeal, yet you’re still eager to know what else fits the requirements — take a look at the Titan PowrTwin 6900 plus. With a primary fuel source of gas, this too can be converted to electricity if required.

While the Honda engine has a lower capacity (160 cc), it can run to a maximum pressure of 3300 PSI, matching with the GH 230.

You’ll also find similar features, such as the hydraulics cooling system, a filter with hassle-free removal, and it can tackle the most density-demanding mediums.

What’s more, this sprayer allows multi-gun usage — you can hook up a maximum of four guns — covering larger surfaces at a faster rate.

  • Both models are of a similar price point.
  • Recommended weekly usage of 300-400 gallons, whereas the GH 230 is 100-200 gallons.
  • Titan produces 2.25 GPM, the GH 230 can deliver 2.37 GPM.


The GH 230 is built with professionals in mind. A robust, versatile workhorse that’s consistent and reliable with flawless results.

The combination of the 6.5 horsepower high-grade engine, Endurance pump and hydraulic performance — makes it versatile and durable, keeping the magnitude of torque constant even with the heaviest applications.

Designed to be a variable and durable machine. The Easy Out filter prevents external elements from affecting your results — by filtering out debris and maintaining your finish — despite the surrounding environment.

It’s adaptable too — the gas engine can be swiftly converted to electric power within minutes — enabling use for both exterior and interior projects. Plus, due to the proprietary cooling system, this bad boy will even keep its cool when on the longest of jobs.

To sum it up, the Graco GH 230 Paint Sprayer is a valuable companion for any tradesperson — increasing productivity on large-scale jobs, even with the most hardcore of materials.

Graco 230 FAQs

Can the Graco GH 230 Be Used With Elastomeric Coatings?

Yes, Graco states it can be used with a variety of materials, including elastomeric coatings, as well as:

  • Acrylics.
  • Drywall mud.
  • Latex-based paints.
  • Block fillers.
  • Enamel.
  • Epoxies.
Can the Graco GH 230 Paint Sprayer Be Used With Other Tips Sizes?
The GH 230 is compatible with SwitchTips up to 0.053 inches.
Is The Graco 230 Paint Sprayer Suitable for Home Projects Like Furniture or Window and Door Frames?

This Graco 230 Paint Sprayer is built for larger commercial and residential projects. This machine isn’t suited toward fine detail finishing or small projects. If that’s what you’re looking for, I would suggest something like the Fuji Mini-Mite 3 or the Apollo Precision 5 Pro LE.

Are Extensions Available for Use With the Graco 230?
You can purchase a 20-inch tip extension (part #287021) to assist with ceilings and higher reach applications.
Where Can I Find the Graco GH 230 Paint Sprayer Manual?

Head on over to the Graco official website. For rapid access to the Graco 230 manual.

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